45 cheap products that get *so* much praise on Reddit

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No matter what you're into, Reddit is a goldmine of information — and discerning shoppers have plenty to gain from this discussion website. There are countless subreddits dedicated to finding genius products for less, and in any subcategory: housewares, clothes, tools, skin-care items, you name it. Personally, Reddit's my social platform of choice (especially when it comes to product research), so just in case you appreciate community-curated value as much as I do, I've rounded up 45 cheap things that are constantly getting raved about on Reddit.

But what, exactly, constitutes cheap here? That word means different things to different people. For a lot of Redditors, it means life-changing products under $50. For others, it's smart investments that save you tons of money down the line, whether it's because they're designed to last a lifetime or they help you do otherwise-expensive jobs entirely on your own. Then there are the brilliant dupes that look and work like the name-brand versions, but come at a fraction of the price. This list has all of those things, and every one of them is available on Amazon.

Regardless of your preferred shopping subcategory or your definition of the word "cheap," these are the money-saving products that Redditors are obsessed with.


This cast iron pot & skillet combo that creates a Dutch oven

When asked about their most life-changing item, u/Heritage21 commented, "A cast iron Dutch oven where the lid can also function as a skillet," and linked out to this combo cooker from Lodge. (The bottom can be used as a pot, the top is a frying pan, and when combined, they create a functional Dutch oven.) It all comes pre-seasoned for less than $50, so it's no wonder other users commented things like, "I had no idea such an item existed. It sounds like perfection."


A weighted blanket that's only $25

According to one Redditor, "if you have a hard time sleeping at night or have anxiety," a weighted blanket is worth every single penny — especially since you can get one for under $30. Despite the low price tag, it's breathable, weighs 15 pounds, and has a 4.7-star overall rating and more than 11,000 reviews.


This soothing balm that's taking over the beauty subs

"I cannot live without this!" u/maxigar commented about the Lucas' Papaw ointment, which is a thick, healing balm that comes from Australia and can be found raved about on just about any beauty sub. "Perfect for chapped lips and I find it very good on little cuts that are taking a while to heal," one person wrote. This two-pack comes with lip applicator tips, but Reddit also loves it for blemishes, sunburns, bug bites, and dry skin.


The most life-changing item you could buy, according to Redditors

It's virtually impossible to scan any post about life-changing products without seeing someone talking about their bidet. ("Got one last year and I'm never going back," one person wrote.) This one's a top seller because it's ultra slim, well-made, easy to install on most standard toilets, and has multiple cleaning modes and water pressure settings.


A durable, reusable dispenser for your plastic wrap

I had no idea this existed until I saw it on Reddit. SuprChrgdBullet wrote that these reusable plastic wrap dispensers are "much better [than] those flimsy boxes they come in." Each one includes a roll of BPA-free plastic wrap, plus an innovative slide dispenser that's way safer and more durable. Get it in your choice of five different prints.


A sparkling water maker that'll save you tons of money in the long run

Yes, the SodaStream is a significant investment up front, but u/TheUnknownStitcher writes that it's the "best investment [they've] made in a long time. [...] I've cut out nearly all non-water drinks from my diet." Basically, the set comes with everything you need to make fresh sparkling water at home at the press of a button. Plus, you can purchase flavor drops to save serious money with DIY LaCroix.


This sunrise alarm clock that helps with energy levels

Redditors often write that their sunrise alarm clock "completely changed [their] mornings." This innovative invention wakes you up with gradually brightening light (rather than sudden, annoying beeps), which supposedly hacks your circadian rhythm to improve not only your mornings, but your energy levels throughout the day. You don't have to buy a $100 one, either; according to reviewers, this $40 sunrise alarm clock works just as well, and it doubles as a sound machine.


The best cheap fix for an old, uncomfortable mattress

The best cheap fix for an old mattress, according to Redditors? A mattress pad. "Way more affordable than buying a brand new mattress and it solved back pain significantly within two weeks," u/Alt_11 wrote. "That was five years ago and it's still serving me today." One of Amazon's best-selling options is this mattress topper from Linenspa, which is 2 inches thick, infused with gel to keep you cool, and comes in just about any size you could need.


A vertical mouse that seriously saves your wrist

"Vertical mouse," wrote u/AnxiouslyAmicable. "Saved my wrist using it at work all day. It looks odd but it feels so much more natural. I even got a bunch of people at my office to buy one after they tried mine." Thanks to its ergonomic shape that positions your wrist in a "handshake" position, it facilitates smoother movement and less strain — plus this one is wireless with precision tracking and convenient shortcut buttons.


