44 genius things that are selling like hot cakes on Amazon

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Not all highly coveted products require a waitlist — in fact, tons of hot tickets items are available right now on Amazon, and many of them may not even be on your radar yet. Whether you're looking for ways to upgrade your home or make your life a little easier, this list is is packed with genius things on Amazon that are flying off the virtual shelves.

These clever products cover a range of categories, so there's sure to be something that'll have you clicking "Add to Cart." For example, you can upgrade your morning routine with a breakfast sandwich maker that reviewers rave about, along with an iced tea and coffee maker that brews cold drinks in minutes. Or, you can make your bathroom more luxurious with an easy-to-install shower head that has three spa-worthy water settings. There's also an affordable bidet toilet attachment that boasts over 29,000 reviews and a 4.6-star overall rating from Amazon reviewers. And those are just a few examples. You'll also find items that'll improve your cleaning routine, home organization, lounge time, and more.

If you're curious to see what other items Amazon shoppers have been scooping up, scroll on for more genius products that are topping everyone's "must-have" list.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


These stickers that dim the lights on your electronics

If the lights on your electronics are disturbing your rest, these light-dimming sheets can help. Each pack contains over 100 dimming stickers in various sizes, and they block out 50 to 80% of light. They're easy to use, too — just peel and cover whatever you want to dim, like digital alarm clock displays or modem lights.


A dual-sided microfiber mop that makes cleaning a breeze

With more than 16,000 five-star reviews, it's clear this microfiber spray mop makes cleaning a cinch. It features a dual-sided microfiber mop head that allows you to clean twice as long without changing the pad, and the refillable spray bottle can be filled with water or your favorite cleaning solution. Plus, you can use the mop pad wet or dry, and it's washable and reusable. Best of all, it requires no batteries or power to use.


A wall repair putty for diy projects

This wall hole repair tool is a genius putty that allows you to make fast wall repairs during painting projects. The unique applicator bottle makes it simple to apply the product right over cracks and holes, wipe it dry, and then paint over it for perfect walls that cost peanuts to fix.


These sponges that remove deodorant streaks from clothing

Remove pesky deodorant spots on your clothes with these deodorant streak-removing sponges. Sold in packs of two and four, the compact sponges quickly lift deodorant streaks with no water required, and it's easy to stash one in your bag for on-the-go spot cleaning.


An electric beverage warmer that keeps hot drinks at the perfect temperature

Keep hot drinks piping until the last sip with this electric beverage warmer. The heating plate has three temperature settings and an auto-shutoff function that kicks in after four hours for optimal safety. Plus, the waterproof warmer is easy to wipe clean as needed. Choose from six styles, like black, white, and woodgrain.


These mirrored glasses for reading & watching TV in bed

Read and watch TV in bed without craning your neck or straining your eyes, thanks to these prism mirrored glasses. Adjusting your view downward by 90 degrees, the frames allow to you fully recline without losing sight of your book or the TV, and they even fit over prescription eyeglasses.


A door draft stopper that insulates your home

This double-sided door draft stopper is great for insulating your home against breezes, noises, and odors. The foam interior can be trimmed to fit your door, and the durable fabric cover is removable and machine-washable. The easy-to-install draft stopper comes in 10 colors and styles, including black, coffee, and red plaid.


A multi-compartment organizer you can hang in your closet

Featuring 16 compartments that include roomy pockets for towels and sweaters, as well as smaller pockets for accessories and hand towels, this hanging closet organizer has enough space for so many of your wardrobe necessities. The organizer is made from breathable woven fabric and hangs on your closet rod, taking up less space.


These anti-slip grips for your eyeglasses

Prevent your glasses from sliding down the bridge of your nose with these silicone grips. The flexible, lightweight grips fit onto eyeglass temples to provide anti-slip protection and cushioning for your ears, so your glasses are more comfortable to wear all day. Each pack contains five pairs, and you can choose from black, clear, and gray.


A personal blender with a built-in travel cup

This fan-favorite personal blender makes it easy to whip up smoothies and shakes to go. It features one-touch blending, so operation is simple, and you can blend and drink from the 14-ounce jar, which comes with a travel lid. Plus, the BPA-free jar and lid are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


An over-the-door shoe rack with height-adjustable bars

Keep up to 36 pairs of shoes organized with this over-the-door shoe rack. The easy-to-assemble rack hooks over most doors and features 12 nonslip coated steel bars that fold up to accommodate various shoe heights. Also great: There are nonslip pads to protect your door from damage when you open and close it.


A lap desk with a built-in mouse pad & phone slot

Working from the couch or bed is a lot comfier with this cushioned lap desk. It features a dual-bolster lap cushion that promotes airflow, along with a smooth work surface and a built-in mouse pad. There's also a ledge that prevents your laptop from sliding forward and a phone slot that keeps your cell handy. Choose from six colors, including oak woodgrain, white marble, and classic black.


A natural shoe deodorizer spray with a blend of essential oils

This popular shoe deodorizer spray is made with a blend of lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree essential oils that refresh smelly shoes. Just a few spritzes in each shoe can eliminate odors and leave your footwear smelling fresh. The extra-strength spray has over 13,000 reviews, with one noting, "gross foot smell is GONE."


