44 clever products on Amazon that make being trapped at home way better

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Whether you're looking for a little something to shake up the monotony of everyday or something a little stronger when the weather outside looks dreadful and you feel trapped, stepping up your lounging game and finding joyful breaks from the usual can be as easy as a few clever products that make being at home way better.

If you find that you're making more meals at home, consider a knife sharpener to lend a hand and silicone gloves to keep you protected — and I'm not sure anyone can say "no" to oversize cookie sheets, right? If organizing and cutting down on visual clutter is more your mood, label makers are every organizer's best friend and sturdy while reusable storage bags keep your sheets and out-of-season clothes contained. And in the quest to live your best life, there're plenty of items on the list that can help you do just that: Think cozy wearable blankets, satin pillowcases, and essential oil diffusers.

So if you're ready to make being at home just a little more enjoyable, keep scrolling for some great ways to start. You might even feel so rejuvenated, you'll want to tackle projects that have been sidelined for far too long.


This $30 duvet insert the kicks up the cozy

This plush duvet insert will undoubtedly kick up the cozy in any bed. Crisp looking on its own, this insert features piped edges and baffle-box construction that stops the fiber filling from shifting. It also has four corner tabs that keep it in place inside the duvet cover. It’s machine washable. Choose from an assortment of sizes and colors.


These molds that make large, round ice spheres

For large, slow-melting ice spheres, add this BPA-free tray to your bar cart. The bottom is made with sturdy plastic and the top is constructed with flexible silicone that's easy to peel back once the "cubes" are frozen. And thanks to the holes at the top of each sphere mold, it's easy to fill up with water. You don't have to use water, either — try it with soap or even your favorite juice.


These reusable dishcloths that save you money

These dishcloths can hold up to 20 times their weight, and they’re reusable, so you can save your money and help out the planet. While these dishcloths are soft to the touch, they can still tackle tough household cleaning jobs.


These oversized cookie sheets that let you make more cookies

Freshly baked cookies are one way to make home a lot nicer, and of course, more is more. To that end, these oversize cookie sheets won't disappoint. They're made of pure aluminum, so they'll bake evenly, and the reinforced rim prevents warping and drips.


This electric heater that warms up in 2 seconds

When there’s a chill in the air, warm up your favorite spaces with this handy electric space heater. This ceramic heater is small but powerful, and it heats up within two seconds. What’s more, there are plenty of built-in safety features, like no open coils, automatic shut-off, and a tip-over switch. Plus, a built-in handle lets you move it from room to room with ease, and you can choose between black and gray.


These mesh laundry bags that protect delicate items

This set of mesh laundry bags will undoubtedly make laundry day a bit easier. They'll separate your delicate items and keep them safe so that they don't fall prey to a rough washing machine. These bags have smooth, durable zippers and with five different sizes, you'll have plenty of bags to go around.


These smart strip lights that bring the party anywhere

Add a dash of fun in your home with these Alexa-enabled lights. With a built-in mic, it can tune into the music at home and pulse along with it. With 16 million colors and made of waterproof material, the possibilities are endless.


This microfiber towel that dries your hair more quickly

These microfiber towels are soft to the touch and super absorbent so drying your hair got a lot easier (and less damaging). They also dry quickly and can absorb up to 10 times their weight in water. Plus, they feature a twist and loop system that keeps them in place, and they’re machine washable.


This splatter-proof cover the keeps microwave messes to a minimum

While microwaves are quite convenient, keeping them clean is another story. This splatter-proof microwave cover, however, easily solves that problem. Made from BPA-free plastic and silicone, this cover encourages even cooking, and vents on the top allow steam to escape. What’s more, this cover is dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a breeze.


These storage bags that let you store pretty much anything

Whether you're camping or hosting a party outside, this water pump can seriously come in handy. It's meant to be attached to a 5-gallon water tank to help pump water directly from the container; all you have to do is connect it and hit the button at the top when it's time to fill your cup. The system runs on a rechargeable battery that can last up to 40 days per charge.


This $20 electric hand mixer with 10,000+ 5-star ratings

With six speeds and a quick burst function, this electric hand mixer takes your cooking and baking to the next level and is backed by more than 10,000 five-star ratings. This mixer also features a snap-on storage case (so you’ll never lose the attachments), and the built-in bowl rest lets you easily add ingredients without the concern of making a mess.


This draft stopper that lowers your energy bills

Stay warm and extra cozy with this draft stopper that closes the gap between your door and floor. While this weather strip effectively stops drafts in their tracks (saving you some bucks in the process), it can also stop the slivers of light from peeking through. This draft stopper is machine washable, it can be trimmed to fit almost any size door, and it’s available in 10 colors.


