41 genius things that make your home look nicer & more comfortable

These buys make a huge impact even on a small budget.

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Sometimes in life it's the little things that make the most impact, and these genius things that make your home look nicer are a terrific example. In fact, nothing on this list costs more than $50 (and many items are well under than $10), but you'll get plenty of bang for your buck when it comes to making your pad a little more comfortable. And seriously, if you're spending as much time at home as I am right now, it's worth the investment to make your environment as delightful as possible.

Take, for example, this shag area rug that adds luxe texture to any room. Now, most of the time, when you're talking rugs, you're talking big bucks. Not so with this beauty that costs less than $30. It has a spongy under-layer that feels soft under your feet, and since it comes in 19 colors and five sizes, you can find one that fits perfectly in your space, whether it's palatial or snug.

I have so many other good finds for you on this list: a bamboo bath tray that maximizes a relaxing soak in the tub, this sheet set that's one of the most well-reviewed items on Amazon, and a tiny shelf for your Echo Dot that fits right above any wall outlet. So go ahead and enjoy your time at home with the help of these clever (and affordable) products.


The tablet holder that twists every which way for the perfect angle

With a flexible gooseneck that you can angle to almost any position, this tablet holder virtually guarantees you can get the angle you need. It features a strong clip that attaches securely to desks, tables, and bed frames, and you can rotate the head for both horizontal and vertical viewing.


A rack to hold cleaning & gardening tools

Whether you mount it in your storage closet, shed, or garage, this rack is an instant way to straighten up cleaning supplies and gardening tools. With a weight capacity of 200 pounds, the stainless steel rack features three non-slip grips for brooms, mops, and rakes, and four hooks for gardening gloves and rags.


The tray that makes it easier to enjoy snacking on the couch

Designed to fit over the arm of the couch or your favorite chair, this tray is perfectly sized to hold your drink and a snack while you enjoy the game or Netflix's latest series. Crafted from renewable and sustainably harvested bamboo, it's available in three colors like mahogany, gray, and natural wood.


This bedside shelf that holds all your stuff

If you have a whole collection of essentials you take to bed with you (phone, snacks, remote), get this bedside shelf so you have a place to put them (that's not directly next to your pillow). Great for bedrooms that don't have space for a nightstand, it attaches to the bed frame and installation requires zero tools.


A foot rest to ease pressure on your legs and back

Set this foot rest under your desk to relieve pressure on your lower back and legs and improve your circulation while working. It's height adjustable for customizable comfort, and you can remove your shoes for a foot massage while at your desk or just watching TV.


A 3-socket outlet extender with USB ports

Turn a two-plug outlet into a three-plug outlet with this outlet extender. Even better, it has two USB charging ports, so you can plug in even more appliances and devices, and surge protection keeps everything safe. It's great for tight spaces too — the power strip rotates, so you can find the best fit against the wall.


The rolling hamper that makes organizing laundry a breeze

Laundry day practically does itself with this two-compartment hamper that lets you separate your lights from your darks at the end of each day. Plus, the hamper is outfitted with wheels, so you can roll it to the washer, instead of dealing with bulky baskets.


This shaving mirror that doesn't fog up in the shower

Equipped with a powerful suction cup that mounts to the shower wall, this mirror is engineered to keep from fogging up, so you can use it while you shave, no matter how much steam builds up. It even has a convenient hook for your razor, so you can keep it within easy reach.


This set of pillar candles for major ambiance

These hand-poured pillar candles are fragrance-free and burn clean and smoke-free, letting you add a touch of cozy ambiance to any room. At three inches wide and four inches tall, this set offers 55 hours of burn time per candle. They’re also available in eight other colors and a six-inch tall size in the same listing.


A filtering shower head with 3 settings

Make the most of lackluster water pressure with this shower head that uses micro-nozzles to to increase flow speed, while actually conserving water. (The magic of engineering.) Just as great, the filtering shower head softens hard water and operates on three soothing setting: jet, rainfall, and massage.


The area rug that makes your space look much more finished

It's amazing how much of a difference a small change can make to a room, and this area rug is a great example. Available in nearly 20 colors — like navy, gray, and champagne — the shag rug features a spongey under-layer to cushion your feet and prevent slippage. Choose from five sizes to fit any space.


The smart bulbs you can control with your voice

Set schedules and customize the lighting in your home with these smart bulbs that offer a rainbow of color options, including traditional warm and cool white. The smart bulbs are voice command-capable via Alexa or Google Home assistant, and you can also use a free phone app to control everything remotely.


