44 brilliant things you've never heard of with tons of glowing amazon reviews

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You may know Amazon as the internet's favorite one-stop shop for everything from toiletries to tech but the e-tailer is also loaded with other brilliant things you've probably never heard of. And I'm not just talking about useless novelty kitchen gadgets, these genius hidden gems (which are now starting to rack up thousands of glowing reviews) are actually improving people's lives, according to reviewers.

Whether you're looking for ways to be a little more conscious, productive, eco-friendly, or organized, having the right tools at your disposal can help you tenfold — and Amazon is full of weird but genius gadgets that can help. If you're looking to read more books this year, limit your use of wasteful materials, or eat more home-cooked meals, these clever items help to set you up for success. The fact that they've gained so much recognition and so many high ratings from past buyers is a testament to their effectiveness — and their ability to actually make a difference in your daily routine. "It works exactly as well as it says, and has changed my life," wrote one reviewer (about an automatic egg cooker, of all things), and there are thousands more where that came from.

Whether they're designed to improve your morning routine or help out the environment, these are the 44 most brilliant things you've never heard of on Amazon.


An eco-friendly way to store & transport your food

Instead of using plastic wrap, which is arguably not great for you and definitely not great for the environment, Bee's Wrap offers an eco-friendly alternative. These storage wraps are made from cotton and coated in beeswax and jojoba oil. The result is a recyclable, reusable way to keep your food fresh and sanitary, whether you're wrapping a sandwich or covering some leftovers. Each sheet lasts about a year and is entirely biodegradable when you're done.


This brilliant headphone mount & wireless charger that reduces desk clutter

This KAFRI headphone stand and wireless charger takes care of tangled cords on your desk, all while charging up your device. It also has nine lighting modes and three charging modes to work with almost any device. "Bought this desktop headphone stand for my gaming rig," one fan reported, "I love this stand because it has 10W fast Qi charging pad built-in. Very convenient as I can just lay my phone on it."


This egg cooker that reviewers called "one of the best inventions ever made"

If you're wondering, "Do I really need another appliance?" reviewers say yes — because the Dash Rapid egg cooker is "one of the best inventions ever made." This small gadget "couldn't be easier." Just put the eggs in the appropriate tray and press the button. The machine will then automatically hard-boil, soft-boil, poach, or scramble your eggs; it can even make an omelet, and the whole process (both cooking and cleaning up) takes mere minutes.


These lightweight, breathable water shoes that protect your feet

Despite the fact that these VIFUUR water shoes protect your feet against hot sand, jagged rocks, and stubbed toes, the breathable fabric and rubber soles are form-fitting and lightweight to create a barefoot feel. They're available in nine sizes for men, women, and children, and they come in a few dozen different designs to choose from


A sweet & spicy condiment you'll want to put on everything

When reviewers say that Mike's hot honey is good on everything, they mean everything: "Soft pretzels, toast, biscuits, waffles, cereal, yogurt, ice cream and definitely pizza." This condiment only has three ingredients, so it's Paleo, gluten-free, and all natural, but the honey, Brazilian chilies, and vinegar come together flawlessly to create a surprisingly delicious addition to any meal.


A new take on a travel pillow, so you can actually get some sleep

The Trtl is not your average travel pillow. Instead of a scratchy, inflatable U-shape, this option offers a fleece material with a hidden brace inside. Said brace provides ergonomic support to keep your head in an upright position while you sleep, and the wrappable design ensures that it fits anyone comfortably. It's even machine-washable and folds up into a lightweight, portable square.


This set that allows you to provide your own eco-friendly straws

Bring your renuSTRAW anywhere thanks to the sleek recycled case and collapsible design. The straws themselves are made out of temperature-safe, anti-crack silicone that, when expanded, allows you to sip your favorite drinks without harming the environment. The set even comes with brushes that allow you to clean inside the straws.


The one-touch car mount you've been searching for

If you've been endlessly searching for the ideal phone mount, reviewers say "your search is over." The iOttie has over 11,000 positive reviews thanks to its sticky suction cup base, telescopic arm, universal compatibility, and one-touch operation. Just mount your phone in one swift movement, and your device is readily-accessible for navigation and music selection.


These hypoallergenic no-rinse wipes that decompose

Ideal for no-rinse showers and on-the-go cleansing, Surviveware wet wipes are made with a hypoallergenic solution that removes grime, odors, and germs — but the wipes themselves are 100-percent biodegradable and start to decompose after just 28 days. Whether used for biking trips, backpacking, camping, or festivals, reviewers say these "get the job done" without irritating skin and without perfumey smells.


A sunrise clock that just might turn you into a morning person

If you're not a morning person, but you'd like to be, reviewers say that the LBell sunrise clock is one of the best investments you could make. Instead of a traditional beeping alarm, this clock utilizes a gradually-brightening light that mimics the natural sunrise. As a result, you wake up gently while simultaneously hacking your circadian rhythm. There's even a USB port, an FM radio, and seven different color options.


