42 products on Amazon that save you $50 a month

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When you've got bills, student loans, rent or a mortgage, and the responsibility of feeding yourself on a daily basis, saving money — even an extra $50 a month — is much easier said than done. Still, some purchases are better at preserving your paycheck than others. It may seem counter-intuitive to spend money in the name of frugality, but obsessed reviewers swear by these products that saved them a ton of money in the long-run.

When it comes to budgeting in a way that doesn't feel stressful, experts suggest starting small and trimming less important costs first. They also suggest getting inventive: "There are a million creative ways to save money while keeping your lifestyle and budget in check," Keri Danielski, consumer finance expert at Intuit Turbo and Mint, told Bustle. This could include finding new, efficient ways to prepare your own meals and drinks, cutting subscriptions and services that you very rarely use, or giving your old clothes and furniture a face-lift.

These genius Amazon products help you save money over time, and when you implement them into your daily routine, said savings could add up to $50 a month — or more. Best of all, since these items replace their less-efficient predecessors, you don't have to give anything up; you can have your cake and save it, too.

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