You probably wouldn't guess these cool things are actually so damn cheap on Amazon

Here are all the best cool, functional gadgets that won’t cost a fortune.

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Sometimes, the coolest, most innovative items seem like they’d be the most expensive ones — but that’s not always the case. On this list, you can find awesome products ranging from kitchen devices to beauty items, and they’re actually affordable.

That’s right: These cool gadgets won’t cost a fortune. Whether you’re shopping for high-quality insulated wine glasses or a futuristic Bluetooth keyboard, you’ll find it on this list and can click “Add to Cart” without a worry.


This burger press that makes the best smash burgers

This burger press is a dream kitchen gadget for anyone who loves to grill and is an affordable alternative to a cast iron skillet. The aluminum design is made to perfectly shape round patties and can easily make smash burgers. It features marks that indicate burger sizes that work for 1/4 and 1/3-pound patties. It currently has a 4.6 out of five-star rating on Amazon, making it a kitchen staple for many.


This best-selling organizer for your trunk

With an impressive 4.7-star rating, this trunk organizer is a genius device for neatly storing everything you can possibly think of in your car. From groceries to school supplies and tools, it features multiple compartments and has a hook that will keep all of your belongings securely in place. You can get it in three colors: black, gray, and tan.


This pack of LED flashlights that can help in an emergency

This compact flashlight is small but mighty. The small design features 1000 LED lights that are powerful enough to light up any space. It’s crafted from water-resistant aluminum that is durable enough to withstand a 10-foot drop. Shop these flashlights in a pack of two and store them in the basement and your car in case of an emergency.


A pair of cut-resistant gloves for cooking

These cut-resistant gloves are made from a high-quality material that protects your hands from sharp knives and vegetable slicers. They are available in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large and can be bought with a touchscreen feature. “For the home chef with no fancy knife skills, these are fabulous. [A] side benefit is that your hands don't smell like whatever it is you just chopped,” raved one reviewer. While thousands of shoppers love them for the kitchen, others found them useful for woodworking and outdoor work.


This sandwich maker that grills the best paninis

This sandwich grill is a genius gadget for making the best sandwiches and paninis in less than five minutes. It can cook two sandwiches at once and is made from nonstick steel that doesn’t require extra oil and butter. The portable design makes it a great option for apartments and college dorms.


This brown paper lunch bag that’s totally reusable

This brown paper bag is not your average lunch bag. It’s crafted from a waterproof waxed canvas that can easily be cleaned with water and soap. Not only will you save money, but the reusability is also great for the environment and prevents waste. It’s big enough to store a full lunch, including a water bottle and extra snacks.


This set of storage bowls that are great for meal prepping

Whether you’re looking for a solution to store leftovers or want to make meal prep easier, these plastic bowls come in a set of three different sizes. The set includes leak-proof lids to prevent spills and refrigerator messes. The best part? The bowls collapse flat so you can easily tuck them away into a narrow space when not in use.


A pair of reusable chopsticks with a cute design

These reusable chopsticks feature various animal designs and are a great choice for the kiddos — or adults like myself, who still struggle with using chopsticks. Available in styles ranging from llama to unicorn (and of course, the mighty T-Rex), the top hinge makes them both easy and fun to control. They’re made from food-safe plastic and are easy to handwash after use. They’d also make great party souvenirs.


These taco holders that make taco night a whole lot easier

Taco Tuesday can be a breeze with these innovative taco holders that come in a pack of two, four, or six. The design helps makes serving tacos neat and clean. Since they are made from durable stainless steel, you can use these to keep your tacos warm on the grill or oven. They’re easily stackable and are dishwasher-safe for a quick cleanup.


This set of knives that come in 3 different colors

Add a little bit of color to your kitchen with this knife set, which comes in blue, orange, and purple. The stainless steel blades are easy to clean and are resistant to both stains and corrosion. The set includes a utility knife, bread knife, chef knife, carving knife, santoku knife, and a paring knife, helping make your kitchen creations even better. Reviewers have been impressed with how sharp and easy to hold they are.