A skin-friendly soap that exfoliates while it cleanses

Marlowe exfoliating soap is gaining loads of recognition because it's simple, affordable, and efficient. Ingredients like green tea extract and passionflower gently cleanse and hydrate the skin, while deep sea algae and willow bark exfoliate away any dead cells or build-up. "I have probably tried about 10 different exfoliating soaps and this is the best by far," reviewers say, not to mention it's a favorite among those with sensitive skin, eczema, and allergies.


These adhesive clips that help you tackle cord management once and for all

No matter how many times you straighten out your cords, they're typically back to a tangled heap within a few weeks. Blue Key cable organizers fix that issue once and for all with their self-adhesive backing that attaches to virtually any surface. They also feature flexible silicone tabs that hold your wires right where you need them, but allow for effortless removal should you need to take your chargers on the go.


A charging hub, night light, & phone stand all in one

Plug the Finduat wall mount into an existing outlet and immediately gain four new AC plugs and two new USB ports to power all your devices simultaneously. This gadget also has a built-in stand to store your phone while it's charging and features a nightlight that automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn.


This pump that keeps open wine fresh between glasses

If it takes you a few weeks to finish a bottle of wine, you're not alone — which is why the Vacu Vin pump has thousands of reviews, not to mention a number-one best-seller status. This gadget removes the excess air from the bottle and seals it with one of two included stoppers, so your wine tastes like new for up to two weeks. "My wife and I enjoy a glass of wine every now and then and we wasted quite a lot of wine over the years," one reviewer says. "For the small amount of money this cost I have already saved that much or more in wine."


These foldable, reusable bags that can support 50 pounds each

Whether your local grocery store has started to charge for plastic bags or you're making the switch of your own accord, BeeGreen reusable bags have a 4.8-star rating for several reasons. For one, they're lightweight despite their ability to hold up to 50 pounds each. For another, they're three times bigger than standard grocery bags, but fold up into tiny squares that store easily in your backpack, glove compartment, or pocket. Finally, they're quick-drying, machine-washable in case of spills, and available in loads of color options.


A unique computer chair that promotes proper posture

If you spend as much time at a desk as most people, your spine health likely suffers. That said, one buyer said the Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair "[...] is so incredibly comfortable and stable!" because it strengthens the core and promotes proper posture while you sit. The seat utilizes a 300-pound-capacity exercise ball that you can also use for stretching and crunches — but, combined with the wheels and ergonomic back support, it becomes a brilliant office chair that buyers call a "miracle" for spine and neck pain.


This bee propolis throat spray that boosts your immune system

"Magic in a bottle," reviewers say about this throat spray from Beekeeper's Naturals. "I never travel without it." Using 95-percent real bee propolis extract, this sweet-tasting spray coats your throat and boosts your immune system to soothe a cold — or stop it from happening in the first place. It doesn't contain any gluten, artificial preservatives, or refined sugars, and it's naturally rich in antioxidants and healing compounds.


A notebook you can reuse — & digitize instantly

The pages of the Rocketbook Everlast are reusable and wipe clean with a damp cloth, so you can save paper and money. That said, if you'd like to keep your notes and doodles for later reference, the QR codes on each page allow you to blast them to various cloud services, including Google drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and iCloud. Each notebook comes with one special pen and you can get it in your choice of six different colors.


These "incredible" Bluetooth earbuds for just $30

It seems unlikely that you'd be able to snag a clear-sounding, comfortable, Bluetooth 5.0-enabled pair of headphones for $30 — which is probably why TOZO's earbuds have nearly 250,000 reviews on Amazon. One reviewer described, "The sound is incredible and they can’t be beat for the price." They're waterproof with an IPX8 rating, making them safe to use in the rain or while working out. The headphones can last 6 hours on a full charge, plus the included case can charge them an add an extra 24 hours of play time.


A waterproof beach blanket that folds up into a tiny pouch

When you find yourself at a concert, picnic, or impromptu beach gathering, you'll be happy to have the BEARZ outdoor blanket in your bag or glove compartment. This waterproof, puncture-resistant mat measures 55-by-60 inches when laid out, but folds up into a tiny pouch that's barely bigger than the palm of your hand — and attaches to your pack thanks to the included carabiner clip. It even has corner loops and sand pockets so it stays put.


A planner that increases productivity, organization, & gratitude

At most, standard planners help you keep track of your meetings and jot down your to-dos, but the Panda Planner does so much more. It does have undated daily, weekly, and monthly space, but it also implements proven techniques to help you reach your goals, make the most out of your time, and boost your overall happiness. "Best thing I have done for myself," one reviewer writes. "I would recommend these to anyone."


