Like Nick Jonas, I too have sex and drink tequila now

Scott Roth/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

When I first fell in love with Nick Jonas, we were both young teens who weren’t allowed to do very much. In my tiny teenage mind, we were destined for each other because we both promised we’d be virgins until marriage and had ringlet curls — an obvious recipe for romance, I was sure. But now, we’re both in our twenties and thriving. He married Priyanka Chopra; I deleted Tinder. He reunited with his brothers to do a Jonas world tour; I figured out a comprehensive plan to pay back my student loan debt; we’re the same.

We’re also both of legal drinking age now and have taken great advantage of that opportunity. I decided that my favorite wine is an Argentinian Malbec and as for Nick Jonas? He partnered with designer John Varvatos to create the latest celebrity liquor brand, Villa One Tequila. According to Bloomberg, the idea started where so many celebrity-branded partnerships begin: Soho House in New York City. Their motivations to create their own tequila line sparked from their appreciation from the drink.

“Tequila is the cleanest spirit I’ve found that I can drink,” Jonas, who is diabetic, explained to Bloomberg. The brand is going to aim to compete with the top five ultra-premium tequila companies, according to Varvatos. The pair is aware that they have celebrity liquor competition — Ryan Reynolds has a gin line, George Clooney has Casamigos Tequila, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have Dos Hombres Mezcal.

Jonas is viewed as a great brand ambassador for Tequila because his former teen fanbase like myself are all legally allowed to drink, and the new fanbase the rebooted Jonas Brothers will attract.

This is not the first time Jonas and Varvatos have collaborated. They previously worked together to create the fragrance JVxNJ, which is in the earthy and woody scent family according to Sephora. This time they're partnering with the Stoli group, a company that has traditionally focused on Vodka.

“Nick and John approached Stoli Group to tap into the spirits organization’s experience, resources, and distribution network with the idea to create Villa One, and we felt this was the right time for us and the right addition to our portfolio,” Rudy Costello, the acting global president and chief executive officer, told Bloomberg.

The Villa One tequila — which is going to be created with sustainably sourced agave and includes an Anejo, silver, and Reposado — will be unveiled on August 29 at the Jonas Brothers’ Madison Square Garden concert in New York City. Cheers!