The best way to avoid expensive plumbers

U/gitsgrl is just one of countless Redditors who raves about the TubShroom: "Catches my hair before going down the drain to clog my pipes and make me have to call a plumber and be sad about how expensive it is for a house call." After snaking my tub's drain one too many times, I also bought one of these revolutionary mushroom-shaped strainers, and can confirm — it installed in seconds, is ridiculously easy to clean, and really does catch every hair.


These $10 straps that secure any sheets to any mattress

Reddit user mykindiweb's most life-changing item is $10 fitted sheet straps: "Now I can use soft sheets that don't cost a fortune and my sleep is undisturbed by them popping loose, greatly improving my quality of life." They use heavy-duty elastic straps and nickel-plated clamps — and they're adjustable, durable, and damage-free.


A $6 back scratcher that doubles as a bottle opener

"I have a telescopic back scratcher. It's life changing," u/Wwwweeeeeeee commented. This one only costs $6, but it has managed to rack up more than 12,000 five-star reviews. People love that the handle adjusts from 8.4 to 23 inches, and that the bear-claw prongs are strong enough to scratch that itch, yet dull enough to prevent scratching. (The opening in the center also doubles as a bottle opener.)


This cult-favorite coffee maker that's super compact

I challenge you to find a popular post about coffee or best purchases that doesn't mention the AeroPress. This $30 coffee and espresso maker uses a total immersion brewing process that's fast, but still manages to avoid high acidity levels and bitterness. It's also lightweight and needs only grounds and boiling water, so the traveler or camper can make coffee just about anywhere.


These motion-sensor lights that've prevented so many accidents

It's a seemingly simple purchase (especially since you get six of them for roughly $20), but Redditor epanek "can’t tell you how many stubbed toes or falls they have prevented." These motion-sensor lights stick anywhere with adhesive pads or built-in magnets; they then produce 20 lumens of light as soon as you're 10 feet away. Plus, they automatically shut off once you're gone to preserve battery life. Put them in your closet, under your cabinets, along your hallways, in your shed — the possibilities are endless.


This $50 hammock that has a 4.9-star overall rating

"Bought my Eno a year ago and I have no idea what I did without it," one Redditor wrote. "You can literally post up anywhere and everywhere and it will encourage you to go outside a lot more." This $50 hammock has an incredible 4.9-star overall rating on Amazon. It weighs 16 ounces, supports up to 300 pounds, and comes with everything you need to quickly and securely mount it to trees, masts, and walls.


These liners so cleaning your crock pot takes mere seconds

Redditors are constantly raving about their slow cookers, but SplashOfCYMK recommends a solution to everyone's least favorite part: cleaning the thing. "Crock pot liners. Never will I waste my time washing and soaking and SCRUBBING those darn things ever again. Well worth my money." The nylon-blend construction is heat-resistant, BPA-free, and highly durable. Now cleanup takes literally seconds.


These melamine sponges that clean almost anything

If you're still buying the name-brand product, according to u/dsetech (and countless other Redditors and reviewers), anything made out of melamine foam is "a fraction of the price and nearly as good." Take this 20-pack of extra-large, extra-thick eraser sponges, for example. Even though they cost $10 and can be cut up into smaller pieces, they still remove scuffs, stains, grime, and discoloration with just a few drops of water.


These classic Crocs that last & last

When asked which products works just a little too well, u/imdivesmaintank commented, "Crocs. They had trouble making money because they last for-f*cking-ever." Love them or... not, they are here to stay. The original, classic Crocs are touted for being incredibly lightweight and beyond comfortable for all-day wear. And, there are loads of different styles that are less clog-like that still maintain the brand’s durability and comfort, if you prefer a different look.


A sharpener that makes all your knives cut like new

U/trends19 wrote that "sharp knives for the kitchen" significantly improved their life on a day-to-day basis, but according to other Redditors, you don't necessarily have to invest in a new set. A quality sharpener produces the same outcome — for about $10. This one has a nonslip base and a compact footprint, plus it has both a carbide blade and ceramic rods for both coarse and fine sharpening.


This tool that removes snow & ice from your car in a fraction of the time

Reddit user Peterpewpew works at a dealership in the Midwest, and wrote that they "exclusively use these to clean cars because they don't scratch." That said, you don't need to be in the car industry to appreciate the Snow Joe snow broom. Its non-abrasive foam head pushes away heavy, wet snow, its telescoping handle helps you reach the top of your car, and its built-in scraper removes stubborn ice without damage.


This fan-favorite cooker for perfect rice every time

Reddit has so many posts and comments about rice cookers. (Takes less than nothing to get some rice in there and flip the switch," wrote HotTopicMallRat.) The fan-favorite option seems to be the IMUSA, which is nonstick, makes up to six cups at once, and produces fluffy, perfectly cooked rice every time. You can also use it for vegetables and oatmeal.


