Legitimately amazing things under $30 on Amazon you never knew existed

These affordable items make life so much easier.

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Do you have a set of packing cubes for efficient travel? How about solar garden lights to illuminate your backyard at night? If you said no, keep scrolling to discover 50 of the most fun and effective products on the market you never knew you needed. And even better, they all happen to be $30 or under. These legitimately amazing gadgets will help you streamline your daily routine and smooth out the wrinkles in your schedule that get in the way, from stubborn dirt in your tile grout to pet hair all over your furniture.


These sturdy solar garden lights with flexible stems that sway in the wind

Because of their flexible stems, these sturdy garden lights sway back and forth in the wind, so they look more like glowing flowers or friendly fireflies than backyard appliances. The stems in question are made of a special iron wire that moves back and forth without budging out of place, and their heavy-duty bulbs give them a bit more momentum, increasing their capacity to sway.

Since you don't need any cables or plugs for installation, you can set them up easily without complicated manuals or instructions; simply plant them and turn them on for a gorgeous light show you can watch from the deck with a cup of tea.


These plant-based mosquito-repellent sticks that provide protection for up to 2.5 hours

You could spray your body head to toe with bug spray, or you could spare your sense of smell and reach for these plant-based mosquito repellent sticks instead. They're made with citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary oils, all of which help keep bugs away so you can enjoy your backyard without being bitten; simply place four or five sticks on the perimeter of wherever you're sitting for maximum protection. Each stick stays lit for about two and a half hours, which gives you more than enough time for a campfire song or a heart-to-heart on the patio.


This reusable pet hair remover with a fur-grabbing brush & a roomy chamber

With its roomy chamber, this reusable pet hair remover is a lifesaver when it comes to cleaning carpets, couches, and clothes; you won’t need to throw out adhesive sheets as you would with a lint roller, so it helps minimize waste. Its fur-grabbing brush effectively removes hair from a variety of surfaces. All you have to do is roll it back and forth in a stroking motion to pick up pet hair and trap it securely. When you're finished, you can press the button on the handle to empty the chamber and get back to snuggling your four-legged friend.


This cordless power scrubber that’s water-resistant for a thorough bathroom clean

With this cordless power scrubber, you can ditch the manual brush and cut your bathroom cleaning time in half. It's durable and water resistant, so you can tackle stubborn stains and grout without having to replace any costly cleaning instruments, and its ergonomic grip protects wrists and hands for pain-free scrubbing, no matter how much you use it over time. The secret to its success is its oscillating head, which scrubs each surface up to 60 times per second for a powerful clean anytime, anywhere.


This fresh wildflower seed mix that attracts hummingbirds & butterflies to your yard

If you’d like to grow a beautiful garden, try this fresh wildflower seed mix, which includes 23 beautiful species of flowers to turn your space into a haven for hummingbirds and butterflies. Each packet comes with over 7,500 seeds; that's more than enough to cover over 100 square feet and craft the backyard of your Disney movie dreams. Because the seeds are so fresh, they have a high germination rate and are very likely to blossom into their fullest and most colorful selves, attracting creatures from ladybugs to honeybees and everything in between.


These moisturizing heel sleeves that repair dry, cracked feet with aloe vera

If your feet need some serious TLC, reach for these moisturizing heel sleeves; they’re made with active ingredients like aloe vera and Vitamin E to soothe and heal skin that’s in distress. An inner gel lining releases their therapeutic ingredients onto feet for comfort that works fast, and their breathable vented fabric is lightweight enough to wear during the day or night without overheating. One reviewer specifically noted they tend to pick at their feet and that these sleeves helped them mitigate the habit for happier heels.


This extra-strength callus remover gel for a salon-quality pedicure at home

Instead of coughing up half your paycheck for a pedicure at the salon, invest in this extra-strength callus remover gel; its professional-grade formula gets rid of dead skin in a matter of minutes. Just soak your feet, dry them off for gel application, and then rinse and exfoliate with a pumice stone when you're finished; you'll be shocked at how effectively it removes rough skin. Teachers, parents, and other buyers who spend long hours on their feet all day were impressed by how soft and smooth their feet felt after just one use.


