39 things that'll make your closets & storage areas seem way bigger

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Take it from someone who lives in a cramped apartment: Having roomy storage areas that you can pack with stuff is a huge plus. But sometimes, filling those closets to the brim can make them feel tiny. However, with the right organizational products, you can make those areas seem a lot bigger while keeping everything in order. So rather than live amongst the clutter, check out my list of Amazon items that'll make your storage closets seem bigger.

There are vacuum storage bags that'll help you store seasonal clothes without taking up too much room, as well as space-saving hangers for everything from jeans to scarves. But if that isn't enough, make sure to check out all the gadgets that can help you make the most of your kitchen storage spaces. My favorite is the tiered spice rack where you can organize your favorite flavors in one place.

Whenever my closets start to look like they're shrinking from the clutter, I always look for clever things to help me utilize my space better. Not only does Amazon have a ton of options, but everything on this list is also ultra-affordable.

So what are you waiting for? That closet isn't going to tidy up itself, you know.

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The vacuum storage bags that create so much room

When you're running low on closet space, just pop your sheets, blankets, and seasonal garments into these vacuum storage bags. They're large enough to fit an entire queen-sized bedding set, while the double-zip seal helps keep them airtight. Each order also comes with a travel pump — just in case you need to pack a little extra on your next trip.


A pack of space-saving hangers made from stainless steel

Scarves, pants, ties — you name it, these hangers can keep them looking neat and tidy using a fraction of the space. Each hanger has enough space for up to five pairs of pants, and they're made from durable stainless steel that won't warp under heavy loads.


These extra drawers you can install in your fridge

If your fridge is a mess or you don't think you're making the most effective use of space, these small drawers fit below your existing refrigerator shelves and are super simple to install (no tools required). Reviewers suggest the drawers are the perfect size for small items like deli meats. Opt for the standard drawer, or even for one that's specifically designed to hold eggs.


This organizer that keeps all your tees neat & folded

If you keep all of your shirts inside this compact organizer, you can simply transfer it from your closet to your suitcase when it's time to travel. There's enough space for up to 10 shirts — and each order comes with double-sided tape so that you can fix it into the wall if desired.


A hat organizer that keeps your caps in one spot

Just mount this hat rack on your wall, and you'll instantly have a convenient place to stash up to 20 caps. Amazon reviewers suggest it's a cinch to install — pop two screws in and you're good to go!


The dividers that help straighten out your shelves

Instead of letting all your shirts, blankets, and towels bleed into each other or pile up, just pop these dividers onto your shelves. They're designed to slide over most shelves, and the non-woven fabric allows your garments to breathe in order to help prevent unwanted odors. Choose from two colors: platinum or bronze.


A tiered spice rack with space for all your bottles & shakers

With six shelves in total, this tiered rack is perfect for everything from spices in the kitchen to nail polish bottles in your beauty cabinet. Mounting is simple using the included hardware, and one reviewer even wrote that "it was very easy to hang on the pantry door."


This can rack that'll make your pantry look roomier

With enough space for up to 12 standard-sized cans, this dispenser rack is perfect for keeping sodas and soups in your pantry. You can also stack them on top of each other in taller cabinets. Choose from three finishes: bronze, white, or silver.


A sliding basket organizer that's perfect cluttered cupboards

If your cupboard is overflowing with loose spice bottles or snacks, make sure to give this basket organizer a look. The sliding drawers keep mismatched items together, therefore creating more space — and there are zero tools required for assembly. The best part? They're also stackable; grab two for even more room.


The over-the-door organizer that stores things off the ground

Hang this over-the-door organizer in your kitchen pantry for some extra space to store dry goods, or even put it up in your bathroom closet for toiletries. With 20 see-through pockets it also works great for shoes, and the metal hooks are wide enough to fit overtop of most doors.


A free-standing set of shelves that are small enough for closets

Pop these shelves into your closet for a handy place to store shoes, or even fold up some blankets in the two drawers. The frame is made from powder-coated steel, and it's sturdy enough that it each shelf can safely support up to 10 pounds.