These motion-sensor lights that don't require installation

Illuminate your closet, staircase, or the underside of your kitchen cabinets with these motion-sensor lights that secure to any flat surface with adhesive backing — no tools or wiring required. The lights operate on AAA batteries and automatically turn on when they detect motion within 10 feet, and then shut off again after 10 seconds.


The outlet shelf that maximizes unused space

This outlet shelf is a clever way to get more storage space, and it's the perfect home base for your smart assistant, phone, or keys. It mounts easily over any standard outlet and can hold up to 20 pounds. There's even a cutout, so you can thread through a charging cable.


A light to brighten up your nighttime trips to the kitchen

Keep from stumbling when you get out of bed in the night with this under-bed light that gently illuminates your path, without causing too much glare. It's motion-activated, so you don't have to switch it on, and it automatically turns off, so it won't keep your partner awake.


This personal heater that also doubles as a fan in the summer

Warm up without cranking up your central heating with this best-selling space heater that's earned more than 43,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.5-star overall rating. The ceramic heater allows you to adjust the heat anywhere from 0 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, it doubles as a fan, and has tip-over and overheat protection for safety.


These rug grips that prevent slipping & sliding

Make sure your throw rugs stay put with these ingenious rug grips that feature tiny suction pores that keep them firmly attached to your floors. Not only do they keep rugs from sliding around, but they also preventing them from curling up, so your rug lies flush against the floor.


This width-adjustable monitor riser with a built-in phone stand

Elevate your computer to a comfortable height that will prevent neck strain with this monitor riser. Available in three finishes — black, white, and mint green — it's width-adjustable between 16.5 and 20.5 inches and features a built-in stand for your smartphone, plus a convenient pull-out drawer for pens, sticky notes, and other small office supplies.


A combination spoon rest & pot lid holder

Keep your countertops clean and drip-free while you cook with this combination spoon rest and pot lid holder. Made from stainless steel, this highly rated kitchen gadget cleans easily in the dishwasher, but you can also just wipe it down after you're finished with that big batch of marinara.


A microfiber sheet set with 180,000+ reviews

With nearly 186,000 reviews and an overall 4.5-star rating, this sheet set is among the most successful products on Amazon — and for good reason. Made from ultra-soft microfiber, reviewers write that they're "like sleeping on a cloud" and comfortable for both winter and summer. They're breathable and just get better with every wash. Plus, they're available in more than 40 colors and patterns, and you can even opt for a deep-pocket set if you have a taller mattresses.

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, split king


The nonslip bathmat that looks like it's made from pebbles

For a modern look that's also extremely functional, check out this pebble bath mat that provides a nonslip grip on slippery surfaces. Available in five colors, the versatile mat features 200 suction cups on the bottom, and it can be used either inside or outside your shower.


The privacy film that's easy to apply to windows

Maintain privacy while still allowing natural light to stream in with this privacy window film that turns glass opaque. Available in a dozen sizes, it's easy to apply with soapy water, and since there's no adhesive used, it's easy to reposition and won't leave residue behind if you ever decide to remove it.


The rack that will organize all your shoes

With room for up to 36 pairs of shoes, this over-the-door rack is a great way to clear up the mountain of shoes on your closet floor. The padding will keep your door damage-free, and the coated bars will keep your shoes from sliding around when you open and close it. Plus, all 12 bars can fold up, so you can accommodate taller boots if you want.


A foldable table for breakfast in bed — or using a laptop in bed

There are tons of uses for this handle solid bamboo foldable breakfast table. This lightweight tray has handles to move it from room to room with ease and can be hand washed or wiped down for cleaning. One reviewer wrote, “This has been a hundred times better than I expected it to be. I use it in about every way possible.”


These thermal-insulated curtains that save on your energy bill

Available in 24 shades and 10 sizes, these curtains are more than just a way to cover up your windows. They almost fully block out the light, and since they're thermal-insulated, they help you save on energy bills by creating an extra barrier between your home and the heat or cold outside. Just as good, they muffle sound, so you can get a good night's sleep, even if you live on a busy street.


An anti-slip door mat for keeping your floors cleaner

Keeping your floors cleaner is easier with this gray door mat that prevents slipping and catches dust and dirt where they enter your home, saving you time sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. The mat is waterproof to keep dripping shoes and boots from getting your floors wet on rainy or snowy days too.


