These Delta Variant memes are the comedic relief we need

Practical Magic screenshot (Warner Bros.)

We've all tried to move on from 2020, but like that one ex, or an embarrassing memory, it keeps haunting us. A lot of that is our own fault, amid swaths of the country that remain unvaccinated, or have populations who still just don't believe that Covid-19 — or its more contagious mutation, the Delta Variant — are real. But India would beg to differ, and so would the people who are still sick and dying — like anti-vax radio host, Dick Farrel, who on his death bed urged people to get vaccinated after calling Covid a "scamdemic" last year. It's terribly sad and anxiety-inducing to see us repeating traumatizing patterns that are preventable.

For those of us who have done what has been asked of us, who have masked up, gotten vaccinated, and avoided crowds, it's particularly frustrating. While we were all thrilled to become vaccinated and start enjoying a modicum of the activities that once occupied our lives, deja vu is setting in. Businesses are starting to require masks again, and people are protesting it in return. Some music venues and shows across the country are announcing vaccine passport or negative test requirements to attend, and people are protesting yet again. Travel is becoming dicey. We're all on edge once again.

In times of darkness, we need humor. Luckily memes came to the rescue this week, as a format for mocking our collective suffering emerged on Twitter, and people ran away with it. So, as a woman who is deeply here for Halloween (which you will know if you recognize the classic witching film from this post's header), I urge you to do your part to prevent the spread of the virus. Enjoy the cultural commentary below, for it may be all we have to revel in right now:

The topical memes:

The darkly political:

The historic varietal:

The meta commentary:

Contemporary culture memes:

And of course, the throwbacks:

And don't forget...halloween! It's coming! Protect it!