41 Life-Changing Products On Amazon With Near-Perfect Reviews

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Ratings are virtually everything on Amazon. A product can have professional HD pictures, a reasonable price tag, and a wide market, but without at least a few stars, the vast majority of buyers will scroll right past it. Amazon products with near-perfect reviews, on the other hand, deserve all the attention they get. People can't wait to publicly gush about their new, brilliant purchase, and for a good reason: these are the products that have actually made a difference in buyers' day-to-day lives.

When it comes to items that are actually life-changing, the selection may surprise you. I've been writing about Amazon products for years, and it's rarely the $400 self-cleaning robot or the temperature-adjusting shower thermometer that reviewers are raving about. Instead, it's the simple organizational product that's effectively reduced clutter, the journal that's helped them to increase their gratitude levels, or the alarm clock that makes it just a little bit easier to get out of bed in the morning. These items don't at all break the bank, but due to their smart designs and simple implementation, they make a world of difference for buyers.

All of the products on this list have two things in common: They have the potential to genuinely impact your efficiency and your well-being, and they're rated 4.5-stars or above on Amazon.


This Clock That Multiple Reviews Call A “Game Changer”

Unlike your average alarm clock, this sunrise wakeup light gently rouses you with a gradually-brightening lamp that simulates the sunlight. Plus, it has seven color options for the light, seven natural sounds, three kinds of sleep music, dual alarms, a USB-port, and an FM radio, so you’re able to customize it for your preferred wakeup settings.


These Packing Cubes That Maximize Suitcase Space

With more than 4,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating, these Bagail packing cubes are difficult to ignore. They come in a set of eight different sizes, and each has interior seams, dual zippers, and a mesh panel for visibility and ventilation. Best of all, your clothes fit like Tetris blocks in your suitcase, and you can take out a single shirt without disturbing everything else.


A USB-Rechargeable Lighter That Doesn't Need Any Fluid

Unlike your average lighter, this one from RONXS will never run out of fluid. That's because it's USB-rechargeable and creates an electric spark that can light candles, barbecues, and bonfires. It also has a hook for easy storage and a genius pen-like shape that keeps your fingers away from the danger.


The Most Powerful Portable Charger On The Market

There are several reasons why the Anker PowerCore 10000 power bank has over 10,000 reviews, the first being its impressive size-to-power ratio. Even though it fits in the palm of your hand and weighs next to nothing, it has a 10000mAh battery that's capable of charging the iPhone 8 three times over. It's also compatible with almost any smart phone, works very quickly, and comes in four colors. Reviewers say, "I barely notice it in my bag, and I never get the dreaded dead phone anymore."


This Shoe Deodorizing Spray That "Works Miracles"

Instead of synthetic fillers and harmful chemicals, this spray from Lumi Outdoors utilizes real essential oils (like tea tree, lemongrass, and mint) to make old shoes smell like new again. It doesn't just cover up the odors — it actually breaks them down using its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Reviewers use it on everything from their flats to their work boots, as well as their gym equipment, closets, cars, and feet.


A Portable Foam Roller For An On-The-Go Massage

When it comes to massage therapy on the go, hundreds of reviewers swear by the Tiger Tail massage stick — so much so that they've given it 4.8 stars. This tool uses non-slip grips and a dense, rolling foam center to increase circulation, stimulate pressure points, and knead out tight muscles. It's great for anywhere on the body (whether before a workout or after a strenuous work day) and it fits effortlessly in a gym bag, too. Most importantly, buyers can "feel the difference right away."


This Trivet That Stretches For Protection And Folds Up For Storage

Trivets are a necessary tool in any kitchen, but they shouldn't take up an entire drawer. The Joseph Joseph stretch trivet expands out to cover roughly two feet of surface area, but when folded up, it measures just a few inches. It's made from heat-safe silicone, so it can withstand temperatures up to 464 degrees Fahrenheit and can be thrown in the dishwasher when it gets dirty.


A Sleek Rechargeable Fan You Can Take Anywhere

No matter where you need a breeze, the Karecel USB-rechargeable fan delivers several hours of airflow on a single charge. Its 3000mAh battery wirelessly powers three different speed options, and since it's lightweight and has a rotating face, it's ideal for travel, hot commutes, bedside comfort, and customizing the temperature at the office. Currently, you can get it in white or blue.


