36 genius things on amazon with over 3,000+ positive reviews


Product reviews (namely those on Amazon) have entirely changed the way people shop. Whereas consumers used to consult subscription magazines and friends who had previously made the same purchases, they can now tell at a glance exactly which items are worth their time. If you're in the market for new housewares, innovative tech, or health and beauty products that actually make a difference, start with these genius things on Amazon with thousands of reviews — 3,000 or more, to be exact.

According to Business Insider, Amazon Prime has over 100 million users, and it's one of the most active communities on the internet. Statistics also show that 79 percent of those users will consult Amazon reviews before making their purchase, which may create a cycle of feedback; since Amazon users enjoy buying products with informative reviews, they may be more motivated to leave their own informative review when they like a product themselves.

This makes online shopping a much more user-friendly experience, as the trending products with tons of glowing reviews are likely trending for one reason: because they're well-worth the purchase. For those who are looking for their next great buy, these items from all different categories have 3,000 reviews or more, and Amazon users cannot stop raving about them.


The Number-One Selling Sheets On Amazon

With well over 50,000 reviews, the Mellanni microfiber sheet set is easily the most popular bedding set on Amazon. It's gained loads of recognition because of its hypoallergenic, low-maintenance microfiber, which is resistant to stains and wrinkling while still remaining soft, breathable, and affordable. This set comes with four pieces (a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases), and you can get it in virtually any size or color.


A Voice-Activated Assistant That Buyers "Can't Imagine Living Without"

Amazon made waves when it released its first virtual assistant, Echo, and now the space-savvy, updated 3rd generation Echo Dot can do more than ever. Its fabric exterior and improved sound system mean it functions as a powerful stereo speaker, but it can also make hands-free calls, turn on smart bulbs, keep track of your meetings, set timers, and check the weather, all at the sound of your voice. In fact, it's such a useful tool that reviewers say, "I can't imagine living without them."


This New York Times' Best Seller That Reviewers Couldn't Put Down

New York Times' best-seller Where the Crawdads Sing has been called a "fascinating, complex novel" and "one of the best books" reviewers have read in a long time. It's a coming-of-age story about Kya Clark, an abandoned girl who's suspected of murder because she lives in the desolate marshlands of the south. "This is one of the most moving, caring, emotional novels I have ever read," says one reviewer. "This is THE book you cannot put down."


These Sunglasses That Apparently Look Great On Everyone Who Tries Them

If you're the type of person who searches every convenience store and mall booth for the perfect pair of sunglasses, but to no avail, buyers say this pair from SUNGAIT will end the search. The vintage round lenses "look great on everyone," reviewers say, and they're affordable, lightweight, protective, and durable. Get them in 12 color combinations, including the lenses and the frames.


A Shockingly-Affordable Rechargeable Speaker That Sounds Incredible

Despite the fact that it's shockingy affordable, the OontZ Angle 3 has been called "simply the best," even by reviewers who have owned high-end options. Its rich base and 360-degree triangular shape creates clear, loud music wherever you happen to be — especially because it's rechargeable, water-resistant, and lasts up to 14 hours on one charge.


This "Miracle" Peptide Powder For Full-Body Health

Sufficient collagen is needed for bone health, skin elasticity, and wound-healing, and according to reviewers, this collagen peptides powder is some of the best out there. It's GMO-free, certified Paleo and Keto-friendly, and comes from grass-fed cows — plus it's easy to implement into your current diet because of its tasteless, quick-dissolving formula. "My cupboards are full of 'miracle cures' that were useless to me," says one reviewer, but "this product is the happy exception."


A Freshening Spray That Stops Odors Before They Hit The Air

Poo-Pourri toilet spray has made a name for itself as the most revolutionary air freshener in recent history, and that's because it eliminates odors before they even hit the air. Simply spray this essential-oil based formula into the bowl before you go, and it'll create a film over the surface of the water that traps smells underneath. Then, when you flush, there's absolutely zero evidence that you were ever there.