This adorable birdhouse with a transparent wall that allows you to see your winged visitors

You might give this adorable birdhouse to a child you love, or you might keep it for your own backyard; either way, you’ll love the chance to see your winged visitors behind its transparent wall. With two powerful suction cups and a strong rope lanyard, you can mount it to windows and walls or hang it from tree branches for an easy installation process that ensures it won't budge, and its imitation branch design attracts birds of all shapes and sizes. Because it's made of light wood, it's super easy to paint or decorate, making it a great gift for nature lovers who also enjoy arts and crafts.


This extendable ceiling fan duster that effortlessly cleans hard-to-reach places

Use this extendable ceiling fan duster to clean dust and debris off of hard-to-reach places and minimize allergy symptoms without malodorous cleaning products. You can extend its detachable handle up to 100 inches to reach even the tallest heights or the tiniest crevices; its fluffy fibers effectively trap dust, and its sturdy handle holds up for years to come. When you've finished deep cleaning, simply separate the head from the handle to run it under warm water and let it dry, and you’re ready for the next time you feel like tidying up.


This thick glass pitcher with a 68-ounce capacity that makes it great for gatherings

Use this thick glass pitcher to share your favorite beverages with your beloved houseguests — since it holds 68 ounces, it’s great for parties. It's lead-free and dishwasher safe, so you can feel comfortable using it for drinks and friendly gatherings down the line, and its strong handle makes it easy to aim and pour, minimizing dinner table mishaps. Its twist-and-lock lid keeps liquids from splashing and spilling, so you can bust out the fancy tablecloth without worrying about a potential stain situation.


A quick-drying grout pen that covers stains & makes your tiles sparkle

If you find that your tiles get gross at too fast a rate for you to comprehend, try out this quick-drying grout pen, which covers up stains in a matter of minutes for a bathroom that sparkles and shines. Each pen can cover up to 150 feet of thin grout, so it lasts just as long as the effective coverup jobs it'll carry out, and its low-odor formula is kind to your nose. Its precision applicator helps you effectively get rid of grout in the bathroom, kitchen, or anyplace else you have tile; just shake and paint for professional-grade cleaning at a fraction of the cost.


This wireless LED umbrella light with 3 brightness settings

Use this wireless LED umbrella light for better visibility on your patio or in your backyard without the hassle of installing another fixture. You can control its brightness level by pressing to your preferred mode (it has three), and it’ll run for hours with just four AA batteries (not included). You'll also appreciate its easy installation, since it simply clamps on most standard poles. No wonder it has amassed more than 32,000 perfect ratings to date.


These nonslip rug grippers with a strong adhesive to keep carpets in place

What these nonslip rug grippers will do: keep your carpets from slipping and sliding with their powerful adhesive. What they won’t do: leave behind any sticky residue when you’re ready to remove them. They're washable and reusable, making them a more sustainable choice for conscious consumers, and their thin design means they won't pop or bulge under carpets, keeping your living room looking uniform. All you have to do is peel off their white stickers and clear film before pressing them firmly into place, whether you use them on hardwood, concrete, or tile.


These convenient storage containers you can slide under the bed to maximize your space

Instead of stuffing clothes and linens into closets and drawers, maximize your space with these under-bed storage containers, which slide into narrow spaces to help keep your home free of clutter. Their transparent lids find what you're looking for fast, and their reinforced handles make them easy to slide in and out whenever you need something that you've tucked away. They're made of a lightweight and breathable polypropylene material that's non-woven, so it's not likely to rip or tear, even after years of protecting your most prized possessions.


These powerful pimple patches made with hydrocolloid to help clear up acne overnight

These powerful pimple patches are made with an adhesive that keeps them stuck firmly in place all night long to minimize the appearance of acne by the time your alarm goes off. Their active ingredient is a medical-grade hydrocolloid, which absorbs gunk from your pimples without your ever having to pick or pop, and they’re clinically tested for safety on all skin types. Their thin design and translucent matte finish help them act as an invisibility cloak for acne that you can stick on and forget about; each box comes with 36 patches to help mitigate breakouts for weeks and months to come.


