35 weird things for your cat that are so damn clever

Unexpected things to keep your cat happy & healthy.

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If you have a feline household member, these weird and wonderful products are for you. Every pet parent wants nothing but the best for their furry pal, which is exactly what this Amazon list consists of: reviewer-approved favorites that support good health, encourage independent play, and make taking care of your cat easier.

From clever feeding accessories to adorable toys, your kitty’s about to love more than just the cardboard box these items are delivered in.


A mat that traps cat litter to eliminate messes

Minimize the mess around your cat’s litter box with the help of this waterproof mat. It traps litter as it falls through the little holes in the mat’s top layer and catches it on the bottom, making it easy to dispose of. The mat also has a built-in plastic film that repels urine and it’s easy to clean — just vacuum, shake it out, or rinse it off with water.


This automatic feather toy for interactive playtime even when you’re not home

Let your kitty enjoy hours of interactive playtime even when you’re out of the house thanks to this automatic feather toy. It moves and rotates 360 degrees to capture their attention and has two speeds so you can use it on hard floors as well as carpets. A built-in sensor helps it make turns and prevents it from getting stuck and the toy will run for up to eight hours on a full charge.


A self-grooming brush you can stick on a wall corner

Attach this self-grooming brush on any wall corner in your home and you’ll be amazed at how much loose hair it’ll collect throughout the day. It creates a designated place for your cat to rub its face against and the brush is easy to remove when you want to clean it; simply take it off the wall, dispose of the hair, wash it with warm soapy water, and once dry, lock it back in place on the wall.


This clever reusable pet hair remover to keep your furniture clean

It’s no wonder this internet-famous pet hair remover comes with more than 110,000 five-star reviews; it’s a cheaper alternative than constantly buying a new lint roller, it works well on upholstery as well as clothing without causing any snags, and it’s easy to use. It catches all the pet hair in an internal chamber, and once it’s full, it releases the fur at the push a button.


A scratch shield to protect your furniture

Get this scratch shield and protect your brand-new sofa from your feline friend’s claws. The flexible shield has a strong adhesive backing that securely sticks to upholstered furniture but doesn’t collect dust on the front panel. The shield comes in sheets that can be easily cut down to size and are flexible enough to wrap around corners, blending in seamlessly since they’re transparent.


These raised feeding bowls to make mealtime more comfortable

Make mealtime more comfortable for your cat with these raised bowls featuring a whisker-friendly oval design. The elevated height promotes a healthy posture and provides easy access to food and water. They’re dishwasher-safe for extra convenience and you can choose from pastel colors or a gray and white set.


A professional-strength spray to eliminate stains & odors

Remove pet stains and eliminate lingering odors once and for all using this professional-strength spray. It’s safe to use on countless surfaces, from carpet and upholstery to tile and hardwood floors. Unlike other sprays that only treat the surface, this formula deep cleans thanks to natural enzymes that don’t just mask stains and smells, but completely remove them.


This cat scratcher mat that serves multiple purposes

This cat scratcher mat serves multiple purposes — it can be used as a scratch pad, sleeping mat, or litter mat. It’s made from thick, durable sisal and is neutral enough so it’s not an eyesore in your home. A thick nonslip latex backing prevents it from sliding around and if your cat is always clawing at the carpet, this is a great way to deter that.


A flopping fish toy that’s the answer to your cat’s boredom

Keep your cat entertained with this electric flopping fish toy that looks super realistic and has three flopping modes to choose from. It’s touch-activated and the life-like flopping is designed to stimulate your cat’s hunting instinct. Add catnip to make it extra fun and recharge it as needed for hours of interactive play.


This interactive toy to stimulate the senses & encourage independent play

Stimulate the senses and activate your cat’s hunting instinct with this interactive toy that’s made from ultra-strong plastic to withstand an enthusiastic scratcher. The tower design, moving mouse, and rolling balls provide ample entertainment, exercise, and independent play that you and your cat will both appreciate.


These clever gloves that make grooming easier for everyone involved

If your cat isn’t a fan of being brushed, get these grooming gloves that make the job easier for you and more comfortable for them. The gloves are a four-in-one tool designed for deshedding, grooming, bathing, and massaging. They have gentle nubs that catch loose hair but don’t scratch your pet and they come in a one-size-fits-most design that can be adjusted using a wrist strap.


