Got $20? Here Are 37 Genius Ways To Spend It On Amazon

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Gone are the days of dime stores and filling up your tank for $5. Now, not even $20 will get you very far — unless you know exactly where to look. If you've got a few extra bucks this month, some retailers can help you stretch your spending money further than others. Shoppers can find some shockingly useful things on Amazon that cost under $20, but despite the affordable price tag, reviewers are astounded by the overall quality.

While department stores and brick-and-mortar locations typically need to raise prices in order to cover overheads, massive online retailers like Amazon can afford to lower their costs without losing money. As a result, they can offer incredible deals on products that are still extremely high-quality — and sometimes, they even throw in free shipping on eligible orders.

For smart shoppers, it's an amazing opportunity to upgrade their housewares, purchase problem-solving technology, or get eco-friendly products for less. That said, with millions of items to sort through, narrowing down the best deals is a time-consuming job.

If you're looking to get the most out of your money without excess effort, these useful products seem much more expensive than they are — but each one will cost you just $20 or less. In some cases, they're so reasonably-priced, you can add multiple items to your cart before hitting the cap.

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