Diddy's #tbt of him and JLo is the messiest thing on the internet today

Sean 'Puffy' Combs with Jennifer Lopez in the audience at the 1st Annual Latin Grammy Awards broadca...
Kevin Winter/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The sheer power that Jennifer Lopez wields simply cannot be matched. The star recently broke off an engagement to Alex Rodriguez, prompting him to post some pretty pathetic breakup feels on Instagram. Then, in a delightfully chaotic twist straight out of 2002, JLo got back together with a different ex-fiancé, Ben Affleck. Evidently, this gave another one of her exes the notion he might be able to win her back, too.

On Thursday, Sean "Diddy" Combs posted a #tbt that can only be categorized as "chaotic evil," of him and JLo holding hands circa Y2K, back when they were a couple. She started dating Affleck in 2002, about a year and a half after she dumped Combs. It's not the first time he's tried to sneakily shoot his shot on social media when Lopez was dating another guy, either. In 2019, when she was with A-Rod, Diddy commented "OMG" and a heart-eyes emoji on one of her sexy selfies. Rodriguez replied, "Lucky me," and JLo later said Combs apologized for the comment.

Diddy's not-so-subtle message to JLo had some supporters. "Go get your girl Brother Love!!!!!!" commented DJ Holiday. "She yours." Leon "Starino" Anderson wrote, "Bye Ben." But most people on the internet roasted him for being so brazen. "Diddy is super wack for that JLo mess. If my ex posted me holding his hand 20 years after I left him bc his recklessness got me arrested after a shooting at a club, I’d be furious," comedian and writer Rae Sanni tweeted.

The debacle they're referencing is a nightclub shooting on December 28, 1999. Combs knocked a drink out of some guy's hand. Money was thrown. Things escalated until shots were fired, one allegedly coming from Combs' gun. Three people were injured and one woman was shot in the face. Combs and Lopez rushed off in an SUV and ran a red light, then were pulled over by police and arrested for possession of a stolen 9mm handgun. Lopez spent the next 14 hours in prison, sobbing uncontrollably the whole time, according to one cop. Charges against the pair were eventually dropped, but the incident partly prompted Combs to change his stage name from Puff Daddy to P. Diddy.

So yeah, we don't love the notion of JLo getting back together with a dude who landed her in the slammer. But it sure is delightfully entertaining watching these men act like fools trying to win her affections. It's the sort of thirsty energy that makes us think Hot Vax Summer will be one for the history books. Insert sweating emoji.