A Shockingly Affordable Backpack With All The Best Features

The Volher laptop backpack has reviewers raving because it's durable, well-made, water-resistant, and affordable. It offers various compartments so you can transport and organize your laptop, water bottle, electronics, books, clothing, umbrella, and more. It comes in two sizes to accommodate 15- or 17-inch laptops, and there are four colors to choose from.


This Truffle-Infused Sea Salt That "Transforms Ordinary Food"

Reviewers say this truffle salt "transforms ordinary food into a culinary delight" with its earthy, rich flavor. It uses fine-grain sea salt alongside real Italian truffles in order to add something special to any dish, whether that's a slow-cooked pot roast, a hard-boiled egg, some French fries, or a bowl of popcorn. Buyers think it's so delicious, they've given it a 4.6-star rating.


A Planner, Gratitude Journal, And Productivity Tracker All In One

The Clever Fox planner has weekly and monthly overviews to help you organize your schedule for a year — but unlike other standard planners, it's helpful in so many other areas. Using goal-setting prompts, habit tracking, gratitude journaling, to-do lists, and note areas, this book aims to improve productivity, boost happiness, and help you create achievable visions for your life. It's available in nine colors, each with an undated design and a full page of stickers.


These Eco-Friendly And Reusable Beeswax Wraps

Rather than wrapping your food in a piece of plastic (which ends up in the garbage after one use), these beeswax wraps can be used over and over again to cover your leftovers, transport your lunch, or keep your produce fresh. They're made from eco-friendly, natural materials like cotton, beeswax, jojoba, and tree resin, all of which work to preserve your food and biodegrade once you finally toss them away.


"The Last Tumbler [Reviewers Will Ever] Need To Purchase"

Leaks, impractical lids, poor temperature preservation, clunky designs — there are so many things that can go with a travel mug, which is why a 4.8-star rating is not common. The Jura Outdoor tumbler, however, has earned its near-perfect rating. The vacuum-insulated stainless steel interior keeps drinks hot or cold for hours, the flip lid offers comfortable sipping without splashing, and the clip seal absolutely will not leak, even "if the mug is tipped over." It even comes with an alternative lid, a stainless steel straw, and a straw-cleaning brush.


A Top-Rated, Reasonably Priced Weighted Blanket

Some weighted blankets can cost upwards of $130 for an adult-suitable weight (which is roughly 10 percent of your body weight, by the way). The ZonLi weighted blanket, on the other hand, comes in a wide range of options, all of which are significantly more affordable. Despite the price, it's well-made with evenly distributed glass beads and real cotton fabric, which comes in over 12 colors. Most importantly, thousands of reviewers say they sleep better and feel much less stressed while using it.


This Brilliant Way To Minimize Clutter In Your Shower

Maximize the storage space in your shower without tripping over bottles or cluttering the shelves. The Yihoon mesh caddy hangs over your shower rod and gives you six new pockets, all of which are self-draining and quick-drying to avoid the growth of mildew. Reviewers use it for everything from beauty products to bath toys, and say their bathroom looks so much more "clean and organized."


A 4.8-Star Balance Board To Improve Strength And Coordination

Whether you use it during your ab workout or while typing e-mails at your standing desk, the StrongTek wooden balance board aims to improve strength, coordination, and posture. It has a 4.8-star rating because it's made from durable wood, has a non-slip exterior, and can support up to 320 pounds — not to mention reviewers can't stop raving about how well-made and effective it is.


"The Best Purchase For Runners, Hikers, And Walkers"

The Sport2People running belt ensures that all your essentials are secure and within reach while jogging — or biking, working, and traveling. The exterior is made from durable, water-resistant material, while the interior offers two expandable pockets to hold everything from your phone to your house key. Since it's bounce-free and adjustable, reviewers of all sizes say it's the "best purchase" for those with active lifestyles.


This Two-In-One Mat And Sleeve For Your Heated Hair Tools

Keep your counters safe from your hot tools and your hot tools safe from everything else. This brilliant accessory doubles as a non-slip mat while you're home and a heat-resistant pouch when you're on the go. It's made from non-toxic silicone that won't melt or transfer, it fits most standard straighteners and curling irons, and it's available in six different colors.


These Adjustable, Portable Clotheslines You Can Hang Anywhere

Because the EverSport clothesline installs in seconds, doesn't cause any damage, and rolls up into a tiny disc, reviewers use it both inside and out to line-dry their clothes. Its brilliant ladder design means it doesn't require any clothespins, and the hooks on either end fasten around poles, furniture, and trees. Last but not least, it comes in a set of two — not that you'd need a replacement, since reviewers say it "survived a lightning strike," and effortlessly supported a "sopping wet queen sized comforter."


