Your life at home would be way more fun if you had any of these clever, inexpensive things

Who needs amusement parks when your home can be this enjoyable?

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Sometimes you just need a little something-something to add some fun to your home. These clever Amazon finds will make your after-work routine, your dinner parties, and even your calm days around the house so much better. Basically — your life at home would be way more fun if you scroll through and grab a few of these products.

Plus, they’re all pretty inexpensive, so you adding some entertainment, aesthetic lighting, or a hilarious home accent doesn’t have to be a big splurge.


A ring hook game with a handy pole attachment

This ring toss game is such a good option for your space because you’ll always have a ready-to-go and (quick-to-learn) game for parties. The playful wooden design is easy to hang on a wall, tree, or deck post, and the 5-foot poll ensures that the string is the right tricky length away from the hook for hours of competitive fun.


This 2-level bamboo cheese board that’s easy to set up

This multi-level bamboo cheese board saves you from spending a bunch of time finding matching utensils and aesthetic-looking plates around your kitchen. It gives you a 10-inch surface for all of your charcuterie essentials on top, and it has matching cheese utensils that you can cleverly store in the bottom layer.


A fun tortilla-print blanket with a near-perfect rating

This incredibly soft fleece throw blanket looks just like a tortilla, so you can roll up in it, and your after-work relaxing time will be way more enjoyable. The quirky print is even paired with a circular shape to make this machine-washable throw look even more like a tortilla.


This stick-on cup holder for your go-to bubble bath drink

This suction cup cup holder sticks right to your tub or shower tiles, so you can keep your favorite beverage close by. The clever design will hold onto your can of sparkling water or even a delicate wine glass, so there’s no danger of it dropping off the side of the tub. As a bonus, you can even put it in the dishwasher if you spill a bit of wine.


This quirky egg separator to make all of your baking projects a blast

This silicone egg separator has a silly design that will look pretty adorable on your countertop or in a kitchen drawer. The unique frog-shaped suction gently separates the yolks from the whites, so you don’t have to get your hands all messy. You can also put it in the dishwasher after separating all of the eggs your recipe calls for.


This basketball hoop mug with a 4.8-star rating on Amazon

You can obviously use this basketball-themed mug for your coffee or matcha, but if you use it for hot chocolate or cereal, you can toss marshmallows through the little hoop, which is just plain fun. The dishwasher- and microwave-safe design is also wide enough to work with soup or even ice cream, so you can toss croutons or chocolate chips through the hoop-shaped handle. If basketball isn’t your game, this mug also has golf-, soccer-, and baseball-themed versions.


A mini pool with an easy-to-lounge-in shape

This inflatable float will make your backyard or outdoor space feel luxurious because you’ll have your own personal little pool. It has a unique shape that will save space on your patio, and the shallow design has a pillow that’s so easy to lounge in. It’s complete with a cupholder for your ice-cold drink, and you can even use it as a pool float.


This spooky garlic crusher that’s actually super versatile

This garlic crusher is obviously a playful kitchen add-on, but it’s also actually super useful for speeding up dinner prep. It has a durable design that quickly minces up garlic cloves, chops herbs, or crushes any other small ingredients your recipe calls for with a few spins. Plus, you can avoid getting the garlic smell or spicy chilis on your hands.


This adorable cat-shaped hand towel that stays put

This hand towel is honestly so much better than a classic decorative towel or boring floral option because it has a quirky cat-shaped design. It looks adorable, and it comes with hidden snaps to keep it secure and perfectly in place on your towel rack or oven handle.


A rotating taco bar with a bunch of useful accessories

This taco bar comes with a bunch of adorable gadgets to make taco or nacho nights super fun (and honestly easier). The lazy Susan design has six removable bowls for toppings and a handy warming pot at the center for meat, beans, or queso. You also get little taco-holding plates with spots for dips on the sides, making this an all-in-one


This compact & portable table tennis set that’s easy to pull out

With this compact ping pong set, you can set up a stress-relieving round of table tennis anywhere and so quickly. The retractable net has clips on each side, so you can pull it out and attach it to your table. It also comes with sweat-proof paddles in case ping pong gets serious at your next party. Plus, there’s a small case to easily store this fun set.


This aesthetic sushi-making kit with all the tools you need

All of the easy-to-use tools in this sushi-making kit have a matching bamboo design that will honestly look so nice and expensive in your kitchen. The rolling mats make it super quick to create your go-to order at home, and you get plenty of reusable chopsticks for every sushi night. Plus, you get two different tools scoop and spread your rice.