A bidet toilet attachment that upgrades your bathroom

This easy-to-install bidet toilet attachment is an instant upgrade for your bathroom. The bidet attaches to any standard two-piece toilet and comes with all the necessary parts and tools for installation. Plus, the bidet features adjustable control knobs and a self-cleaning nozzle that retracts when not in use, so maintenance is hassle-free.


A vertical stand for laptops & tablets

Keep laptops and devices organized with this vertical laptop stand. It's made from durable aluminum and features an expandable double dock that holds two devices at once. What's more, the slots have nonslip silicone bases that protect your laptops and tablets and help them stay in place.


A champagne bottle stopper with a built-in pressure pump

Your bottle of bubbly can stay fizzy for longer, thanks to this champagne bottle stopper. The stainless steel stopper fits bottles of champagne, prosecco, cava, and sparkling wine, and it has a built-in pressure pump that preserves carbonation with a leakproof seal. Choose from black and gray.


A fermentation kit for making homemade kombucha, sauerkraut & more

Make your own kombucha, sauerkraut, pickles, and more with this fermentation kit. Compatible with wide-mouth canning jars, the kit includes four wide-mouth lids, fermenting caps, storage lids, filters, an oxygen extractor, and a handle for easy pouring — it's everything you need to get started with at-home fermenting.


A cleaning brush that's great for keyboards & electronics

This electronics cleaning brush removes dust and debris from hard-to-clean areas, like your keyboard, camera lens, and earbuds. The highly rated cleaning tool features a tapered silicone wiper on one end and soft, retractable bristles on the other, so you can lift and brush away dirt with ease.


A board game that's all about dexterity challenges

If you're always up for a challenge, the Beat That! board game was designed with you in mind. Players bet on their ability to complete dexterity-based challenges using cups, balls, and other objects, and it's fun for two to eight players aged 9 and up. The game includes 160 challenge cards, betting tokens, and all the objects you need to play.


A dice workout game that shakes up your fitness routine

This dice workout game is a great way to inject some novelty into your fitness routine. The game includes three sets of dice for beginner, intermediate, and advanced difficulty levels, and all you have to do is roll the dice and follow along with the moves, which include push ups, lunges, burpees, and more.


This drawer organizer set

Organize the drawers in your bathroom, home office, or kitchen with this drawer organizer set. The durable set includes two small trays, two big trays, and 12 adjustable dividers, so you can customize everything. Plus, the interlocking clips let you secure the trays together for more efficient storage.


A moldable glue for mess-free repairs

Repair items around the house with this mess-free moldable glue. The non-runny glue is waterproof and resistant to heat and cold, so it's suitable for indoor and outdoor use. To use, make your repair with the moldable glue and let it set into a durable silicone rubber that stays put. Use it to bond frayed cables, repair torn shoes, or even seal kitchen faucet leaks.


An affordable Wi-Fi extender that boosts internet coverage

If certain areas of your home are internet dead zones, this Wi-Fi extender can boost the signal up to 800 square feet. The extender is easy to set up and works with any router to improve Wi-Fi coverage in those hard-to-reach spots across the house, so you can surf the web and stream from any room.


A posture corrector that may help relieve soreness

This posture corrector brace helps you stay properly aligned throughout the day, which may prevent pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. The adjustable brace is made from breathable, lightweight fabric that's easy to wash as needed, and it's discreet enough to wear under your clothing while you're out and about.


This mini Bluetooth speaker with high-quality sound

This highly-rated mini Bluetooth speaker packs a lot of volume into a compact design. The portable, USB-rechargeable speaker pairs with your Bluetooth-enabled device and offers clear, powerful sound and up to four hours of playtime on one charge. There's also a built-in mic for hands-free phone calls. Choose from gold, silver, and black.


These floating bookshelves that make the most of wall space

Display your favorite books with these space-saving floating bookshelves. The L-shaped metal shelves are easy to install and come with the necessary hardware, and they disappear under books for a modern, minimalist look. Style options include silver and white in small and large sizes, and you can opt for a single shelf or a set of three.


A 1-gallon water bottle that motivates you to hydrate

This motivational water bottle features time markers and encouraging quotes to help you stay hydrated throughout the day. The 1-gallon, BPA-free bottle is available in 11 colors and styles, including ombré designs and solid shades, and it's transparent so you can monitor how much water is left. The water bottle has a built-in handle and a removable carry strap, and two leakproof lids are included — one with a silicone straw and another with a flip top.


This sleek wireless charger that's wallet-friendly

With over 37,000 reviews, this affordable wireless charger is a clear favorite for Amazon shoppers. The slim charger reduces clutter on your desk or nightstand and features built-in protection against overheating, overcharging, and short circuiting. Plus, there are color-coded LED lights that let you know the charging status of your device. Choose from 13 colors, including black, gray, and champagne.


An electric can opener with one-touch operation

Open ingredients at the touch of a button, thanks to this electric can opener. The easy-to-use kitchen gadget has a stainless steel blade and a built-in magnet to quickly open and lift lids, and it creates rounded, non-jagged edges, so you can handle the lid safely. Four AA batteries are required (sold separately).


