Your life could be legitimately easier if you try any of these 50 genius things

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Look, there are plenty of things on Amazon that claim to make your life easier. But not all of them actually fulfill that promise. However, I’ve combed through the mess to find 50 genius things that will legitimately, genuinely make your life so much easier. How? It’s all about finding products that make your daily tasks a little more streamlined and your spaces a little more organized.

I know I would get more done if I wasn’t stressing about the clutter in my kitchen. That’s why there’s a super unique corner shelf organizer on this list that’s complete with small hooks for extra storage. It’s perfect for displaying that forgotten kitchen timer, spices that don’t fit in your rack, and more. There’s also a clever strainer that attaches to your pots so you don’t have to suddenly grow a third hand to strain water from your pasta.

This list doesn’t only have genius kitchen products; a bunch of things on this list help you out by making your daily tasks quicker. My favorite might be the multi-device charging station that makes it so much easier to organize and power up your devices every night. I promise it’s way better than scattering chargers all over the house and tracking down your tablet, phone, and smartwatch in the morning.

I get it. Amazon products aren’t normally a magic fix to make your life easier. But these 50 genius things will legitimately help out day to day.


A set of measuring spoons that you’ll never lose

You need a decent set of measuring spoons in your kitchen, but the one thing you don’t need is to constantly be misplacing them. This set of stainless steel measuring spoons comes with seven spoons that are attached so that you never lose them — you’ll get one 1/8 tsp, ¼ tsp, ½ tsp, ¾ tsp, 1 tsp, and 1 tbsp. The measurements are conveniently engraved in each spoon and the design saves space in your drawers.


A bar that absorbs all the odors you can’t stand on your hands

If you hate it when your hands smell like garlic, onions, or even cleaning products, grab this odor-absorbing bar. The stainless steel gets rid of all of the smells you can’t stand. You don’t even have to use water with this seemingly magical bar, and it’s dishwasher-safe. The fragrance-free bar literally lasts forever, so this small purchase will go a long way.


An endlessly reusable notepad that you can wipe clean

This smart notebook has 48 pages that you can use over and over and over again. Just use the included pen, scribble your notes and musings, and scan the pages to upload your notes to the cloud storage service of your choice. You’ll then be able to keep your notes forever without crowding your bookshelves with notebooks. This handy notebook comes with a microfiber cloth because that’s all you need to wipe away your notes or grocery list when you’re done.


The expandable drawer dividers that make sorting through your stuff easier

These four drawer dividers will make your kitchen or dresser drawers feel so much more put together. You can also be confident that they will fit your drawer because they have an expandable, adjustable, and universal design that can extend from 17 1/2 to 22 inches. Each bamboo divider has non-slip and scratch-resistant pads.


A handy silicone pot strainer that clips onto your cookware

This universal and super flexible strainer clips on for easy, mess-free straining — no more worrying about holding a heavy pot in one handy and a flimsy strainer in the other or crowding your sink with a bulky strainer. Don’t worry about this pot strainer slipping off your cookware because it has two super secure clips that keep it on tight. This colorful strainer is also BPA-free and dishwasher safe.


A magical cleaning gel that can detail your car & dust your electronics

This dust cleaning gel can mold itself to pick up dirt and debris from hard-to-reach and small spaces, like your car’s air vents, cup holders, and knobs. Beyond your vehicle, you can use this reusable gel anywhere, including to clean your keyboards, corners, and other nooks and crannies. It’s an Amazon cleaning favorite with over 17,000 five-star reviews, so you can trust it really works.


A wood bath mat that is resistant to mold and mildew

Sure there are fabric bath mats that are absorbent and better than others, but if you truly want to resist mold and mildew in your bathroom, opt for this sleek wood bath mat. The mat is made from bamboo and has a water-resistant finish with a non-slip bottom to keep it in place. Use it in your bathroom or outdoors by the pool.


