47 genius things under $20 that fix all sorts of problems

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Face it, no matter how big or small your home is, there's always something that needs to be fixed or upgraded. But just because there's an endless list of household demands doesn't mean you have to break the bank to address them. Take, for example, all of these these genius problem-solving items under $20 that help cut down on everyday frustrations at a budget-friendly cost.

First off, you can avoid costly visits from the plumber by keeping your drains clog-free with a silicone hair catcher that's earned a 4.5-star overall rating after more than 80,000 Amazon reviews. Or how about this bug bite tool that literally takes the pain out of bee stings and mosquito bites by extracting the irritants and venom from under the skin — a magical gadget that's less than the price of a sandwich.

This list has solutions that will fix up your bed, organize your closet, and whip your kitchen into shape, and not one thing costs more than $20, so you can afford to stock up on items for every area of your life. So get going, and add these useful problem-solving products to your Amazon cart, and watch as your stress levels plummet.


This outlet extender that powers up all your electronics

Get all your WFH necessities plugged in — or make sense of all the cords near your entertainment center — with this outlet extender that has six AC plugs and two USB ports. With built-in surge protection, it protects devices and appliances, and also has a built-in night light with an automatic dusk-to-dawn sensor for added convenience.


A touch screen cleaning system that gets rid of smudges

You know when you look down at your phone screen and can't see it clearly because of all the fingerprint smudges? That's when you need this two-in-one cleaning kit. The gentle cleaning formula is housed in a clever spray bottle that's covered in soft microfiber cloth, so you can spritz the screen, then wipe it clean with just one convenient tool. You can also use it with tablets, laptops, and even TV screens.


This gadget that makes fast work of food prep

The thing that makes cooking such a chore is getting all of the ingredients prepped, but this gadget has five interchangeable stainless steel blades that make slicing, chopping, and grating a quick and easy task. Plus, the large container holds up to 5 cups of chopped fruits, vegetables, cheese, and more.


A rack that keeps your garage neat & orderly

Get your yard and cleaning tools up and out of their pick-up sticks arrangement in the garage with this rack that has a place for everything. It features five spring-loaded clips for brooms, rakes, and mops, plus six hooks that can be used for smaller items, like gardening gloves, dust brushes, and hats.


This mesh splatter screen that has so many uses

You might use this splatter screen to keep oil from getting all over the stove when you're frying your mom's famous sliders, but it also has a few other handy uses. Made from stainless steel, the fine mesh screen can also be used to strain cooked vegetables and pasta, or you can use it as a cooling rack for cookies and other baked goods — it has small feet that elevate it off the counter.


This rug gripper that prevents slipping & sliding

A throw rug can really perk up a house, but it can also slide around and easily move out of place. Place this gripper pad underneath to keep it secure. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, the non-adhesive pad is engineered with an open-grid construction that won't damage floors, and you can trim it to size for a perfect fit.

  • Available shapes and sizes: 22


This portable phone charger with a 4.7-star rating

There's nothing worse than being halfway through a full day of work or errands and having your phone run out of battery. This portable power bank, though, delivers a high-speed charge and is small enough to stick in your pocket. Slim and lightweight, it's universally compatible, and offers up to 2.3 charges before needing to be powered up.


The fan-favorite hair catcher that keeps your drains clear

Made from heavy-duty silicone, this hair catcher goes inside your tub or shower drain and catches all the stray strands before they get a chance to block pipes, saving you big bucks on plumbing bills. The unique shape allows for maximum water flow, so you're never standing in water, while hair winds around the cylinder, completely out of sight.


These deodorizers that utilize activated charcoal

Put the natural odor-absorbing properties of activated charcoal to work with these air-purifying bags. Throw them in stinky sneakers, hang them in the closet, tuck one by the litter box, and even place one in your fridge. The charcoal absorbs unwanted odors without harsh chemicals or fragrance, and works to absorb excess moisture too.


The water bottle that makes it easy to meet your hydration goals

This water bottle has a unique way of helping you reach your hydration goals. It features a leakproof lid that records the number of times you refill the bottle by revealing small dots every time you close the lid. The 25-ounce bottle is made from BPA-free and shatter-proof Tritan, and has a flip-up nozzle and drinking straw for on-the-go sipping.


A sink caddy for your scrub brush & sponge

Made from rust-proof stainless steel, this sink caddy is a great way to get your dish-washing tools off the floor of the sink where they don't get a chance to dry properly. The caddy adheres to the side of the sink with strong adhesive hooks that can hold up to 15 pounds, and there's space to store a scrub brush, sponge, and dishcloth.


This tool that makes cleaning the blinds quick & easy

This microfiber duster is designed specifically for cleaning your blinds and makes short work of the job, too. With seven individual rollers, it can clean six blinds with one swipe, and the microfiber attracts dust and dirt like a magnet. The reusable duster can be washed with soap and water, and can even be thrown in the washing machine.


A pen that brings grout back to like-new condition

Brighten up your your bathrooms or kitchen tile with this grout pen that gets rid of any dinginess or discoloration. One pen can cover nearly 200 feet of grout, and the easy application method turns a potentially huge job into a fast and easy task.


