41 things under $35 On Amazon that instantly make life a hell of a lot easier

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Some days, doesn't it seem like you're just a swimming duck? (Stick with me here.) No matter how much it may look like you're gliding right across the surface — no sweat whatsoever — you're really paddling as hard as you can in the water. I don't know about you, but I'll take all the help I can get, so I'm very much into these things under $35 on Amazon that make life so much easier.

Let me recommend to you one of my all-time favorite Amazon discoveries — this car organizer that fits neatly in between your car seat and the center console, where it catches all the stuff that would normally fall down there like, um, fries, and of course, other things, like coins, straw wrappers, and even phones. (For me personally, though, whenever I clean my car (every leap year) it's a whole bunch of fries that's somehow made their way down there.) Best of all, this gap filler is equipped with a wireless phone charger, organizing compartments, and a cupholder, too.

And to make your life really easy, all these items are on Amazon, so you can order them and have them on your doorstep in as little as two days. How much better could life really get? Check out the rest of this list and find out.


These brilliant rubber strips that protect your car door when you're parked in tight spots

Keep your car doors protected with these inconspicuous rubber strips, which are constructed with reliable 3M adhesive. With four strips in a set, each one helps to absorb impact and is designed to fit all car models. Some reviewers found that they're also great for covering up existing dents.


This handle that lets you carry multiple bags at once

When you head out to shop, make sure to take a Click & Carry with you. The handy tool makes it possible for you to carry a bunch of shopping bags or totes at one time — just load up the bags on either side, and hold the carrier in your hand or hoist it over your shoulder. Made from a sturdy plastic, it is designed to hold up to 80 pounds and features a gel-cushioned handle to keep you comfortable.


These anti-fog cloths that keep your glasses clear while you're wearing a mask

Thank goodness for these anti-fog cloths that actually make it possible to see out of your glasses when you're wearing a mask. Designed not to scratch, these gentle cloths form an anti-fog layer on the surface of your lenses, and they also help eliminate dust, oil, and fingerprints. Each cloth is reusable up to 70 times, and the order comes with 5.


The air vent hooks that keep stuff off the floor of your car

Structured like clothespins, these hooks fit into your car's air vents and give you a place to hang small items while you're driving. You can use one for your mask, one for your sunglasses, one for your charging cable— the uses are practically limitless.


The organizer that fits in the gap between your car & center console

Designed to tuck in between the driver's seat and the center console of your car, this organizer turns the unused space into a handy pocket where you can keep your phone, sunglasses, and other easy-to-misplace items. Made of tough ABS plastic, this organizer comes equipped with optional adhesive backing for an extra secure fit, and it's earned the praise of hundreds of reviewers on Amazon.


A foot scrubber that offers a relaxing massage in the shower

Just soap up your feet, and you'll get both a thorough cleansing and a relaxing massage with this foot scrubber that suctions to the floor of the shower. The hundreds of firm yet gentle bristles get in between your toes and all over to wash and exfoliate while leaving the tired feet feeling refreshed.


A double-sided scrubber that gets to those hard-to-reach areas

With a loofah-like surface on one side for an exfoliating scrub and a smoother microfiber surface on the other for a calmer cleanse, this scrubber is perfect for getting your back and other hard-to-reach areas clean as a whistle. Rope handles make it easy to hold onto and also provide a great way to hang it up to dry when you step out of the shower.


The double-sided brush that cleans cups & glasses super fast

Get your dishes done so much faster with this double-headed brush that enables you to clean the inside and the outside of your glasses at the same time. Use it as a handheld scrubber, or take advantage of the two suction cups to attach it to the bottom or the side of your sink for even less work while you're washing.


These hangers that give you so much more room in your closet

Enjoy so much more space in your closets with these cascading hangers that hold up to five garments each. The hangers store items vertically, so that they hang almost flat against each other, but if you're less concerned about storage space than you are wrinkling — you can use them horizontally to space out your garments.


This moisture-wicking sheet set that helps keep you cool & comfortable

For under $25, you can upgrade your bedding with this moisture-wicking sheet set that comes in six cool colors. It includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases (one for twin sizes and two for full or larger). This bedding is made with a special combination of polyester and Coolmax microfiber that's soft, wicks sweat, and helps keep you cool all night long.


The grooming set that helps you shape your beard

With a variety of curves and angles, this beard-shaping tool helps you shape your beard, so you can upgrade your facial hair game. The set comes with a pair of scissors for both beard and nose hair, a mustache comb, and a keychain. This beard-shaper is easy to use and works on those tricky parts of your hairline, too.