A 2-pack of silicone drain covers that work with any tub or sink

These square drain covers effectively stop clogs and still keep your bathtub or sink looking sleek and clean. Each one is made of anti-slip silicone that won’t bend or change shape, and they wipe clean after working hard to prevent hair from going down your tub drain or food traveling down your sink. You also don’t have to remove your current drain cover to use these super durable covers — just pop them with the suction cups.


This multi-use veggie chopper with rust-resistant blades

This classic veggie chopper has a safe push-down chopping design and comes with four blade options including two dicing blades as well as ones for spiralized and ribbon-cut vegetables. Each stainless steel blade is rust-resistant, and they work to cut veggies super quickly. Plus, the clear base lets you measure all the perfectly chopped veggies you’ve created, saving you from dishes.


A clever outlet shelf that holds things while you charge them

This outlet shelf only needs one screw, and it’s ready to hold small items while they charge. It holds up to 10 pounds, and at 4 inches wide and 5 inches deep, it can even fit certain smart speakers like an Echo Dot or Google Home Mini. This small but mighty shelf is the perfect solution for charging everyday items that have short cords.


A fabric shaver that protects your fingers & your sweaters

Shaving the pills and fuzz off your clothes and furniture can be a little scary, but this battery-operated fabric shaver protects all of the fabric underneath with three-depth settings to customize your pill removing experience. Thanks to the mesh cover and the perfectly placed handle, it also protects your fingers. This extra-safe shaver is complete with a large head to quickly get rid of pills.


This handy drawer to add to your pantry or cabinet

Easily organize that pile of small spice packets or stray candy in your pantry with this clip-on drawer. Simply attatch this drawer onto a pantry or cabinet shelf using the durable plastic hooks and the included tape. These drawers are a great extra-slim size that makes use of otherwise unused vertical space while still leaving room for you to store ingredients underneath.


These easy-to-use outlet timers that don’t need an app

Instead of setting up apps, connecting to wi-fi, and all of that smart hub setup— these indoor mini outlet timers make setting timers for your electronics and lights simple. Use the rained pins on the dial to set up easy timers in 30-minute increments, and then simply plug in whatever device you want. They come in a two-pack and work with fluorescent or LED lighting, making these great for decorative lighting.


A desktop vacuum cleaner with a nozzle to reach every last corner

This mini vacuum has high suction power to pick up all of that dust, and let’s be honest, snack crumbs that find your way into your workspace. Rechargable with an included USB cord, you’re not limited by batteries or awkward cords, so you can use this vacuum at any angle. Unlike other desktop and tabletop vacuums, this one comes with an attachable nozzle that you can use to reach tiny corners and spaces on your keyboard.


A mini kitchen trash can with a seriously smart design

If you’re constantly walking back and forth to your kitchen’s trash can on the other side of the room, clip this mini trash can to your cabinet, mount it to your wall, or pop it on your counter. The compact design can hold over one gallon, which makes it great for food scraps. The easy-to-grab lid has a super handy design that clips onto the side of the trash can or the handle, but it seals securely to ward off unwanted scents and fruit flies.


These discreet cable clips that you can stick all over the house in 10 seconds

These cable clips make it way easier to organize all of your cords, and they’re super discreet. Unlike other cable organizers, this pack of six comes with individual cord clips, so you can use them exactly where you need them. So go ahead and use the adhesive backing to stick these rubber organizers all over the house — each one only takes less than 10 seconds to apply, and they stick well to all sorts of surfaces including glass, wood, metal, and plastic.


A unique hairbrush that detangles quickly & comfortably

This uniquely shaped hairbrush will make your life easier no matter what hair type you have. The easy-to-hold shape paired with flexible detangling bristles makes for extra-quick (and way less painful) detangling every day. It’s also extra-nice to your scalp with the well-designed bristles, and it works on wet and dry hair.


