You could save a sh*t load of time around the house with any of these clever things

You won’t even know what to do with all of the extra hours.

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I’m always looking for a way to speed up tasks around my house, no matter how big they are. Let’s be honest — quickly wiping a countertop or simply making coffee in the morning is sometimes just as annoying as waiting on laundry to dry. Plus, combined, they all take a ton of time away from your relaxing time.

Luckily, you could save so much time around the house with any of the clever things on this list. So, grab a few of these solutions for all of those little time-consuming home tasks, and spend more time relaxing.


These reusable wool dryer balls that lift & separate laundry as it dries

These reusable wool dryer balls will save you from restarting the dryer so many times you forget you even have clothes in there. The soft design will get tossed around with all of your favorite pieces to speed up the drying process by fluffing up your pieces, all while taking care of wrinkles and helping to prevent static cling.


A sleek electric kettle for an easier morning tea or coffee routine

Not only will this 1-liter electric kettle look seriously sleek on your countertop with its gooseneck and stainless steel design, but it will actually speed up your morning tea or pour-over coffee. It comes with a super quick-heating base, so you’ll have boiling water in a few minutes (or about as long as it takes to find your tea or coffee grounds and favorite mug). And all it takes is one flip of a button.


This cult-favorite cleanser that fixes grimy messes

This cleanser will save you so much scrubbing time, no matter what annoying cleaning project you have to tackle. It’s thicker than any spray you might usually reach for, so it won’t slide right off of your sink faucet or to the bottom of the tub. You can use it all over your home (even on dishes), and it will quickly fix water stains, rust, griminess, and more.


An easy-to-wash veggie chopper with 64,000 5-star reviews

Instead of staring at un-chopped produce after work and then ordering takeout, keep this speedy vegetable chopper next to your cutting board. You can quickly swap out the two chopping and two slicing blade options, depending on your recipe. Plus, all of the veggies will drop down into a bowl with measurements on the side to easily add them to your pan.


These scented sticks for zero-effort drain cleaning & clog prevention

These drain sticks are small enough to stick in your sink or tub drains without having to remove the cover or see any of the gross drain gunk. The dissolvable cleaners help break down material and prevent future clogs, and the lavender fragrance will take care of any annoying smells, so you won’t have to spend time cleaning the drain. If lavender isn’t your favorite, these sticks come in lemon, pine, and plenty of other scents.


These compact peelers to quickly roll the peels off garlic cloves

These little silicone peelers will quickly remove every bit of annoying garlic peel when you’re prepping dinner (even those thin transparent pieces that never seem to come off). You can add in as many garlic cloves as your recipe calls for, so you’ll only have to roll it on your countertop once, and your garlic prep step is done.


This reusable pet hair remover with over 111,000 5-star reviews

This pet fur remover is specifically made to cut down on the time it takes you to clean up your cat or dog’s fur from the couch. The fabric on the front creates an electrostatic charge to pull all of the fur off of your clothes, throw blankets, and more. There’s also a clever compartment on the back, so you can empty the fur without creating another mess and reuse this roller again ande again.


An aesthetic steamer that heats up in 30 seconds

Not only will this foldable little steamer heat up in only 30 seconds, but it also looks way more aesthetic than the steamers we’re all used to. It’s also completely leak-free, so you won’t have to wait for an annoying water spot to dry before you leave the house.


A compact & curved dish brush to quickly wash utensils

This cleverly curved brush makes it way quicker to scrub every inch of your knives and utensils. There are bristles lining each side, so all you have to do is swipe the fork through to clean between every tine and a grippy coating on the outside to make this brush even easier to grip and use.


A daily rinse-free shower cleaner to avoid scrubbing tiles

Spritz this handy cleaner on the tub and tiles when you step out of the shower every day, and you can put off cleaning the shower even longer than usual. It’s way faster than reaching for the shower-cleaning brush all the time, and the rinse- and wipe-free formula will help to prevent the build-up of soap scum, limescale, and other gross stuff.


This clever & easy-to-clean tray that defrosts meat

This clever defrosting tray is the solution when you forget to take the chicken out of the freezer (no matter how often it happens). It’s made of sturdy non-stick aluminum that will speed up the defrosting process when it’s time to prep dinner — no need to halfway cook your meat in the microwave. Plus, it comes with a silicone scrubber to quickly clean it once your meat is searing.


A planner with a super quick-to-use design

This vibrant faux-leather planner will make mapping everything out every week a seriously speedy (and enjoyable) process. The undated planner features monthly and weekly calendars, of course, but it also has pages where you can map out longer term goals, to-do lists, and even places to reflect on how you’ve been doing. Plus, it has a bunch of fun stickers and bookmarks to keep time management fun.


This rolling alarm clock to get you out of bed quickly

You might not like this rolling alarm clock every morning, but you’ll seriously love how much time it saves you every day. It has two durable wheels so it can safely jump from your nightstand and travel around your floor until you get up, catch it, and turn it off — so you have no chance to just lounge in bed for a long time. You still get one snooze opportunity, just in case you want a little extra sleep without being late.