A cooling laptop stand that prevents overheating

Prevent your computer from overheating with this laptop cooling pad. The highly rated laptop stand has two adjustable height settings, three built-in fans, and a mesh surface to help your computer stay cool while you work comfortably. Also great: There's an additional USB port, so you can connect a second device.


A supportive memory foam seat cushion

Get comfortable with this memory foam seat cushion that conforms to your body to provide support while you're sitting. The ergonomic cushion features a U-shaped cutout to reduce pressure on the tailbone and promote proper posture. What's more, the cushion has a nonslip bottom that helps it stay in place, and the soft velour cover is removable and machine-washable.


These heavy-duty, all-weather Velcro strips

These all-weather Velcro strips are ideal for installing items on rough surfaces with no drilling required (think: planters, security cameras, and coat hooks). The heavy-duty adhesive strips hold up to 10 pounds and can be applied easily to brick, concrete, and asphalt. Plus, the strips are UV-resistant and built to withstand extreme temperatures, so they're made to last through every season.


A pet-grooming glove that lifts loose fur

Give your dog or cat a grooming massage with this pet hair remover glove. The breathable glove has an adjustable wrist strap for a comfortable fit, and it features soft, flexible silicone bristles that lift loose pet hair and brush away tangles. You can use the grooming glove daily or during bath time, and it's machine-washable for easy care.


A shower head with a filter that softens hard water

This high-pressure shower head is a best-seller with over 8,000 reviews, and for good reason: It installs easily on any standard hose and features three modes — rainfall, massage, and jet spray — as well as a built-in filtration system that softens hard water and removes impurities. Plus, the micro-nozzle design increases water flow and pressure for a more luxurious shower experience. Choose from six styles, including blue and clear.


A low-profile surge protector with pivoting AC outlets

Increase your outlet space with this low-profile surge protector that features pivoting AC heads, making it easy to plug in multiple devices from any direction. The outlet extender also filters the electricity current to prolong the life of your devices, and you can choose from two styles: one with six AC outlets and one with 4 AC outlets and two USB ports.


This sunrise alarm clock that wakes you up slowly

If you tend to wake up feeling groggy, this sunrise alarm clock can help you feel more refreshed. The smart alarm clock slowly brightens to mimic the sunrise and wake you gently and gradually. Then, in the evening, it mimics the sunset to help you wind down. Other features include seven nature-inspired alarm sounds, FM radio, a snooze function, and voice control capability.


This breakfast sandwich maker that reviewers swear by

Reviewers rave about this breakfast sandwich maker, with one calling it an "amazing kitchen gadget that simply works every time." You can create custom sandwiches in four quick steps by adding bread and your favorite ingredients, and there's a built-in egg plate that does the cooking for you. All removable parts are dishwasher-safe, and there are five colors to choose from, including red, mint, and black.


These wooden coat hooks that are more eco-friendly than plastic

These natural wooden coat hooks are great for minimalist decor, and they're eco-friendly, too. Each sturdy beech wood hook holds up to 30 pounds and they're easy to install with the included mounting hardware. The hooks are available in natural wood or black and have earned a 4.7-star rating and more than 2,000 reviews.


These massage balls that release muscle knots & tension

Roll away muscle tension and knots with these massage lacrosse balls. The set of two solid rubber balls can be used for trigger point therapy and myofascial release on all areas of the body, which may relieve pain in the tissues that support the muscles. Color options include orange and two multi-color sets.


A snap-on silicone strainer that saves space in the kitchen

Save space in the kitchen with this compact snap-on strainer. It's made from heat-resistant silicone and features two clips that fit most round pots, pans, and bowls, so you can drain water easily without a traditional colander. The strainer is dishwasher-safe and comes in four colors: orange, green, purple, and red.


A stainless steel drain protector that catches hair

The highly rated TubShroom drain protector fits inside the drain to catch hair and prevent clogs. The TubShroom is made from durable, rust-resistant stainless steel and fits in most tub and shower drains to collect hair out of sight. Plus, you can purchase the drain protector on its own or opt for a combo pack that includes a silicone drain stopper.


A flexible drain snake tool that removes hard-to-reach clogs

Remove clogs quickly with this easy-to-use snake drain cleaner. The flexible, 18-inch cleaning tool reaches into drains and allows for 360-degree rotation to collect hair and soap scum with ease. Best of all, this set includes a durable, easy-to-grip handle and five cleaning wands refills.


These rug grippers that prevent slipping & curling

Prevent the rug from sliding and curling at the corners with these adhesive rug grippers. They're easy to attach on each corner of the rug and feature a grippy, nonslip surface that helps the rug stay in place. Also great: You can wash the rug without removing the grippers. Choose from packs of four and eight.


An iced tea and coffee maker that brews cold drinks in minutes

This iced tea and coffee maker brews refreshing drinks in minutes. The machine makes up to 2 quarts at a time, and it's easy to use with your favorite tea or ground coffee. It automatically turns off when the brewing cycle is complete, and the pitcher and removable steeping basket are easy to clean.