This 10-pack of dishcloths that are great at both washing & drying

Whether you’re washing and drying dishes or cleaning up after a spill, this 10-pack of Swedish dishcloths is an excellent tool to have in your kitchen arsenal. When they're dry, the dishcloths are tough enough to scour stubborn residue, and when they're wet, they're soft to the touch for washing and wiping surfaces of all kinds. You can reuse each dishcloth up to 100 times, and each one acts as the equivalent of 15 paper towels, so they’re much more sustainable and cost-effective than their single-use paper product counterparts.


This light & flexible workout belt that’ll help keep you supported

Protect your back with this light and flexible weightlifting belt while you work out; it provides you with extra stability and support, which can help prevent strain and discomfort. It's made with premium nylon that maintains its shape without stretching and dries quickly, no matter how sweaty you get. Its steel buckle locks quickly into place and is specifically designed to keep the belt at the same level of tightness for the duration of your workout, so you're free to focus on that elusive personal record.


These durable bed sheet straps that will make sure your sheets are where they’re supposed to be

If your sheets tend to mysteriously migrate out of place while you sleep, hold them steady with these durable bed sheet straps, which clip securely onto corners for maximum stability. They're made with nickel-plated metal clips that resist rust and a plastic clenching system that keeps your fabric from ripping or tearing, so you can protect even your most precious linens. You’ll never be frustrated with your fitted sheet again.


This orthopedic memory foam pillow that supports healing & aligns your spine

Whether you've recently undergone surgery or simply suffer from joint pain, you might benefit from this orthopedic memory foam pillow, which helps relieve discomfort and promote circulation. Its ergonomic contoured design helps your hips, legs, and spine stay in alignment while you rest or sleep, and its supportive material conforms to your body for personalized support. After you've used it for a while, you can unzip its no-sweat cover, which is specially designed to keep you cool, and throw it in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry for an easy clean.


This professional-grade ping pong set with ergonomic paddles & lightweight balls

If you’re looking to level up your table tennis game, reach for this professional-grade ping pong set and round up your friends for a tournament or two. With each set, you'll receive four paddles and six balls, so anytime someone challenges you to a game, you'll be stocked up and ready to go. Each racket is made of high-quality wood and features five crack-resistant layers, one of which combines inverted rubber with a bouncy sponge for serious accuracy and spin, and each one has an ergonomic handle for comfort and ease while you hone your skills.


These sturdy lawn aerator shoes for a fun alternative to professional gardening services

Not only will these sturdy lawn aerator shoes save you money on professional gardening services, but they also make yard maintenance that much more fun. Simply strap them over your shoes and walk along your lawn; their strong metal buckles ensure they'll stay in place, and their heavy-duty metal spikes resist corrosion, so they'll last for years to come.

Aerating breaks up soil that's condensed or stuck, allowing vital nutrients, water, and sunlight to better nourish your grass, and when you wear these shoes, you'll actually enjoy the process.


This accurate tire pressure gauge that's a must-have for long road trips

Take care of your car with this accurate tire pressure gauge, which can help you save money in the long run by letting you know when your tires need a checkup. It effectively measures air pressure and tread depth to keep you updated on the condition of your tires, and its color bar lights let you know when it's time for a replacement. Multiple reviewers shared that this device likely saved them from accidents and flat tires.


This elastic lip balm holder that can be attached to a keychain

You’ll always have lip balm handy thanks to this elastic holder, which can be attached to a keychain or wallet loop. It’s designed to fit most lip balm tubes while still leaving the top and bottom accessible, so you can uncap and roll up your tube with ease. On top of that, it comes in 22 colorful patterns


This nonslip slow feeding mat that’ll make bathing & grooming your dog a breeze

If your four-legged friend refuses to sit still for bathing and grooming, this nonslip slow-feeding mat might incentivize him to stay in place. You can simply fill it with peanut butter, canned food, or other treats, and mount it securely on the wall with its four suction cups; it makes for a secure snack that wards off boredom and makes the washing process significantly easier.


