Your home would be so much easier to take care of if you had any of these clever things

Spend less time scrubbing, dusting, and dealing with other less-than-fun chores.

ByVeronika Kero
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Keeping your house clean, organized, and looking good doesn’t have to be hard. Starting at just $6, the items on this list include products that make cleaning faster and easier, kits to repair items around your home (with professional-looking results), and even something that lets you avoid scrubbing the inside of your oven. Add these small upgrades that will make a huge difference to your cart and enjoy more free time and a nicer-looking home.


A silicone stove gap cover with 37,000+ 5-star reviews

After snapping in this stove gap cover, you won't have to worry about crumbs falling into that impossible-to-reach sliver of space between your appliance and counter. The flexible material is heat resistant up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit and it comes in five different finishes (including shiny stainless steel).


This pack of brush attachments to power scrub your bathroom (& more)

Instead of spending hours scrubbing, use this set of power brush attachments in combination with your drill to clean grout, pots, grills, and more. The set comes with three different brushes (each made with non-scratch nylon bristles) and an extended handle so you can reach every corner. Several different versions are available in the listing for various purposes.


A stainless steel grill scraper with a universal fit

This bristle-free universal-fit grill scraper features a 17-inch long aluminum handle and stainless steel notched scraper with several different shapes to fit nearly any grill. The multiple grooves on its head remove built-up grease and grime without the risk of leaving metal bristles on your grill.


This dryer vent cleaner to remove lint buildup

To improve your dryer’s efficiency and prevent a house fire, add this dryer vent cleaner to your cart. It has a flexible rod that can extend up to 40 feet and the head is made of durable bristles that trap lint and other debris to clear out your pipes — without hiring a professional.


An extendable ceiling fan duster with a 4.6-star overall rating

Made of thousands of fluffy fibers, this ceiling fan duster traps dust with ease to reduce allergens. It can be used as a handheld tool or extended to up to 47 inches so you can reach your crown molding and more. And because it’s washable, it will save you from buying more pads.


These durable cleaning brushes with non-scratch nylon bristles

With this cleaning brush set, there’s nothing that you won’t be able to deep clean; one brush is bendable to wrap around corners while another is slim enough to get into grout lines. Most also have a built-in scraper for stubborn stains. One fan raved, “This set has everything that you could possibly need. [...] The brushes with handles have angled good quality bristles that get into those hard-to-reach places. [...] They have been a lifesaver!”


This stain remover spray that uses enzymes to break down odors

Instead of just masking odors, destroy them with this stain remover spray. It’s made with citrus enzymes that can eliminate pet stains and spills from clothes, non-leather furniture, carpet, and more, leaving behind a fruity scent.


A set of bins with handles to keep your fridge organized

These refrigerator organizer bins make it easy to organize your food and they keep drips and spills from ending up on your fridge shelves. This set comes with six shatterproof pieces in four different shapes and sizes.


These heavy-duty oven liners that let you avoid scrubbing

Made of non-stick BPA- and PFOA-free Teflon, these oven liners can withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit to catch crumbs and spills so you can avoid deep cleanings. The set of two can be trimmed to fit your oven, air fryer, grill, or toaster oven and they are also available in gold and silver in the listing to blend in with your appliances.


These chair leg covers that prevent scratched floors

Made with soft felt and strong silicone, these chair leg protectors stay put on chair legs so that your floors are kept safe from scratches and scuffs. They can stretch to fit over legs of any shape and size and because they come in 16 different shades, you can match them to your chairs or go with the clear option.


A hair catcher to prevent clogged drains

With a unique mushroom-like shape, this hair catcher catches strands, keeping them from reaching your pipes so you won’t need to make an expensive call to a plumber. It takes just seconds to clean the tool and it will fit any standard 1.5- to 1.75-inch tub or bathroom sink drain.


This cordless fabric shaver to refresh upholstery & drapes with ease

Thanks to its honeycomb cover, this rechargeable fabric shaver keeps your fingers safe as it frees your upholstery from lint, fuzz, and pilling. Its large 2-inch size can quickly cover a large space.


A pack of deodorizing bags that can be reused for 2 years

At just 6 inches long and 4 inches wide, these deodorizer bags can be placed nearly anywhere — including in your shoes, gym bag, or pantry — to keep things smelling fresh. They are made with activated bamboo charcoal that can be refreshed in the sun and reused for up to two years.