The popular drill attachments that act as effort-free scrubbers

These cleaning brushes will fit right onto whatever drill you keep around for home projects, so they’ll spin around to speed up scrubbing stains and griminess. You get three different brush shapes, so this easy-to-use kit will make every part of cleaning day quicker than usual. Available in six different levels of softness also made of scratch-free nylon to make them even more versatile around your home.


This citrus zester to quickly prep a ton of different ingredients

This slim and easy-to-store citrus zester will honestly speed up so many steps when you’re prepping dinner. It has a durable stainless steel design to grate your favorite pasta-topping cheese, nuts, garlic, citrus zest (of course), and more. You also get a protective cover and a little brush to quickly sweep off any extra zest.


This herb stripper that has a knife-like edge for chopping

Go ahead and grab those fresh herbs or greens at the grocery store because this compact herb stripper will make them super quick to prep. It’s lined with nine slot sizes to easily strip different herbs and even leafy kale. It also has a small blade (with an included cover) to chop up all of the greens or herbs after they’re stripped.


These water bottle cleaning tablets to skip time-consuming scrubbing

With these stain-removing tablets, keeping your go-to water bottle clean is actually a super quick process. You simply add one in with water, and the fizzy formula will completely clean the bottle in about 15 to 30 minutes (without you even reaching for your dish brush). It also gets rid of odors if you also love using your water bottle for iced coffee.


A handy Bluetooth tracker that can find lost keys & your phone

This water-resistant Bluetooth tracker has a will make it easier than ever to find your keys, favorite bag, or whatever else you spend a ton of time searching for every day. It will beep loudly if it’s within 250 feet of your phone, which allows you to search your house for that pesky lost iterm. This clever Tile also works in reverse; press it to force your phone to make noise — even if it’s on silent.


A cold brew maker with handy coffee prep tools

This leak-proof cold brew maker has a built-in ultra-fine mesh filter for your go-to coffee grounds, so you can quickly remove them when you’re ready to pour your coffee. This ready-to-pour coffee jug also comes with a funnel and a grounds scoop to make your cold brew prep even quicker.


This best-selling gel to quickly clean up hidden crumbs & dust

This cleaning gel will take care of tiny annoying crumbs around your home way quicker than a can of air or a vacuum will. It sticks to all of the gross griminess that tends to get stuck between your keyboard, remote buttons, and more. You also won’t have to wipe off any left-behind stickiness after using this reusable gel, either.


A versatile omelet maker to make a bunch of recipes easier

This little countertop omelet maker will honestly speed up a ton of different recipes, and you won’t have to pull out a pan. It comes with two non-stick spots for searing omelets, breakfast burritos, calzones, and more. It also has an indicator light on top, so you won’t have to wait around to check if it’s preheated.


A quirky cleaner to instantly freshen up the microwave

Stick this quirky cleaner to your microwave before you even think about grabbing a scrub brush because it will quickly fix all of the stuck-on food. Just add a bit of vinegar (or lemon juice) and water inside, and it will spin around the microwave and loosen up any messes, so you can wipe them off in just a few seconds, saving you tons of effort and scrub time.


These clear, non-slip organizers to quickly find things in every drawer

These drawer organizers with non-slip accents on the bottom will save you so much time around the house because you won’t have to spend a bunch of time searching for things. They come with a clear design and in five different sizes, so you can rearrange them as needed to store office supplies, cosmetics, kitchen gadgets, and more.


A best-selling salad spinner to wash, dry & serve your greens with ease

This salad spinner with a pop-up handle will honestly make prepping all kinds of greens quicker than it usually is. You’ll still have to do all of the rinsing, but you get a built-in strainer to make it speedy and mess-free. Plus, you’ll only have to push the button on top to spin and dry them almost instantly, and then you can use the modern, clear bowl to serve your salad.


A precise mini vacuum for extra-fast countertop cleanup

Wiping countertops, nightstands, and your desk is honestly so time-consuming, so reach for this mini USB-rechargeable vacuum instead. It comes with a tiny and super precise nozzle to easily vacuum crumbs between your counter and backsplash. It also has a little brush in case anything gets stuck in this counter-cleaning vacuum.


This under-cabinet jar opener that works on lids of all sizes

Instead of trying a bunch of methods to open an annoying jar every time you’re prepping dinner, add this easy-to-use opener under your kitchen cabinets. The durable design grips onto any jar (or bottle) lid you’re working with, so you can twist it open and move on with your recipe.


A versatile stain remover you can grab without thinking

This peroxide-free stain remover comes in a small bottle that you can tuck anywhere, and the concentrated formula will save you a ton of time. The pH-neutral formula works on a ton of clothes and fabrics, including carpet, linens, and upholstery. Simply spray and wipe, and the concentrated formula will do all of the work on food, grease, blood, grass, dirt, and more.