A heavy-duty sand anchor to help beach umbrellas stand strong against the wind

Bring this heavy-duty sand anchor on your next beach trip to keep your beach umbrellas from blowing away in the wind. Instead of metal, which rusts rapidly in the seawater and corrosive sand, this anchor is made of sturdy plastic, which will last you and your family for many beach trips to come. It's extremely easy to set up; simply screw it into place in the sand, grass, or dirt and insert your umbrella into the base holder for a relaxing day in the shade.


A magnetic mesh screen door that protects your space against pesky pests

This magnetic mesh screen door keeps bugs at bay while allowing you and your family to step in and out with ease. To install it, all you need to do is attach its magnetic middle screen and stick it firmly in place with tape or thumbtacks, and you can easily enter and exit any room, even when your hands are full. Because its adhesive strips are removable, it won't leave behind any unsightly residue if you move or simply decide to relocate it to another room, so it's a great choice for apartment dwellers.


These high-quality wood repair markers that touch up your favorite pieces of furniture

If you see a scratch on your favorite piece of furniture, reach for these high-quality wood repair markers for a touchup that won’t break the bank. Each pack comes with six markers in a variety of versatile colors, from maple to mahogany and everything in between; all you have to do is draw over the scratch or scuff and let it dry for furniture that looks as good as new in a matter of moments. You'll also receive six wax sticks in the same colors and a wax stick sharpener, so you can mix and match them to create the coverup job that looks best to you.


This versatile tool organizer with 11 convenient storage spots

Install this versatile tool organizer in your kitchen, laundry room, or garage to organize all of the items that keep your house looking neat and tidy. Each slot is made of a durable rubber that grips your belongings to keep them in place, and each holder has a 35-pound capacity. It's strong enough to carry even the heaviest tools, from wet mops and rakes to unwieldy baseball bats. Each tool holder has five slots and six hooks, so you can organize mops and brooms of all shapes and sizes to free up space in your home and streamline your life.


This tilted detergent dispenser that gives you the right amount of liquid every single time

With this tilted detergent dispenser, you’ll be sure to get the most out of every bottle. Its downward slope design means detergent will easily pour out into the cap, so you can see just how much you're getting and customize the amount for a super precise load of laundry every time. It comes with a convenient strap that keeps detergent from slipping and falling, and its rubber feet hold it in place wherever you store it (even on top of the washing machine).


This portable battery organizer with a transparent lid for maximum visibility

The next time you test out a new piece of technology, you’ll be happy you have this portable battery organizer, since it lets you quickly and easily find batteries from AAA to D. You can mount it on your wall or stash it in a drawer; either way, its transparent lid lets you grab a replacement or evaluate how many you have at a glance, and it's waterproof and shockproof, so in scary situations, it's nice to have around. Each organizer comes with a bonus battery tester, which tells you if it’s time for a trip to the hardware store.


These fillable paint pens for precise, no-mess touchups

Keeping the paint in your home blemish free is so easy when you have these fillable brush pens handy. With six in a set, each one has a design that’s easy to fill with your existing paint — just use the included syringes. The pens have ultra-fine tips so you can tackle even the trickiest of spots without any messes.


This colorful hummingbird feeder with a wide mouth you can wash & fill with ease

Not only is this colorful hummingbird feeder incredibly user-friendly, but its bright hues are guaranteed to look great in your backyard. Its wide mouth makes it super easy to wash and fill, and its leakproof gasket and silicone sealing ring keep nectar securely in place, even on windy days. It's made with pad-dyed technology that keeps its colors bright, no matter how many thunderstorms it might see, and you can simply remove its detachable base whenever you want to give it a good scrub.


These transparent furniture protectors that keep your sofa safe from paws & claws

If your furry friend loves nothing more than scratching up your favorite sofa, stick on these transparent furniture protectors; their smooth texture is uninteresting to pets, so they’ll start to leave your couch alone. Their extra large size means that you can cover your whole sofa with just a few sheets; simply cut them into the right shape, peel off their self-adhesive pads, and stick them on. Over 8,000 Amazon customers gave them a five-star rating.