This Travel Bottle That Eliminates The Need For A Blender

If you're a fan of protein shakes and nutrition smoothies, BlenderBottle saves you hours of effort and dish-washing. Thanks to its stainless steel whisk ball, you can throw all the ingredients in, and a few shakes will mix powders and soft foods to a smooth consistency. You can then take the entire thing with you and drink at your leisure, thanks to the easy-hold loop and leak-resistant sip lid.


An Apple Cider Vinegar Set That Covers All Your Hair-Care Bases

The WOW apple cider vinegar shampoo and conditioner set has thousands of reviews because it's one of the few hair care products that has helped those with thin hair, thick hair, curly hair, and straight hair. In fact, it's even helped those with thinning hair. The formula is free from parabens and sulfates and is instead loaded with keratin, essential vitamins, and apple cider vinegar, all of which help to hydrate, balance, cleanse, and encourage growth.


This Best-Selling How-To That Foregoes Positive Thinking

If you're a chronic people-pleaser or a consistent under-the-rug sweeper, New York Times best-selling author Mark Manson says it's time to face reality — and reality often sucks. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck is a how-to book about acceptance, because when you stop trying to be positive all the time, you can come to terms with your life and actually gain the acceptance, honesty, and forgiveness you're looking for.


A USB Hub With Four New Quick-Transmission Ports

If your laptop or workspace has far too few USB ports, the Sabrent USB hub adds four more — each with its own individual power switch. Thanks to its 2.0-compatibility and high-speed transmission, you can charge multiple devices at once or add a couple new accessories to your computer, all while taking up minimal desk space. "I was amazed at the quality of this unit, (and I'm a gadget freak)," reviewers say.


This Cult-Favorite Appliance With Over 38,000 Reviews

The Instant Pot Duo Mini combines seven useful appliances into one — including a slow-cooker, yogurt maker, and saute pot — but the biggest draw is the pressure cooker function, which can make a fall-off-the-bone roast in under an hour. Its 3-quart capacity is perfect for individuals or couples who need a quicker way to cook, but it's also available in five other sizes for various households. Currently, this pick has a mind-blowing 38,000 reviews.


This Power Bank That Can Charge The iPhone Seven Times Over

No matter where your life takes you (and no matter how far you are from the nearest outlet), the Anker PowerCore power bank ensures that your devices are always charged. Its extremely powerful 20100mAh battery can charge the iPhone 7 to full capacity almost seven times over, and it's pocket-sized and universally-compatible for the utmost convenience.


A 3-D Drain Snare That Catches Every Single Hair

Whether you're tired of snaking pipes, plumber bills, or slow-draining water, the TubShroom is the solution that has over 17,000 reviews. Its 3-D mushroom shape fits inside most standard tub drains and allows water to flow through while catching every hair on the way down. It's available in several colors, and since it's made from industrial-strength silicone, it's durable and easy to wipe clean.


These Yoga Pants That You May Never Want To Take Off

At first glance, ODODOS yoga pants may seem like your average pair of fitness leggings — but if you take a look at the reviews, you'll see thousands of buyers that "may never wear another pair of pants again." The four-way stretch fabric is comfortable and opaque, the two lengths and dozens of colors work with any outfit, and the two massive side-pockets are actually big enough to hold your phone.


An Automatic Egg Cooker For Breakfasts, Snacks, And Appetizers

According to reviewers, the Dash rapid egg cooker has "literally changed the way [they] eat." Even though it's small and unassuming, this appliance can automatically cook any style of egg, from hard-boiled to scrambled, in minutes. Just insert the appropriate tray, load in the eggs, and press the button. Before you know it, you've got a nutritious breakfast or the makings of an impressive appetizer — all without any hassle on your part.


A Great Amazon Tablet For An Incredible Price

Even though it costs a fraction of the price when compared to other popular tablets, buyers love the Fire HD 8 for its impressive battery life, fast downloads, user-friendly interface, and crisp display. It offers an 8-inch screen and 16 gigabytes of internal storage so you can read books, watch shows and movies, play games, and access your favorite apps on the go — and it's available in three other unique colors.


