40 genius things on Amazon for homebodies

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Retreating into their home’s cozy recesses can be the perfect way to recharge, and while you've had plenty of time to refine your home skills as of late, there is still always room for improvement. Whether you're looking to clear your mind or are in need of a hobby to keep boredom at bay, these genius things on Amazon for homebodies might be just what you need to raise your homebody status to expert level.

You know by now that marathon stay-at-home skills go far beyond comfy sweats and fuzzy slippers. For instance, an easy-to-use milk frother could replace the barista down the street, an eco-friendly yoga mat keeps you active on your own schedule, and a silicone baking mat or your own herb garden will keep you plenty busy. Or, improve your lounging game with a knee pillow or a blanket that actually cools you down.

To make staying at home even more fun, even more relaxing, and even more comfortable, scroll on for simple upgrades to your home routine which might just make your life truly better.


This silicone baking mat that's super nonstick

Baking is fun, but the mess can put a damper on things. So, skip the greasy cooking sprays and burnt parchment paper with these silicone baking mats. Made from food-grade silicone, these mats are oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and the nonstick surface releases your treats quickly and easily. These mats bake evenly, and cleanup is a breeze, just hand wash or toss it in the dishwasher.


This bamboo charging station that streamlines your device storage

This bamboo charging station is large enough to accommodate up to six devices and can hold phones, tablets, smartwatches, and tablets together in one spot. It's compatible with four-, five-, and six-port USB chargers (you provide that), but it comes with five short charging cables so the cords stay tidy.


This grilling basket for delicate foods & small morsels

With lockable grates that keep your foods in place, this barbecue grilling basket is ideal for delicate foods like seafood and fish, and small food items that would otherwise fall through the grates (grilled veggies, anyone?). This basket is large enough to accommodate food for two to three people, the nonstick coating releases food quickly, and the heat-resistant wooden handle stays cool for safe handling.


These solar-powered string lights for a dose of atmosphere

With 100 bright LED lights, these string lights will kick up the ambiance around your home, either inside or out. The flexible copper wiring can be molded around corners, doors, and poles to create a personalized look, and these lights are waterproof and solar-powered so you won’t take a hit on your electric bill (or have to remember to recharge them). Users can choose between two modes, steady-on or flashing.


These drink holders that are color coded

Make your outdoor festivities a bit more fun with these drink holder stakes. When the party starts, pitch these stakes in the grass. This set of six stakes comes in different colors, so there’s no confusion, and the cupholder itself is wide enough to fit a variety of beverage containers. They're also available in a four-pack.


This waterproof Bluetooth speaker with an impressive wireless range

This waterproof Bluetooth speaker delivers distortion-free sound with plenty of volume for use in the bathroom, kitchen, and beyond. The built-in microphone allows you to take calls, and an impressive 66-foot Bluetooth range keeps the music going without interruption. This speaker can run for up to 24 hours on a single charge, and you can choose from seven colors. One Amazon reviewer wrote: "The sound quality is great, and I feel comfortable taking it into the shower although, I have it up on the shampoo rack where it's not submerged in water. Love this little powerhouse!"


This mini fridge that stores drinks, makeup, or medicine

Keep your snacks, beverages, makeup, and even medicine close at hand with this mini fridge. For a size reference, this fridge can hold up to six 12-ounce cans, and the shelf can is removable to accommodate larger items. The little unit cools things up to 32 degrees Fahrenheit below the ambient temperature, and it can also keep items warm for several hours (when it’s turned off).


This cooling blanket that absorbs your body heat

This dual-sided cooling blanket is designed to absorb your body heat to keep you cool and sweat-free. Use the nylon side for extra-warm nights, and flip it over to the 100% cotton side when it's not so hot. This blanket is machine-washable, and users can choose from three sizes and four colors. Most importantly, according to the 4.5-star rating on Amazon, it really, really works. "I have tried so many products. By far this is the best cooling blanket I have ever used," one Amazon shopper raved.


These bamboo sheets that are cooling & soft

With over 3,000 ratings on Amazon, these bamboo sheets are fan favorite for being super soft and cooler than your standard microfiber or cotton sheets. Plus, they are stain-, fade-, and wrinkle-resistant. What's more, these sheets are machine washable and available in several color and size options. "They are comfortable, soft, breathe well and come in some great colors to go with most decor. Living in Phoenix, I need sheets that can stand up to warm weather sleeping and these do the trick. They are cool and breathe to keep you comfortable through the night," one Amazon reviewer commented.


These natural air purification bags that don't use harmful chemicals

Instead of using fake fragrances to cover up odors, these charcoal air purification bags rely on activated bamboo charcoal to remove smells, allergens, and even moisture. These air purification bags are reusable, and with 12 in the pack, you have enough to use in closets, around your pets, in the car, and even in your shoes.


These resistance bands for a full-body workout at home

Who needs the gym? This resistance band set is a great way to get a challenging full-body workout from the comfort of your own home. Each pack comes with five bands in various weights ranging from 5 pounds all the way up to 40. Made of 100% latex, they're unlikely to slip and roll like other bands, and they come with a mesh pouch for easy storage.


