38 odd finds under $40 on Amazon that are freakishly good

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The internet is often a strange place filled with eyebrow-raising things, but personally, I'm not complaining. Ever since the first time I signed onto AOL while monopolizing my parents' telephone line, I knew this invention was going to broaden my mind like nothing else. Since that fateful moment, it has done just that: with news, dog gifs, worldwide communication, and of course, weird products that are about as brilliant as it gets.

In fact, my shopping history has likely benefited above all else, specifically when it comes to the most bizarre products. Once upon a time, a 2 a.m. infomercial might catch your eye and prompt some intrigue — but the poor production quality and the suspended belief was likely enough to stop you from calling the number on your screen.

Now, especially because of Amazon, we have access to all the strangest products and the feedback we need to make an informed decision about them. No longer do I have to ask myself, "Will this thing actually work?" Instead, when something odd catches my eye, I simply scroll down to the reviews section. Sometimes, it's a bust, but more often than not, reviewers can't stop raving about how this weird product has changed their lives for the better.

If you're as intrigued as I was, these genius things are all under $40 on Amazon — and according to past buyers, they're freakishly good.

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