49 clever things under $30 that make life WAY easier

In life, there are plenty of situations where you might have thought to yourself, “There has to be a better way." If it was ever happened in the middle of a household task, then these clever things under $30 are about to make life way easier.

If you’re tired of looking at that tangle of cords on your desk, a set of flexible silicone clips can help you manage them better. And that bulky colander that doesn’t fit no matter which drawer or cabinet you try? A collapsible colander will solve that problem in a snap (and for less than $20). And if you’re sick of turning the house upside down every time you need a battery, maybe a battery storage organizer would dial down the frustration?

So, if you're ready to for some affordable solutions to everyday problems, keep scrolling. You’ll probably find a few things you need — and maybe a few that you didn’t know you needed — to simplify everything from cleaning to cooking to DIY projects. You’re welcome.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

01. A flexible funnel that can be reused hundreds of times

This funnel can be used to transfer liquids or dry ingredients (liked chopped veggies) with no mess. Because this custom funnel can be molded, formed, reshaped, and reused thousands of times over, it’s a great helper in the garage, kitchen, or garden. Plus, it wipes clean and can be stored flat or rolled up.

02. This slide-out spice rack that keeps everything within reach

This sleek, slide-out spice rack makes it easy to reach whatever you need without having to rummage through your cabinet. Available in a number of sizes and even a two-tier option, it features a high-quality steel design with a chrome finish, and it just require two (included) screws for quick installation.

03. A wireless charging station for a phone, AirPods & more

Lots of devices? Clear up the clutter and give your iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, and more a full charge in just three hours with this four-in-one wireless charger. Because this charger is Qi-certified, it won’t damage your devices or batteries by overcharging. This charger is also compatible with other devices including Android models.

04. A bike phone mount that keeps your phone accessible

If two wheels are your preferred method of transportation, try this motorcycle or bike phone mount to keep your phone safe while riding. The rubber sling keeps phones securely in place and viewable, and side buttons remain accessible. This mount attaches to round handlebars, it can be rotated a full 360-degrees, and it even works with cases in place. With an outstanding 4.8-star rating after more than 600 reviews, it has tons of fans.

05. A hands-free personal cooling fan

Cool yourself down with this hands-free neck fan that is super easy to operate and comes with three adjustable speeds. Each fan can rotate a full 360-degrees, and the fan charges via USB, and can run for up to eight hours at a time. While this fan can be worn around your neck, it can easily be set on a desktop or nightstand as well.

06. This over-the-door organizer with 24 compartments

This over-the-door organizer is made with clear pockets so you can easily view your shoes and get ready faster. And with no bulky hardware, it easily fits over any door. The 24 pockets store items neatly while keeping everything in view, and it comes in three colors: white, pink, or brown. This organizer also works for art supplies, pantry items, and more, too. When it's not in use, just fold it flat.

07. A portable blender for delicious smoothies on the go

With six powerful stainless steel blades, this portable blender can easily power through fruits, veggies, and even some ice for delicious smoothies in under a minute. A three-hour charge will give you 12 to 15 uses before it needs recharging, and coming in at just over a pound, this blender is lightweight and compact enough to toss into a bag or keep stored in your desk. "I love this product! Great quality for an affordable price," one user commented.

08. A bag sealer that keeps snacks fresh

It can be super disappointing to bite into stale chips, so keep your snacks fresh with this mini bag sealer. This heat sealer operates on two AA batteries and works with a wide variety of bags. To use this mini bag sealer, simply press the sealer as you slide the sealer from end to end.

09. These reusable rug grippers that prevents slips, trips & falls

Keep your rugs safely in place and stop the corners from curling up with these rug grippers made by Gorilla Grip. The dual-sided strip adheres to the back of the rug and keeps it firmly in place on the floor to prevent slips, trips, and falls. When dust and dirt interfere with the grip, simply wipe the grippers with a damp cloth and re-stick when dry. You can also easily remove and re-stick them.

10. A no-touch door opener that limits your contact with germs

To keep your hands clean and reduce your contact with germs, try this contactless door opener. Use it to pull doors open, or to avoid direct contact with keypads and elevator buttons. This three-pack of contactless door openers can be easily slipped into a pocket or handbag or used as a keychain.

