41 genius home hacks that can save you so much money

Saving money is great, but saving money without making any changes to the quality of your everyday life — hell, maybe even improving the quality of your everyday life? That, my friends, is the dream, and I'm here to tell you it is possible with these home hacks that can save you so much money.

You may be surprised that this "how to save money" post involves me telling you to go buy some stuff. Well, first off, to paraphrase an old saying, sometimes you have to spend some to save some. Second, this isn't just any old stuff. Not only will these ingenious products extend the life of the things you already own (hello, furniture repair kit), but they'll also help you save on electricity and cut down on your grocery bill.

I've even included products that help you spend more wisely on creature comforts. Take, for example, the first product on the list: a personal-sized blender. At under $20, this smoothie maker almost pays for itself in a couple of uses, since it saves you from spending big bucks at a juice bar. (And when you're feeling a little less righteous, you can also use it for milkshakes, too.) See what I mean? Not only does it save you money, but it actually makes your life better. Talk about a win-win.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

01 This personal blender so you can make your own smoothies

Get busy in the kitchen and whip up your own smoothies and protein shakes with this personal blender, which has a detachable jar that converts to a travel cup for on-the-go use. (Yep, that means fewer dishes to do.) Don't be fooled by its small size: The motor is powerful enough to crush all the ice you'll need.

02 These reusable mop pads that save money & the environment

If you love your mop, but don't love the cost of buying replacement pads all the time, these reusable microfiber pads are the ideal solution. Suitable for both wet and dry use, the microfiber material traps dirt, dust, and pet hair, and once you're done, they can be cleaned in the washing machine.

03 The milk frother that turns you into a barista

Skip the trip to the café and become your own barista with this milk frother that lets you make pro-grade coffee drinks right at home. This battery-powered device is available in more than two dozen colors and is also ideal for whipping up frothy cocktails, hot chocolate, matcha, protein drinks, and more.

04 These cooling pillowcases that help you save on a/c

You won't have to turn the a/c quite so low when the next heat wave hits, thanks to these cooling pillowcases that will keep you a comfortable while you snooze. Made from breathable cotton that's interwoven with cooling fibers to absorb and dissipate body heat, reviewers say they're "genuinely cooler" and a "MUST for hot sleepers."

05 A compact dehumidifier to keep small spaces dry

Keep clothing and dry goods fresher for longer with this compact and rechargeable dehumidifier. Perfect for small spaces like your kitchen cupboards and closet, it's packed with silica gel beads that absorb moisture and keep mold and mildew at bay. It's rechargeable and lasts for up to four weeks before needing to be plugged in again.

06 This furniture repair kit that conceals scratches & scuffs

With this kit, you won't have to replace your beloved but damaged wooden furniture, since it can restore it to like-new condition. The kit includes six markers and six wax sticks that conceal scratches, stains, and scuffs, and there's a color to match a variety of wood grains, from mahogany to oak to maple.

07 This leather & vinyl repair kit to save your old furniture

While you're at it, you may as well revive leather and vinyl furniture, clothing, and even car seats with the help of this kit. It comes with compound formulas in 10 different shades, they can be applied individually or blended to achieve an exact match. Plus, you get backing fabric to cover tears, as well as a spatula and applicator brush.

08 These bags that preserve out-of-season clothes

Keep extra linens and out-of-season clothes in good condition with these storage bags. The set of three is made with durable, waterproof fabric and constructed to be breathable. The clear windows let you see what's inside, and the handles make for easy portability.

09 The wool dryer balls that cut down on drying time

Toss these wool balls into the dryer with your laundry to increase air circulation and help garments dry faster — a foolproof way to save on your energy bill. Made from premium New Zealand sheep's wool, they also soften clothes and reduce wrinkles, which means you can save cash on dryer sheets, too.

10 This simple way to keep herbs fresh

Fresh herbs sure can be finicky when it comes to making them last — and more often than not, they go to waste. This herb saver, though, extends their life by keeping them fresh and promoting air circulation. Just add water to the base, and place basil, sage, rosemary, or anything else inside. It's even sized for convenient storage in your refrigerator door.

11 These insulating curtains that curb your HVAC bills

Lock in warmth in the winter and a/c in the summer with these insulating curtains that can help manage your energy costs. Available in 12 colors and four sizes, the curtains are also backed with a blackout material that keeps out the sun, so you can sleep in late. The panels, available in four sizes, are finished with copper metal grommets that make them easy to hang.

12 These festive cafe lights that are solar-powered

Illuminate your patio or front porch — sans electricity —with these café string lights that work on solar power. The shatterproof bulbs turn any occasion into a party and can shine for up to 16 hours after an initial charge of just four to eight hours. Simply adjust the solar panel to face the sun for optimal charging power.

13 These eraser sponges that clean just about everything

A dead ringer for the more expensive version these eraser sponges offer tons of cleaning power at a fraction of the price. Made from melamine, they're useful for so many cleaning chores, like erasing wall scuffs, scrubbing stovetops, and even sprucing up your sneakers. They're extra-large and long-lasting — just like the originals.

