41 cheap home upgrades that look incredibly good in person

ByChloe Obach
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My neighbors recently did a huge home and kitchen remodel and when I saw their stone counters and beautiful lighting I was, at first, jealous. When they told me how much everything cost, I got over it — but I was inspired to do my own remodel with the goal of spending as little as possible while achieving results that are startlingly awesome. Now, I actually think my neighbors are jealous of how little I spent on some of these cheap home upgrades that look incredibly good in person.

Most of these upgrades are extremely easy, too. For example, you can transform your space by simply adding under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen. And while counters seem like they would be prohibitively expensive to upgrade, you can create the look of marble — and maintain the durability of your counters — by applying some stick-on marble paper. Even your garage door can get a cheap and easy upgrade with some magnetic door accents or window stickers.

There are so many of these clever, inexpensive upgrades that I'm still remodeling — and I'm having so much fun making my home look incredibly good. Read on for more of my favorite home upgrades below.

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