This highly rated screen cleaner kit for all your devices

With this screen cleaner kit, it will be easy to keep all your devices (including TVs, laptops, tablets, phones, and more) fingerprint-free and shining like new. It comes with a gentle spray that’s made without alcohol, ammonia, or phosphates and a microfiber cloth that leaves behind zero streaks or scratches.


These reusable dishcloths with 40,000+ 5-star reviews

No mess is too much for these reusable dishcloths to handle; they can be used dry to absorb spills or scrub stains or they can be used wet to wipe down your counters and appliances (they’re safe to use on glass, stainless steel, marble, and more). Each cloth in this 10-pack is machine-washable and can be reused over 100 times.


A waterproof grout pen for a fresher bathroom without the elbow grease

Instead of spreading countless hours of scrubbing, bring back that clean look in seconds with this grout pen. And because its tip is just 2 millimeters wide, you’ll be able to create precise lines (a wider version is also available in the listing). The pen can cover up to 150 feet of grout.


This fabric & carpet repair kit with permanent results

With this fabric repair kit, you can repair torn cushions and holes or burn marks in your carpeting using the 10 repair compounds that can be blended to match. The strong fabric glue dries quickly with permanent results. “Overall very happy with the outcome and will definitely recommend. My friend knew my carpet had burnt and saw a photo of it, when she came over she couldn’t find the spot,” wrote one shopper.


A door draft stopper to keep out pests & lower your energy bill

This door draft stopper is made of a 2-inch thick foam that can keep bugs, light, and even noise from entering your home and it helps lower your energy bills. It can be trimmed to fit and installed by simply slipping it under the door — no adhesive or drilling necessary.


This hole repair kit that’s 3 times faster than traditional spackling

This hole repair kit comes with everything you need to patch holes up to 3 inches wide in your walls — and it’s three times faster than traditional spackling. The spackling compound is primer-enhanced and the 4-inch pad is self-adhesive to make the job as fast and easy as possible. The kit is popular on Amazon; it has earned a 4.6-star overall rating after over 35,000 reviews.


A beard bib for a mess-free bathroom counter

Make it easier to keep your bathroom clean by attaching this beard bib to your mirror while shaving. You can hang it on the suction cup hooks mid-shave if need be and when finished, dump the hairs into the trash and pack it into itself using the built-in pouch.


This cleaning gel that can get into small cracks & crevices

For all the places that a microfiber cloth can’t reach, use this cleaning gel. As you push it into tight places like your keyboard, remote controls, and furniture crevices, it will stick to and pull out debris, leaving a dust-free surface and a slightly sweet fragrance.


A set of smart plugs for hands-free control

This pair of smart plugs can be controlled with Alexa or Google Assistant, offering you hands-free control over your devices and appliances. Use your voice or the app to turn them on and off or set them on a timer — no more worrying about turning the lights off at the end of the night.


This set of long drain snakes to clear clogs

Easily unclog drains with this set of flexible, barbed drain snakes that are over 19 inches long each. They’re reusable and won’t damage your pipes like harsh chemical solutions can. One reviewer wrote, “They’re very flexible and can get into all the bends of a tub drain. Yet they’re strong enough that they won’t snap apart while you’re pulling them out full of hair.”


An outdoor smart plug to set your sprinklers or lighting on a timer

No matter how far away from home you are, you can make sure your lawn is watered and your outdoor lights are shining with just a few taps on your phone thanks to this outdoor smart plug. It can be controlled with the mobile app or with voice control using Alexa and has three sockets so you can control multiple devices at once.


An easy-to-use repair kit to fix tile & stone

Whether it’s your stone vase, marble countertop, or porcelain tub, this tile repair kit can fix any chips or cracks that they’ve acquired over the years. It comes with a putty and eight different color tints so you can mix up a formula that matches any surface. “This product really does work. Easy to use, blends in and cures hard,” raved one fan.


This cult-favorite pumice stone for cleaning toilets and more

This pumice stone cleaner can quickly remove calcium deposits, limescale, hard water rings, iron deposits, rust stains, and more from your tub, toilet, and tiles without leaving behind scratches. It has earned a 4.6-star overall rating on Amazon from happy reviewers including one fan who commented, “It took all of 2 minutes to make my toilet look brand new [...] and [I] didn't have to do any scrubbing. I've never been this impressed with a cleaning product in my life.”


