These 32 useful products under $40 on Amazon have an extremely loyal Reddit fan base

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It sounds a little strange to say that I'd trust an online community with just about anything, but truthfully, Reddit has become my go-to anonymous panel for all unanswered questions in my life. This includes the question, "What should I buy next?" I'm a lot more likely to purchase Amazon products that have a loyal fan base on Reddit, because if certain items keep showing up over and over again in all different subs, it's likely for a reason.

Whether I'm looking for headphone recommendations or moral advice, this community of (mostly) thorough, well-spoken individuals is there at all hours of the day and night — and their system of upvotes helps to ensure that the most worthy of responses get the most eyes. This is true across all different categories, but for a savvy shopper, subreddits like r/BuyItForLife and r/shutupandtakemymoney are a goldmine of great recommendations. Sometimes even the more popular channels (like r/AskReddit) will make it to the front page with a post like, "What product was 100 percent worth your money?"

If said post happens to blow up, thousands upon thousand of Redditors will comment about their genuinely life-changing purchases, and anyone reading can use it to source their next great buy. Below, I've listed the best of the best — and they're all practical, highly recommended, and under $40.

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