A smart scale that costs about $30

"A smart scale was the best thing I ever bought," u/cpierGC wrote, but according to u/Svenskens, you don't have to spend more than $100 to get a quality model: "Wyze makes a really solid smart scale for about $30. I've had mine for about a year and I love it." It uses advanced sensor glass and app-syncing technology to track your heart rate, metabolic rate, water percentage, and your muscle and bone mass, among other things.


This bug screen that opens & closes with magnets

These "insect door screens that close automatically with magnets" actually work really well, according to one Reddit user. The polyester mesh is durable and keeps bugs out, but the center split opens when you walk through and closes behind you. As a result, it's a great solution for households with pets, kids, and tons of barbecues. It's also easy to install.


These hair wraps that are way better than towels

Reddit user KatyStrawberry got a Turbie Twist as a gift, and it stayed in their cupboard for a long time — but after using it once, they promptly invested in two more. "They're so much easier than using [a] towel for long hair!" The microfiber material is lightweight and extremely absorbent, all while reducing frizz, speeding up dry time, and minimizing split ends.


These blackout curtains that people refuse to live without

According to Redditors, a great set of blackout curtains "changes your life if you want to sleep all day," and "after living like a vampire for a few years," they'll never again go without them. This is the best-selling set on Amazon because it's affordable and comes in tons of colors and sizes. It also insulates against noise and heat as well as light.


This $17 pan that'll quickly become your go-to cookware

"Holy freakin balls these things are amazing," u/Pun-Chi wrote about these ROCK pans from Starfrit. "They look like they're made out of rocks and absolutely NOTHING sticks to these things. I cook a LOT and I have 2 of these pans and all my other pans are just collecting dust. Super even heating," too.


These spring-like strips that open your nasal passages

This Breathe Right nasal strips set "cuts down quite a bit on snoring" and "helps you breathe when you're stopped up," one Redditor wrote — and the comment got more than 1,000 upvotes. It's made from a spring-like band that helps open your nasal passages, and it's formulated for sensitive skin.


A light therapy box for winter depression

When it came to light therapy boxes, u/MundiMori "refused to buy one for years [...] A doctor finally convinced me to cave. Best. Purchase. Ever." The Verilux HappyLight is a top contender because it provides 10,000 LUX in a portable 20-square-inch size. It also has thousands of reviews that call it a "hope restorer" and a "life changer."


This stool that's transforming people's poops

From IBS subs to posts about the most life-changing products, Redditors are always raving about the Squatty Potty. "My mom got me one for an early Christmas present this year. I never knew how excited I could get from a stool (pun intended)," ProfessorChaos_ wrote. Basically, it lifts your legs up so you're in a squatting position, which straightens out your colon for easier elimination. It's also washable, designed to hug most bowls, and has a 4.7-star overall rating.


This dishwashing soap that's "incredible" & "lasts forever"

"The stuff is incredible and lasts forever," theWishyWasher wrote about Dawn's Platinum dishwashing liquid. "You can use a drop to clean a dish that's been caked on for days. My bottle has lasted 2 years so far. I don't know how they make any money." With this five-piece set that includes three bottles and two scrubbers, you should be set for a while.


The dual-purpose phone gadget that might have you asking "how did I ever live without?”

After trying a Popsocket, Reddit user gsweathers quickly went from "I'm almost 40 why do I need a 15 year old girls phone accessory" to "how did I ever hold a phone without this thing?" It sticks to your phone or case using a shockingly durable (but still removable and reusable) adhesive. And now you can get that amazingly useful functionality with the added benefit of having a connected wallet with room for three credit cards. Consider it the greatest phone accessory of all time.

Check out more Popsocket designs here.


These genius straps that help you move items up to 800 pounds

I first read about Forearm Forklifts on Reddit, when a pro mover wrote that they "use them every day at work." As fate would have it, I was weeks away from a move of my own, so I bought them and tried them out. These brilliant straps made a pull-out couch feel like it weighed 40 pounds. They crisscross under furniture, boxes, and appliances before securing around your forearms, and because of the leverage, items feel 66% lighter.


This cheaper alternative that's the "holy grail" of food storage containers

"I've found the holy grail, you guys, and it's called LOCK & LOCK," Reddit user jay_emdee wrote on a post about better product alternatives. "I forgot about bread for weeks after a camping trip, and found it in perfect condition, because of these boxes." They have airtight and leakproof lids with locking hinges, and they're BPA-free, microwaveable, and dishwasher-safe. Most importantly, you get a six-piece set for less than $20 — way cheaper than most competitors.


