Clever doesn’t even begin to describe these 50 useful things on Amazon

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Shopping online is obviously convenient — especially when you have anything and everything at your fingertips. In fact, it's so convenient that 62% of online shoppers make virtual purchases monthly, according to a 2019 Episerver survey reported by Oberlo. And once you check out these useful things on Amazon, I'm sure you'll also be adding something new to your cart every month (heck, maybe every week).

Seriously: Amazon has such a wide variety of products available that you could buy something clever each week for, like... a really long time. It doesn't matter whether you're looking for ways to keep cool in the summer or if you're trying to find a pair of Bluetooth headphones. When it comes to genius items that you won't even think about returning, the online marketplace has you covered.

Since you're already on this page, why don't you go ahead and start your monthly (or weekly) shopping right now? I've included a bunch of clever selections that'll you'll want to add to your cart immediately.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


The air conditioner that's compact and portable

Keep it on your office desk, or even add this compact air conditioner to your nightstand to help you keep cool while you sleep. The built-in handle makes it easy to transport around your home, and it runs at an ultra-quiet level so you won't disturb anyone around you.


A smart watch that doubles as a fitness tracker

Not only does this smart watch sync with your phone so you can read your text messages, but it also keeps track of your steps, mileage, sleep quality, and more. It's also waterproof and comes in five different colors to match your wardrobe.


This kit that gets your tech screens looking clean as new

Do you have a phone, television screen, or laptop that's covered in smudges? Well, the liquid cleaners in this kit are free from any alcohol or ammonia, and they're even biodegradable as well as plant-based. Each order comes with two spray bottles of cleanser and two wipes.


A pair of headphones you can comfortably wear to bed

It's hard to fall asleep in uncomfortably bulky headphones. Thankfully, this Bluetooth pair is made from soft fabric that feels plush against your ears and eyes. In fact, it doubles as an eye mask to help you fall asleep no matter where you are. Plus, the rechargeable battery lasts for more than eight hours.


The motion sensor lights you can stick practically anywhere

Whereas most puck lights require complicated wiring and mounting, these battery-operated ones come with adhesives that lets you install them practically anywhere. Each one also features a built-in magnet in case you're attaching them to metal surfaces, and the motion sensor helps preserve the three AAA batteries (which are not included).


A charging station that keeps everything looking neat

Instead of letting your phone rest on the ground while it charges, keep it in this charging station with your other devices. The four smart USB ports charge your tech fast, and each order comes with two shortened lightning cables (along with two micro-USB, as well as one type-C).


This yoga mat that comes with a carrying strap

Most yoga mats are too large to easily fit into your gym bag, which is why this one comes with a convenient carrying strap. The non-slip exterior on the mat keeps you from sliding around once you get sweaty, and it's larger compared to regular yoga mats. Choose from six colors, including pink, purple, green, and more.


An indoor smart camera that's compatible with Alexa

Once you pair this smart camera with Alexa or Google Home, you'll be able to control it using voice commands — all from the comfort of your couch. You can use it to see who is at your front door, how your new puppy is doing in its crate, or even just add it to your home for an extra sense of security while you're traveling.


The lantern that doubles as a fan to keep you cool

Simply hang it from the top of your tent, and this lantern's built-in fan can help you stay cool when temperatures start to rise. The LED bulb is extra-bright and can last up to 37 hours. Plus, there are two fan speeds to choose from: low or high.


An LED desk lamp with a built-in USB port

You won't need to dig around for a power brick when you have this LED lamp on your desk, as the built-in USB port on the side gives you a convenient place to charge your devices. It's dimmable up to three levels — and since it's energy-efficient, it uses up to 65% less electricity than regular incandescent lamps.


This spray that prevents your glasses from fogging up

Spray it on your glasses, goggles, or even spritz your windows with this spray to stop them from fogging up. It shouldn't leave any streaks behind, and it's suitable for all non-antireflective coated lenses. One reviewer even raved, "My glasses have never been cleaner."


A bag that lets you take a shower while you're on the go

Whether you love camping or overnight music festivals, this shower bag can help you rinse off. The strong handles won't snap under the weight of a full water reservoir, and the adjustable on-and-off switch makes it easy to control the water pressure. The best part? It absorbs heat from the sun, and only takes about three hours to warm up cold water.


The miniature smart plug that won't block your outlets

Some smart plugs are so bulky that they block the second plug on your outlet — but not this one. It plugs in horizontally, leaving your second outlet fully accessible. It's compatible with Alexa as well as Google Home, and you can even use it to set schedules so that your lights are on when you come home.


A bidet that'll help you save money on toilet paper

With a hygienic nozzle guard that helps keep the nozzle clean between uses, this bidet is an eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper. Each order comes with all the parts and tools you need for installation, and it's designed to attach onto any standard two-piece toilet. Most reviewers were able to install it within about 15 minutes.