A 128-pack of door bumpers to prevent damage to your home

These door bumpers can be placed on your walls to keep handles from slamming into them or they can be used on the bottom of decor or electronics to prevent them from scratching your furniture. Each of the 128 waterproof pieces has a self-adhesive backing and non-yellowing material.


This machine-washable sofa slipcover that comes in 36 colors

Whether it’s to prevent scratches, tears, or stains — or just to keep your pet’s fur off your furniture — this sofa slipcover is a fast way to keep your couch in good shape. It’s made of stretchy polyester material with an elastic band at the bottom to keep it firmly in place. It comes in 36 colors and several sizes in the listing and when it’s time for a refresh, you can toss it in the washing machine.


This swiveling mop with a bucket that separates clean & dirty water

Whether you use this flat microfiber mop wet or dry, its head will rotate 360 degrees to ensure you can get into every corner. It comes with a high-tech bucket that separates dirty from clean water so your floors are truly clean. The set also includes three extra pads that can be reusable and machine-washable.


These washing machine-cleaning tablets with 208,000+ 5-star reviews

This six-month supply of washing machine cleaner tablets can reach all the places that you aren’t able to, including the pump, valve, basket, drum, filter, and more. After just one cycle, all odor-causing residues and grime will be removed so that your machine works more efficiently. These can be used with both top and front load washers, including HE models.


A wood repair kit to revitalize damaged furniture & flooring

You can’t prevent accidents that damage your wood furniture but you can fix them with this popular furniture repair kit. It includes six markers and six wax sticks that can be blended to fill scratches and cover scuffs. The process is quick and the results are permanent.


These nonstick stove burner covers that are washable & reusable

No matter what splatters and spills as you cook, these stove burner covers will make the cleanup process much simpler. They have a nonstick coating that makes them easy to peel off and wipe clean when necessary. They can withstand heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and can be trimmed to fit your stove.


A compact dehumidifier that covers up to 225 square feet

At just 6 inches wide, it’s easy to move this compact dehumidifier from room to room. The 16-ounce tank can help dehumidify up to a 225-square-foot space and it can be placed on an automatic shut-off setting to save energy. An LED light indicates when the tank needs emptying.


These adhesive cord covers for organizing & concealing cables

You can improve the look of your home and organize your wires with this paintable cord concealer. This pack comes with 10 adhesive pieces (including corners) so you can tuck away your phone charger, lamp cord, and so much more. Stick them on the wall and hide them behind furniture for an uninterrupted look.


A 93-slot battery organizer to tidy up your junk drawer

Organize your junk drawer and end the search for another AA with this battery organizer that can hold six different types of batteries. It has 93 slots and comes with a tester. The case is waterproof and can be mounted on the wall or tucked in a drawer or cabinet.


This microfiber cleaning glove that can be used 1,000+ times

This cleaning glove is made up of fluffy microfiber strands that grab dust, hair, and more from any crack or crevice. And when used wet, you can wipe down glass, marble, electronics, and other delicate surfaces. It can be placed in the washing machine and reused over 1,000 times.


These airtight food containers to organize your pantry

This 12-piece set of airtight food containers will streamline your pantry and keep your cereals, nuts, and pasta as fresh (and pest-free) as possible. The set comes with two 1-gallon containers and four 76-oz containers, all with matching lids. They are even safe to use in the fridge, freezer, and dishwasher.


A leather repair kit that creates professional-looking results

You can easily fix that tear in your couch or rip in your jacket with this leather and vinyl repair kit. It comes with 10 different colors of repair compound that can be mixed for a perfect match. One shopper wrote, “This works great!!! [...] You can keep applying layers until you get the right color.”


This budget-friendly window screen repair tape

You don’t need to replace the entire panel if you have tears or holes in your window screens; use this window screen repair tape for a fast and budget-friendly fix. It’s made with strong adhesive and a fiberglass layer that will match your original mesh and stand the test of time — it’s temperature-resistant and waterproof. It’s available in white, gray, and black within the listing.


These durable liners that keep your fridge shelves clean

Taking everything out of the fridge to clean the shelves is a time-consuming chore; these refrigerator shelf liners make it easy to keep them clean. They stick to the shelves and are easy to wipe clean — and they can be removed for the occasional deep cleaning.