This clever invention that blocks drafts

With a unique double-sponge construction, this draft stopper slips under the bottom of your door to keep cold air out in the winter and hot air out in the summer, so you're not wasting money on energy bills. Available in 10 colors and styles, the 34-inch long draft stopper can be trimmed to fit most doors.


The soap sheets that come in handy on so many occasions

When you're hiking, camping, or road tripping, these portable soap sheets are a real hand hygiene winner. Each of the six holders has 20 sheets, and they suds up with just a little water, so you can wash your hands anywhere. Keep them in your glove box or backpack, or stash one in your pocket.


An SPF facial moisturizer that soothes sensitive skin

CeraVe is known for its formulations that are friendly to sensitive skin, and this facial moisturizer is no exception. Recommended for use in the morning, the unscented moisturizer features hydrating and skin-soothing ingredients like niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. Plus, the SPF 30 formula will block UV rays to keep your skin protected outdoors.


This genius gadget that sucks out bug bite poison

When you've been the victim of a bee sting or mosquito bite, you want relief fast. This ingenious gadget delivers by suctioning out any remaining venom, irritants, or saliva that's been left behind, which can help fend off skin irritation. It's chemical-free, small enough to take anywhere, and easy enough for even kids to use.


This anti-blister balm that keeps feet happy

Whether you run every day, work on your feet, or are just breaking in a new pair of shoes, this anti-blister balm can help eliminate friction and keep feet happy. The glide-on formula is easy to apply, and it even nourishes and softens feet by restoring levels of vitamins A and C.


These copper-infused socks that resist odor

With copper fibers woven right into the fabric, these socks naturally prevent odors when you're on your feet. Made with breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, they're designed with arch compression for extra support, and the heel tabs prevent slipping and chafing at the heels.

  • Available size: Small/Medium — Large/X-Large


A an eco-friendly shoe cleaning kit to whip your kicks into shape

Gets your kicks looking like new again with this shoe cleaning kit that's earned high ratings from Amazon reviewers. It comes with a scrubbing brush that works out dirts and stains, as well as a biodegradable cleaning solution that's safe to use on leather, suede, nubuck, nylon, canvas, vinyl, rubber, and cotton mesh. Plus, the 4-ounce bottle of cleaner can be used on up to 100 pairs of shoes.


This moldable glue that can be used to repair so many things

Flexible enough to mold around tight curves but strong enough to stay put, Sugru is a moldable glue that turns into durable silicone within 24 hours. It's waterproof, heat-resistant, and cold-resistant, and can even be used for cable repairs since it's electrically insulating. Use it to fix shoes, bond ceramics, seal leaky faucets, and more.


The pill organizer that keeps all your meds straight

If you have a vitamin regimen going, this medicine minder can help you keep your routine in order, while cutting down on the hassle of opening up multiple bottles at a time. It has separate color-coded compartments for each day of the week, along with AM and PM options, and each spacious compartment can hold up to 12 standard-sized multivitamins.


This portable door lock for extra security while traveling

Put your mind at ease when you're in a hotel room with this portable door lock that adds an extra measure of security. Suitable for use on most inward-opening doors, the gadget installs without tools in just seconds and keeps out intruders on the other side — even if they have a key.


A dish brush that dispenses soap as you scrub

This dish brush features an empty chamber in the handle that lets you add soap — press the button as you scrub to release just the right amount as you wash up after dinner. The non-scratching nylon bristles are safe to use on even nonstick cookware, and the valve on the handle prevents leaks for mess-free washing.


The anti-fog mirror for shaving in the shower

This shower mirror has a special anti-fog coating, so it remains crystal clear for shaving, even when the steam builds up. The mirror attaches to the shower wall with waterproof self-adhesive strips, and also comes with a separate razor hook for storing your shaver.


These fast-drying sponges that are mildew-resistant

Sponges can start to smell after a while, thanks to mildew buildup, but these fast-drying sponges resist odor and mildew for a fresher-smelling sink. The unique, dual-sided sponges become soft and pliable in warm water, which is perfect for scrubbing delicate surfaces, but they remain stiff in cold water, making it easy to scrub stuck-on messes.


A laptop cooling pad that optimizes performance

Long hours of work can overheat your computer and slow down performance — enter this laptop cooling pad that features two fans to circulate air and dissipate the heat your computer gives off. It's whisper-quiet and features height-adjustable legs, so it doubles as a laptop stand too.


A tool that helps you clasp bracelets

If you're constantly struggling to clasp necklaces and bracelets — or hunting down someone to do it for you — this tool is for you. It has an alligator clamp at the bottom that holds the free end of your jewelry steady, so you can use your other hand to secure the clasp.


A toilet paper holder with space for extra rolls

Never find yourself without a spare roll again (at the worst possible time) when you have this toilet paper holder and dispenser. It features a rod at the top for dispensing toilet paper, while the base has space for two additional backup rolls. Choose from bronze and chrome finishes.