A set of stackable measuring cups with numbers that won’t rub off

This seven-piece stainless steel measuring cup set has all of your go-to measurements and even a few extras, like a 1/8 cup that’s especially helpful for scooping ground coffee. They’re stackable, dishwasher-safe, and rust-resistant. The best part of these classic measuring cups is that the numbers are engraved, so you don’t have to worry about them coming off with repeated use and washing.


A set of self-watering pots with a low-profile water indicator

Don’t worry about whether or not you watered your plants — just use these self-watering pots. This two-pack of planters come with minimalist pots even comes with a water level indicator that won’t ruin the look of the trendy plant you chose. These clever pots even come with two 100% coconut shell fiber soil pellets for the perfect water retention and drainage.


These airtight containers that keep your ingredients fresh & organized

Getting serious about organizing will be easier with these airtight food containers. They come in a seven-pack with four sizes that all neatly stack together. Labels and a chalkboard marker also help to keep your pantry tidy and organized. Beyond that, these airtight containers will keep snacks, pastas, and baking essentials fresher for longer than keeping them in their packaging, saving you money and the frustration of stale food.


These zip-up mesh laundry bags that will keep delicates safe

These durable zip-up mesh laundry bags will protect and organize your laundry as you wash it, and keep delicate, small items like tank tops and socks from getting tangled or lost in the machine. And yes, there’s even a bag designed specifically for bras. The best part is these protective nylon bags won’t open up in the wash because they have an automatic lock zipper that’s extra-durable.


This mesh-pocket shoe organizer that hangs on your door

This over-the-door organizer is easy to attach to your door with stainless steel hooks that are completely bendable and adjustable. A great option if you have a ton of shoes and very little floor space, this comes in five options, four of which have breathable mesh pockets. This organizer has purposes far beyond footwear and can work as an organizer for snacks and condiments, toys, cleaning supplies, and other small items.


These hard-working brushes that help clean bottles & odd spaces

This five-pack of sturdy bottle brushes can get your water bottles, reusable straws, and Champagne flutes clean, even at the very bottom. Beyond making sure your drinkware is free of germs and grime, these brushes can help you scrub hard-to-reach spots around your home, like behind the sink or around the stove.


These extra-deep stainless steel bowls with airtight lids

These stackable stainless steel mixing bowls have a unique extra-deep design which means there’s way less potential to spill and you have more space for your ingredients. They all have a matching BPA-free and airtight lid and they’re freezer safe, so you can go straight from meal prep to the table to the fridge or freezer without using extra bowls.


A hanging hair styling station with cord storage

No more leaving hot hair tools on the bathroom counter to cool with this hair styling station. The open design lets your hairdryer, curling iron, or hair straightener cool down safely without cluttering your counter. You can mount it on the back of your door or your wall and it comes in black or bronze.


This expandable organizer that wraps around sink pipes

If you’ve spent way too much time figuring out how to organize the space under your sink — this expandable organizer is the answer. It wraps around your sink pipes, and it’s expandable vertically and horizontally to fit your cabinet’s exact dimensions and make use of otherwise unused vertical space. The top shelf has a non-slip coating, and it can hold 40 pounds, so this thing is super durable.


These structured grocery bags that are easy to pack

These structured grocery bags are way easier to fill up than your classic tote bag. Their foldable design stands up straight thanks to the reinforced bottom and stiff walls that stay open so you can quickly pack your food. They are durable as well and can hold up to 65 pounds of groceries or anything else you grabbed on your shopping trip.


A small lamp that doubles as a USB charging station

This cozy little lamp has such a smart design. It’s small enough to sit on your nightstand, desk, or even to tuck in the corner of your kitchen counter, and you simply touch the top of it to choose from three warm white brightness settings. In addition to just being a great functional light, it also has four USB ports, so it works as a charging port for your phone, smart watch, and other gadgets.


This pot & pan organizer that you can use in so many ways

Digging through your cupboards for the exact pan you need and its lid is a total pain, but this pot and pan organizer solves that issue by storing your items neatly. It slides to expand, and you can move the dividers around so you can make it fit where you need it how you need it. As if this organizer wasn’t versatile enough already, you can arrange it six different ways and use it horizontally or vertically.


