40 genius tricks for getting your chores done faster & easier


Let's be honest: Chores. Aren't. Fun. Depending on the tasks you're completing around the house, they could take hours — if not, days — to finish up. Sure, doing the laundry won't take you over 24 hours (unless you have a lot of dirty clothes). But sometimes, things like garden work and kitchen cleanups could take a weekend — and that's precious time you're spending. Thankfully, there are tons of genus tricks for getting your chores done faster and easier. They're all available on Amazon, too.

Let's talk about laundry, because that seems to be an especially annoying chore. There are things on this list like bedsheet clips that help prevent clumping in the wash, dryer balls that lessen the amount of wrinkles in your clothes, and even a steamer to help prevent the need for an iron. As for yard work, there are leaf scoops that can replace your rake, along with sharp garden gloves that make digging up weeds a total breeze.

Those are only a few examples, though. This list is full of products that'll make chore day less daunting so you can spend less time working and more time enjoying your weekend.

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This board that folds laundry fast

Want to fold your laundry in record time? Use this ingenious folding board to get it done fast. Just lay a sweater, shirt, or pair of pants on top, then use the hinged panels to fold it into a uniform square. When you're done, you'll have a perfect stack of clothes that'll look good enough for a mall display.


These dryer balls fluff laundry & cut down on drying time

Save money on dryer sheets and use these dryer balls to ensure your clothes come out wrinkle-free. Just as good, they separate your laundry during the cycle, significantly cutting down on drying time. That means you'll have a lower energy bill and you won't have to wait forever for your favorite pair of jeans to dry.


These dish gloves with bristles built right in

With these unique dish gloves, you don't even need a sponge or scrub brush to clean up after dinner. The gloves features silicone bristles on the fingers and palms, so you can work up a soap lather in the sink, or scrub the shower without a bunch of extra supplies. After they've seen a little use, stick them in the dishwasher to sanitize and freshen them up.


These microfiber slippers that clean your floor

Instead of using a dust mop on your floors, just slip a pair of these microfiber slippers on over your shoes, go about your day, and voilà — you'll have clean floors without having to lift a finger. The microfiber loops attract dust like a magnet, and the set comes with five pairs of washable and reusable slippers.


This mop & bucket combo with a big design upgrade

Mop your floors like a pro with this mop and bucket combo that's earned a stellar 4.7-star rating after more than 75,000 reviews. The mop head is made with microfiber to attract dust and dirt, and the triangular shape means you can even reach into corners. Even better, the bucket has a wringing mechanism that you can activate by stepping on a pedal — and the splash guard means you won't get wet.


A car vacuum that lets you detail your ride

Cut back on your trips to the car wash, and use this portable vacuum to keep your vehicle in mint condition. Along with a HEPA filter, it comes with a flat hose, a brush attachment for carpet and upholstery, and an extension attachment for tight spaces (like under the seats). It plugs into your car's outlet, and the 16-foot cord means you can even clean your cargo space.


This clothing steamer that's easier to use than an iron

Pulling out a bulky ironing board is a huge hassle, which is why a clothes steamer is essential for the lazy among us. It works out wrinkles with almost no effort on your part. Just fill it with water, plug it in, and run it up and down your clothes a few times. (You won't even run the risk of ironing new creases into your garment.)


This stain remover that reviewers swear by

It doesn't hurt that this stain remover is packaged in a mini faux wine bottle — but it's also a powerful way to get rid get rid of any trace of red wine, spaghetti sauce, grass, paint, or marker. The biodegradable formula is safe to use on any fabric, and it even works on carpet and upholstery.


An over-the-sink rack that rolls up for storage

This roll-up dish drying rack is possibly one of the most useful items you can add to your Amazon cart. It extends across your sink for drying dishes (which frees up precious counter space), but also acts as a landing pad for hot items that are fresh out of the oven (again saving on counter space). When you're done using it, roll it up and stash it in a drawer.


These scrubbing brushes that attach to your power drill

If deep-cleaning the house just takes a little too much elbow grease for your taste, check out this power-scrubbing drill attachment kit. It comes with three brushes that attach to your existing power drill — connect one, turn on the power, and scrub that mildewy shower you've been neglecting in just a few minutes flat.