A motion-sensor night light for your toilet with 9,000+ 5-star reviews

"Get a motion activated toilet bowl light. They're amazing. Don'tkill your eyes in the middle of the night when you gotta pee," u/Onlythegoodstuff17 urged the Reddit community. You can grab this one for $12, which has 16 colors that you can set individually or cycle through for a rainbow effect. Despite its low price tag, it has dual motion sensors and a bright LED.


This sticky lint roller that rinses clean for reuse

u/LadyKlaymoor writes that the Schticky lint roller is a "damn good product" with the "best infomercial ever." Instead of disposable sheets, it has a washable, reusable material that picks up lint, hair, and pilling — and then rinses clean so you can use it again. This two-piece set also comes with a mini one that has a built-in brush attachment.


This collapsible folding wagon that you'll find countless uses for

"We always have it in the car," u/Ub3rMicr0 wrote about their collapsible wagon, which condenses multiple trips into one easy-to-haul load. Use it to load groceries, transport your camping gear, or bring everything you need to the beach. Its front-rotating wheels allow for complete maneuverability, and since it folds up into a neat and compact bag, it'll fit in just about any trunk.


A food chopper that makes cutting veggies easier than ever

Chopping vegetables can be way too time-consuming. That’s why fans love this manual food chopper! It’s raved about mainly for its durability, versatility, and being so easy to use. “Easy to assemble, easy to use, and wash. I really love it,” one reviewer shared. This chopper has a 6.8-cup capacity, features a sharp stainless steel chopper blade, and an anti-skid bowl.


This dip powder nail kit that made me a believer

There are entire subreddits dedicated to at-home dip powder nail kits, which (for the price of a single in-salon manicure) help you do countless DIY manicures that last for weeks. Personally, I'm a fan of the AZUREBEAUTY starter kit, and judging by its 5,000-plus reviews, so are tons of other buyers. It comes with everything you need to get started, including eight colors, a base coat, an activator, and a gel coat. Finally, it dries in under a minute (without a lamp), and seriously resists chips, cracks, and damage.


This windshield treatment that repels water

What products look like a gimmick, but actually work really well? MyMostGuardedSecret commented "Rain-X windshield treatment," which is a transparent solution that repels water for way better visibility when you're driving in the rain. The only downside, according to one commenter? "So hard to focus on the road while all the rain beads up so beautifully in front of you."


A meat thermometer, so every meal is cooked to perfection

It’s clear why people love this digital meat thermometer and why it’s a number one best-seller on Amazon. In just three seconds, you’ll have an accurate internal temperature read of your food, ensuring that everything is cooked to perfection. Other than meat, this thermometer is also great for bread, milk, frying oil, and more. Plus, it’s super easy to clean.


This lunchbox that reheats or cooks your food

Thanks to the Hot Logic portable mini oven, Reddit user and flight attendant Jiminpuna is now "eating a home cooked meal on my schedule instead of unhealthy fast food when it is available. I can go to a grocery store on a layover and [buy] a frozen meal and heat that up as well." This 2-pound gadget looks like a lunchbox (and it's available in tons of colors), but it cooks, warms, and reheats food as long as you have access to a single outlet.


A cordless rechargeable fan that folds flat to take on the go

"A high power recharging portable fan" is the coolest item one Reddit user owns, and you can get this one for under $30 on Amazon. Its lithium-ion battery recharges via USB and lasts for up to 16 hours. And it has a slim construction that folds flat when not in use, so you can take it wherever you may need it. This one comes in three color options, each with four speed settings.


An amazing can opener that lasts lifetimes

On a post about their favorite good value product, u/Erinmore called their Swing-A-Way can opener a "[buy it for life] product. Reasonably priced and has lasted over 40 years. I'm sure one of my siblings has my parent's Swing-A-Way which would be several decades older." In addition to being super durable, it's also just plain effective. Its high-carbon cutting wheel stays sharp, while its skid-proof feed minimizes effort while opening cans.


A crafting machine that makes personalized gifts easy

Cricut is an advanced crafting machine that allows you to design and cut various materials, so you can make custom vinyl stickers, iron-on T-shirts, greeting cards, stencils, and so much more. It'll save you tons of money in gifts and personalized items, but the only issue? Most of the brand's machines started at a few hundred dollars — until the Cricut Joy launched in 2020. Needless to say, r/cricut (among other crafting subs) was psyched, and judging by its 4.8-star overall rating, this more affordable machine lived up to the hype.


The best cheap acne solution Redditors have ever tried

Even though these KeyConcepts pimple patches are less than $10 for 120, they're game-changers for countless beauty enthusiasts. "Works better on acne than anything I've ever tried," u/NiphyTheEgg wrote. The hydrocolloid patches are infused with tea tree oil, so they soak up the contents of a blemish and protect the spot for quick healing.