The clear storage bins that fit into tight spaces

When you're running low on storage space but still need to keep things organized, these slim bins are a total lifesaver. They're also incredibly versatile — use them to hold everything from art supplies to toiletries. Plus, each one is completely BPA-free.


A set of storage bins that slide underneath your bed

With their slim profile and reinforced handles, these storage bins easily slide in and out from underneath your bed (instead of the closet). The walls are made from breathable fabric so that your garments don't absorb any unwanted odors, while the clear lids allow you to see inside — no need to unpack everything.


This slim cart that you can easily roll in & out of storage

With convenient rollers on the bottom, you can easily move this tiered cart out of storage and around your home. Since it's slim, it won't take up too much room in the closet. And thanks to the multiple shelves, you can store a bunch of things.


A laundry hamper that doesn't take up any floor space

Hang this hamper over any standard closet door using the included hooks, and it'll keep all your dirty clothes out of the way until you're ready to wash a load. The zipper at the bottom allows you to easily transfer your clothes from the hamper to the wash, while the tough Oxford fabric helps prevent tears.


This sturdy pocket organizer with windows to see what's inside

Not only are the pockets on this organizer large enough for items like toys and diapers, but zero tools are necessary for installation — just hang it over your door using the included hooks and it's ready to go. Unlike other organizers, this one also comes in a variety of tones: pink, beige, grey, turquoise, brown, and more.


A divided box with space for up to 64 pairs of underwear

Not only are these organizers made from tear-resistant fabric, but they also feature enough space for up to 64 pairs of socks or underwear. They're designed with a low profile so that you can easily slide them into your drawers — and one reviewer even wrote that they were "exactly what I needed for my massive sock collection."


The turntable that makes it easy to reach all your stuff

Just put this turntable in a crowded cabinet or storage closet, and it'll help you reach any items that are stashed in the way, way back. Unlike many other turntables, this one has bins on the top to help you keep all your items sorted — and each one even features handles so that they're easy to pick up.


A tool organizer to organize your storage closet

Once you've used the included hardware to mount this tool organizer to a wall, you'll instantly have space for up to five brooms, mops, rakes — or even sports equipment like golf clubs. The gripper balls on the inside of each slot are designed so that they won't let your tools slide. Plus, the entire unit is so sturdy that it can support up to 35 pounds.


These compact storage bins that let you see what's inside

Tired of unpacking your bins every time you need to find out what's inside? That's why these ones feature transparent windows on the front — simply take a peek and you'll know what you're dealing with. Use them for everything from seasonal clothes to blankets and duvets.


These cube shelves that'll add order to your storage spaces

I turned my closet into a pantry by putting these cube shelves inside, but they'll add storage no matter where you put them in your home. Each cube is strong enough to hold up to 30 pounds — and since you can customize their configuration, it's easy to adjust them to fit into your spaces.


The motorized rack with space for dozens of ties

Able to hold up to 72 ties, this motorized rack makes the most out of your limited closet space. There's also enough room for up to eight belts, and it's completely battery-operated — no need to mess around with any complicated wiring during installation.


A hanger that'll keep your delicate garments layered & together

No matter whether your closet is overflowing with scarves, belts, shawls, or even socks, this hanger can help. It's made from sleek chrome-plated steel that stands up against the test of time, while the 18 storage loops provide tons of space for all your garments.


This board that helps you fold your shirts uniformly

When you've folded all your shirts using this board, it's easier than ever to get your closet looking extra-organized and full of space. It's great for everything from towels to long-sleeve tees.


A handbag organizer that keeps them all together

Ever pull a handbag out of storage, only to find it covered in dust? Not when you keep it in this organizer. The 10 storage pockets not only keep your bags safe from dirt, but they also work great for stashing away seasonal bedding and blankets. Not to mention, it'll keep everything in one section of the closet.


