38 odd finds under $40 on Amazon that are freakishly good


The internet is often a strange place filled with eyebrow-raising things, but personally, I'm not complaining. Ever since the first time I signed onto AOL while monopolizing my parents' telephone line, I knew this invention was going to broaden my mind like nothing else. Since that fateful moment, it has done just that: with news, dog gifs, worldwide communication, and of course, weird products that are about as brilliant as it gets.

In fact, my shopping history has likely benefited above all else, specifically when it comes to the most bizarre products. Once upon a time, a 2 a.m. infomercial might catch your eye and prompt some intrigue — but the poor production quality and the suspended belief was likely enough to stop you from calling the number on your screen.

Now, especially because of Amazon, we have access to all the strangest products and the feedback we need to make an informed decision about them. No longer do I have to ask myself, "Will this thing actually work?" Instead, when something odd catches my eye, I simply scroll down to the reviews section. Sometimes, it's a bust, but more often than not, reviewers can't stop raving about how this weird product has changed their lives for the better.

If you're as intrigued as I was, these genius things are all under $40 on Amazon — and according to past buyers, they're freakishly good.

1. A set of attachments that turn your drill into a power-scrubber

Deep-clean virtually anything in your house (or outside of it) for just $18, all thanks to the Holikme drill brush set. These brush and sponge attachments come in all different shapes and stiffnesses and fasten onto your handheld drill, so you can scrub everything from pots and porcelain to tires and grout. It even comes with an extended-reach attachment, and reviewers wrote that everything comes out "sparkling clean," with "little to no elbow grease needed."

2. These matcha green tea powders for lattes with a twist

Matcha is already loaded with antioxidants and loved for its jitter-free energy — so why not add this matcha powder to your lattes for an extra pick-me-up? It's completely organic as well as non-GMO, and you can even add it to face masks for your skin.

3. This blade protector that "really does work"

One reviewer wrote: "I'm currently beyond the point of wondering [...] It's without a doubt extended the life of my razor." SteelBee saver protects your razor from oxidation and damage by creating a vapor shield, which extends the blade's sharpness up to three times longer. It fits all standard razors (men's and women's), and it's a great way to prevent waste — of both the plastic and monetary variety.

4. A brilliant gadget that keeps your fresh herbs alive for weeks

Unless you meal plan around your herbs, you're not likely to use all of that fresh parsley before it goes bad. Luckily, there's the Prepara herb saver. This refrigerator-door-friendly container controls airflow and keeps herbs hydrated, so they stay alive for up to three weeks. In other words, you can cook and garnish like a pro without wasting grocery money.

5. These shoe inserts that reduce odor — because they're made from cedar wood

Here's a unique way to keep your shoes smelling fresh: cedar insoles. Instead of synthetic chemicals or messy powders, they deodorize your feet using the natural essential oils in cedar wood. They're available in 14 different sizes (including half-sizes), and since they're thin, flexible, and ventilated, reviewers find them surprisingly comfortable and breathable.

6. This silicone lid that turns virtually anything into a storage container

Refrigerate half a glass of juice. Microwave your lunch without splatters. Wrap your leftover spaghetti in one swift movement. These silicone lids come in five sizes and four colors, and each one creates a strong, airtight seal on any smooth surface. As a result, it'll adhere to cups, mugs, pots, pans, bowls, and bakeware. It's even safe in the dishwasher and oven.

7. This emergency rope light that's flexible, portable, and waterproof

Forget traditional lanterns. Whether you're camping or doing damage-control during a blackout, the Power Practical Luminoodle is a unique, convenient way to light up the space. It's essentially a strip of LEDs that's waterproof, flexible, portable, and USB-powered, so you can drape it, float it, or attach it with the included ties. It even comes with a pouch that instantly turns it into a lantern.

8. A tool tray that seemingly defies gravity

The Grypmat non-slip tray was originally created for mechanics — but tinkerers, engineers, and DIYers are also huge fans. Without using magnets, this near-magic organizer conforms to any shape and holds your tools in place at virtually any angle up to 70 degrees. Truthfully, the customer images are mind-blowing and seemingly defy gravity.

9. This doorbell designed specifically for your dog

Thanks to the Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0, your furry friend can alert you as soon as he's finished outside. This doorbell is water-resistant and attaches to any surface using adhesive strips, so you can install it within minutes and at the perfect height for your pet. Customize both the volume and the tones, and keep the receiver as far as 1,000 feet away. Most importantly, reviewers wrote:"Training the puppy to push the button was easy."

10. A champagne flute that prevents spills, accidents, and warm bubbly

The BrüMate champagne flute helps you stay classy on-the-go. This triple-insulated cup comes with a flip-top lid, and the combination stops spills, preserves the temperature of your bubbly for hours, and prevents it from going flat. It's available in virtually any color you can think of (plus a few awesome patterns), and one reviewer put it simply: "They work and I would tell anyone to buy them."

11. These odd sticks that purify any container of water

Filter an entire carafe in a few hours, or keep one in your water bottle throughout the day. These IPPINKA Kishu sticks are made from a special Japanese charcoal, which absorbs impurities and unwanted taste from your water. They're extra-slim to fit into just about any container, and you can reactivate each stick's filtering abilities simply by boiling it.