A best-selling car vacuum with tons of attachments & a bag

With the included bag, it’s super easy to store this car vacuum in the back of your car or transfer it from vehicle to vehicle. It comes with three super handy attachments for detailing: a flathead hose, extension tube, brush as well as a filter brush and backup filter, so you can really reach every nook and cranny. This mini vacuum plugs into your car’s 12v aux outlet, so you don’t have to worry about powering it up, making this a super useful vacuum.


A tiered shelf that turns the corner of your counter into a functional space

This three-tier adjustable bamboo shelf easily tucks into the corner of your kitchen counter, turning an otherwise unused area into a space to store awkward-to-store things that you use all the time like a bottle of olive oil or your everyday coffee cup. It also has non-slip plastic feet and four metal hooks on the side to maximize storage space. This shelf has uses beyond the kitchen and can work equally well in a bathroom or office.


This cold brew maker that has everything you need for cafe-worthy coffee

Brew 47 ounces of cold brew (or your favorite tea) overnight with this BPE-free borosilicate glass cold brew coffee maker. This overnight coffee set comes with a scoop, funnel, fine mesh filter, and a leakproof and airtight lid, so you truly have everything you need to make cafe-worthy cold brew. With the precision pouring spout, you don’t even have to take the lid off when you’re ready to pour your morning (or midday) coffee.


A fan favorite fruit basket with a smart banana hook

This fruit basket is so genius because bananas always take up the entire vessel, and by hanging them on the attached hook, you’ll have plenty of space for other produce. This basket has a stylish wire design, and it comes in a silver-tone or bronze-tone finish. The best-selling fruit basket on Amazon, this thing has over 18,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating overall.


This desk organizer caddy for notebooks and supplies

It’s impossible to concentrate when your workspace is messy and cluttered. This $13 desk organizer caddy gives you six compartments and tiered shelves that offer a place for small notepads, pens, and other supplies like paperclips. The piece is made from durable alloy steel and has more than 6,000 reviews.


A multi-level jewelry case with an adorable clutch design

This adorable faux-leather clutch isn’t a bag — it actually unfolds into three stacked jewelry compartments. Each one has a velvety lining so you can be sure your jewelry is protected while you pack. Simply close it, snap it, and carry it like a stylish clutch while you travel. The entire case is complete with a tassel accent and a chic art-deco-style textured print.


An easy-to-use food steamer with removable & stackable trays

Pop your entire dinner in this two-tier steamer with an auto-shutoff while you chill out after work. The two steaming baskets that are completely removable and stackable, so you can cook your main protein in one and your veggies in the other — and this thing can make some amazing seafood. The suggested cooking times for different ingredients are printed right next the timer knob, which takes the guesswork out of using this steamer.


These durable fabric cubes for stowing away clutter

Sticking clutter in a basket is always the easiest fix, am I right? This six-pack of storage cubes are made of lightweight yet durable polyester, and they slide easily into trendy square shelving units or stow away easily in closets. When not using them, these cubes are super easy to set up or fold flat.


These stove gap covers that keep your kitchen clean

If food falls between your stove and counter, and you definitely don’t want to (or can’t!) clean it — get these stove gap covers. They’re flexible, heat-resistant, trimmable, and made of food-grade silicone, which makes them safe to use by your ven. Simply pull them off and wipe them instead of pulling your entire stove out. Trust me, it’s much, much easier.


A mug warmer that lets heats up in 2 minutes

The little red light on this coffee mug warmer lets you know when it’s hot and your coffee (or tea or soup or cocoa) is at its ideal temperature. The warming up process only takes two minutes, and then you can leave it on and warm until your favorite drink is all gone, eliminating the sadness of room temperature sips.