11. This adjustable laptop stand that cuts down on neck strain

Alleviate some of the soreness that comes from being hunched over a screen all day with this laptop stand that can raise your screen by as much as eight inches. Anti-skid rubber pads keep your laptop securely in place, and the open design prevents your device from overheating. When cinched together, this laptop stand can accommodate phones and tablets, and when fully expanded, it can accommodate laptops up to 15.6 inches.

12. This grill scraper tool and bottle opener combo

Before you fire up the grill for your next BBQ, clean off the grates with this bristle-free scraper. The patent-pending design with a variety of grooves works with all types of grates (round, V-shaped, or square), and it’s compact enough for on the go outings. The opposite end of this grill scraper is a handy bottle opener, and with that, you’ll be set for an awesome cookout.

13. This windshield sunshade that keeps the heat out

By blocking out 99% of UV rays, this two-pack of windshield sunshades keeps your car cooler and prevents sun damage to the interior. The two-piece design makes it easy to manipulate, and the shades can be placed horizontally or vertically (whichever is a better fit). This sunshade folds down easily into the convenient carrying case for storage when not in use, and each order comes with a bonus microfiber cleaning cloth. Choose from three sizes.

14. A leak-proof trash can for your car

This car trash can offers up a dedicated spot for trash, so you can stop making your cup holder pull double duty. A convenient buckle strap lets you attach the bin around the neck rest. Equipped with a lid to keep the contents concealed, this car trash can also has a waterproof lining so you can toss in drinks without worry and two mesh side pockets that are ideal for storing small items like tissues, wet wipes, and hand sanitizer.

15. A blind spot mirror that's so easy to attach

Add another measure of safety to your driving with this blind spot mirror. Made with real glass, this blind spot mirror won’t haze over time, the convex shape allows for wide-angle viewing, and the pivoting base allows for a full 360-degree rotation. Installation of this mirror is as easy peeling and sticking onto existing side-view mirrors

16. This brilliant splash guard that keeps your shirts dry

Avoid the dreaded soaked shirt bottom while you're doing dishes with this silicone splash guard, which is designed to work with most standard U.S. sinks. Available in four fun colors, it's made with dishwasher-safe silicone and features a suction-cup bottom to keep it in place while you're using it.

17. This cherry pitter that also works with olives

This cherry pitter removes pits from cherries or olives with ease, and a built-in splatter shield prevents the juices from splashing everywhere. The comfort grip handles allow for ease of use, and the cherry pitter locks closed for storage. One user wrote: “I pitted about [five pounds] of cherries so quickly and effortlessly with this pitter that I am still a bit in awe of how well it works. I was worried that it would make the cherries misshapen, but it doesn't squish them at all."

18. This clip-on food strainer that works with almost any pot or pan

This clip-on strainer attaches to almost any pot or bowl to make straining extra easy. Made of BPA-free silicone, this strainer is dishwasher safe and takes up a minimal amount of storage space. Thousands of five-star reviews back this gadget up. Choose between two colors.

19. This collapsible colander that stores away neatly

Colanders are an essential kitchen item, but storing them can be, shall we say, frustrating? While this clever colander can hold up to six quarts, once collapsed, it takes up less than 2 inches of space. Side handles expand to fit comfortably over sinks, and the colander is dishwasher safe for easy cleanups. Choose from four colors.

20. This wall-mounted bag dispenser

For a better way to store reusable grocery bags, try this wall-mounted bag dispenser. This bag dispenser is stout, easy to install onto a wall or cabinet door, and large holes offer visibility and easy access. Choose between white or pink.

21. A banana bungee that keeps bruising to a minimum

The Banana Bungee offers up a clever way to minimize bruising while keeping bananas off the countertops. It can be used for single bananas or a bunch, and it can be discreetly mounted under cabinets, with four flexible bungees holding your bananas safe and out of the way. As one customer wrote, it's "small and amazing."

22. This condiment fork that makes outings & snacking better

This condiment fork can keep dirty utensils to a minimum and makes serving pickles and more super easy at a barbecue or other outing. The 2-pack of stainless steel forks have long, slim handles that are ideal for capturing foods like pickles, olives, cocktail onions, and maraschino cherries. One user wrote: “They are sturdy, sharp and the handles are plenty long enough to get into narrow jars to retrieve olives, tiny onions or pickles."

23. A silicone utensil rest that holds more than a spoon rest23 A silicone utensil rest that holds more than a spoon rest

This silicone utensil rest keeps countertops clean while you cook. With four slots, it accommodates more cooking utensils than your average spoon rest, and because it’s made from food-grade silicone, it won’t slide around. A raised lip keeps liquids contained, and this utensil rest is dishwasher safe.

