Opheli Garcia Lawler


Opheli is a staff writer at Mic.com, covering culture, social justice, and politics. A lot of her reporting focuses on immigration, incarceration, and detention in the United States. She also covers reproductive rights, climate change, income equality, college debt, music, art, film, fashion, and television. Opheli also has work in The Cut, The Fader, Vice, Refinery29, Deadspin, and Complex. She has worked on a PBS Newshour special from Peru and has completed research work in Argentina and Mexico. She has a Bachelor's degree from New York University in Journalism and Politics, Rights and Development, and is pursuing a Master's degree in Journalism. When she's not working on a story, Opheli can typically be found at the beach, at the gym, or listening to Bad Bunny. She loves to think about the way transit and infrastructure impact our lives, especially while she's waiting for the train. You can find her on Twitter at @opheligarcia.