These flameless tea lights that makes your home inviting but safe

The warm glow of candlelight can make any room feel cozy and inviting, but when you don't want an open flame, try these battery-operated LED tea lights. These candles give off a warm white glow, and they look like the real thing. They’re easy to use with a simple on-off switch, and they provide 100+ hours of use.


These airtight food containers that will keep your pantry organized

Organized spaces can cut down on aggravating visual clutter, and these food storage containers are an easy way to do it. These containers are BPA-free, made from durable plastic, and they're airtight. Even better, these containers are stackable, and they come with reusable chalkboard labels.


This bath mat that feels so nice (and stays dry)

Step out of your shower in comfort with this luxury bath mat. Made from chenille, this rug is ultra-soft and absorbent. A nonslip bottom keeps it in place. It is machine washable and available in 21 colors.


This alarm clock that also shows the temperature

Stay on track and stick to your schedule with this sleek digital alarm clock. This clock can accommodate up to three different alarms, there are three levels of brightness, and there’s even a weekday mode. What’s more, this clock can monitor and display the temperature and humidity levels in your home. Choose from four colors.


This milk frother for barista-style beverages at home

With this easy-to-use milk frother, you can make your own lattes and cappuccinos from the comfort of your own home. It features a durable stainless steel whisk and it is battery-operated, so there are no hassles with cords.


These nonslip silicone gloves to keep your hands safe

If you find that you’re making more homemade meals these days, you may want to add these silicone gloves to your arsenal of kitchen helpers. These gloves are heat resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and they’re heat resistant. What’s more, they have a textured nonslip grip for added safety.


These tub stoppers that work in the kitchen or the bath

These tub stoppers sit flat over almost any type of drain to form a tight seal and stop the water flow when needed. Made from food-grade silicone, these covers are washable, flexible, and they’re generously sized (6 inches in diameter), so there’s plenty of coverage in the kitchen or the bath.


This reusable notebook that stores your ideas in the cloud

Cut down on paper clutter and waste with this reusable notebook. With 36 pages, there's plenty of room for brainstorming and notes. When you're done, just save it to your cloud service of choice, wipe it clean, and make a fresh start.


This reusable straw set that's super portable

With thousands of five-star reviews, these reusable straws are an obvious fan favorite thanks to the telescoping design which makes it compact enough to bring just about anywhere. Each order comes with two straws, a brush cleaner, keychains, and cases.


This handheld label maker that helps you organize everything

When you’re stuck at home, finding projects to keep you busy is important. So when you’re in the throes of organizing, this label maker can help you kick things up a notch. It features two-line printing, five font sizes, seven print styles, and much more. Plus, it’s battery-operated, portable, and lightweight, so you can take it from room to room with ease.


This mouse pad that has a nonslip base that won’t move around

With an anti-slip rubber base, this mouse pad remains stationary while you work, and the low-friction surface allows for smooth and precise tracking. "The cordless mouse grabs this pad and works better than any mouse pad I have used in the last three years. A good product,” one customer raved. Choose from one of 34 marble designs.


This seat cushion that keeps you comfortable all day

If life finds you sitting for long stretches, you might want to give this seat cushion a go. Made from memory foam, this cushion molds to the shape of your bottom for a customized feel. A nonslip backing keeps it in place, and the cover is removable and washable. With more than 40,000 ratings, it's a clear favorite.


This desk pad that adds a pop of color to your workspace

Protect your desk from the wear and tear of everyday use with this nonslip desk pad. With a suede material on the bottom, it will stay in place, and the PVC leather is easy to clean (just wipe with a damp cloth). This desk pad is large enough to accommodate laptops, mice, and keyboards. With more than a dozen colors and three sizes to choose from, it’s a great way to add a pop of color to your workspace.


This laptop stand that reduces neck strain

Reduce neck strain and aches with this laptop stand. This stand raises your screen to eye level, so there’s no more craning and hunching as you work. It’s compatible with laptops from 10 to 15.6 inches, rubber pads on the arms prevent slippage, and the open design prevents overheating.


This stackable organizer that works for cosmetics and much more

Keep your makeup organized and easily accessible with this crystal clear organizer, but while these are listed as cosmetic organizers, they also lend easily to pantry, closet, and office storage. Plus, it's stackable.


This teeth-cleaning set with biodegradable bamboo brushes

These biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes are an easy low-waste swap with bristles that are "soft but strong enough to clean my teeth," according to one reviewer. Each order comes with four toothbrushes, charcoal dental floss, and a bamboo toothbrush holder.