These breakfast skillets that make perfect eggs & pancakes

With a 4.7-star rating and over 25,000 five-star reviews, this griddle ring set is amazing for making omelets, eggs, pancakes, and breakfast sandwiches that look more uniform. Great to host a friend’s brunch, the set includes different size nonstick skillets ranging from four to eight inches. Each pan features a handle that folds down for a compact design.


This avocado tool that’s perfect for guac lovers

This avocado tool is a must-have if guacamole is your chip dip of choice. It features four stainless steel sharp blades that perfectly slice or mash the avocados. The rubber handle will give you a sturdy yet comfortable grip. It’s also multi-functional — thousands of shoppers love using this tool for grounding meat and making mashed potatoes.


A stainless steel mug that keeps your beer cold

Whether you’re a beer lover or a coffee connoisseur, this stainless steel mug works wonders for keeping beverages cold or hot for hours. The brand claims that the double-wall vacuum insulation makes this mug unbreakable. It comes with an airtight lid so you won’t have to worry about spills.


This food storage container perfect for packing lunch

This food storage container features four separate compartments created by three dividers, making it perfect for packing lunch. The leak-proof dividers can easily be adjusted and moved around so you can customize how big or small each section is. The best part? You can stick the container directly in the microwave for a quick heat-up.


These hilarious drink markers so you won’t mix up your wine

Thousands of shoppers love these drink markers that’ll help you keep track of your wine glass. The little figures feature mini muscle men — Chad, Brad, Josh, Cody, Ryan, and Mitch, to be exact — that each have their names featured on the back of their bathing suits. Just hang one of these guys on the edge of your glass to claim your drink. They’d also make for a great gift.


This mini steamer for healthy veggie recipes

This mini steamer makes cooking vegetables so much easier and faster in the microwave. The size is big enough for two cups of veggies and the steam basket can even be used as a strainer for washing fruit, making this kitchen gadget a two-for-one. One five-star reviewer wrote, “I often make up a bowl for lunch each day and this is a great serving size. It washes up well and easily fits in my lunch bag.”


This little gadget that easily removes pepper cores & seeds

Designed especially for peppers of all types, this stainless steel gadget works to easily remove the cores, seeds, and stems without hassle. The QuickCore Pepper Corer is quick and easy to use and can be cleaned in the dishwasher on the top rack. The next time you’re considering making a stuffed bell pepper, give this tool a try first.


This pasta strainer with multiple uses

Whether you’re looking to strain pasta or wash fresh fruit, this genius strainer easily clips onto bowls, pots, and pans of any size. The adjustable and flexible design works great on any type of bowl ranging from wooden to glass and stainless steel. Available in four colors that’ll complement the rest of your kitchen decor, these strainers also come with a one-year warranty, in the slim chance that a part breaks.


A pack of LED lights that will brighten up your home

These LED lights are a great way to brighten up dark nooks and crannies throughout your home. Available in a pack of two, three, or six, simply mount the lights under cabinets, in your closet, or in hallways for extra light. You can install them with screws or even easier, with adhesive tape — both of which are included.


An electric handheld blender for frothing milk

If you have yet to own a frother, this electric handheld blender is worth putting to the test. This versatile device is a game-changer for creating foamy milk and making matcha or cappuccinos. It features an easy on-and-off switch and comes with a stainless steel stand to prevent mess on your countertops.


A set of grill lights that are totally weatherproof

These grill lights are a great gadget for nighttime BBQs. They easily attach to the grill, and their nine LED bulbs produce an enormous amount of bright light. They are made from a durable metal that is totally weatherproof, but flexible enough to rotate 360 degrees, so you’ll have light at every angle.


This knife sharpener that will bring dull blades back to life

This knife sharpener is a must for anyone looking to bring their dull knives back to life. It features an anti-slip bottom that secures the base to any surface for extra safety. Just simply draw your knife back and forth up to four times to achieve sharp blades with no electricity required. You can grab it in one of four stunning colors.


A meat thermometer that works in just 3 seconds

This digital meat thermometer reads the temperature in just three seconds, so you’ll never have to worry about undercooked meat again. It features a backlit LED screen with a variety of settings including temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. A five-star reviewer named Maria M raved, “This one is very accurate and easy to read. It has a nice auto-on/off feature that turns it off when you fold the needle back and turns it back on when you open it up to use again.” Although it's made from a waterproof material, note that this kitchen gadget is not dishwasher safe.