An extra-large feeding mat to minimize post-mealtime cleanup

If your four-legged pal is a messy eater, minimize cleanup by placing their feeding bowl on this extra-large silicone mat. It has raised edges to keep spills contained and it’s waterproof to protect your floors. Its nonslip design prevents it from sliding around and the mat is dishwasher-safe or can be wiped down with a wet rag for a quick clean.


A brush to remove loose fur quickly & easily

Remove loose fur and therefore keep your home clean using this soft brush that soothes and massages your pet as you use it. It can help improve circulation and support the production of natural fur oils, and it works well with all fur types. Its ergonomic handle and no-slip texture make it comfortable to use and the top has an eyelet hole so you can hang it up for space-saving storage.


A cat litter scoop that’s garnered 29,000+ 5-star ratings

Simplify cleaning the litter box with the help of this sturdy metal scoop. The deep shovel has a nonstick aluminum coating and a clever design that allows you to sift through the litter, only letting the clean stuff through. The reviewer-favorite has an easy-to-grip handle and comes with a plastic hanger that can be mounted on the wall or closet door for convenient storage.


This tiered toy that merges mental & physical exercise

Give your cat a mental and physical workout with this tiered toy that has spinning balls that move and jingle for hours of fun. It sits low to the ground so your kitty can reach every component of the toy and the tiers are detachable to make cleaning a breeze. The bottom has anti-slip pads to keep it from rolling around and if your cat gets bored easily, this will provide tons of independent entertainment.


A water fountain with 3 flow settings to choose from

Help your kitty stay hydrated at all times with this water fountain that’s ultra quiet and features three flow designs: gentle, bubble, and waterfall. The fountain has a 2.5-liter capacity that makes it a good choice for small and medium-sized pets, and it has a triple filtration system to ensure clean drinking water for your furry friend.


An adjustable harness so your cat can join your outdoor adventures

Get this adjustable harness and leash so your cat can join in on your outdoor adventures, whether it’s a walk at the park or a day at the beach. Unlike a regular leash, the harness prevents a choking feeling when you pull on it, protecting your cat’s neck and providing extra comfort by distributing the pressure. It’s ultra lightweight and made from breathable nylon so your kitty won’t sweat even on the hottest of hiking days.


This retractable wand that’s a cat toy classic

This retractable wand is a classic when it comes to cat toys and one that has thousands upon thousands of rave reviews. If your cat loves a good chasing game, this will encourage them to jump, flip, and pounce while getting some quality playtime with you. The interactive toy extends from 15 to 38.9 inches, so it covers lots of space and provides tons of exercise and a fun way for your cat to expend energy.


An adorable scratching post to keep your kitty’s claws off the furniture

Protect your furniture and redirect your feline friend’s claws to a different spot — this adorable cactus-shaped scratching post. It’s wrapped with thick sisal rope to ensure durability and the weighted bottom helps prevent the green post from toppling over. The top is plush and soft and for added fun, the post has a hanging ball for your cat to paw at.


This UV black light to quickly detect urine spots

Use this black light to find urine spots so you can immediately treat them and avoid any lingering odors. It has a simple one-touch power button and 68 LEDs that allow you to detect stains quickly. Turn off the lights and use this purple light to uncover hidden messes on carpeting and upholstery that you would have otherwise never found.


A fun rotating ball that spins & lights up

Help your cat to focus and attract their attention with this rotating ball toy. As soon as you press the on button, the ball starts spinning and lighting up, moving around the house for up to four hours on a full charge. Once it’s done, just plug it in to recharge. If your cat could use a little bit of exercise or gets bored easily, this is a great way to get them to move around on their own.


This window hammock so your cat can keep an eye on the neighborhood

Give your cat a prime spot to keep an eye on the neighborhood from this cute window hammock. The window shelf can hold up to 40 pounds and has strong suction cups that secure it in place. It has a sturdy frame to keep its shape and a cozy flannel cover so your kitty can snooze away in comfort.


These colorful springs that’ll keep your cat bouncing around

For under $5, these colorful springs will have your cat bouncing all around the place. They have an extra wide design for a better bounce and they’re great for both individual and group play. Each pack includes 10 different colored springs that are a cheap way to keep your kitty busy.