24. A sink organizer that keeps sponges out of the way

Keep sponges, scouring pads, and dish soap out of the way with this sink organizer. The clever triangular shape offers a generous amount of storage without taking up counter space, and a strong suction cup prevents slipping to keep the organizer firmly in place.

25. A surge protector with 6 AC and 3 USB outlets plus a shelf

This outlet with six AC outlets and three USB ports is a serious upgrade to the typical strip-style surge protectors. It plugs into any standard grounded outlet, and it comes with an easy-to-attach shelf for your devices, keeping them safe and off the floor while still offering surge protection.

26. A clever hands-free toothpaste dispenser & toothbrush holder set

This toothbrush holder is a hygienic way to store up to five toothbrushes (including electric ones) while keeping them easily accessible, and the hands-free toothpaste dispenser cuts down on waste (and no batteries are required). Each squeeze delivers the precise amount needed, and it works with just about any kind of toothpaste. Choose between black, blue, and pink.

27. These over-the-cabinet waste bins that make kitchen prep seamless

With zero installation required, these mini waste bins are designed to be hung along the top of your cabinet to catch scraps while you're chopping veggies so you don't have to make multiple trips to the trash can. You get two in a set, and these bins are also designed to stand upright, so you can use them for countertop storage too.

28. A brush kit that scrubs without elbow grease

This drill brush kit works with any standard drill to power through tough messes like mildew, cooked on food, soap scum, and hard water stains without a ton of elbow grease. Each order comes with a velcro backing pad and six non-scratch nylon scrubber pads that work with almost any type of household cleaner. Choose from two colors.

29. This bottle emptying kit that gets to the last drop

Once featured on Shark Tank, this bottle emptying kit saves you time and money by making every last bit of product available to you. When shampoo, conditioner, and lotion bottles are almost empty, simply invert the bottle onto the emptying kit to get the last few drops. It fits most standard size bottles, each order comes with four thread adapters which are top-rack dishwasher safe and reusable.

30. These towel hooks that won't snag

This set of two adhesive towel hooks make for an elegant way to keep towels neatly in place and out of the way. To use it, simply push a corner of the towel into the flexible silicone claws and pull it out when you need it. These towel hooks won’t snag or damage towels and can be stuck to just about any flat surface. They're easily installed using the included adhesive tape, but can also be installed with screws.

31. A cheese grater that doesn't make a mess

This two-way grate and measure kitchen gadget lets you great cheese and veggies without making a mess. Choose between a fine or medium shred, and the clear container has a two-cup capacity with measurement markings to guide you along the way. The non-skid bottom keeps the grater safely in place, and the unit is dishwasher safe.

32. These motion-sensing lights you can stick almost anywhere

These motion-sensing lights work with four AAA batteries, and there are no messy cords, which makes them ideal for spaces like stairs, bathrooms, and closets. They detect motion within 10 feet, and turn off when there’s none detected. There’s no installation required (simply use the included adhesive strip), and each order comes in a pack of three.

33. These reusable silicone food covers that stretch to fit

These silicone food covers can be stretched to fit containers up to 10 inches wide. Square, round, or even irregular, these covers will fit. Made with food-grade silicone, these covers create a tight seal to keep food fresher longer, and each order comes with six covers in varying sizes. It's an easy way to cut down on plastic wrap use.

34. A handy slide-out tray for your kitchen appliances

This sliding tray is the simple little tool that makes it easier to use your coffeemaker, blender, toaster, and any other appliances up to 30 pounds in weight. Made of durable ABS plastic, it's dishwasher safe and has anti-slip feet to keep it in place on your countertop.

35. This self-wrapping cable sleeve

Tired of looking at a bunch of messy cords? These self-adhesive cable clips keep things under control. They're made with silicone and can even be placed on curved surfaces, and a strong 3M adhesive will stick on virtually any material, including glass, wood, and metal. This 16-pack contains an assortment of five-clip, three-clip, two-clip, and one-clip holders. Use it on a desk, nightstand, and more.

36. These flexible cable clips that keep your chargers handy and organized

This dual-sided cleaning brush gets into hard-to-reach spots on keyboards, small electronics, and other tight spaces. Soft bristles on one end sweep away dust and dirt, and the silicone wiper on the other end has a pointed tip for cleaning crevices. When you’re done cleaning, retract the bristles and replace the protective cap on the silicone tip to keep the brush clean.