These color-changing LED light strips that will brighten up your space

Make your space feel even more inviting with this LED backlight strip, which is super easy to install, thanks to the included adhesive tape, screws, and clips. Use your smartphone to control it via an app and easily set the mood with your favorite colors.


This handheld frother for barista-style drinks at home

If you’d rather skip a trip down the block and make barista-quality coffee at home, try this handheld milk frother, and whip up your own cappuccinos, frappes, and lattes in just about 20 seconds. The stainless steel whisk is durable and rust-resistant, it operates quietly, and the frother is battery operated, so you won’t have to deal with pesky cords.


This bamboo tea box that cuts down on clutter

With eight compartments (each holding up to 12 tea bags), this bamboo tea storage box keeps teabags fresh and easily accessible on your countertops. The glass top keeps the contents in view, and it even has a built-in drawer for loose tea, small infusers, and other tea accessories.


This thick yoga mat with great grip & cushioning

At 0.25 inches thick, this eco-friendly yoga mat offers excellent cushioning to keep you as comfortable as possible during your next workout. The nonslip texture on both sides provides great traction and grip so that you can focus on your downward-facing dog instead of slipping around the floor. This mat is moisture resistant, but if you need to clean it after an intense workout, just spot clean with a damp cloth. Choose from five colors.


These telescoping roasting sticks for a safe backyard barbecue

These telescoping roasting sticks extend out 32 inches so you can toast your marshmallows, hot dogs, and more from a safe distance. When not in use, they collapse down to 12 inches. The wooden heat-resistant handles stay cool for safe handling, and cleaning them is as easy as soaking the prongs in a glass of water for about 15 minutes. Each set comes with five sticks in different colors so it's easy to keep track of yours, and they come with a convenient carrying case.


This insulated French press for better coffee longer

Give your coffee experience an upgrade with this handsome insulated French press that's less than $30. The triple-layered filter keeps sediment under control, and the insulation keeps coffee hot for more than an hour, while the handle stays cool to the touch. The generous 34-ounce capacity makes plenty of coffee for you and the crew, and each order even includes a bonus matching canister for grounds.


This eco-friendly popcorn popper for easy snacking

For more flavor control and serious savings, try this eco-friendly (and user-friendly) popcorn popper. The temperature-safe borosilicate glass bowl goes right into the microwave, and the handle remains cool to the touch when it's done. A uniquely designed lid lets you control the amount of added butter. When snack time is over, toss the whole thing in the dishwasher for incredibly easy cleanup.


This knee pillow for less lower back pain & pressure

Designed to put your knees, hips, and spine in proper alignment, this knee pillow can offer relief from lower back pain and pressure — or just make spending time on the couch comfier. The durable memory foam won’t go flat over time, and the breathable cover is machine washable. With over 9,000 ratings on Amazon, this knee pillow is a definite fan favorite.


This ring toss game that'll keep your walls safe

If you need to take your mind off things or get the family together for some fun on Saturday night, this ring toss game could be the answer. This game offers a safe (and damage-free) alternative to darts so that the little ones can join in too. While it may look simple, Amazon reviewers have noted that this is a game of strategy, and it’ll test your math skills.


This high-pressure shower head that softens hard water

Packed with infrared and negative ion mineral stones, this high-pressure shower head purifies and softens your shower water. It's also designed to increase water pressure and save water. What’s more, installation doesn’t require tools or an expensive plumber, simply screw it on to most standard shower arms, and you’re all set.


This cool-mist humidifier that moisturizes the air for maximum comfort

With a generous 1.5-liter tank that can run for up to 16 hours, this cool-mist humidifier gets the humidity up without making the room hotter. Two speed settings let you customize the mist output and an auto-shutoff ensures safe operation. This unit operates quietly, and there’s an optional night-light so it won’t interrupt your sleep. One Amazon reviewer wrote: “Love the small humidifier I purchased -- I use it in a bedroom, and it makes a tremendous difference! So quiet, you don’t know it’s on and provides just the right amount of moisture to keep me breathing easy.”


These cooling shredded memory foam pillows that are so comfy

These memory foam pillows use a cooling shredded bamboo memory foam to keep you comfortable as you sleep. The hypoallergenic bamboo pillowcases are machine washable for easy care, and they're especially great for back and side sleepers (but they can also work for stomach sleepers).


This surge protector with USB outlets & gets cords off the floor

Equipped with two USB ports and six AC outlets, this surge protector gives you the ability to power up multiple devices simultaneously. This wall charger gets your surge protector off the floor, and it also has an adjustable night-light that turns on automatically.


These motion-sensing lights that are great for closets & staircases

These energy-efficient LED motion sensor lights plug into any standard outlet, and users have the option of setting it to steady on, off, or motion-activated. Ideal for closets, staircases, and bathrooms, they’re small enough not to block the other outlet, and users can also adjust the brightness with the help of a slide switch on the bottom.