These can covers to keep cat food nice & fresh

Keep open cans of cat food fresher for longer by closing them with these silicone can covers. They’re much more effective than a piece of cling wrap and will prevent your entire fridge from smelling like your pet’s dinner, which you’ll definitely appreciate. The cans have a universal design that fits various can sizes, plus they’re dishwasher-safe and BPA-free for food safety.


An ear cleaner that deodorizes & removes wax

Remove dirt and wax buildup and help relieve itchiness with this ear cleaner for cats and dogs. The cucumber-melon-scented formula can be used daily to deodorize, clean, acidify, and dry your cat’s ears in a gentle way. It’s designed to reduce ear infections and keep your kitty’s ears odor-free and clean, and hopefully save you money with fewer trips to the vet.


This cat grass kit for indoor growing

Grow your own grass indoors using this growing kit so your cat can munch on it throughout the day. It includes organic non-GMO wheatgrass seed and three fiber soil planter bags, so all you need to do is add water and place the grass in a sunny spot to grow. You should start seeing growth in as fast as 10 days and each bag is enough to feed one to two cats.


An adorable cat door for easy access

Let your kitty move freely without having all the doors open thanks to this adorable cat door. Keep the litter box and food bowl behind closed doors but allow your kitty to come and go thanks to this clever door that comes with an easy-to-follow template for installation. There’s no flap so you don’t need to worry about constant door slamming and the plastic opening is large enough for a 20-pound cat to fit through.


A 3-way tunnel for oodles of amusement & exercise

Set up this three-way tunnel so your cat can enjoy hours of amusement and exercise running through the tubes to find the dangling ball at the end to paw at. The tunnel is collapsible which makes it easy to store and travel with, and it’s made from tear-resistant polyester that’s wrapped around a steel frame for sturdiness. Choose from six styles.


An electric toy so your kitty can chase flying butterflies all day long

Get this rotating toy and let your furry friend chase butterflies around without ever leaving the house. This battery-operated toy consists of a rotating base and glow-in-the-dark butterflies that rotate 360 degrees for your kitty to watch and catch. The base is weighted for stability and has nonslip pads to keep it from sliding around if your cat gets a little too enthusiastic.


This soft silicone brush to remove loose fur

Remove tangles and loose fur using this soft rubber brush that has silicone bristles for gentle grooming. It has a unique handle that allows for a firm grip and can be rinsed with warm soapy water after each use. If your cat hates being brushed, they might like this ultra-soft grooming accessory — it won’t scratch or pull at their fur but will trap a ton of loose hair with every stroke.


A dental spray to keep your cat’s breath minty fresh

Combat your cat’s not-so-fresh breath with this dental spray you can spritz into their water bowl. The cool mint flavor ensures lasting freshness and the baking soda-infused formula helps clean teeth, remove plaque, and fight gum disease without brushing. It works fast to treat the root condition and the results speak for themselves, as the 5,000-plus five-star reviews from happy pet owners can confirm.


This salmon oil supplement to support a shiny coat

Use this wild Alaskan salmon oil to support your feline friend’s healthy skin and shiny coat. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, the oil soothes, nourishes, and heals, and can be added to your pet’s wet or dry food. The highly rated supplement is suitable for cats and dogs, so if you have both in your household, this may be a great investment in their health.


An adorable catnip toy that helps with separation anxiety

Help soothe your cat’s separation anxiety with this cute catnip toy. The set includes five different colored toys made from a cotton-linen blend that’s breathable so your cat can smell the catnip and durable to withstand chewing. In addition to helping your four-legged friend relax, the soft toys also double as a teeth cleaning device and a great way to combat boredom.


This cat hammock that’s ideal for a small space

If you’re working with limited square footage, get this folding hammock for your cat to maximize space. It provides a spot for them to perch on as well as a scratching pad, a cave to hide in, and dangling balls to paw at. The sturdy hammock is wrapped in soft, plush fabric for ultimate comfort for your kitty, and the top cushion is removable and washable for easy maintenance.


These rotating catnip chew balls you can attach anywhere

Attach these rotating catnip chew balls to the wall or kitchen cabinet so your cat can easily lick and play with them. They can be positioned horizontally, vertically, or upside down and the set includes four different flavors: catnip, silvervine, the fruit of silvervine, and a cat energy ball. They rotate 360 degrees and promote digestive health and fresh breath in a fun and delicious way.