Seth Rogen proudly announced his “life’s work”: a weed company

Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage/Getty Images
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Nobody’s boiled their public persona down to the pandemic essentials quite like Seth Rogen. Refining his favorite hobbies in quarantine — making ceramic pottery, skinning Ted Cruz alive on Twitter, watching House Hunters, and smoking a ton of weed — he’s certainly made the most out of the past year. Now, he’s turning one of those enterprises into big business stateside.

On Monday, Rogen announced plans to bring his marijuana company Houseplant to the United States. Debuting in Canada back in 2019, his cannabis company makes its way south of the border as an increasing number of states have passed legalization measures. The demand for their marijuana, ashtrays, lighters, and more certainly seems to be there, as the site has totally crashed at time of writing.

“If you know anything about me at all, I’m going to assume it’s that I really love weed,” he says in a video posted to Twitter, before cycling through the packaging and accessories they have to offer. “This is honestly my life’s work, and I’ve never been more excited about anything.”

Evan Goldberg, who’s co-written and executive produced many of Rogen’s films in the past two decades, helped him launch the cannabis company, along with CEO and co-founder Michael Mohr. (No, not that one.) The pair offered more details about their business plans in a feature with Fast Company, which sure sound like making weed a higher-end, artisanal product:

“We want to make our products as beautiful and accessible as possible because of a few things: First, people just haven’t put enough attention to detail on things for people who smoke weed. It bucks a lot of stereotypes about people who smoke weed. It’s saying that people who smoke weed can be very detail-oriented, can work hard, can manifest their goals into objects, and it’s acknowledging that people who love weed also like nice things and aren’t just lazy slobs.”

Not that the guys who brought us Pineapple Express are trying to make weed for the rise-and-grind cohort, but there’s an attempt to push it closer to universal respectability. Rogen joins a growing crop of celebrities with marijuana side hustles, such as his pal Snoop Dogg’s Leafs by Snoop and Willie Nelson’s thriving chain of stores, Willie’s Reserve. If the winds keep blowing the way they are toward widespread legalization, Rogen’s weed empire could demand an increasing share of his career efforts. And hey, if it’s truly his “life’s work,” call it a win-win.