52 Gifts For Dads Who Say They Don't Want Anything

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When the clock is ticking, it's tempting to default to the same standard present year after year. That said, a good gift is often a unique, practical gift — especially when you're strapped for ideas, and especially when the recipient isn't much help. In order to find a genius gift for the man who says they don't want anything, it helps to first think about his daily routine; then think about the ways in which it can be improved.

Ultimately, the best gift you can give (to anyone, but especially a parent) is something that genuinely makes life easier. Yes, he may appreciate yet another "Number-One Dad" plaque, but will it actually improve his efficiency, his mood, or his habits? Instead, consider something that he can use day in and day out to boost his well-being or productivity.

Does your dad work out often and try to stay active? Gift him a genius fitness product that streamlines his routine. Is he particularly into tech products? Get him a gadget that helps to make his go-to device even more accessible. Does he love home-improvement projects or cooking? The newest, most versatile tool can make his favorite hobby even more enjoyable.

Whatever it is that brings him joy, ensure that your gift is something that amplifies that, so he'll reach for it on a regular basis — and think of you every time he does. This year, retire the tie-tradition and instead opt for a practical gift he'll use and love, because "I don't want anything" really just translates to "you know me, and I trust you to find something I'll love."

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