A microwave popcorn maker that collapses for easy storage

When you pull this silicone popcorn maker out of the microwave, your popcorn will already be ready to go in a serving bowl. The 15-cup bowl is the perfect shape for popping, and it has handles to carry it right over to the couch. You can also put it in the dishwasher and fold it all down (even the lid) to neatly tuck it in a cabinet after movie night.


A rolling alarm clock that still lets you hit snooze once

Waking up isn’t especially fun, but this extra-loud alarm clock has durable wheels on each side that will help it roll around your room, getting you out of bed the morning. Plus, the design is so adorable you can’t be mad at the hilarious rolling around in the morning. However, you still have the option to click the snooze button once before this modern clock starts rolling around.


These wooden dice to easily switch up your dinners

These little wooden dice are such a fun way to change up your dinner routine because you can actually create recipes with them. Each one has different ingredients on each side, so you can roll them to give you ideas on which herbs, veggies, carbs, and more you could use for dinner — and even how to cook your food. Plus, when you roll a protein option, they all have vegetarian ideas underneath.


A magnetic dartboard with reversible designs to fit every party

This magnetic dart board comes with two different reversible designs, including a quirky little monster design. It has an easy-to-hang loop on top, so you can quickly flip it around depending on the vibe of your party. You also won’t have to worry about your wall or door with the gentle magnetic darts.


This freezer cup for quick slushies made from anything

Not only is this slushie maker super easy to use, but it makes your treat in a little cup with a matching spoon and lid. Keep it in your freezer, and it will be ready to create a slushie from juice, soda, punch, or whatever you prefer in a few minutes. Plus, the cup has a silicone design on the outside, so it won’t be too cold to hold onto while you’re enjoying your go-to slushie recipe.


This quirky & stain-resistant spoon rest that looks like ravioli

This silicone spoon rest is way better than a boring little dish next to your stove because it’s shaped like a huge ravioli — with the little scalloped edges and everything. The faux-cheese-filled center has the perfect indention to hold onto your spoon or spatula, and it’s completely stain-resistant.


A trendy bath mat with a hilarious & functional design

This non-slip bath mat is covered in trendy flowers, vibrant colors, and, of course, that hilarious little saying to make your bathroom a bit more fun. The absorbent microfiber design has a tufted and textured finish that will also feel way cozier than your old mat.


This microwave gadget to easily stack-up & melt s’mores

This s’mores maker goes in your microwave, so you won’t have to go outside, and you can even avoid turning on the stove. It has a little container on the back for water and spots to stack up your s’mores ingredients so they get all melty. Plus, it has adjustable holders to keep all of the ingredients perfectly stacked.


A mesmerizing galaxy projector with a speaker & white noise built-in

This little projector won’t take up a ton of space behind your TV or on your bedroom dresser, but it will create such cozy lighting in your home. It has a galaxy design that will spread all over your walls and ceiling, and you can control these colorful lights from bed. This vibe-setting projector also has a Bluetooth speaker for your go-to playlist and super calming built-in white noise sounds.


This dino nugget pillow for a cuddly decor moment

This adorable pillow looks like a dinosaur-shaped chicken nugget, and it’ll be hard not to smile when you see it on your bed or sofa. It comes with a fluffy fabric on top, and it’s the perfect size for a cuddly accent pillow to style around your home.


These unique zombie molds for next-level popsicles

These dishwasher-safe molds will create creepy little zombie-themed popsicles that are super fun despite being a little creepy. Each one has a different zombie on top, and they have a little skeleton detail when you’re all done with the popsicle. Plus, it will look like hilarious zombies are hanging out upside down in your freezer, which is just a bonus.


This pretty glitter paint additive for sparkly home projects

You can pour this holographic glitter right into whatever acrylic paint you grabbed for a home project. These light-reflecting little sparkles are fine enough to add to cans of paint or even a varnish for an unexpected glittery finish. This budget-friendly bag is also fade-resistant, so your new home accent will stay perfectly shiny.


These washable & nostalgic spoons that change colors

These reusable spoons will make busy dinners or snacks after work way more fun because they change colors. Their colorful design will change depending on the temperature, so you’ll definitely want to use them with soup or your go-to ice cream. They can also go in the dishwasher with all of your non-color-changing spoons.


This sleek stainless steel cocktail kit with a convenient stand

This bartending kit comes with vintage-style cocktail cards and all of the stainless steel tools you need to mix up mojitos, gimlets, margaritas, and more. It also has an aesthetic wooden stand to prop up all of the tools, so you can quickly grab each one and feel super professional while you’re making party cocktails.