37. This dual-sided cleaning brush for keyboards and small gadgets

For sneakers, bras, or other delicates, this mesh wash bag is the perfect hack. With two in a set, each bag has a covered zipper with an auto-locking design to ensure it doesn't come open mid-cycle. As a bonus, you can also use it as a travel bag to protect smaller items in your suitcase.

38. This mesh wash bag that'll protect shoes and other delicates

To keep your produce organizes and easy to access, these food storage bins are a game-changer. The set includes three 1.5 liter bins with a stackable design, and each one comes with its own lid and drain tray to help keep produce crisp. "Love these," wrote one fan on Amazon. "They keep my fridge very organized and food stays fresher longer. We’ve also been eating more fruits and veggies since we can see what we have now."

39. These stackable storage bins that organize your fridge

It's all too easy to blow your budget in pursuit of cookbook-worthy recipes. But this frugal-minded cookbook provides the opposite experience: each of its more than 100 recipes consists of ingredients that shouldn't cost more than $4 at your grocer. And for each cookbook purchased, the publisher donates a free copy to a person in need.

40. This genius cookbook that saves you so much money

These space-saving pants hangers keep closets organized while saving you a ton of space. The S-shaped design leaves one end open for easy access, and the smooth surface protects your pants from creases. Each hanger holds five pairs (up to 10 pounds), and users can choose between gray or white.

41. These hangers for pants that save a ton of space

Made from durable plastic, this organizer extends up to 18.5 inches, while compartments keep things neat and orderly. Use it for cosmetics, desk accessories, crafting supplies, and odds and ends. Choose between two colors.

42. This expandable drawer organizer that manages clutter

This shower caddy keeps your toiletries viewable and easily accessible. The open bottom design drains water efficiently, and each caddy comes with four hooks for loofahs, small towels, razors, and brushes. It is rust-proof, and there's no installation necessary because the caddy sticks to most surfaces using a strong adhesive backing. Or, use this versatile caddy in the kitchen and pantry for easy access to spices and utensils.

43. This caddy that easily attaches with adhesive

Bissell’s featherweight stick vacuum is three machines in one convenient package. This stick vacuum converts to a hand-vacuum or a stair vacuum, and there’s even a crevice tool to those tough to reach spots. Weighing less than 3 pounds, this vacuum still delivers powerful suction to tackle tough messes. With more than 4,000 five-star ratings, it's a popular pick.

44. This three-in-one stick vacuum with thousands of 5-star reviews

These Wi-Fi-enabled smart plugs let you turn things like appliances and lights on and off with just your voice (via Alexa or Google Home) or, operate them with the smartphone app which lets you set schedules and even control those devices when you’re not home. And don't worry about difficult setups, reviewers have indicated that these plugs are pretty easy to get going. One user commented: "[I] Had no trouble connecting all four plugs to my wifi, then easily connected to my Alexa app. Great little gadgets for turning lights and fans on and off from another room."

45. These smart plugs that work with Alexa and Google Home

With enough space for 93 batteries of varying sizes, this storage case keeps your stash organized and all in one place. This battery organizer comes with a battery tester and a clear plastic cover that keeps everything visible. Plus, the organizer can be stored in a drawer or mounted onto a flat surface for easy access.

46. This battery organizer that keeps all your batteries on one place

These storage bins slide right onto your shelves to give you more space wherever you need it. Each set comes with two bins, and they don't require any tools to install. These popular bins have earned over 8,000 fans on Amazon, with one reviewer writing that they "added amazing organization to our container storage shelves."

47. These baskets that add extra storage under your shelves

For pro-like results at home, this beard shaping tool is essentially a stencil to help you trim your hairline and beard. This bundle works for goatees, hairlines, taper lines, sideburns, and so much more. One reviewer wrote, “Great bundle deal! Love both these products from the Revo brand! Use them both for my hair and beard! Thanks!”

48. This beard-shaping tool for professional-looking results at home

These nail-securing pliers keep your fingers safe during home improvement and DIY projects. With grooves of varying diameters, it holds a range of nail sizes firmly in place so there’s no need to worry when the hammer strikes. “I needed to buy this tool about 40 years ago. Just hung a large number of family photos, and for the 1st time in my life, no smashed fingers,” one customer wrote.