A highly-rated toothpaste that whitens teeth with charcoal

Using food-grade activated charcoal and coconut oil instead of bleaching ingredients, Cali White toothpaste absorbs stains, fights bacteria, and freshens breath, all while brightening your teeth. It's free from fluoride, peroxide, triclosan, and parabens, and has a pleasant mint flavor that buyers call "quite mild." Last but absolutely not least, reviewers' before and after pictures are extremely impressive — and there are over a hundred of them.


This white noise machine that's "a godsend" for anxiety, productivity, & insomnia

For those who have trouble studying with background noise or sleeping with loud neighbors, the Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan has reviewers raving, "This machine is a godsend. Forget every other white noise machine you've looked at." It's pre-programmed with 20 non-looping fan sounds and ambient white noises, which help to mask audible disturbances and ease your mind so you can sleep, relax, or get things done. Unlike other models, this one offers precise volume control, two color options, and an international version.


A wooden utensils set that's portable & eco-friendly

Whether you're rebelling against disposable utensils or you just like to be prepared, this To-Go Ware set is a great thing to keep with you. The fork, knife, spoon, and chopsticks are made from food-safe wood that won't absorb flavors or warp with hot temperatures. Everything comes in a pouch made from recycled plastic, which features a carabiner clip and is offered in seven different colors.


This 11-in-one multitool that's the size of a credit card

Slip it into your wallet, and never be without a bottle opener, wrench, knife, screwdriver, or ruler. This SE survival tool is the same shape and size as a credit card, but it's made from durable stainless steel and features 11 different tools to help you out in a pinch. Grab one for $4, or get a pack of five for double that and pass them out to your friends.


This wind-inflated couch that lets you lounge anywhere

Kick it on the beach, provide some impromptu seating at a concert, or take a breather on top of a mountain. The WEKAPO inflatable lounger is so durable (and so waterproof) you can even use it as a pool float. Just take it out of the carrying bag, unroll it, and walk towards the wind; it'll fill up in seconds so you have a comfortable, hammock-like seat wherever you happen to be. It even has a built-in head rest and side pockets.


A must-have accessory if you travel often

The Travelon Bag Bungee is a relatively simple premise, but reviewers are still asking, "Where have you been my whole life?" It's essentially an adjustable cradle that attaches your briefcase, coat, pocketbook, or carry-on to the handle of your hard suitcase, so you can roll everything at once and still have a free hand. Buyers say it's a "must" if you fly often for work, have children who don't carry their own suitcases, or even regularly commute with a lot of stuff.


A compact, clear pair of binoculars with low-light night vision

These Aurosports high-powered binoculars were originally designed for bird watching due to their compact frame and low-light night vision — but reviewers are using them for safaris, vacations, sporting events, and nosebleed-section concert tickets. "I wasn't expecting much," one reviewer says (especially for the price), but "this is the best pair I have I owned." The clarity is incredible and the zoom makes you feel as if you're "standing right beside them."


This medicated tea tree spray that helps with acne

Whether you're looking for a low-hassle way to treat facial blemishes, or a gentle, easy-to-administer solution anywhere else on the body, this acne-eliminating spray has hundreds of five-star reviews. Using medicinal ingredients, like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, and soothing natural ingredients, like tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, and witch hazel, this formula helps clear acne and prevent future breakouts, all while remaining gentle and hydrating for skin. "Smells great, easy to use. It really works, doesn't smell medicinal at all," reported one fan.


This revolutionary drain protector with 17,000 reviews

Up until now, drain plugs have remained pretty standard — which is why the TubShroom has nearly 17,000 reviews. This revolutionary design fits inside your tub drain instead of over it, and has a mushroom-like shape that allows for the drainage of water while catching every single hair. It's made from industrial-strength silicone, so it's easy to wipe clean, fits most standard drains, and doesn't require any tools for installation.


A carabiner keychain with five built-in survival tools

The Holtzman’s carabiner has five built-in survival tools: an emergency whistle, a flint rod, a cutting tool, a flint scraper, and a paracord, all attached to a convenient keyring. It's available in black or green, and reviewers say that it makes a great gift for campers, hunters, survivalists, or people who just like to be prepared.


The best way to store utensils in smaller drawers

Unlike your average cutlery organizer, the Joseph Joseph utensil tray creates more space in your drawers by overlapping your spoons, knives, and forks. The stacked compartments are only 4.5 inches wide to suit extra-skinny drawers or kitchens that need to make the most out of their storage space. "I have a tiny kitchen with only [three] drawers, so space is at a premium," one reviewer says. "My silverware organizer took up almost all of one drawer, so this organizer is a godsend."