These stick-on lights for your hallway, closet, & more

You probably have a closet, stairway, or under-cabinet situation that could use a little extra lighting. Enter these lights that install easily with the included ultra-strong adhesive or built-in magnets. These rechargeable lights can be set to a motion-sensor mode, but you can also just turn them on and off when you like.


A holder to organize your plastic grocery bags

Keep your grocery bags organized and ready for reuse with this mounted holder. It attaches to the wall with screws, or to the inside of a cabinet with the included adhesive, and it features an attractive stainless steel finish that resists fingerprints and looks sleek in your kitchen.


This rack that keeps yard & cleaning tools off the floor

Perfect for organizing the cleaning tools in your storage closet or the gardening tools in the garage, this rack can hold up to 40 pounds of weight. It installs easily with the included hardware, and has four slots and four hooks for items of all sizes.


A space-efficient organizer that makes the most of your silverware drawer

Great for small kitchens, this drawer organizer whips your silverware drawer into shape, so that you actually get more space. Suitable for up to 24 pieces of cutlery, the organizer lets you store your utensils on top of each other while still giving you easy access to the handles.


This leash that lets you walk your dog hands-free

Enjoy a dog walk with this leash that loops around your waist, so you can use your hands to hold a cup of coffee and talk on the phone. Available in six colors and two sizes, it absorbs shock and even has a removable zippered pouch to store essentials like your keys, wallet, and waste bags.


This slim running belt that holds your phone, keys, & cash

Whether you're going for a long jog or just taking a quick trip to the drugstore, this sleek running belt is a convenient place to stash your phone, keys, and more. It has an adjustable band that fits waists from 25.9 to 42 inches and is built with a moisture-wicking mix of nylon-polyester fabric that can stand up to some heavy sweat.


The smart plugs you can control from anywhere in the world

Control your lamps and appliances from anywhere in the world with these smart plugs that can be adjusted from an app on your phone. (The plugs also work in concert with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home assistant if you prefer to use voice commands.) Set schedules for your coffee maker, put your lamps on a timer so you're greeted with light when you come home, or use them in groups to control an entire room at a time.


This clever water bottle that helps you stay hydrated all day

Hit your hydration goals with this convenient water bottle that holds up to 75 ounces of liquid. It features a sturdy silicone handle, a longer strap, and markings along the side that encourage you to keep your H2O intake consistent throughout the day. Amazon reviewers approve of this bottle, and many noted that it's easy to refill and clean.


These reusable bowl covers that are more eco-friendly than plastic wrap

Whether you order takeout or cook dinner yourself, you still have to store up the leftovers — but these bowl covers make short work of that job. These stretchy covers are made from leak-resistant fabric, and they seal tightly to keep food fresh. Available in five different designs, the set includes covers in different sizes.


This little vacuum that's perfect for small messes

Clean in tight spaces and tough-to-reach areas with this cordless handheld vacuum. The small size and narrow nozzle make it easy to suck up dirt and crumbs in the kitchen, on the stairs, in your car, or anywhere else that needs a quick touch up. And although it's lightweight, it has lots of suction power, and features an easy-to-clean filter. The charger mounts to the wall, so you can grab it at any time.


These compressed bamboo towels that expand with water

These bamboo towels start out the size of poker chips and expand to a size of 12 by 20 inches with just a few drops of water, so they're great for camping, beach trips, or stashing in your car for unexpected spills. Crafted from sturdy, woven bamboo fabric, the eco-friendly towels are biodegradable too.


A foldable cutting board that makes food prep easier

From the design geniuses at Joseph Joseph, this cutting board is a step above the rest. When you squeeze the handle, it folds the board up to form a funnel that makes it easy to transfer foods from the counter to the skillet. It's dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup and comes in colors like black, red, and apple green.


This sturdy paper towel holder with magnetic backing

Install this sturdy steel paper-towel holder next to your grill, on the side of your fridge, or anywhere else that will attract its magnetic backing. It consists of two separate pieces so you can easily accommodate any size paper towel roll, and the powerful magnetic pads are coated with rubber to prevent it from scratching surfaces.


This ergonomic platform for your mouse

Click and scroll without straining your shoulder with this ergonomic mouse platform. The tray clips onto your desk without any tools, positioning your mouse at a level that's more neutral, so you can help ward off any aches and pains after long hours of work.


The moldable glue that fixes everything from shoes to appliances

This moldable glue is exceptionally versatile, doing everything from sealing your peeling sneaker sole together to repairing frayed electrical cords. It's made from silicone, which means it's resistant to heat, cold, and water, so it's appropriate for use both indoors and out. The best part: The solid but flexible glue can be molded with your hands, and you have plenty of time to get it right before it starts to dry.