This rolling cart that keeps your laundry sorted

Use this laundry cart to sort your colors, whites, towels, bedding — however you sort your laundry in these four slim bins is up to you. The polyester canvas baskets come in neutral brown or gray, and hang on the cart, but you can carry them around with the sturdy steel handles. This easy laundry setup is complete with a durable metal frame and lockable wheels, making going to the laundry room a breeze.


A spinning spice rack with matching glass jars

If you set this spinning spice rack on your counter or in your cupboard, there’s no need to track down matching spice jars or spend time searching for your ingredients while cooking. This pretty set comes with 12 glass jars, and each one has a wide mouth for measuring spoons. That means they make your life easier — even when you need to refill your spices. The lids also have three pour settings, so you don’t accidentally spill out too many red pepper flakes.


This super slim duster that can reach under couches & in gaps

Cleaning behind your toilet, in between chair cushions, under the couch, behind the stove and other small, hard-to-reach spots is a hassle — full stop. But this duster with a super slim design is made to reach all of those spots and more. With a thin microfiber duster on the end that you can remove to clean and a pole that extends to from 9 to 41 inches, you can finally get rid of the lingering dust in your home.


These under-cabinet lights that are so easy to install

These adhesive LED lights have a rectangular design with four super bright bulbs in each one, which means you only need a few. With heavy duty tape and screws included, these lights are easy to install, whether you’re looking to light up a dark closet, bring some light underneath your shadowy kitchen cabinets, or show off a piece of artwork with some extra light. These dimmable warm white lights last for 100 hours with the included AA batteries and have an included remote that .


A sleek electric wine opener that is very easy to use

This electric wine opener is a faster, easier alternative to a classic corkscrew. While it is a little bigger than your go-to corkscrew, it’s still lightweight and comfortable to hold in your hand. Plus, the rose gold and matte black finish looks way more luxe on your counter. Plus, it comes with a foil cutter and rechargeable batteries, so you have everything you need to get that vino open.


A set of cable organization boxes that eliminate clutter

These sleek boxes hide power strips, chargers, and all types of cords, helping to avoid cord tangles and unattractive bundles of wires. It comes with cable ties, clips, and a ventilated design to make your cord organization easier and super safe. This scratch-proof and fireproof pack are complete with a chic bamboo lid, which is much more aesthetically pleasing than a bunch of chargers.


These space-saving hangers for seriously secure clothes

Not only will this four-pack of hangers make your life easier, but they’ll also make your closet extra-chic. How? Each one is made of attractive, sturdy beech wood that holds stronger than plastic space-saving hangers, making your closet more efficient and cleaner. Hook six regular hangers on each, and the unique closed-loop design means your hangers and clothes won’t slip off.


A 6-device charging station with light-up dividers

Make nightly charging way easier with this multi-charging station. The handy dividers prop up your devices, and it comes with six USB outlets to power up your phone, tablet, portable charger, and it’ll even work with your smartwatch. The best part is — it prevents overcharging, and the attractive blue lights indicate when something is charging.


A spinning multi-use organizer with dividers

Sure, spinning organizers make kitchen organization easier, but this clear plastic option has so much potential. Grab one for bathroom clutter, small cleaning supplies, makeup, and more. The four BPA-free plastic dividers are adjustable and removable. Of course, this entire organizer spins 360 degrees, thanks to the durable steel hardware.


A dainty glass teacup with an infuser & lid

This BPA-free borosilicate glass teacup might look chic and dainty, but you can still microwave it. It comes with a lid and a tea infuser that sits inside the glass for easy steeping without the mess of teabags. The best part is — the infuser add-on is lined with a silicone ring to protect the glass rim, keeping this nice glass, well, nice.


A cool corner shelf with easy mounting supplies

Make showing off your knickknacks and photos a little easier with this five-tier corner shelf. It’s customizable, so you can separate and stack these shelves in various arrangements in a corner, which is a brilliant use of otherwise unused space. It comes with mounting tools and supplies for easy assembly.