This Brand Of Coconut Oil That "Puts Other Products To Shame"

Due to its nutrient-rich formula and healthy saturated fats, coconut oil has countless uses, from cooking to beauty regimens. Viva Naturals is the number-one best selling coconut oil on Amazon because it's 100-percent cold-pressed, unrefined, and USDA-certified organic. As a result, all of its nutrients, healing benefits, and hydrating abilities are still in tact, so buyers use it for just about everything.


A Travel Pillow That's Changing How People Nap On The Go

The Trtl Pillow is not your average travel pillow — and according to reviewers who have "never slept better while sitting," that's a good thing. Its soft fleece wraps entirely around your neck, but is structured with an interior support system that keeps your head and neck in an ergonomic position. As a result, you can comfortably sleep on planes, trains, and car rides. It's also machine-washable and weighs half a pound.


This Mini Cast-Iron Skillet For Culinary-Quality Individual Meals

The Lodge cast-iron skillet is available in eight other sizes (and all of them are widely-loved and well-reviewed), but the mini version costs just $5 and treats even the smallest of meals with the utmost culinary care. It comes pre-seasoned and is designed for even heat-retention and flavor-boosting abilities, so you can make your meat, vegetables, and even baked goods taste infinitely better.


A Memory Foam Pillow That You Can Actually Adjust

Memory foam is widely considered one of the most comfortable materials — but only if it's the correct loft and density for your preferred sleeping position. Luckily, Coop Home Goods made a pillow that you can actually personalize. Its shredded memory-foam interior can be added or removed so you can adjust it to your preferences, and since it's hypoallergenic and cooling, over 13,000 reviewers consider it the "best pillow ever."


A Gadget That Turns Your Television Into A Voice-Activated Smart TV

Turn any TV into a smart TV with the Fire Stick. The flashdrive-sized device plugs into the back of your television and allows you to access all your favorite apps and streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Prime, Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube. The remote even has Alexa voice-activation built into it, so you can say, "Alexa, resume Game Of Thrones," and you're there.


These Mats That Bake Evenly, Minimize Messes, And Encourage Uniformity

Never again grease a pan or wrestle with parchment paper. These baking mats from AmazonBasics are made from a non-stick, oven-safe silicone material — and they come with or without circular guides. Reviewers are asking, "How did I ever manage without these?" because they wipe clean, catch drips, and produce better baked goods.


This One-Touch Car Mount With Over 15,000 Reviews

Buyers say the iOttie mount is "by far the best car mount hold out there." For one, it's universally-compatible with all major smartphone brands and it locks and releases with the push of a finger. For another, it attaches to your dashboard or windshield with a built-in, super-sticky gel that can be reused over and over again. Finally, its adjustable angles and telescopic arm allow you to find the ideal viewing position while you drive, so it's much easier to follow your navigation.


These Brushes That Turn Your Drill Into A Cleaning Machine

While they don't come with the drill itself, the Drillbrush cleaning set does include three tough-bristle brushes that attach to almost any standard cordless drill. It then transforms it into a powerful spinbrush that cleans grills, tubs, door tracks, and indoor and outdoor fixtures, all without scratching. The set comes in five different colors, and each has its own bristle strength,


A Mug That Won't Spill, Even When It's Upside-Down

Due to its vacuum-insulated stainless steel interior, the Contigo travel mug preserves the temperature of your beverages for up to 18 hours — but it's the SnapSeal lid that really sets it aside from other brands. Because it snaps closed and is entirely leak-proof, you can turn this mug over in your bag without any drips whatsoever. It's also top-rack dishwasher-safe and comes in various colors and sizes.


