The 19th-century fits in the 'Little Women' trailer, ranked

Screenshot via Youtube.

Laura Dern! Meryl Streep! Saoirse Ronan! Timotheé Chalamet! The trailer for "Little Women" just dropped and with it, two-and-a-half minutes of incredible, frilled, collar-centric outfits to draw inspiration from. The original Little Women is set in the tail end of the 19th Century, when women were required to wear long, layered dresses and every man dressed like Johnny Depp at red carpet premieres.

It's a time period before clothing was really functional, so the only point must have been style, right? Well, that's the premise we're working with here, because we're ranking all of the outfits from our first look at Greta Gerwig's film, which will be released this Christmas.

Breaking down the trailer frame by glorious frame we've determined which outfits would best work today, and which outfits definitely wouldn't. Below, some style tips to steal from our favorite little women.

1. The Little Women in winter wear!

We are first introduced to four laughing, exuberant young women: there's Eliza Scanlen as Beth March, Saoirse Ronan as Jo March, Emma Watson as Meg March, and Florence Pugh as Amy March. You know, the Little Women. This scene is allegedly set in 1869 -ish, but with Watson's neon green scarf, and Ronan's scarlett red cape, this could easily be a snowy mid-January day in Tribeca. Either way, it's working!

2. Laurie Laurence in some dramatic collars!

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Hollywood dreamboat Timotheé Chalamet seems intent in starring in films where his sharp cheekbones will be contrasted against rolling hills at least once. He apparently kept that energy for "Little Women," this time sporting only the most dramatic of late 19th century collar options as the lovesick Laurie Laurence. A high necked collar, a cravat, and a thin maroon scarf? Neck accessory king.

3. Jo March mixing things up.

A Fall 2019 look to bookmark is this screenshot of an indignant Jo March, shedding the gowns in favor of an outfit that she can breath in. A sweater vest and a popped collar on a disheveled button down? Maybe you're writing the novel of a century, maybe you're headed to pick up some groceries from Whole Foods. In either scenario, it works.

4. Amy March, timeless.

This dress might actually be on sale at Anthropologie right this moment. That fine lace detailing and delicate buttoned collar truly say: "I'm aware that it is 2019 but I happened to adore the time when we lived without internet." And frankly? It works.

5. Aunt March's rich brown gown!

Meryl Streep, taking on the role of Aunt March, a dame too rich to worry herself with the matters of marriage, went bold here: a satiny dark brown dress, dramatic black netting draping her curls. This exact dress couldn't really fly in the modern day; but there's still a lesson to be learned. This gown is Aunt March's way of reminding everyone that she's got enough money to pull off anything she'd like – an attitude everyone could benefit from adopting.