12. A running belt with room for your water bottle

The zippered pocket holds your phone, keys, or ID, while the diagonal bottle pouch keeps your drink handy without bounce. The PYFK hydration running belt is also adjustable, chafe-resistant, and reflective to keep you safer at night. You can get it in five colors and one reviewer wrote: "This one is so comfortable and easy, I never run without it."

13. This waterproof container for your sandwiches

How many times have you fished a soggy, disintegrating sandwich out of a cooler? The SubSafe container is waterproof and made from BPA-free plastic, so it'll keep your sub dry and fresh — but it's also great for drinks, valuables, and shaking cocktails on-the-go. Get it in three different colors and effortlessly adjust the size based on your needs.

14. A cushion that improves balance, posture, and core strength

Whether they're standing on it, incorporating it into their yoga practice, or just sitting on it while answering emails, reviewers call the CPOKOH cushion "by far the best" balance cushion out there. The anti-burst inflated design helps to engage your core for a workout, encourage your sense of balance for a mindfulness routine, and straighten your spine for improved posture. It's available in two colors and even comes with an air pump.

15. This cheese raclette for delicious melted goodness

Looking for an easy way to melt a delicious hunk of cheese? Search no further than this raclette. Each order comes with three tea lights to melt your cheese, and the handle on the pan folds down for easy storage once you're done.

16. Some shoe covers that turn any pair into rain boots

For interviews, formal work environments, and rainy nights out on the town, you'd probably rather not wear your galoshes. AMZQJD waterproof shoe covers slip over any pair to keep them dry and clean, regardless of weather. They have rubber soles for stability plus zippers, elastic bands, and drawstrings to ensure a tight fit. Best of all, when you reach your destination, they dry quickly and fold up so you can pack them away. Get them in five different sizes.

17. The most bizarre travel pillow — but reviewers wrote it's also the "best on the market"

This is not, by any means, your average travel pillow — and reviewers prefer it that way. The CORI (available in nine colors) has a ridiculous amount of moving parts, including wrappable straps and modular Velcro-fitted cushions that you can position anywhere. The result? A fully adjustable neck pillow that provides support wherever you need it most. "This neck pillow is the best I’ve found on the market," one buyer wrote.

18. This key and phone tracker that I use constantly

Since buying the Tile Mate, I don't know how I ever lived without it; I use this thing at least three times a week. Its thin, battery-replaceable design attaches to your keychain, so you can ring your keys from your phone. That said, if it's ever your phone that's lost, just press the Tile twice — your phone will start playing a loud, upbeat tune, even if it was on silent.

19. A beard bib so shaving is a clean, convenient process

For those who are tired of cleaning hair trimmings out of the sink, there's this beard apron. This durable, waterproof cape attaches comfortably around your neck on one end, and it suctions onto the mirror on the other. It then catches every last hair while you go about your shaving routine, so you can funnel them straight into the garbage.

20. This brew-it-yourself kombucha kit that makes 5 gallons

Kombucha can cost $5 a bottle (or more) in-store, but for under $40, you can make 5 gallons of it. The Get Kombucha starter kit comes with almost everything you need to brew delicious, GMO-free, probiotic-rich tea — including the culture, a 60-serving tea blend, and recipes. "Incredibly easy, delicious, and downright fun," one reviewer raved.

21. This magnetic box that keeps your spare key safe and hidden

The Monster Magnetics MiniMag box was initially created so you could attach a GPS tracker to someone's car, but it functions just as well as a spare key holder. The watertight compartment is large and secure while the extra-strong magnet allows you to stash it under cars, inside metal mailboxes, and against gutter pipes.

22. These eco-friendly storage bags that are made from silicone

Save the environment, your leftovers, and your money all in one fell swoop. Stasher food bags come in five sizes and nine colors. Each features an airtight, spill-proof seal to keep your lunch secure or your leftovers fresh. Since they're also dishwasher-, freezer-, and microwave-safe, they're surprisingly low-hassle, too.

23. A smart notebook that's fully reusable

For the doodler or avid note-taker, there's the WOBEECO smart notebook. Since each one of the 80 pages is fully reusable and magically erases with a blow dryer, you'll never have to buy another notebook again — but your notes aren't necessarily gone. Using the scanner app, you can effortlessly store the contents of the pages on Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, and more. Get it in your choice of dotted, grid, or ruled.

24. This dual-port car charger that also purifies the air

Plug the Pure charger into your car's DC cigarette lighter and gain two high-speed USB ports for your devices — but that's not all it does. This gadget also uses a powerful HEPA filter and ionizer to zap away smells, eliminate allergens, and purify the air in your vehicle. "My car doesn’t feel so grungy and smells nice again," wrote one reviewer who keeps a gym bag in their car.

25. A non-scratch scraper tool with hundreds of uses

Remove stubborn stickers while saving your nails. Get all that grime around the sink faucet. Scrape dried-on splatters off the stove. The Scrigit Scraper has been called "the greatest cleaning tool ever invented," because it's compact, dual-sided, and effective. It even comes in a pack of two: one for the house and one for on-the-go.