This desk that fits underneath your steering wheel

Eating a meal in your car during your lunch break? Save yourself some mess by using this steering wheel desk. It's lightweight enough that you can stash it in the pocket behind your seat, but it's sturdy enough to hold a laptop in addition to your food.


A sanitizing wand that eliminates odor-causing germs

Sometimes, spray cleansers are loaded with harsh chemicals — but this sanitizing wand relies on the power of UV light to eliminate odor-causing bacteria on your items. You only need to use it for about 10 seconds in order for it to be effective, and there's no recharging required since it uses four AA batteries (which aren't included).


The dish brushes made from eco-friendly bamboo

These natural bamboo dish brushes are effective on stubborn dirt and grime. You can use them on non-stick cookware, since they shouldn't leave behind any scratches. Plus, the darker brush is specifically designed for harder surfaces, including cast iron skillets, grills, and more.


A boot scraper that helps keep your home clean

Don't track mud and dirt inside your house — just clean it off your shoes with this boot scraper before you even open the door. The low profile prevents you from accidentally tripping over it, and the bristles are made from durable rubber that shouldn't fray over time.


The pumice scrubber that gets rid of the ring in your toilet bowl

If your toilet bowl is looking a little worse for wear, it might be time to try cleaning it with this pumice-style scrubber. It's so effective that it can even remove your toilet's water ring without help from any chemical cleansers, and the handle gives you a steady grip while you use it.


A drain cover that lets you fill up your bathtub even higher

Just pop this cover on top of your tub's overflow drain, and you'll be able to add a few extra inches to your bathwater. Designed to fit on top of most drains, the strong suction cups on the back help ensure it says in place. It's available in four shades: white, gray, aqua, and clear.


The smartphone car mount that fits in your cupholder

Mounts that fit on top of your car's air vents tend to be flimsy, but this mount sits in your cupholder for added stability. It's designed to work with any type of smartphone that's up to 3.5 inches wide, and the soft grips on the inside of the clamp help prevent any scratches to your phone.


A set of reusable utensils that come with a travel case

Plastic utensils are wasteful, so why not start using this reusable set that's made with stainless steel? Each order comes with a travel case so you can use them while you're on the go. Plus, you also get a cleaning brush for the insides of the reusable straws. Choose from six colors, including rose gold, purple, blue, and more.


This cushion that stops items from falling between your car seats

Tired of your loose items falling between the seats in your car? If so, just stuff this cushion in that gap. It's designed to fit around your seatbelt, and each order comes with two so that you can add one near your driver and passenger seat.


A Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a night light

Use it as a nightlight, a bedside table lamp, or simply use this Bluetooth speaker to stream music from your phone wirelessly. There are seven LED colors to choose from when setting the mood in your home, and the brightness is dimmable up to three levels.


The portable lock that adds security to pretty much any door

No matter whether you're at a hotel or Airbnb, this portable lock shouldn't let anyone inside until you're ready — even if they have a key. It's designed to work with any standard deadbolt door by clamping into place when the door is closed.


An insulated lunch box that comes in more than 10 colors

Not only does it come in more than 10 colors, but this lunch box is also water-resistant to help your meals stay dry. The interior is insulated so that hot and cold foods stay at their ideal temperatures, and the handles are reinforced for added durability.


This cell phone holder with a flexible gooseneck

Since it has a flexible gooseneck, you can wear this phone holder around your neck, flatten it out to stand on a table, or even wrap it around your handlebars while biking. It's universally compatible with practically any type of smartphone. Grab it in two colors: black or white.


A cooling laptop stand with 5 built-in fans

This clever laptop stand is designed to help keep your machine cool and prop it up to the optimal angle. It has four outer fans and one inner fan to help keep air circulating, and you can control them with a small LCD screen. On top of that, it's adjustable to five different heights.


The footrest that helps you relax on airplanes

Keep your feet in this footrest while you're at the office or on an airplane, and it can help prevent fatigue so that your legs don't grow sore. It's made with soft memory foam that contours to the shape of your legs and feet, and it can even help reduce lower back pain on long flights.


A set of drinking cups that are nearly unbreakable

Tired of finding your glassware has chipped? This set of cups are so chip-resistant that they're nearly unbreakable. They're made from durable food-grade PP, wheat straw, and starch —and the wide mouths mean they work great with soups and noodles. Plus, they're even completely BPA-free.


The ergonomic mouse designed with a rechargeable battery

Most computer mice require batteries, whereas this ergonomic version is rechargeable. The forward and backward buttons on the side make it easy to browse the web, and it's compatible with all types of Windows computers or laptops. One reviewer even raved that it "moves smoothly across a nice mousepad, can be used while charging, and best of all there is zero discomfort or pain."


A set of reusable cotton swabs made of durable silicone

Tired of wasting money on disposable swabs? These silicone ones are reusable, and they're easy to clean with soap and water. They're soft on your skin so that you can also use them to touch up makeup, and each order also comes with a protective travel case.


