Michael Moschella

Michael Moschella currently serves as National Political Director for the Truman National Security Project, leading efforts to build a strong political infrastructure for progressive security and foreign policy leaders across America. With the Truman Project, Michael has worked with hundreds of candidates at all levels to master tough fear-in-politics communications and to improve organizing efforts in veterans and military families communities. Michael has been at the forefront of progressive leadership development efforts for the last decade. He is a founder of the New Leaders Council and helps guide curriculum for NLC’s 20 Institutes. Michael serves as Treasurer of the Board of Directors of the Netroots Foundation, the parent organization of Netroots Nation. And Michael is a board member of two major political action committees that support candidates with progressive foreign policy credentials: VETPAC and America’s Impact. Michael’s early career focused on campaign management and political media. He has led Congressional campaign efforts in FL and MA, State government races in CA and MA, and a Gubernatorial effort in MA. Before managing campaigns, Michael worked with the New Democrat Network on a variety of projects including the NDN PAC, building the New Politics Institute, the NDN Hispanic Project which funded Spanish-language media efforts, and the Restoring America’s Promise campaign to better brand the Democratic Party in “red” states. Michael is a graduate of Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations and Boston College High School. He is a Boston native and an ardent Boston sports fan.