37 Genius Things On Amazon With Over 3,000+ Positive Reviews

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Product reviews (namely those on Amazon) have entirely changed the way people shop. Whereas consumers used to consult subscription magazines and friends who had previously made the same purchases, they can now tell at a glance exactly which items are worth their time. If you're in the market for new housewares, innovative tech, or health and beauty products that actually make a difference, start with these genius things on Amazon with thousands of reviews — 3,000 or more, to be exact.

According to Business Insider, Amazon Prime has over 100 million users, and it's one of the most active communities on the internet. Statistics also show that 79 percent of those users will consult Amazon reviews before making their purchase, which may create a cycle of feedback; since Amazon users enjoy buying products with informative reviews, they may be more motivated to leave their own informative review when they like a product themselves.

This makes online shopping a much more user-friendly experience, as the trending products with tons of glowing reviews are likely trending for one reason: because they're well-worth the purchase. For those who are looking for their next great buy, these items from all different categories have 3,000 reviews or more, and Amazon users cannot stop raving about them.

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