The shelf that ensures your smartphone won't end up in the toilet

Of course you take your smartphone into the bathroom. (Who doesn't?) This toilet paper holder has a built-in shelf, so you can set it aside and be sure it doesn't end up in the toilet. Made from stainless steel, it's available in five metallic finishes, like black, brushed gold, and polished chrome.


These towel grabbers that are simple and sleek

Ditch your towel rod, and opt for these individual towel holders that are sleek and simple. Backed with ultra-strong adhesive, they mount easily to any flat surface and take up minimal space on your wall. Each pack comes with three, and you can use them in the bathroom and the kitchen.


A bib apron for keeping your counters & sink clean

This handy beard bib apron attaches to the mirror with suction cups and your neck with a neck collar to keep all those pesky trimmed beard and mustache hairs off the counter and sink — or clogged drains. It folds up into its own pocket and as one reviewer raved that “not one bit of hair fell into the sink or anywhere else except for the trash.”


A charging station to organize your electronics as they power up

With space to charge up to five devices at once — including a space specifically designed for a smartwatch — this power station delivers a fast charge to your USB devices and helps keep them organized while they're powering up. It's even it comes with its own set of cables.


This dispenser that declutters your shower

Declutter your shower floor with the help of this dispenser for soap, shampoo, and conditioner. It installs in minutes with the included adhesive, and can be mounted to flat surfaces or to the corner of the shower. It's available in a white, chrome, and brushed chrome finishes.


A wine chiller that doesn't require ice

Crafted from 100% solid marble, this wine chiller keeps whites and rosés at the perfect temperatures, and you don't even need to fill it with ice. Just throw it in the fridge or the freezer for 15 minutes before using, then store your opened bottle inside.


These smart plugs you can operate from your phone

Set lighting schedules or turn your appliances on and off while you're away from home with these smart plugs. The plugs are voice control-capable when synched with your Alexa or Google Assistant, and you can also control them from an app on your smartphone. The Wi-Fi plugs set up easily, and you don't have to purchase a hub.


The alarm clock that incorporates a wireless phone charger

You get a true two-for-one deal with this alarm clock: Not only does it keep time and wake you up, but it also features a built-in wireless charger on top, so you can power up your phone without cluttering your nightstand with yet another cable. The clock itself has adjustable brightness settings and the LCD display shows the time as well as the indoor temperature.


These bamboo pillowcases that are soft & cool

Not only is bamboo incredibly soft, but it's also temperature regulating, so it'll keep you cool all night long. In other words, they're the perfect material for pillowcases. This two-piece set comes highly rated with more than 9,000 reviews, and you can choose between 12 colors, like ivory, gray, and fog blue. Pick up a bamboo duvet while you're at it.

  • Available sizes: standard, queen, king


A storage ottoman that folds up when not in use

Perfect for stowing large items like guest sheets, books, and even spare toilet paper, this storage ottoman doubles as foot rest, so you can kick back when you're on the couch. Made from faux leather, it's available in gray, black, brown, and beige, and folds away when it's not in use.


This bath pillow that upgrades your relaxation

With seven powerful suction cups that adhere to your tub, this pillow features two panels that cradles your head and neck while you kick back in the bath. It's waterproof, mold- and mildew-resistant, and comes in three sizes, so you can decide just how much cushioning you want.


A waffle-design throw blanket to keep you cozy

Available in 23 colors and four sizes, this lightweight luxe blanket is designed to keep you warm in cool weather without overheating in the warmer months. The blanket won’t shed and is Certified MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX.


An LED light designed for use in the garage

Light up your garage for evening DIY projects and car maintenance (or just unloading the groceries) with this garage light that installs into any standard light bulb base. Designed to offer daylight-quality lighting, the three panels illuminate every corner of your garage, and the energy-saving LED bulbs last for up to 50,000 hours.


These cable management boxes that hide unsightly cords

Control that mess of cables underneath your desk or next to your entertainment center with these cable management boxes that instantly make your space more tidy. Just place your power strip inside the box and thread cables through the cutouts on both ends. The set comes with two boxes in different sizes.


This reading pillow made from comfortable memory foam

Enjoy reading, working, or watching TV in bed with this memory foam pillow. The sturdy pillow supports your back and arms and is filled with shredded memory foam that can be fluffed for optimal comfort. Plus, the gray velour cover is exceptionally soft and cozy.