This Foam Roller That Feels Like A Deep-Tissue Massage

Because it's made from multi-density foam and features a grid texture that aims to simulate the feeling of a masseuse's fingers, the TriggerPoint foam roller is "the best thing [reviewers] bought all year." It allows you to work out tight muscles, effectively stretch after a run, or get a deep-tissue massage virtually anywhere on your body — and without having to book an appointment at the spa.


This Easy-Wring Mop That Changed How People Felt About Cleaning

Very few people love to mop, but with the O-Cedar EasyWring, reviewers say, "I love this mop so much, I mopped my whole house twice in a row." Its triangular microfiber head picks up nearly everything (even in tight corners), while the foot-operated spin bucket removes dirt and excess water to ensure a hassle-free cleaning.


"The Best Coffee" Reviewers Have Ever Had — But In Eco-Friendly Cups

Much like standard single-serve cups, San Francisco Bay OneCups create "deliciously smooth and full-bodied" coffee every single time — but unlike standard single-serve cups, these ones are 100-percent compostable because they're made from paper and plant-based materials. In addition to the eco-friendly angle, they also offer 13 delicious flavors and are compatible with almost all popular single-serve machines.


This Soothing Sanitizing Spray For All Your Fitness Accessories

Although it effectively sanitizes your yoga mat without leaving any residue, the Asutra yoga mat cleaner doesn't stop there. Its biodegradable, essential-oil based formula can also disinfect gym equipment, clean exercise balls, and freshen up shoes — not to mention help you to relax and de-stress with its aromatherapy scent.


A Laptop Bag With Some Brilliant Features

The Mancro laptop backpack has various pockets and a water-resistant outer canvas fabric to protect your computer and accessories —but it goes above and beyond the standard laptop bag. It also features an external USB port for hassle-free charging alongside a power bank and a combination lock to prevent theft. You can get this one in two sizes and eight stylish colors.


Reviewers' "Absolute Favorite Toothbrush" For Sensitive Mouths

Currently, the Oral-B Pro electric toothbrush has a 4.4-star rating and over 10,000 reviews. It's a favorite among those with sensitive mouths because — even though it aims to remove 300-percent more plaque than a traditional toothbrush —it has an automatic pressure sensor, two-minute timer, and ergonomic head to do so without irritating gums and teeth. It even lasts up to 22 hours on a single charge.


A Clay-Based "Miracle Product" That "Changed Everything"

What could you possibly do with a 2-pound tub of clay? According to reviewers, what can't you do? Buyers have used Aztec Secret Indian healing clay to cleanse pores, heal wounds, shrink blisters, soothe allergic reactions, reduce acne, clarify hair, stop itching, and ease sunburns. Simply mix it with apple cider vinegar, and you've got one of the the most versatile, skin-friendly masks on the internet.


A Sleek, Travel-Friendly Sound Machine To Lull You To Sleep

Studies show that white noise makes it much easier to fall asleep because it covers up sporadic noises that might otherwise engage your active brain. Perhaps this is why the Homedics white noise machine has nearly 10,000 reviews — that, and its portability, user-friendly controls, and built-in timers. This battery- or adapter-powered machine offers six soothing nature sounds to camouflage disturbances, and unlike other units, you can choose your preferred volume.


This Must-Have Straw For Travelers, Hikers, And Survivalists

The LifeStraw personal water filter is a must-have item for travelers, campers, hikers, survivalists, or those who live in areas with low-quality water. While you suck the water through it, this straw removes 99.999 percent of waterborne parasites and bacteria, as well as microplastics and bad tastes. A single straw can filter 1,000 gallons of water, and it's so effective, you can drink straight out of a pond without getting sick.


"The Moisturizer I've Been Searching For," Reviewers Say

Buyers say that CeraVe moisturizing cream is the moisturizer they've spent their entire lives searching for. Unlike other options, which sit on the surface of your skin and leave a residue, this one replenishes your skin's ceramides to deliver long-lasting hydration from the inside-out. Even those with eczema and psoriasis say this is "the only product" that offered relief, and since it's non-greasy and effective, a little goes a long way.

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