Some Stick-On Patches That Aim To Shrink Pimples Overnight “Like Magic”

Using hydrocolloid (which extracts moisture and germs from a blemish), these Mighty Patch Pimple Patches work to shrink a pimple overnight while keeping it covered and protected. Each pack comes with 36 patches, and reviewers rave about how much of a game changer they are.


This Multitool That Fits In Your Wallet

Even though it's only as thick as a few credit cards, the Victorinox Swisscard has 13 potentially life-saving tools built into it. It features a blade, scissor, tweezers, ruler, magnifying glass, screwdriver, pen, and more — plus it comes in three colors to suit any survivalist.


These Bags That Keep Your Produce Fresher For Longer

Reviewers say they wasted a ton of money on produce that spoiled before they could eat it — until they invested in GreenBags. These reusable, BPA-free bags filter out ethylene gases, which slows the rate of spoilage. As a result, fruits, vegetables, and even fresh herbs last significantly longer and retain more of their nutrients.


A Lantern That Creates 15-Foot Bug-Free Zone

While it does function as a standard LED light, the ThermaCELL mosquito repelling camping lantern also utilizes a repellent cartridge to create a 15-foot bug-free zone lasting up to 12 hours. Whether in their backyard, camping, or at the beach, reviewers heartily endorse its bug-repelling abilities.


An Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow That "Changes The Game"

The Dream Rite pillow rivals best-sellers due to its hypoallergenic shredded memory foam interior, which buyers can add or remove depending on their preferred loft and density. That said, this pillow is different in two ways: It has a 4.8-star rating, and it costs just $20. Reviewers call it a "must-have if you have back problems" and say they've "never slept better."


This Best-Selling Personal Water Filter Straw

Whether you're staying in a hotel or backpacking through a foreign country, the LifeStraw ensures that you always have clean, safe water to drink. This portable tool effectively removes 99 percent of waterborne bacteria, parasites, microplastics, heavy metals, and unpleasant tastes while you sip. Reviewers say it's so effective, they drank from "a crevice filled with brown scum," but it tasted like "the freshest spring water."


These Wine Glasses That Won't Break, Scratch, Or Cloud

These unbreakable wine glasses are made from heavy-weight Tritan plastic, but despite the fact that they're shatterproof, you'd absolutely never know it. Even after extended use and countless runs through the dishwasher, reviewers say they stay "clear" and "don’t show any type of discoloration or scratches." As a result, they're great for camping, barbecues, travel, and accident-prone people.


"This Spray Has Changed My Life For The Better," Reviewers Say

Thousands of buyers utilize Essentially Based magnesium oil to replenish the essential mineral, and they say the "results have been amazing." Since it comes in the form of a topical spray, your body can absorb as much as it needs to ease painful muscles, relieve cramps, reduce insomnia, and lessen stress levels — just some of the many biological functions that benefit from adequate magnesium levels.


A Rechargeable Reading Light You Can Clip Anywhere

Wherever your overhead lighting may be lacking, this clip-on reading light provides illumination for reading, crafting, paperwork, or emergencies. Its dual base functions as both a stand and a clip, so you can secure it to virtually any surface, while its gooseneck design allows you to direct the light any which way. Last but not least, this lamp is entirely USB-rechargeable, so you can bring it anywhere without the limitations of a cord.


This Telescopic Reusable Straw That Fits In A Keychain

Maybe your area has already placed a ban on plastic straws — or maybe they haven't, and you've decided to take some eco-friendly initiatives on your own. The portable drinking straw is entirely reusable because it's made from rust-resistant stainless steel. It also utilizes a telescopic design, so it works with virtually any container and it fits in a tiny aluminum-alloy keychain when not in use. Get it in your choice of seven colors.


A Fabric Shaver That Makes Old Clothing Look "Like New"

When it comes to sweaters, cardigans, yoga pants, and coats, the POPCHOSE fabric shaver effortlessly removes the lint and pilling that makes them look worn. As a result, reviewers say their clothes "look like new" again. This handheld device is rechargeable, lightweight, and uses six blades behind a screen to rejuvenate fabrics without damage. It even has an anti-static brush and a cleaning brush — plus it can be used on curtains, furniture, and upholstery, too.