This ring light that can help you take the perfect selfie

This ring light features three different LED lighting settings — warm, daylight, and white — to keep you illuminated. The round design features a clip that easily attaches to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to enhance Zoom meetings. The battery lasts up to two hours and comes with a USB cord, so you can charge it straight from your computer.


These sleek glass carafes that come with a lid

These glass carafes are a chic way to serve water, wine, juice, or fun mixed drinks the next time you’re hosting a dinner party. Their narrow necks help prevent spills, helping your brunch stay mess-free. They are made from durable glass that also comes with plastic leakproof lids. These pitchers are meant to be hand washed, but their design makes that a fairly easy task to accomplish.


This exfoliating brush that helps prevent ingrown hairs

Thousands of Amazon customers love this exfoliating brush for preventing painful ingrown hairs and reducing razor bumps caused by shaving. The flexible bristles help slough away dead skin that’s accumulated, revealing softer skin underneath. It’s also a quick and easy way to pamper yourself, both in and out of the shower. It’s best suited for your legs, underarms, neck, and bikini lines.


These packing cubes with the best reviews for your next vacation

With a 4.8-star rating and over 16,000 five-star reviews, these packing cubes are a game changer for the next time you need extra help organizing your suitcase. It comes in a set of four different sizes that nearly store everything from undergarments to apparel. You can get these in 10 different color options, from teal to a gorgeous warm red.


A coffee maker that makes fresh cold brew

Save money on buying coffee thanks to this cold brew pitcher that serves up to four cups of coffee. Shoppers love the fact that you can store the pitcher in the fridge to save for the next morning. One reviewer wrote, “I bought this product a year and a half ago and have used it literally every day to start my morning easy with cold brew ready to go in my fridge. [It’s a] wonderful product [that] does exactly what it is supposed to do and is easy to clean.” As a bonus, it also brews delicious iced tea. You can buy it in a 20-ounce, 32-ounce, or 40-ounce size depending on your caffeine needs.


This hammock to take on your next camping trip

Dubbed a best-seller on Amazon, this camping hammock comes highly recommended by nearly 50,000 customers. It’s available in an array of colors and two different sizes — medium, which fits one person, and large, which is ideal for two people. The lightweight design can hold up to 500 pounds.


These double-insulated wine glasses that are unbreakable

If you’ve broken one too many glasses, these indestructible double-insulated glasses are more or less made for you. Their stainless steel and metal design can withstand any fall no matter how wild the party gets. Available in a set of two, these glasses are functional as well as pretty, coming with a clear lid that is spill-resistant.


These towels that are perfect to store in your gym bag

Enhance your workout gear with these quick-drying towels made from soft microfiber material. The towels come in a compact design, making them easy to throw in your gym bag. They absorb water up to three times faster than other options on the market. Shop them in a variety of colors like red, pink, green, blue, and gray.


An adorable soup ladle that’s gone viral on TikTok

Whether you’re making soup, chili, or stew, this ladle makes serving a bit more fun. It’s made from a heat-resistant plastic material that is also dishwasher safe. Aside from being adorable, this ladle easily stands up to the rest — literally. Its design props it up, making it easy to use and locate when you’ve got a lot going on in the kitchen.


A bacon grease container that comes with a strainer

This multi-use grease container works as a grease strainer and is also designed to store your cooking oil drippings. Customers love this stainless-steel pitcher to add leftover oils from bacon to enhance the flavors of more dishes. Each pitcher can hold five cups. One five-star reviewer explained, “The strainer works perfectly, straining all the bacon bits out of the fat. Whenever my husband and I make bacon, we strain the grease into the container, let it cool to room temperature, and then place it in the fridge. To use the grease, we just spoon it out as needed to cook. It's definitely helped our grocery budget since olive oil and butter are so expensive lately!”


A bacon grease container that comes with a strainer

This multi-use grease container works as a grease strainer and is also designed to store your cooking oil drippings. Customers love this stainless-steel pitcher to add leftover oils from bacon to enhance the flavors of more dishes. Each pitcher can hold five cups. One five-star reviewer explained, “The strainer works perfectly, straining all the bacon bits out of the fat. Whenever my husband and I make bacon, we strain the grease into the container, let it cool to room temperature, and then place it in the fridge. To use the grease, we just spoon it out as needed to cook. It's definitely helped our grocery budget since olive oil and butter are so expensive lately!”