This silicone clip-on pot strainer that saves you kitchen space

If you’re low on kitchen space, invest in this silicone clip-on pot strainer, which does all the work of a colander in a significantly smaller package. It's universally designed to snap onto pots, pans, and bowls of all sizes, so you won't have to pour food into multiple containers; simply strain and go. Its nonstick grip keeps food in place, so you won't lose any noodles to the underworld of your sink, and it's heat-resistant up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit to accommodate even the hottest dishes.


This stainless steel bacon grease container that stores oil for convenient flavoring

The next time you fry up some bacon for breakfast, strain the extra fat into this bacon grease container, and you'll have a delicious bacon flavoring for popcorn, biscuits, or anything else you can imagine. Its hidden strainer design separates the substances you want from the ones you don't and its efficiently designed lid fits directly over the mesh screen for convenience. Each container holds up to five cups of fat, and it's dishwasher safe for an easy clean when you're done formulating your latest dish.


This professional strength stain & odor eliminator that has over 74,000 5-star reviews

No matter how much you love your pet, it’s always frustrating when they pee somewhere they shouldn’t. That's where this professional strength stain and odor eliminator comes in — it's formulated with enzymes that activate the second they hit a stain. Plus, it's as safe to use as it is effective since it's chlorine-free and made without propellents that could potentially irritate your respiratory system. Nearly 75,000 Amazon customers swear by it.


These dreamy & flexible string lights that are solar-powered for serious sustainability

Not only will these dreamy and flexible string lights take your yard or garden to the next level, but they're solar-powered for maximum sustainability. Each pack includes two copper wire strings of fairy lights that total over 100 LEDs that’ll charge automatically during the day to set the mood and brighten up your space. You can choose between eight lighting modes, which include waves, fireflies, twinkling, and steady-on, helping to customize your lighting even more.


This solar-powered glass ball with a stunning mosaic design to refract its glowing light

Simply leave this solar-powered glass ball out on your porch during the day to charge, and at night, it'll cast a gorgeous glow through its colorful mosaic glass. It's weather resistant and waterproof, so you can leave it outside in the rain or snow without worrying, and it looks amazing anywhere in your home, whether you keep it on the porch or take it to your dining room as a stunning centerpiece. It also makes a fantastic gift for friends who love to spend time outdoors, since it looks significantly more expensive than it actually is.


This user-friendly dryer vent cleaning kit that extends up to 40 feet to protect against accidents

Stop dryer fires at the source with this user-friendly dryer vent cleaning kit, which you can use with or without a power drill for professional-grade results. Its flexible rod is durable enough for long-term use and extends up to 40 feet for a deep and thorough clean every time. Its high-quality synthetic brush head picks up even the most stubborn fibers. It's just as effective as pricier professional services at a fraction of the cost, so you can confidently save money every time you clean out that pesky lint.


This powerful sprinkler with 12 built-in spray nozzles that cover up to 3,600 square feet

With this powerful sprinkler, you won’t have to worry about dry patches on your lawn, since all 12 of its built-in spray nozzles work together to cover up to 3600 square feet. It rotates 360 degrees, so you can customize it to reach the thirstiest parts of your lawn, and its sturdy metal weights keep it stable, even when it's running at a high water pressure. If you need even more coverage, you can buy multiple sprinklers and link them together for lawn hydration that works overtime, so the grass really will be greener on your side of the fence.


These reusable silicone lids that stretch to cover food containers of all sizes

Instead of wasting money on disposable plastic cling wraps, invest in these reusable silicone lids, which stretch to fit pots, pans, and bowls to sustainably preserve your favorite foods. They're airtight and leakproof, which keeps food fresh for longer periods of time; you can even turn them upside down and trust they'll stay securely in place. The variety pack set includes seven differently sized lids that range from small to extra large, so whether you're preserving a birthday cake or blueberries from the farmer's market, they’ll get the job done.