These eraser sponges that literally erase marks, dirt & grease

One of the best cleaning inventions of all time, these eraser sponges are designed to tackle just about any job you throw at them. They get rid of scuffs on walls, restore coffee-stained mugs to like-new condition, and cut through the baked-on grease on your stove. Plus, with this 30-pack, you'll have plenty of cleaning power to take on your whole house.


This mini vacuum that cleans crumbs off your desk

If you can't work at a messy desk, you'll love this desk vacuum that suctions up dust, paper punch holes, and yesterday's lunch crumbs. The mini vacuum is powered by AA batteries and boasts a sleek, low-profile look, so you won't even notice it's on your desk.


A 4-pack of Lysol disinfecting wipes

These Lysol wipes make it easy to clean high-touch surfaces in your home, like doorknobs and faucet handles, but the packaged design means you can also keep them in your car or desk for on-the-go disinfecting power. The sanitizing formula eliminates 99.9% of germs, and since this set comes with four packs, you'll get 320 wipes total.


This "miracle" cleaning paste you can use on all kinds of surfaces

Ever used a paste to clean house? You might want to start — The Pink Stuff has earned a 4.5-star rating after more than 39,000 ratings. This versatile cleaning cream can be used on all kinds of hard surfaces — here's just a few they suggest: grills, saucepans, ceramic, tile, glass, porcelain, garden furniture, cooktops, copper. At under $10, this is about as cheap and versatile as it gets.


A broom & dustpan for quick cleanups

For quick cleanups, keep this broom and dustpan in your pantry or the corner of your kitchen. The dustpan's long handle means you won't have to bend over, and the built-in bristles comb through the broom to work off any extra gunk. They snap together for easy, upright storage anywhere.


This chore chart that's actually so convenient

You might think that chore charts are for kids, but think again. Complete with a neutral design and spaces to document daily and weekly chores, this one makes it simple to know who's taking care of what — whether you live with family members or roommates. It even comes with two liquid chalk markers.


These space-saving hangers that fall vertically

If you're running low on closet space, give these hangers a try. Each one holds five separate clothing hangers and then drops vertically to help save space. However, if space isn't an issue, you can display them horizontally without a problem.


This sign that lets everyone know if the dog's fed

Is the dog fed? Just check this sign and find out. It has small levers for breakfast and dinner that you can push back and forth to show whether or not you've given the dog food (or if someone else already did). It'll save you money in case you ever accidentally double up on feeding the pup.


This planter that waters itself so you don't have to

If you ask me, watering the plants is considered a chore. Thankfully, this self-watering planter does the work for you. Once you fill the bottom section with water, the hollow legs will allow the roots and soil to become hydrated with time. The slots at the bottom of the planter even allow for much-needed airflow.


This genius duster that's made for your fan blades

Cleaning your fans blades might seem impossible — but with this duster, it's not. It has an expandable arm that can reach 47 inches, and the soft top portion has a hole in the center that wraps around each blade for a close swipe.


These wet wipes made specifically for your tech screens

If your TV or computer screen is looking a little dirty, go ahead and grab some of these wet wipes. They're made specifically for tech screens and won't leave any residue or streaks. They also dry quickly, and 30 come in one container. So far, they've gotten over 4,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.


These mesh laundry bags that keep everything separated

Separating your delicates from the other clothes after doing laundry is a pain, and these bags can help you skip that step. Just fill each one with a different type of clothing and then throw them into the wash. They'll also help keep things from getting tangled.


An extendable tile scrubber that makes it easy to clean the tub

Cleaning the shower area of your bathroom will be so easy with this tile scrubber. In addition to the extendable pole that'll help you reach higher areas, there's an antimicrobial head that pivots as you clean. That way, you can reach those high corners of the tub.


This waterproof table cloth that you don't have to change a lot

Changing the table cloth can be a pain — especially if it gets dirty easily. Thankfully, this one is waterproof, stain resistant, and scratch resistant. (In other words, you probably won't have to change it too often.) It also comes in 10 colors and six sizes; this one is 60 by 84 inches.


The magnetic device that makes cleaning windows so easy

This genius window cleaner wipes not one — but two — sides of your window at the same exact time. One side can be pressed onto the outside portion of the glass, and the other one secures on the inside via magnet where you control where it goes. There's even a rope attached to help prevent it from falling.