These Top-Rated Bluetooth Headphones For $18

It's difficult to find any set of Bluetooth headphones with an above-4.5 rating — nevermind one that's waterproof, long-lasting, and $18. Jecoo earbuds are a reviewer favorite because of their sound quality, noise-canceling abilities, and secure, comfortable fit. The long-lasting battery and wireless design also contribute to enjoyable workouts and comfortable travel.


A USB-Rechargeable Blender That Goes Anywhere With You

Blend smoothies and mix shakes absolutely anywhere, whether that's at the office, in your tiny kitchen, or while you're walking out the door. This portable blender is USB-rechargeable, so it works wirelessly and without a stationary power source. It's also made with six stainless steel blades and a BPA-free blending cup, all of which store effortlessly in your drawer or cabinet.


This Brownie Pan For People Who Love The Corner Pieces

Thanks to its unique winding design, the Baker's Edge pan creates nothing but edge pieces, resulting in dense, chewy brownies for everyone. Its durable, non-stick coated aluminum is easy to clean, and it even comes with a recipe book and a free spatula. While it may just be a pan, reviewers feel pretty strongly about it: "Absolutely brilliant. Life changing. I’ll never make brownies in anything else ever again."


This Camping Chair That Weighs Next To Nothing

The Sunyear compact chair is "genuinely comfortable" and can support up to 250 pounds — but it weighs less than 2 pounds and folds down into a 14-by-4 inch storage pouch. As a result, it's a lightweight, extremely portable seating option for camping trips, concerts, and beach outings; you could even store it in your glove compartment for emergencies.


These Dishcloths That Resist Odors And Bacteria

Your average sponge or dishcloth is made from porous materials, which cling onto bacteria to produce mildew and unwanted smells. These Lunatec dishcloths, on the other hand, are made from a non-porous material that rinses clean and dries in under 15 minutes. Consequently, reviewers say "there is absolutely no mildew smell at all" — and the rough texture removes build-up without scratching.


This Shiatsu Massager That Reviewers Can't Survive Without

"Honestly, I don’t know how I would survive without it," buyers rave about the RESTECK Shiatsu massager. Using its eight direction-changing 3-D nodes, this automatic massager gets deep into muscles to improve circulation and relieve tension. It comes with both a car adapter and a wall plug, and it offers heat, customizable speed control, and an ergonomic self-leverage design so you can personalize the pressure.


A Headache Remedy With A 4.5-Star Rating

Alternative headache remedies are rarely well-rated, but the Headache Hat has 4.5 stars and over a thousand reviews. The exterior is made from soft cotton and lycra for compression while the interior has a an ice pack that retains a cold temperature for much longer than other options. It's also adjustable and comfortable for use anywhere on the body — and even someone who's had migraines for over 22 years calls it a "game-changer."


These Leak-Proof, Reusable Ziplock Bags Made From Silicone

Traditional plastic bags aren't just wasteful — they're also expensive. These Homelux Theory food storage bags, on the other hand, are made from durable, washable silicone, so you can reuse them over and over again. A set of four comes in all different sizes, so they're well-suited for your snacks, sandwiches, and produce; they're also leak-proof enough to handle liquids.


A Cost-Efficient Way To Get Your Iced Coffee Fix

"I can't imagine how much money this has saved me," reviewers rave about the Takeya Cold Brew maker. Instead of visiting their local coffee house multiple times a day, this iced coffee maker uses a fine mesh filter to brew bold and delicious java overnight — or in minutes, if you like your coffee hot. It's also leak-proof, made with a slip-resistant handle, and doesn't stain, cloud, or hold onto odors thanks to the BPA-free Tritan.


This Bin That Got Thousands Of Buyers Into Composting

"If you've got a yard and you make kitchen scraps, you can compost ... which helps the environment since you're not throwing fruit and vegetable waste into the landfill," one reviewer says. The Epica compost bin has gotten thousands into the habit, but even veteran composters agree: "I tried out [four bins] and this is the best of the bunch!" It's made from stainless steel, so it resists rust and stains, and the built-in activated charcoal filter means it absolutely won't smell.


An Affordable Posture Corrector That "Actually Works"

Using adjustable, stretchy material, this posture corrector pulls your shoulders back and toward each other, so your spine automatically straightens. Over time, it aims to help you position yourself that way on your own, whether walking or typing at a computer. Three sizes are available to accommodate chest sizes ranging from 23 to 50 inches.

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