These Vacuum Storage Bags That Come With A Hand Pump

Save a ton of space with these vacuum storage bags, which seal tightly to compress anything from clothing to pillows. Each package contains eight bags — three jumbo-sized ones for blankets and comforters, two large ones for a few pillows or smaller comforters, and three medium-sized ones that can hold either one pillow or 4-5 jackets or sweaters. You can use the included hand pump to vacuum-seal the bag, or use a vacuum cleaner.


A set of vacuum storage bags for hanging garments

Got a few suits or dresses you don't plan on wearing anytime soon? Keep them safe from mildew and unwanted odors inside of these vacuum storage bags. They're watertight as well as airtight — and many reviewers even wrote about how they work great with winter coats.


This layered hanger designed with non-slip hooks

Tired of finding your ties and hats have fallen off your hangers? Just upgrade to this space-saving one that's covered in grippy non-slip material. It features 11 hooks, and the frame is so sturdy that it can support up to 6.6 pounds — perfect for heavy belts and jewelry.


An LED light bar that'll add brightness to your storage areas

Guess what? Adding lighting to a room can make it look bigger — and thanks to this LED light bar, you can also make your closet look larger with some brightness. Installation is incredibly easy: Simply attach it to any metal surface using the built-in magnet, or use the included 3M adhesive to stick it onto a wall. Since it also features a motion sensor, it'll only turn on when someone is in the room.


These floating shelves with drawers

Whether you want to save space by using these small floating shelves as nightstands, wall shelves, or even desktop organizers, they're sure to come in handy. Made from wood with your choice of three different finishes, you get two shelves per package. One shelf has one drawer, and the other has two. They come with all the hardware you'll need to mount them on the wall, and each can hold up to 22 pounds.


A set of hanging shelves that are perfect for shoes

Organize your shoes or other items with this two-pack of closet organizers — without having to free up any additional floor or shelf space. All you need to do is slip the fabric loop over your closet rod, using the hook and loop closure to secure it, and you're all set. Each organizer has 10 compartments, and you can choose from a bunch of different colors.


This adjustable rack that hangs over your closet door

With 16 hooks that you can slide into whatever arrangement you like, this adjustable hook rack is the perfect place to hang coats, hats, and more. It's designed to hang on any standard door, and the steel frame is coated with epoxy to help keep your items safe from scratches.


A towel rack with hooks that fits over the back of the door

Add this this sleek steel rack to your bathroom door or closet and enjoy the extra storage. Hang towels over the three towel bars, or hang robes and loofahs on the two additional hooks.


The stackable bins made from sturdy plastic

Stack these storage bins on top of each other to make the most out of your space, and then secure the latches down to keep the lid on extra-tightly. They're great for all sorts of items — from children's toys to gardening supplies — and each one is made from sturdy plastic.


A frying pan rack you can use vertically or horizontally

Pop this frying pan organizer into a cabinet, or even set it on your countertop sideways for a quick place to stash your cookware. There's enough space for up to five pans, and you can also secure it down to your cabinet using the included hardware.


This bottle holder that stacks on top of itself

Not only does each order come with enough of these holders to store up to four bottles, but they're also stackable — pop them on top of each other to save some space, or leave them standalone if you don't have enough space. They're made from shatter-resistant plastic, and each one is BPA-free.


A pack of command hooks that are almost too useful

You'd be surprised how useful these command hooks can end up being. You can add them to your closet to hold ties, belts, and more, or you can stick them onto the wall of your kitchen pantry to hold grocery bags. They peel off without leaving any residue, and each one can support up to 3 pounds.


The over-the-door organizer that expands your pantry

You don't need a costly home upgrade to expand your pantry — just hang these organizers on your doors. Each one features 15 pockets where you can keep dry goods and other ingredients — and since the pockets are see-through, it's easy to see what's inside without unpacking anything.


A pack of shoe slots that'll avoid piles sneakers on the ground

When you're running out of space for your shoe collection, make sure to give these slots a try. They let you stack each pair on top of itself to help you make the most of your closet, and the angle is even adjustable; that means you can easily use these slots with most types of shoes, including heels.