A silicone night-light with a funky & sleepy duck design

This dimmable LED night-light will look like an adorable little duck that fell over for a nap on your nightstand, and it will create a cozy and warm glow all night. It’s made of a uniquely soft silicone material that you can also use like a stress ball. Plus, you can use its feet as a phone stand to watch a show before bed.


A sea monster-shaped ladle that stands up on your counter

This heat-resistant Nessie ladle is way more fun to serve soup or sauce with at parties (or simply to make an after-work dinner feel cuter). It can go in the dishwasher between soup and pasta nights, and the feet on the bottom keep it perfectly upright on your spoon rest.


This compact hot dog maker with nearly 15,000 5-star reviews

This hot dog maker will simply look like a little toaster on your countertop, but it will make weeknight dinners so much easier. You can toast two buns and hot dogs at the same time and quickly assemble them when the toaster-like design pops up. It also comes with a hot dog holder and tongs to make meal prep even easier.


This fun bouncy ball game with many ways to play

This bouncy ball game is better than pulling out a board game, and it’s small enough to play at a table or on a small patio. Even though it’s small, the unique wooden design lets you add as many players as you want. It also comes with color-coded balls that give you a ton of different game options.


An easy-to-use milk frother with a sleek little stand

This stainless steel milk frother is a kitchen add-on you seriously need because it will elevate your coffee, and it even comes with a tidy little countertop stand. The mini design is easy to operate with just one button on top. It takes 15 seconds, and it’s super easy to use when you’re sleepy but you also want a frothy latte.


This easy-to-use egg holder with a playful penguin shape

This little egg cooker has a penguin theme that will stand out next to all of your other utensils and kitchen tools. All of the penguin-shaped holders are heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe, so they can hold up when you put them in boiling water to cook eggs. They even have a little handle on top to easily pull them out of the pot when they’re done.


A color-changing LED light strip with a trendy design

It’s so easy to stick this adhesive and trimmable LED light strip around the back of your bed’s headboard for a cozier or more fun room. The unique design is even flexible enough to wrap around your TV or line under kitchen cabinets, so you can have trendy lighting anywhere. You can also set it to 15 different colors and dim it for the exact right vibes with the included remote.


These bear oven mitts that are actually really functional

These bear claw oven mitts are way more fun than hanging a classic oven mitt in your kitchen, and they’re actually super helpful when you’re cooking. The little claws and bear-like accents are made of heat-resistant silicone. These fluffy cotton mitts are also finished off with little loops to hang them with your pots and pans.


This mini doughnut maker that’s so fun & fast to use

Not only does this mini doughnut maker, well, make mini doughnuts, but it’s also pretty small itself, so it will definitely fit in your kitchen cabinet. It’s completely non-stick, so the tiny doughnuts will be easy to serve (no matter what batter from the included recipe book you use). It also comes with a large handle on the front to easily check your doughnuts without reaching for oven mitts.


A durable & stylish glass kettle with an infuser built-in

This glass tea kettle will look way more aesthetic on your stove than metal options — or worse — boiling water with a pot. Watching the water boil and your favorite tea steep with the built-in stainless steel diffuser is honestly so calming. You can also stick the dishwasher-safe design in the microwave for quicker tea.


This game with hilarious & super quick-to-learn rules

Instead of figuring out board game rules, toss this card game on the table the next time you’re hosting, and there will be plenty of hilarious conversations. You can basically immediately start rolling the dice and jotting down funny words that fit into the topic on the card. Of course, you’ll get a bunch of dry-erase boards to give out, and the game can honestly be as quick as you want it to be.


These extra-durable wine glasses that always look nice & dent-free

These wine glasses are seriously clever with their dent-proof stainless steel design. They won’t break if you drop one when you’re unloading the dishwasher or if there’s a spill at your next dinner party. To make them even better — this pack will also keep your backyard party wine or beverages chilled.


This duck-shaped ice cube tray to for more adorable iced coffee

This ice cube tray has little duck-shaped molds to turn any drink into a fun little pond. While these super cute duck ice cubes float around in your sparkling water, you can put the silicone tray in the dishwasher, and it will be ready to refill.


These food-shaped wooden coasters that stack up like a sandwich

These wooden coasters all have quirky food shapes, so they’ll look like an adorable sandwich stacked up on your table. Even with their unique shapes, each one is wide enough for your coffee mugs or go-to water bottle. Plus, they all have non-slip pads to keep them in place on your table (and when they’re stacked like a sandwich).