14 This fabric shaver that renews fuzzy clothes & upholstery

Rehabilitate your older clothes and upholstered furniture with this fabric shaver that removes pills and fuzz. Thanks to its razor-sharp blades and protective stainless steel cover, it's designed to work without snagging or pulling, so you can even use it on more delicate fabrics. This is a great way to ensure that you get the longest life possible out of your clothing and furniture.

15 This shoe spray that repels water & stains

Want to get the most life out of the sneakers or dress shoes you just paid a mint for? Apply this protecive spray, and they'll repel water and stains. Suitable for most materials, including leather, canvas, suede, and mesh, the spray has earned more than 2,000 Amazon reviews and a stellar 4.6-star rating.

16 The airtight pantry containers that keep food fresh

Studies say that Americans waste more than 225 pounds of food per year, but you can do your part to reduce food waste — and save money — with these airtight canisters. Perfect for pasta, nuts, grains, and snacks, the set of seven BPA-free containers includes a variety of sizes along with 24 reusable labels.

17 This waterproof mattress protector

Once you've invested in a mattress (those suckers are expensive), you probably want to do whatever's necessary to keep it in pristine condition. Get this mattress pad that's both hypoallergenic and waterproof, so you can rest assured your morning coffee won't leak through if you spill. And it doesn't feel "waterproof" — the quilted cotton top keeps it soft and noiseless.

18 The door stoppers that block drafts

Save on your energy bills by installing these door draft stoppers that keep air from sneaking in through the cracks under your doors. Available in five colors to match your interior, they can be trimmed to fit, and installation is simple, too — just attach one to the bottom of your door using the adhesive backing.

19 A kombucha-brewing kit

If you love kombucha, you can forego the pricey store-bought versions and make your own at home with this brewing kit. It includes everything you need to get started, like scoby, a jar, a tea blend, pH strips, and everything else you need to make your first batch. The step-by-step instructions guide you all the way through the process.

20 The dry-cleaning cloths you can use at home

Forget about spending cash at the dry cleaner, and do your own dry cleaning at home with these Woolite cloths that remove stains, odor, and wrinkles. The set comes with six cloths that clean five garments at a time, which means you can freshen up a solid 30 items of clothing.

21 These food storage bags that are eco-sustainable & wallet-friendly

Save money on one-use bags and reduce plastic waste at the same time with these reusable food storage bags. The set includes 12 gallon-, sandwich-, and snack-size bags, so you'll be able to store all kinds of foods, and the double-lock leakproof seals ensure freshness.

22 The luxury hotel sheets at an affordable price

It used to be that you had to spend hundreds of dollars to get hotel-quality sheets at home, but now, with the advent of microfiber blends, you can enjoy the experience of five-star bedding at at wallet-friendly price. This sheet set is soft and durable, and reviewers say they're "luxurious" and a "dream to sleep on." Available sizes: twin, full, queen, king, California king Available colors: 5

23 These smart bulbs to help you control your energy costs

Control your lights from anywhere in the world with these smart bulbs. You can set them on an energy-efficient schedule, and you can also check in on them from the phone app to make sure you didn't unnecessarily leave any lights on when you left the house. Bonus: They're voice control-capable with Google Home and Alexa.

24 This grout pen that restores the look of old tile

Don't unnecessarily replace that old grimy tile — refresh it with this grout pen that makes dingy grout bright again. You'll be surprised by how much it'll make it look like you did a remodel, and you can use it in bathrooms, kitchens, or anywhere else you have tile.

25 This spatula that gets every last drop from the jar

Get the very last drop of your jam, peanut butter, or mustard with this small and flexible spatula. The silicone spatula features a long handle to get into tight spaces, and the curved blade will round up the last of your favorite foods, so that nothing goes to waste. It's BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.

26 The produce bags that extend freshness

Cut down on fresh food waste with these bags that extend the life of your produce. The bags absorbs the gases that fresh foods release over time, thereby ensuring that fruits and veggies don't go bad before you have a chance to eat them. This pack includes 20 bags of various sizes.

27 The moldable glue that can fix so many things

You might not need to throw out that frayed electrical cord or your sneakers with one sole peeling off — try fixing them with this moldable glue. Waterproof and heat-resistant, the bendable glue turns into rubber in as little as 24 hours, and it can be used to repair cracks, bond frayed cables, and fill holes.

28 The wine saver that makes every bottle good to the last drop

You'll get every last glass out of your bottle of vino with this wine saver vacuum that keeps leftover wine as fresh as the minute the bottle was opened. Crafted from stainless steel, the pump removes excess air from the bottle so that your wine doesn't turn, and the four stoppers to seal out oxygen.