A soap dispensing brush kit for a tidy & quick dish routine

You won’t have to stop dishes to reach for more soap every few minutes if you pop this soap-dispensing palm brush next to your sink. It has a little holder with a spout to pour out all of the extra water and soap after dishes, so you won’t even need to spend time cleaning drips off the counter. This highly-rated brush also saves you from keeping a bulky dish soap bottle on your countertop.


This rocking salad chopper that you’ll use for every recipe

You’ll honestly use this double-blade salad chopper for all of your veggie prep because the rocking design is super quick-to-use. The rust-free stainless steel design will work with a bunch of different ingredients, including delicate herbs and annoying-to-chop almonds or chocolate. It also has a cover, so you can easily tuck this chopper in a kitchen drawer.


A spray-on wrinkle remover that lets you skip the iron

This wrinkle remover is such a time saver because you simply spray it on — no iron (or even steamer) needed. It will also instantly freshen up any unwanted smells if your laundry dried a bit mildewy or you need to re-wear something (it happens). An Amazon shopper favorite, this spray has over 21,000 five-star reviews.


A clever microwave steamer with a quick-to-setup design

This handy microwave steamer will seriously speed up your veggie side dishes for dinner, and it’s super quick to set up. It comes with a built-in steaming basket and a locking lid, so it’s honestly as easy to use as a leftover container. Of course, there’s also a vent on top so your food steams (and doesn’t boil).


A makeup brush cleaner with that washes & dries in seconds

This spinning makeup brush cleaner has different adapter sizes to fit the brushes you use in your unique routine. Just pop on the correct collar, add your brush, press a button, and the included cleaning solution will clean your brush, while the bowl stops the blush and foundation-filled water from splashing everywhere. This gadget also spins all of the extra water off when they’re clean, so you won’t have to wait forever to use them again.


A pack of thick sponges that fix stains with water

With this bulk pack of melamine foam sponges, you just need a bit of water to quickly take care of annoying stains that you’re not quite sure how to tackle. It works on caked-on grease, markers, dirt, and more. You can also trim these to suit any space and use them on a variety of surfaces, including leather, steel, marble, plastic, drywall, and more.


A zero-effort slow cooker with a 4.7-star rating

This slow cooker is obviously a time saver when you don’t feel like prepping dinner, because you can just toss in a few ingredients in the morning and let it sit all day for a one-pot dinner in the evening. It fits up to 7 quarts to give you some time-saving leftovers, too. The versatile ceramic bowl is paired with a clear glass lid, so you can peek in on your dish throughout the day. There’s also a warm setting if your meal is ready before you’re ready to eat.


These airtight glass containers with shapes for all of your meal prep

This pack of glass food containers comes with six circular and four rectangular containers, so you can quickly find one to fit your leftovers. It also has five different capacities to make it easy to neatly stack them up in your fridge for meal prep. The best part is — they won’t absorb any food smells or colors, so they’ll get clean without any soaking.


These quick-drying dishcloths that you can use for every chore

With these reusable dishcloths, you can reach for the same absorbent cellulose and cotton cloth for all of your cleaning projects. They’re covered in a scrubby texture that’s perfect for dusting, dishes, cleaning shower tiles, wiping the counter, and more. They’re also odor-resistant and dry quickly enough to tuck them away pretty much immediately after cleaning.


These chic planters with a hidden self-watering system

These planters will look like normal black and white planters around your home, but they’re secretly self-watering to save you time. Add water to the outer white pot, and the inner black pot has cotton wicks on the bottom to soak it all up. Don’t worry — these self-watering wicks will only soak up how much water your plant actually needs.


A reusable mop that will also take care of windows

This mop comes with four reusable microfiber pads, so you can honestly clean your floor four times before you’ll need to do laundry. Two of these pads are extra-scrubby in case you spill something sticky during dinner prep, and two are a gentle microfiber for everyday spills and mopping. You can also twist this mop 360-degrees to fit in every corner or extend it to use it as a tall window cleaner.


An easy-to-use cooler to instantly chill your coffee

This drink cooler hangs out in your freezer until you’re ready for your next iced coffee or perfectly chilled wine. Pour in your go-to drink, and it will be nice and cold in 60 seconds — no need to wait for it to chill in the fridge. Just be sure to add water before you stick it in the freezer, so it will come out frozen and ready-to-chill your coffee.


A sanitizing steam cleaner to quickly clean up the entire house

Using a steam cleaner might sound intimidating, but I promise this mini option is way quicker than wiping down all of the surfaces in your home. It warms up in 30 seconds, and it has a 20-foot cord, so you can walk all around the house cleaning and sanitizing (without finding a new outlet every five seconds). This kit also comes with 10 helpful brushes and accessories, including a gentle fabric steamer tool, window squeegee, grout cleaner, and more.