7 design gifts that look more expensive than they are


It can be hard to shop for the aesthete in your life. What with their concerns over silhouettes and construction. It can also be prohibitively expensive. On the flipside, these can sometimes be the most fun people to shop for because it'll send you down wormholes you might have never found. Below, check out 7 gift ideas for the design nerd in your life that won't break the bank.

A Well Made Bag for Every Single Day

The purveyors of the New York - based menswear brand Noah are sticklers for quality. So anything you buy from them is as safe a bet as the sturdiest workwear from your grandparents' era. That said, a perfect gift for anyone who fashions themselves a believer in form and function is the Workboat Holdall bag. Well constructed from heavy-duty canvas, it's the type of bag that'll take a generation's worth of beatings.

The Perfect Planter For House Plants

It's no secret that one of the easiest cheat codes to making your space look immediately chic is the addition of one, or a handful, of houseplants. But with the help of these stacking planters from Chen Chen and Kai Williams, you can ensure that the design-minded person in your life stands above the rest.

A Sophisticated Kush-Scented Candle

It used to be that having a home that reeked of pot was the exact opposite of what any aesthete would hope. But thanks to both a wave of legalization and technological advances in the world of scents, you can achieve the classy stoner smell that people have only dreamed of. Boy Smells is an olfactory studio based out of Los Angeles and their unique sensory experiences are truly something to behold. Their Purple Kush candle is a bestseller for a reason.

A Design-Forward Timepiece

Sometimes the most luxurious item you can own is one that harkens back to the past. In the case of Hay design studio's hourglass, it's one that harkens back to the Middle Ages. The glass orb would look great on any coffee or dining table, and as an added bonus, it counts down thirty minutes, so you can time how long your staying off your phone without having to look at your phone.

A Low Key Leopard Print Rug

What looks cooler than a leopard rug? Right, nothing. Of course, we're not about harming animals for your aesthetic choices, which makes this leopard print rug from New York design studio Cold Picnic so great. All of the vibes of a leopard rug, none of the guilt.

Generational Design Inspiration: Goodnight Moon

The rabbit in the bed. The prim cozy vibe. The porridge cooling by the window. Goodnight Moon, a timeless children's book, is also a perfect addition to any interior designer's mood board. Just ask these experts.

Beautifully Designed Dumbbells

Getting ripped does not mean you have to sacrifice style. Dumbbells have actually been a hot accessory in 2019, perhaps a sign that we're all beefing up for the upcoming — something. Luckily, Tom Dixon has you covered with these at once ornate and organic looking dumbbells. Just in time for New Year's resolutions.