This hanging hat rack that protects your accessories & saves valuable closet space

Whether you prefer a baseball cap or a beanie, take care of your headwear with this hanging hat rack, which helps protect your collection from loss and damage. Thanks to its heavy-duty stainless steel clips, it holds your hats firmly in place without falling, and its vertical design saves space in your closet, which you can use however you like. Each rack comes with 16 clips, and if that's not enough to accommodate all your accessories or if you want to store another clothing collection (ties, maybe?), you’ll be happy to know you can also buy these in a two-pack.


These soft slides with thick soles that have over 23,000 5-star reviews

Who said shower shoes have to be flimsy and uncomfortable? Certainly not these popular soft slides, which have thick soles for maximum arch support. Their rebound soles are specifically designed with compression resistance, which makes them a stable choice that's shock absorbent to keep you comfortable while you walk. These also make a great choice for anyone who suffers from foot pain, since their EVA material provides a snug fit that makes you feel like you're walking on a cloud.


These popular & versatile quick-dry water shoes that are shockingly affordable

Adventurous beach-goers will adore these quick-dry water shoes, which can help protect their feet from sharp objects and curious creatures while they explore. Their breathable fabric is super stretchy for a flexible fit that moves with you, and their smooth neck design keeps them from chafing your feet, so you can comfortably wear them for extended periods of time. Over 85,000 Amazon customers didn’t hesitate to give them a five-star rating.


These lightweight packing cubes that maximize suitcase space for organizing on the go

If you tend not to pack light, reach for these lightweight packing cubes the next time you’re preparing for a trip. When you separate out your clothes and belongings into each of the eight cubes, not only will you maximize space in your suitcase, but you'll protect your clothes from rips and wrinkles. Available in a bunch of fun colors, they're made of a premium nylon fabric that's durable enough for long-term travel. They're also water-repellent in case of shampoo or conditioner spills.


This portable pocket fan that's rechargeable for a cool breeze whenever you need one

Toss this portable pocket fan in your purse for a cool breeze you can take on the go; when it runs out of juice, simply plug it in, and you’ll be ready for the warm weather all over again. Each charge lasts for 14 hours if you use both fan speeds and 21 hours if you opt for just one, and it only takes three hours to fully charge. Its foldable design makes it a convenient choice that saves valuable space in your backpack or tote. This fan also doubles as a power bank, making it even more essential for travel.


This waterproof Bluetooth speaker that's perfect for pool parties or shower jam sessions

Whether you’re singing in the shower or splashing around with your favorite people, you can use this waterproof Bluetooth speaker to bring the music wherever you go. With up to five hours of playtime per charge, you'll be able to keep the tunes going for a while without stopping to charge, and its diminutive size belies its big sound; plus, you can literally take it underwater for an aquatic listening experience. Thousands of Amazon customers love it, giving it an overall score of 4.7 out of five stars.


This waterproof phone pouch to keep your tech safe at the beach or pool

Minimize mishaps at the beach or pool with this universally sized waterproof phone pouch, which keeps your gear safe from splashes. Its transparent PVC material lets you use your touch screen, so you can text freely with the knowledge that your phone is safe and sound (you can also, of course, update your farm on Hay Day or beat the next level of Candy Crush). It comes with a durable orange lanyard, which snaps on and off for easy removal and is sturdy enough to carry even the heaviest phones and watches.


A minimalist leather wallet for compact card storage you can slip into your pocket

Stash your valuable cards in this minimalist leather wallet, which is so slim you can easily slip it into your pocket. It's outfitted with RFID blocking technology, which stops electronic signals from reaching your cards to keep your identity and information protected, no matter where you are. With eight convenient slots, you can store your driver's license, credit cards, and room keys, and its easy-access design will allow you to slide up each card whenever you need it.


These breathable crew socks that wick away moisture on hot days

Whether you’re walking outside on a hot summer day or gearing up for a big presentation, sweaty moments happen all the time; be prepared with these breathable crew socks. They're made of a soft cotton/polyester blend fabric with spandex and nylon for additional stretch, and their additional arch compression and support give you a little extra stability whenever you're on your feet. Their mesh ventilation channels improve airflow for maximum comfort, so you can relax and enjoy your moment in the sun, whatever it may be.