39 genius products Reddit is obsessed with because they work SO well

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I'm not typically one to ask for advice; I trust my gut feelings and I'm pretty big on making my own pros-and-cons lists. However, there's one situation in which I'll regularly make an exception: online shopping. If past buyers have lots to say about a particular product, I want to hear it, and that goes double for products Reddit is obsessed with.

Even as an e-commerce writer, Reddit is often my go-to source for all things shopping. Why? For one, because the entire forum is split up into thousands of specific communities (aka subreddits), it's easy to find the categories that interest you. For another, users on there are typically nice, informative, and knowledgeable — and if they're not, no worries; their comments will often get downvoted and, consequently, sent all the way to the bottom of the thread. Finally, since any user's post has the potential to go viral in less than 12 hours, those with something to say can actually get their opinions out there.

Needless to say, I follow all of the most popular product-related subs, and I'm always on the lookout for new, genius finds and time-tested favorites — whether that's beauty staples, kitchen tools, electronics, or products that are designed to last a lifetime. According to real Reddit users, these products are actually worthy of your time and money.

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