The flexible phone mount that makes viewing from any angle a cinch

With a flexible gooseneck arm that measures 33 inches in length, this phone mount makes it so easy to view the screen while you're working out, cooking, or making video calls. The holder clamps to any desk or table and features a rubberized bracket to hold your phone without damage, and 360-degree rotation for even more versatility.


A belt with a hidden money pocket to keep your cash safe

Whether you're traveling or just want to keep items secure on the daily, this money belt is a fantastic way to keep cash safe and within reach. It looks like a standard belt but has a small zippered pocket on the interior for stashing bills (though it's not big enough for credit cards or a passport). This belt is designed to fit waist sizes from 26 to 42 inches.


These glasses that block electronics’ blue light

If you spend a lot of time on your computer or on your other electronic devices, these blue light-blocking glasses are a must to help you prevent eyestrain and sleepless nights caused by the glow of your screen. Each pack comes with a black pair and clear pair, and they all boast a classic style that'll look good on just about everyone.


The cable clips that tidy up your desk or entertainment center

Get those messy cables in order with these clips that streamline your office, TV stand, or WFH environment. Made from silicone, these clips each have multiple slots to keep your cables separate, untangled, and ready to charge your device. Use them alone or in tandem.


This motion-sensor light that illuminates your door lock

How many times have you struggled to get in the door after dark, hands full of groceries, fumbling with your keys? Struggle no more with this motion-sensor light that installs above your door lock and turns on when it detects activity. All you need is one AA battery to operate it — no wiring required.


The magnetic holder for kitchen utensils or work tools

Whether you use it for chef's knives and spatulas in the kitchen, or hammers and wrenches in the garage, this magnetic tool bar is a terrific and space-saving way to store them. The bar mounts with the included screws and keeps everything off of your countertop or workbench and within close reach.


This small ratcheting screwdriver with 6 interchangeable bits

With smooth ratcheting action and bidirectional settings, this stubby screwdriver is a small but mighty tool to have around. It's ultra-versatile, too: It comes with six bits (three slotted and three Phillips), and they all store conveniently in the handle, so there's no losing them. Choose from screwdriver options with 19, 26, 60, or 80 bits too.


The outlet extender with USB ports & a built-in shelf

There aren't very many gadgets that give you as much as this outlet extender. Not only does it turn two sockets into eight, but it also has three USB charging ports, surge protection, and a convenient shelf where you can leave your smartphone to charge.


This genius gym towel that gets cold when wet

Always stay comfortable during workouts with the help of this cooling gym towel. It measures 10 by 33 inches making it the perfect size to roll up and pack in your backpack or duffel bag. Simply wet it, wring it out, then give it a snap to activate its unique cooling technology.


A portable charger that's solar-powered

A must-have outdoors enthusiasts or preparedness kits, this solar-powered charger will keep your phone juiced up when you're off the grid. It can also deliver a full charge via USB ports, and there's a built-in flashlight and a strobe signal for extra peace of mind.


A collapsible shovel you can keep in your car's trunk

Get yourself out of any snowy binds with this this shovel that detaches into three pieces for storage in your trunk when you're not using it. Made from durable aluminum and weighing just over 1 pound, you can also use it at half-size if you need a little more leverage for the job at hand.


A digital tire pressure gauge with multiple modes for cars & bikes

If you find standards tire pressure gauges almost impossible to read — especially in low-light conditions — you're going to appreciate this digital version. The LCD display and nozzle light up so you can see what you're doing after dark, and since there are four adjustable modes, you can measure the tire pressure of cars, bikes, motorcycles, and more.


A smart charging stand that organizes all your electronics

With space for up to five devices, this charging station is a sure way to keep all your electronics powered up and easy to find. (Plus, you even get to do away with any tangle of cables.) It works up to 80% faster than other chargers and comes with three USB cables and two micro-USB cables.


The vitamin C filter shower head that increases your water pressure

This vitamin C filter shower head will give you a five-star hotel bathing experience for under $20. The handheld shower head is easy to install without tools and fits any standard shower arm. It also helps improve water pressure up to 200%.


This trash can that keeps your vehicle clean

Keep your vehicle clean and garbage-free with this trash can. The waterproof trash can features an elastic interior that keeps garbage securely inside (even when you hit a speed bump), and the strap can be secured around the center console or passenger seat headrest. Choose from black, gray, and army green.