This tablet for hands-free viewing and video calls

Ideal for video calls, following recipes, and watching movies, this tablet stand raises your screen to eye level for optimal hands-free viewing. It has a weighted base so it won’t tip over, and you can adjust the height and viewing angles.


These screen protectors that block 90% of blue light

Blue light from screen time can disrupt your sleep, so use these blue light screen protectors to block about 90% of it. These protectors are easy to apply, easy to remove, and each kit comes with two protectors (one matte and one glossy). Even better, your order includes a free MacBook Pro keyboard skin and a sliding webcam cover.


31.These ice molds for specialty cocktails at home

With these cube molds, your ice will melt more slowly in a drink. This set includes a sphere mold and a large cube mold, and the ice cube trays are made from food-grade silicone, so they’re flexible and dishwasher safe. Choose between black or gray.


This stone pan trio lined with nonstick cast aluminum

Cooking is a good way to spend time at home, and this pan trio makes it easy. They're each made with granite stone and are lined with a smooth, nonstick cast aluminum. The bottoms are designed to offer even heat distribution, and the ergonomic handles have a sleek woodgrain design. Three sizes come with one order: 8-, 9.5-, and 12-inch.


This wine aerator that cuts down your wait time

Use this wine aerator to more quickly enhance the flavor of your wine. It works with a simple one-button operation, and with a built-in battery is rechargeable via USB. One reviewer shared: “Definitely a fun gadget for beginner wine drinkers. Pretty awesome pouring the wine into the glass from the aerator. Helps the wine breathe in a [short] amount of time.” Choose between black or red.


This pizza stone for a crispy crust

This rectangular pizza stone heats evenly, and it bakes your crust to a crisp finish, so you never have to deal with soggy pizza again. This pizza stone is generously sized to accommodate a large pizza, and it can be used in the oven or on your BBQ grill. "This took pizza night at our house to a whole new level. Pizza crust comes out perfect, and the stone helps heat the toppings evenly. I don't think I'll ever go back to my old way of making pizza!" one customer raved.


These wine wands that help remove sulfites & histamines

If you ask me, having a glass of wine at home is relaxing — and these wands make the experience even more enjoyable. With a few twirls around your cup of red or white, it'll remove sulfites from the beverage — which can be related to wine allergies — along with histamines. This pack comes with eight of them, in case you're having a few drinks with your loved ones.


This herb garden set with everything you need

Always have the right herbs on hand with this 40-piece herb garden kit is packed with everything you need to grow a thriving herb garden in your own home, including seeds, soil discs, grow bags, markers, and more.


These resistance bands that turns your home into a gym

These resistance bands are a great way to add a little strength training without spending much cash. Made of a cotton and latex blend, these bands are sold in a set of three, each one offering a different resistance level, and with a 4.8-star overall rating from thousands of reviewers on Amazon, it's definitely customer approved.


This best-selling ab roller that's perfect for exercising at home

This ab roller offers an easy and inexpensive way to get a great ab workout at home. Made of strong steel and rubber exterior, this ab roller also features a nonslip rubber wheel, and ergonomic rubber handles.


These satin pillowcases that are more gentle on skin and hair

Satin pillowcases are super smooth so they're gentler on hair and skin, and as an added bonus, they kick up the luxury of your bed a few notches. These satin pillowcases are soft to the touch, resist staining, and are machine washable. Choose from an assortment of sizes and colors.


This heated blanket with 3 temperature settings

You would be hard-pressed to find something that kicks up the cozy quite like a heated blanket, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Users can choose from three temperature settings, and there’s even an auto-shutoff function. Plus, to make things easy, this blanket is machine washable and dryer friendly.


These toilet sprays that stop odors before they start

With these toilet sprays, bathroom odors have met their match. Made with essential oils, this spray is non-toxic, and it stops odors before they start. Choose from an assortment of sizes and scents.


This under-sink organizer that works in kitchens and bathrooms

Use this basket organizer to keep things organized and readily accessible without taking up much space. This organizer is easy to use because it hooks over cabinet doors. Use it in the kitchen or the bathroom for everything from cleaning supplies or toiletries.


This blanket you wear so you'll stay cozy

This wearable blanket keeps you warm and cozy even when you're taking care of a few chores. They're sherpa-lined for maximum warmth, and they even have pockets to keep your hands warm. Plus, they’re machine washable and dryer friendly. Choose from a variety of size categories and colors.


This insect trap that's both innovative and elegant

Flying insects can be an annoyance, so stop them in their tracks with this indoor insect trap. With 20 LED lights, this insect trap emits lights, this trap is a safe and non-toxic way to eliminate insects. Plus, the elegant design looks great anywhere.