Storage containers that’ll make your pantry sparkle

If you’re looking for the most efficient way to organize your pantry, these food storage containers are the best. The set of seven comes with airtight containers that come in a range of different sizes with chic chalkboard labels to keep everything categorized. The stackable design will instantly make the inside of your cabinets look aesthetically pleasing.


This cocktail shaker set that comes with 14 accessories

This cocktail shaker set comes with 14 different pieces, which is perfect for anyone who’s eager to learn more about mixology. You’ll find an assortment of tools in this set, including a shaker, a bottle opener, a muddler, two pourers, and more — all designed from stainless steel. All of its metal parts are machine-washable, making it an easy way to upgrade any party.


These freezer tubs that are great for storing homemade ice cream

With a 4.8-star rating, these ice cream containers are beloved by many Amazon customers. Designed to store sweet treats in the freezer, the tubs hold holds one quart of ice cream each and come in a set of two. The interior is made from a nonstick material so you won’t have to worry about having trouble scooping out your dessert. You can buy them in one of seven colors.


This spaghetti-measuring tool that helps create perfect portions

You may not want to admit it, but there is, in fact, such a thing as too much spaghetti. This pasta measuring tool is a super cool way to make sure your portions are accurate. It features four ring sizes that accurately measure pasta for one to four people. One five-star reviewer glowed, “I always make more pasta than I need for a meal. This will cut down on waste and will save me money. I have needed this a long time.”


This electric wine opener that makes a great gift

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for a gift, this electric wine opener is a great find. It easily removes corks at the touch of a button and features a handy foil cutter as well. The small but mighty device comes with a rechargeable base that sits pretty on your bar cart. You can open up to 30 wine bottles on a single charge.


A foot mask to help revive dry, cracked feet

Restore dry and cracked feet in no time with this foot peel mask. It’s formulated with all-natural ingredients that work together to remove dry skin and remove calluses. Simply leave the mask on for one hour and your feet will peel for the next two weeks. The results are astonishing — just ask the over 12,000 Amazon customers who gave it a five-star review.


This lazy Susan made from bamboo wood

This lazy Susan, made from light bamboo wood, rotates 360 degrees making it easier to access all of your essentials at once. The two-tier shelf design features enough space to store everything you need. This turntable works great to organize your spices, vitamins, or skincare items — regardless of where you put it, it’s bound to save you a ton of space.


These LED lights that detect motion

Reduce your electricity bill and save energy with these motion-sensor night lights. The LED light automatically turns on after detecting motion up to five meters and features a dimming setting. Perfect for a nightlight or for adding extra brightness to your bathroom and hallways, these plug-in lights come highly recommended.


A Bluetooth keyboard with a foldable design

This Bluetooth keyboard is amazing for anyone who is constantly working on the go. The flexible and compact design folds up to a pocket-size keyboard that can seamlessly pair with your smartphone, laptop, or tablet — all you need to do is push the “connect” button. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 40 hours of use.


A set of pot lid lifts that prevent water from boiling over

These adorable pot lid lifts come in a set of three adorable farm animals. They easily secure onto the rim of your pot to increase air circulation, which prevents hot water from boiling over. Designed from heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe silicone, the lid lifts can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.


This toilet paper holder that comes with a top shelf

While I don’t recommend bringing your phone to the bathroom, most of us do it anyway. This toilet paper holder, which has an impressive 4.7-star rating on Amazon, features a top shelf about six inches long, which is the perfect length to hold your phone or a book. The stainless steel design comes with everything you need for an easy installation.


These reusable mesh bags that keep your produce fresh

Available in a set of 14, these reusable mesh bags are an incredible alternative to plastic bags for grocery shopping, as well as an excellent way to reduce plastic waste. The bags are crafted from a lightweight mesh that is durable enough to hold heavy veggies and fruits. The transparency can even make checkout faster. Each set includes a variety of bag sizes, so you’ll be able to fit anything you need in them.