A hand-operated espresso machine for camping & travel

If you need your quality-caffeine fix no matter what (and gas station coffee just won't cut it), the Wacaco Minipresso GR is a worthy investment. This hand-held gadget requires only espresso and boiling water — no batteries, heating elements, or electricity. Thanks to the semi-automatic piston and the hand-operated mechanism, you can get rich, bold espresso at the press of a button, even while camping or traveling.


This best-selling shampoo & conditioner set made from apple cider vinegar

Because they're made with real apple cider vinegar, thousands of reviewers with all different hair types are raving about WOW shampoo and conditioner. The balancing formula somehow works for both dry and oily hair alike, and is also especially effective when it comes to improving dandruff, removing build-up, encouraging growth, repairing damage, taming frizz, and preventing loss. "Miracle in a bottle," one reviewer says. "If I could give this shampoo 10 stars I would."


A silicone baking mat that doesn't need sprays, oils, or parchment

Completely eliminate the need for greasing the pan thanks to the AmazonBasics baking mat. The silicone construction ensures that absolutely nothing sticks — not even chicken, roast potatoes, macaroons, or cinnamon buns. They come in a pack of two, are oven-safe up to 480 degrees, and fit half-sheet size pans.


This electric opener that's "a must-have for wine drinkers"

This sleek, futuristic-looking tool is called the Secura electric wine opener, and its rechargeable motor removes the cork at the press of a button. It works on all standard-size bottles, comes with a modern base that doubles as a charging station, and even includes a foil cutter so you can effortlessly remove seals. "Not only does this opener look beautiful, but it’s simple and practical to use ... I ordered several more to give as gifts this Christmas."


"One of the absolute best" motivational books for anyone

Written by Admiral William H. McRaven, who's a retired Navy SEAL, Make Your Bed is an inspiring, motivational book based on the viral graduation speech given in 2014. McRaven outlines the 10 principles he learned in Navy SEAL training and presents them in an accessible, easy-to-implement way, regardless of your age or life experiences. This book is filled with touching anecdotes, truths, and life lessons, and according to reviewers, it's a must-read for anyone who's looking to "make it on their own and take pride in their accomplishments."


This blender that makes your breakfast right in the to-go cup

Blenders are praised for their ability to create quick, easy meals — but all the washing and disassembling usually negates that. The Oster personal blender is just 5 inches in diameter, so it can live on your counter all the time; it also blends the ingredients straight in the BPA-free to-go cup complete with a sports lid, so you can grab your breakfast and worry about the washing later.


A rechargeable, waterproof speaker with a suction cup & carabiner clip

This portable speaker goes anywhere with you and attaches to virtually anything. That's because it's entirely waterproof, compatible with all Bluetooth devices, and rechargeable for up to six hours of playback time. It also has a carabiner clip on top and a suction cup on the back, so whether you use it on a hike or in the shower, you're never without your tunes.


This pour-over coffee that tastes like a "local independent coffee shop"

Whether you're camping, staying in a hotel room, or running too late to stop for coffee, Copper Cow comes with everything you need to create a delicious dark espresso roast on the go. The biodegradable bags are filled with full-bodied Vietnamese espresso grounds and fitted with convenient tabs that attach to virtually any cup. Just pour boiling water into the bag, add the included sweetened condensed milk packet, and mix with the bamboo stirrer. "This product is a work of genius," one reviewer writes. "This is way beyond anything I've experienced with pre-ground coffee before. More like the flavor I associate with local independent coffee shops."


This wooden foot massager that reviewers are obsessed with

Despite the fact that it doesn't use any batteries, automatic parts, or motors, the TheraFlow foot roller is "the best $8 [reviewers] have ever spent." This portable wooden massager has textured, individually-rolling beads that stimulate pressure points, stretch out tight muscles, and work out sore spots on both feet simultaneously. Even those with plantar fasciitis, scar tissue, and arch issues have found relief.


A collapsible solar-powered lantern that can also charge your phone

This water-resistant lantern provides illumination anywhere you happen to be — but it's also capable of transforming into a handheld flashlight and charging your phone with solar power. The LED light has three different modes and can be recharged via USB or powered using sunlight. It's available in two colors and collapses down into a small disk for convenient travel.


This silicone sponge that will never smell like mildew

The Peachy Clean scrubber does in fact smell like peaches, but the real selling point is that it'll never smell like anything else. The non-porous silicone construction ensures that this sponge scrubs away food and smudges without clinging onto odors, mildew, and bacteria. It's also much more durable than your average kitchen sponge.


A leak-proof travel mug that you can wear for a hands-free commute

For those who bike to work or need their hands free on the subway, the Goat Story mug is the answer to your morning-coffee prayers. This horn-shaped cup is coated in leather, lined with BPA-free materials, and attaches to a strap so you can carry 12 ounces hands-free. It's also 100 percent leak-proof, and the holder transforms into a stand so the mug sits upright when you reach your destination.

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