These nonstick stove protectors that'll tidy up your kitchen

Cooking can get messy, but these nonstick protectors can help catch food that lands on your stovetop (which, in the long run, will make the appliance easier to clean). The protectors themselves can be washed with warm, soapy water — but you can even put them in the dishwasher if that's easier.


The oven liners that'll catch fallen cooking messes

Baking food in the oven can lead to melted cheese or excess crumbs falling beneath the racks — but you won't have to worry about that anymore with this oven liner. It can be placed on the bottom of your oven to catch food and prevent messes. Not to mention, it's nonstick and is resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.


A microwave cleaner that makes it easier to wipe down

With the power of vinegar and water (and absolutely no chemicals), this mini volcano can make it easier to clean your microwave. Once it's filled up, it'll emit steam that'll loosen the hardened food along your microwave walls, hence making it simpler to wipe down whenever you need to.


These meal prep containers made with borosilicate glass

Meal prep can be considered a daunting "chore" every Sunday night — especially when you're running low on storage. This set of meal prep containers gives you a place to keep your weekly meals — and since they're made from borosilicate glass, they can be put in the microwave or the freezer. They're even leakproof, so don't worry about spills.


A handheld spiralizer that makes cooking simpler

Whether you're meal prepping or cooking a quick snack, this spiralizer makes it easy (and fun). It can be used to turn vegetables of your choice into thin noodles for salads, pasta dishes, and more. It even comes with four different blades for different cuts — and since it's compact, it's easy to store.


This sponge holder that dispenses soap when you need it

Thanks to this sponge holder, doing the dishes isn't so bad. The container itself holds a sponge of your choice — and when you need to use it, you can push the sponge down and infuse it with soap. That's because the soap from the bottom container will be pushed up into the sponge itself.


This leaf scoops that make cleaning the yard simple

Who needs a rake when you have these leaf scoops? The durable plastic platforms have handles that make them easy to carry through the yard, as well as teeth that make it simple to sift through leaves and debris. One customer wrote, "You can grab so much stuff with them, way more than you can with your hand and the rake."


This device that catches spiders from afar

It's not uncommon to run into some creepy crawlers while you're cleaning, but this spider catcher makes it less daunting. It works by trapping the spider with bristles so you can carry it back outside without harm (or the use of chemicals). And since the device is long and narrow, you won't have to get too close.


The garden gloves with claws for digging into dirt

If it's time to revamp your garden, throw these gloves on and get to work. Each finger is topped with a strong plastic claw that's perfect for digging into dirt, and the gloves themselves are waterproof as well as resistant to tears. They're available in one size and multiple different colors.


A wrinkle release spray so you don't have to iron

Let's be honest: Ironing isn't fun. Thanks to this wrinkle release spray, you'll be able to do less of it. Instead of breaking the iron out, simply spray the solution onto a piece of clothing, smooth the wrinkles with your hands, and let it dry for five minutes. Bonus: It's plant-based and unscented.


These sheet straps that make it so much easier to make the bed

Thanks to these sheet straps, making the bed has never been easier. They hook underneath your mattress to keep loose sheets in place, which will help them stay put in the long run. They're also adjustable and can be attached with durable clips that are plated in nickel.


These genius bed sheet holders that prevent tangles in the wash

Instead of washing your sheets and hoping they don't clump up in the wash, try attaching them to these clips. One clip has four spaces where your sheets can be attached pre-wash to help prevent tangles or clumps (which can lead to damp sheets). With that being said, they can also work in the dryer.


A pet hair remover that doesn't require any tape

This pet hair remover doesn't require any sticky tape or abrasive brushes. Instead, it relies on the power of static to collect hair and debris as it's moved back and forth along the fabric surface of your choice. All of the hair is collected in the container and can be emptied out afterwards.


This shower attachment that makes cleaning the dog easy

If you dread giving your dog a bath, rejoice: This shower attachment makes it so easy. Just hook it up to your shower or hose, attach the palm-shaped nozzle to your hand, and start washing. The hand strap is even adjustable so you can create the perfect fit.


The washing machine cleaners that help prevent unwanted odor

If your washing machine is beginning to smell a bit mildewy (totally normal), go ahead and throw one of these cleaners inside. During the cleaning cycle, the tables will foam and help remove debris that could cause unwanted odor. (Just make sure there are no pieces of clothing in the wash during the cleaning process.)