This smart lightbulb with 16 million colors to choose from

Your choices are almost unlimited when setting the mood in your home with these smart lightbulbs, as you have the option of picking from 16 million different LED colors. They're compatible with Alexa as well as Google Home, and the downloadable app lets you control them from your phone if you don't have a smart assistant.


A pair of wireless earbuds that come in a charging case

These wireless earbuds come in a charging case that can provide up to 14 hours of power — but the earbuds themselves can stay charged for four hours on their own. They're waterproof and come in five different colors, including black, white, blue, khaki, and gray.


This eco-friendly razor made from recycled ocean plastic

Not only is it made with recycled plastic gathered from the ocean, but this eco-friendly shaving razor also features ceramic-coated blades. Plus, the lubricating strip is infused with cocoa butter and aloe. Grab it in three colors: coral pink, charcoal grey, or Neptune green.


A tablet stand that feels like a pillow

With three different viewing angles to choose from, this tablet stand is perfect for lazy days lounging on the couch. It's made from soft, lightweight foam that won't leave your legs feeling sore. Plus, it also works great with smartphones, books, or even magazines.


This smart notebook that's completely reusable

Instead of buying multiple notebooks full of wasteful paper, why not try switching over to this reusable one? The pages easily wipe clean with the included microfiber cloth, and you even have the option of uploading your notes to Slack, Google drive, iCloud, and more.


A pair of silicone ear hooks that keep your earbuds from falling out

My ears are shaped in a way that most earbuds won't fit, which is why I grabbed these ear hooks. They help prevent your headphones from popping out while you're running or relaxing, and they're made from soft silicone that won't leave your skin feeling irritated. Choose from four different colors.


These cotton hair ties that are completely biodegradable

Made from organic cotton, these hair ties are completely biodegradable — and even though they don't use plastic or glue, they're still incredibly strong and can be cleaned in the wash. You can choose a colorful pack or opt for a shade that matches your hair.


A power bank that's powered by the sun's UV rays

My phone battery barely makes it through the day, which is why I always make sure to bring this power bank whenever I'm out hiking or at the beach. It's powered by the sun's UV rays, so I don't have to remember to charge it at home. It works wirelessly or with a USB cord.


This shower head that filters chlorine from your water

Not only does installation not require any tools, but this shower head also features a built-in filter that removes chlorine from your water (which can help soften your skin and hair). Plus, there are three water settings to choose from: jet, massage, or rain and massage.


A water bottle with a storage compartment for snacks

You won't need to pack separate snacks when you're using this water bottle, as there's a secret compartment in the bottom where you can stash food, money, or even valuables. It's made from heavy-duty stainless steel, and the walls are vacuum-insulated to help keep cold drinks chilled for hours.


The cable savers that are must-have for tech chargers

If your lightning or type-C cables are beginning to fray where the wire meets the plug, try reinforcing them with these cable protectors. They're made from flexible silicone that can bend in every direction without damage, and they'll work with all types of cables — no matter the brand.


A pair of yoga blocks made from odor-free cork

Depending on what they're made from, some yoga blocks can come with an unwanted odor — but not these ones. Made from natural cork, these yoga blocks are completely odor-free as well as eco-friendly. They're lightweight so that they're easy to transport to the gym, yet sturdy enough to support your moves.


These shampoo and conditioner bars that eliminate bottles

Not only are they cruelty-free, but these shampoo and conditioner bars don't contain phthalates, sulfates, silicones, or parabens. The added B5 in the formula adds volume to thin strands, and each bar is large enough to last longer than a regular bottle of soap.


This balm that keeps your glasses from sliding down your nose

Just apply this Nerdwax to the bridge of your glasses — and depending on how much you apply, it'll help prevent them from sliding down your nose for over an hour. This one won't leave behind any greasy residues, and the slanted tip allows for more accurate application.


The Bluetooth speaker that's water-resistant and solar-powered

Portable and water-resistant, this Bluetooth speaker is perfect for any outdoor adventure. The built-in solar panel lets you charge it using the sun if no outlet is available, and the battery can be fully recharged in just four hours.


A white noise machine pre-loaded with 11 soothing sounds

With 11 unique non-looping sounds to choose from, this white noise machine is great for helping relax your mind before bed. You can also use it as a Bluetooth speaker if you pair it with your smartphone, and the built-in microphone lets you make make calls handsfree.


The pedal exerciser that keeps you active while seated

Place it underneath your desk to use while seated, or even put this pedal exerciser on top of a table to give your arms a workout. The pedals move smoothly without any sound, and the extra-large LCD screen shows your speed, time, distance, and more. The resistance is adjustable by up to eight levels, and it easily assembles in just a few minutes.


A running belt with extra space for a water bottle

Most running belts are too slim to hold a water bottle — but not this one. The 45-degree angle of the bottle pouch means you won't feel the water sloshing back and forth as you run, and the large main pocket is big enough to fit a bulky smartphone.