Joyce Cordi

Joyce Stoer Cordi is the publisher of Reimage America (, a blog/podcast that focuses on the Business of Government based her on 30 years experience in enterprise transformation. Its all about strategy, planning and execution. She has touched almost every major business segment in the 21st century economy and worked with a variety of clients ranging from mature, multi-national Fortune 50/500/1000 companies to embryonic start-ups -- improving their bottom-lines by +/- $1B. She has been active in civic affairs, non-partisan and partisan politics since childhood. Joyce walked her first precinct as a Youth for Kennedy, while still in high school. She was a candidate for Congress from California’s 15th Congressional District in 2008. Her campaign urged voters TO FIRE CONGRESS, and, then, elect more business people and fewer lawyers to US Congress and the California State Legislature. A native Californian, Joyce is a long-time proponent of environmental protections – believing that it is not inconsistent for business to be ethical, responsible, and profitable – simultaneously. To learn more about The Business of Government and Joyce's approach to making government smarter, quicker, cheaper and smaller; visit