The ultimate high-tech wine opening set

A must-have for anyone who truly loves wine, this high-tech set from Ivation has everything you need to pop a bottle in style. It comes with an electric wine bottle opener that can open 30 bottles on a single charge as well as a vacuum preserver, two stoppers, and an aerator and foil cutter.


This mini waffle maker that's all the rage on Amazon

Designed with an adjustable temperature control, this mini waffle maker lets you make perfect 8-inch waffles just how you like them, whether that means light and fluffy or dark and crispy. Dual nonstick surfaces cook evenly and make cleanup a breeze, and the exterior features a sleek stainless steel finish. On top of that, reviewers love that it's so easy to use.


This mosquito net hammock for a relaxing outdoor nap

Nothing puts a damper on enjoying the great outdoors like itchy mosquito bites. So, the next time you want to get outside, try this hammock with a built-in mosquito net. This 10-foot hammock comes with everything you need for a quick and easy setup including hammock straps and carabiners. Plus, it's very comfortable. "This is well made, has good components, and is very nice. I find this really comfortable, and I love the extra width this provides compared to competitors (You could easily have two adults in this)," one reviewer on Amazon raved.


This bedside caddy that keeps the essentials within reach

Keep your bedtime essentials neat and well within reach with this bedside caddy. Ideal for storing books, glasses, smart devices, charging cords, and remotes, this bedside caddy also comes in handy for couches. As one Amazon reviewer wrote, "[...] our bed fits perfectly in this nook in our room, but we had no space for bedside tables. No problem! Now I can store chapstick, glasses, earbuds, an iPad, my phone, and the charger in this little spot!"


This bamboo organizer that be used anywhere you need to cut back the clutter

Organize books, magazines, and other office supplies on your desk with this eco-friendly bamboo desk organizer. This organizer is expandable from 14.25 to 26.75 inches to accommodate a little or a lot, and two built-in drawers are ideal for small, loose items. This organizer can also be used to organize toiletries in bathrooms or condiments in your kitchen.


These motion-activated bed lights for a late-night assist

These motion-activated lights will kick on when you’re up and about in the middle of the night. A warm amber glow lights your way as you move about, and the light automatically shuts off when there’s no movement. Users can set it to turn the lights off anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes after going on.


This bidet for a quick refresh after you go

Attach this bidet to almost any standard toilet for a quick refresh after you go. It has a sleek, low-key design, and the nozzle can be adjusted to two different cleaning positions. With a 4.4-star rating on Amazon, reviewers seem to agree that it's easy to install and effective.


This tablet holder so you can use your devices hands-free

Put your tablet on display for easy (and hands-free) viewing with this tablet stand. This stand is sleekly styled and folds up compactly for storage, and it has a 360-degree rotating headpiece so you can view it from any angle in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else. Use this stand to follow recipes or watch your favorite shows while you’re prepping dinner.


This plug-in dimmer that works with your existing halogen & incandescent lights

Use this plug-in dimmer with halogen or incandescent bulbs to set the mood in any room. This dimmer features an easy-plug installation so there’s no complicated wiring required. A convenient slider lets you adjust the lights, and the dimmer has a 6-foot cord offering you plenty of flexibility. Choose between brown or white.


This perfectly sized storage ottoman that hides blankets, toys, and books

This storage ottoman makes an attractive addition to any room, and it has the perfect amount of space to stash anything and everything inside. Use it as a footrest while you store blankets, books, magazines, and much more. It can even support up to 300 pounds of weight, so you can use it as a nightstand or stack them without worry.


This alarm clock that mimics a sunrise

Designed to simulate a sunrise, this alarm clock gradually wakes you as it gradually brightens, right before the alarm sounds to make mornings just a little better. You can also use this clock to simulate sunset and help your body power down slowly for a better night’s sleep, too. Equipped with two alarms and a nine-minute snooze feature, it also plays FM radio and can double as a night-light or reading light.


This sleek lamp with USB charging

With a built-in USB port, this sleek touch-controlled lamp pulls double duty, lighting up your room while it powers up your devices. This lamp won’t overheat, and it continues to charge even when the light is off. What’s more, it is dimmable so you can tweak the ambiance.


This pocket-size rechargeable fan that you can stash in a drawer

This rechargeable mini fan measures about 5 inches long so it takes up hardly any space in your home. With nearly 8,000 perfect five-star ratings, it's a popular choice on Amazon and, it can be easily recharged via a USB connection. Stash it in a drawer or carry it around your neck using the included lanyard so you have it ready whenever you need it.


This herb window garden for a delicious new hobby

Pick up a new hobby and start your own herb garden with this 40-piece herb garden set with almost everything you need to get started. This kit that includes reusable pots, nutrient-rich soil discs, bamboo markers, and seeds including dill, basil, parsley, and cilantro.


This book light that blocks out blue light

This sleep-friendly book light is 99.94% free of blue spectrum light, and designed to reduces eye strain. The clamp is sturdy, and you can choose between three brightness levels. This book light works for up to 30 hours before it needs to be recharged, and it’s compact and travel-friendly to boot.