26. This kitchen cone that reviewers use "almost every day"

Since it's temperature-safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the Frywall keeps your stove clean from splatters while you're frying meat and simmering sauce — but it's also great for preventing messes while tossing salads and stopping spillover while sauteing vegetables. It's made from silicone, fits pans that are 10 inches, and comes in four colors. "The best invention since sliced bread," one reviewer wrote. "Use mine almost every day and my cook surface stays clean!"

27. This foldable desk so you can work, eat, or watch your favorite show anywhere

This foldable laptop table is made from eco-friendly bamboo that won't warp under pressure. On top of all that, you can adjust your viewing angles and the length of the legs to ensure a comfortable working, eating, or binging surface — wherever you happen to be.

28. This strange but effective soap that's made from literal dirt

When you want to keep your hands clean from dirty soap pumps, just upgrade your bathroom with this touchless soap dispenser. The infrared sensor detects when your hands are underneath the dispenser, and you can even adjust how much soap is released each time.

29. A functional belt with a hidden zipper pocket

Keep your money pickpocket-proof while traveling, or stash your car key while you're on a hike. The RoomierLife security belt keeps your pants up, but it also has a hidden zippered pocket on the interior. The fully adjustable buckle fits waists from 26 to 42 inches, and the nylon material is both lightweight and sturdy.

30. This insulated travel mug that also makes French press coffee

Make delicious, quality coffee anywhere with the Espro travel press. This two-in-one gadget brews French press-style java straight in the travel mug, without unwanted residue and while keeping it piping hot for hours. It's also great for camping, traveling, and commuters. Reviewers wrote the result is "a delicious cup of rich, flavorful coffee," but it can also make loose-leaf tea.

31. A highly absorbent, odor-proof Diatomaceous earth mat

Yes, the Egofine bath mat is made from real Diatomaceous earth, so it's not your average fluffy rug — but that also means it's non-slip, extremely absorbent, and naturally resistant to the growth of mold and bacteria. You can get it in seven different colors, and one reviewer raved: "When you step off you can watch the water disappear quickly and there is no mess to clean up."

32. This brilliant soap accessory you didn't know you needed

Because it's made from porous, chemical-free bioplastics, the Aira soap saver allows any excess water to drain away from your soap bar. As a result, your soap lasts longer, keeps its shape, and stays sanitary. (Read: no more murky puddles of soap-scum water or prying the bar off the bathtub edge.) Get it in basically any color you can think of, plus a few fun shapes.

33. A self-massage tool that reviewers wrote "works wonders"

Thanks to its carefully angled hook, the Q-Flex uses ergonomic leverage to help you work out knots, stimulate pressure points, and massage tight areas anywhere on the body. It also has a comfortable handle, an easy-to-store design, and a price tag that's way less than a traditional massage — but one reviewer noted "you really can't put a price on this when it works wonders."

34. The absolute best alternative to metal bakeware

"Nothing sticks," "super easy to clean," and "[cakes fall] right out of the forms." Throw in the fact that 41 pieces cost just $32, and it's no wonder reviewers have given this bakeware set a 4.3-star rating. Since everything is made from heat-resistant, BPA-free silicone, each versatile mold is flexible, dishwasher-safe, and well-rounded enough for all your baking needs.

35. This color-changing tea for the unicorn lover

Everyone knows at least one unicorn lover, and this Par Avion Unicorn Tears tea makes for a unique and thoughtful gift. It steeps a rich, midnight blue, but when you add a squeeze of lemon, it transforms into an ombre purple. It's loaded with antioxidants thanks to the green tea, but has a sweet, floral flavor due to the rosehip and hawthorne fruit.

36. This advanced backpack with over 1,000 reviews

This Oscaurt backpack is so much more than just a sleek laptop bag. It also has a fully hidden zipper to prevent theft and a build-in charging port that you can connect to your power bank. In terms of comfort and practicality, it also offers padded adjustable straps, countless interior pockets, and a waterproof canvas exterior available in five colors.

37. This 4-piece bundle so your dishwasher runs like new

"If I could give this 10 stars, I would!" one reviewer wrote about the Lemi Shine complete dishwasher bundle. "I have tried everything to get my dishwasher to stop leaving [powdery] white marks on all my dishes [...] After using Lemi-Shine my glasses are squeaky clean and there is no white residue on any of my dishes." This four-piece set includes an appliance cleaner, a booster, a rinse, and a detergent, so you can keep your dishwasher in top shape and your dishes free of lime buildup, grease, calcium, and rust.

38. This clip-on tennis ball for perfect pictures with your pet

If your dog is naturally resistant to pictures, the Pooch Selfie has reviewers saying things like: "This product ensures perfect poses of your pooch each and every time." It's essentially a squeaky tennis ball that clips onto your phone, but dogs seemingly can't resist it. The ball also comes loose for playtime, and the adjustable mount works with virtually any phone. Mic may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Mic's editorial and sales departments. This article reflects price at publication and may change.