29 This fan-favorite comforter that's an affordable alternative to down

Reviewers are obsessed with this down-alternative comforter that boasts more than 78,000 reviews and a 4.6-star overall rating. The fluffy comforter is box-stitched to keep filling in place, and it's hypoallergenic and machine-washable for easy upkeep. Plus, it's got eight loops to securely fasten it to a duvet cover — but it looks just as good on its own. Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, oversized queen, king, California king, oversized king Available colors and styles: 12

30 An ice cream maker that won't break the bank

Buying gourmet ice cream every week can add up fast, and machines for making your own easily cost upwards of $100. Enter the Elite Gourmet ice cream maker, which is totally affordable and comes with a recipe book to get you started. The machine makes up to 4 quarts at a time, and all you have to do to flex your culinary prowess is add your ingredients, ice, and ice cream salt.

31 These reusable beeswax wraps that replace plastic wrap

About 8 tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year, but you can help reduce that amount by switching from plastic wrap to these beeswax food wraps that preserve your leftovers and keep them fresh. (And since they're reusable, they're also a great way to save on your grocery bill.) The set comes with three wraps that are easy to wash and use again.

32 These cleaning brushes that attach to your power drill

For power-cleaning, attach these brushes to your cordless drill, and you'll get the kind of sparkle you could only get with the help of a pro cleaning service. The set includes an array of brushes, so you can target wide surface areas and tight spaces alike, as well as scrubbing pads with various levels of grit. They're safe to use on all kind of surfaces, including tile, grout, porcelain, and glass.

33 A genius way to save the other avocado half

Everyone loves avocados, but they're not cheap. Get these avocado savers to keep the other halves of avocados nice and green after you've sliced into them. The BPA-free savers seal out air, so avocados won't go brown, and the two-pack means you'll always have one ready when you have the urge to whip up some guac.

34 This cooling wedge pillow that offers relief

You didn't know you needed this wedge pillow, but you do. Cooling gel helps you stay cool while sleeping on hot summer nights, while the memory foam wedge offers elevation for legs or your head — which may ease swelling, reduce pain, and help stop the symptoms of acid reflux. The soft cover adds a cozy touch. Over 3,500 reviewers give this one five stars.

35 These bamboo towels that are washable & reusable

Replace your run-of-the-mill paper towels with these bamboo towels that are washable and reusable. One roll can replace up to six months' worth of paper towels, which means they not only save money, but they're good for the environment, too. Reviewers say they're "the greatest thing since sliced bread" and the "perfect paper towel alternative."

36 This stain- and odor-remover for pet owners

If you pet has an accident, a regular carpet cleaner might not cut it. The enzymes in this Rocco & Roxie cleaning spray work to eliminate stains and neutralize unwanted odors — even cat and dog pee. You can use the color-safe cleaner on most hard and carpeted surfaces to clean up all signs of pet urine, feces, vomit, and more. And with more than 74,000 ratings on Amazon to date, you know it’s been tested on all kinds of messes.

37 The vent brushes that optimize dryer performance

You know the lint trap in your dryer? Well, it does a pretty good job, but a fair bit of lint will still make its way into the vent over time, which can limit your dryer's performance and increase energy costs. These dryer vent brushes are long and flexible, so they can reach into the vent to clean it out. They're versatile, too — use them to clean other tough-to-reach spots, like behind bookshelves and under the couch.

38 The bag sealer that keeps snacks fresh

This heat sealer is great for closing up bags of chips, tortillas, and other snack foods that you want to keep from going stale before you've had a chance to eat them. It's a cinch to use: Just plug it in, wait 90 seconds for it to pre-heat, then slide it across the package opening.

39 The outdoor furniture spray that protects from water & sun damage

Keep your outdoor furniture, awnings, and car and boat covers safe from water and sun damage with this spray from Scotchgard. It blocks harmful UVA/UVB rays and makes any fabric water-repellent, so your patio chairs will stay as vibrant and durable as the day you bought them.

40 The canister that preserves the quality of your coffee

Keep your expensive coffee fresh and preserve its life by storing it in this stainless steel canister that uses an airtight valve. Crafted from premium stainless steel, it's topped with a latched lid and accompanied by a measuring spoon that secures conveniently to the jar. The lid also features an integrated tracker, so you can monitor your coffee's freshness.

41 The cedar rings that keep clothes fresh & pest-free

Protect your clothes from moths and other pests with these cedar blocks and rings. Crafted from 100% natural cedar, they impart a light woodsy scent that's pleasant to humans, but unbearable to critters who might make holes in your garments (especially delicates like wool and cashmere). The set comes with rings you can place on your hangers and small blocks you can put in your drawers.

42 The window-cleaning kit for DIY washing

Don't pay someone to do your windows — do it yourself with this window washer that has two heads: one with a microfiber cleaning cloth to get your window sparkling clean and one with a squeegee to wipe every last drop of water off. It comes with an extendable pole that reaches up to 61 inches, so you can get even those high windows. Pick up some cleaning fluid while you're at it. Mic may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Mic editorial and sales departments.