These eraser sponges that deep-clean with just water

If you have scuffs on the walls, soap scum in the shower, or grease on the stove, you'll want to add these melamine sponges to your cart. The extra-thick sponges remove marks, dirt, and stains with just water (so no harsh chemicals required), restoring surfaces to like-new condition


This sock holder that keeps each pair together on laundry day

Keep your pairs of socks together on laundry day (and beyond) with these ingenious organizers. Each of the organizers has space to keep up to nine pairs of socks together, and since they're safe to go into both the washer and the dryer, you'll never lose another sock again. Plus, the two-pack means you'll have one organizer for clean socks and one organizer for dirty socks.


These tablets that clean your water bottle

Reusable water bottles are great... until they start to smell (and they all start to smell). These cleaning tablets, though, are an easy way to clean water bottles, so you can take a refreshing sip the next time you refill. The natural, plant-based ingredients are packed into effervescent tablets that dissolve naturally in water, then rinse away, leaving your bottle clean and residue-free.


The magnet that reminds you to feed the dog

If your pup has looked at you one too many times with a hungry face, but you can't quite remember if you filled their food bowl in the morning, this magnet is for you. It's outfitted with reminder sliders for every day of the week, making it virtually impossible to forget whether or not you fed your dog. In addition to adhering to metal surfaces, it comes with 3M adhesive squares, so you can mount it practically anywhere.


The shoe organizer that adds vertical storage space

Organize your shoes and save space with this three-tier rack that can accommodate up to 12 pairs of shoes (with space for an additional four pairs under the first tier). Available in brown and gray, it's made from sturdy metal with fabric shelves that are height-adjustable. Stick this in your closet or in your front entryway.


This magnet that lets you know if the dishes are clean or dirty

If you're like me and have a hard enough time remembering what day it is, you could probably benefit from this magnet that lets you know whether the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty. It attaches directly to the appliance and has a convenient slider, so you can toggle between "clean" and "dirty" indicators.


A pair of brown sugar savers that prevent hardening

Frankly, brown sugar is delicious right out of the bag, but when it loses its moisture, it's tricky to rehabilitate. Use these terra cotta discs to extend the freshness of brown sugar and keep it soft. Just dunk one in water to moisten it, then place it in the bag or box to keep the sugar from drying out and hardening.


The magnetic shelf that saves space in your kitchen

If you're short on kitchen counter space, this magnetic shelf is an easy way to increase storage. It secures onto the side of your refrigerator, giving you a shelf for small items like olive oil and spices, as well as a rod for a roll of paper towels. It holds up to 6.6 pounds.


The hangers that save so much room in your closet

These cascading hangers are equipped to hold up to five garments each, which will save you major space on your closet rod. They're versatile too — you can also hang them horizontally to space out your clothes evenly, which will prevent wrinkling while making it easier to find whatever T-shirt or button-down you're looking for.


This LED night light with a motion sensor

Stylish and modern, this brushed nickel night light features two helpful modes: a motion-activated setting that automatically turns the light on when it detects motion within 25 feet, and a dusk-to-dawn setting that turns the light on when the sun goes down. It offers 40 lumens of brightness and comes in five styles.


A dual car charger to power up your electronics on the go

With all the electronics we have these days, one USB port when you're on the road just won't do. This car charger has two ports, so you can make sure both your smartphone and tablet are powered up when you're on the go. The small, unobtrusive charger sits flush with your dash, so it'll never get in the way.


These cleaning brushes that make your dryer truly lint-free

If you're faithfully cleaning your lint filter and your clothes are still coming out of the dryer speckled with fluff, you may need these lint brushes. The long and flexible brushes reach deep into the lint trap to clean it out with just a few swipes, which can also help maximize dryer performance. Use these to clean under furniture and the refrigerator too.


The kit that gives you a custom lighting look for less

Upgrade your home lighting with this under-cabinet lighting kit that doesn't require wiring. Available in both warm and bright white options, the kit includes six pre-cut light strips that can be attached with adhesive to the undersides of your kitchen cupboards, bookshelves, or entertainment center. The lights plug right into an outlet, and the remote control lets you dim brightness and set timers.


A caddy that holds your remote controls

Use this caddy to corral all your remote controls, so you don't have to hunt them down one by one every time you need to change the channel or turn the volume up. The caddy is also useful for organizing desk items like pens, pencils, and scissors.


A magnetic stand for hands-free phone use

Whether you're typing away on your computer as you talk, or watching a tutorial on YouTube while you cook, this magnetic phone stand is a great way to free up your hands. It holds phones in both horizontal and vertical positions, and the sturdy, weighted base means that even the most persistent cat can't knock it over.


These clips that keep your sheets from bunching up in the dryer

I hate it when I put my sheets in the dryer, only to have them wadded up in a damp mass at the end of the cycle. These clever detangler clips eliminate that problem. All you do is attach the four corners of each sheet to the clip before putting it in the wash to prevent bunching, and you can rest assured your sheets will rinse more thoroughly and dry faster, too.


The wipes you can use between brushing to keep teeth clean

When you're out and about and don't have time to brush, these teeth-cleaning wipes are the perfect solution. Individually packaged, they slip over your finger, so you can freshen your teeth without water or toothpaste. (They're even infused with peppermint oil to freshen up your breath.) The pack comes with 100 wipes that are small enough to put in your backpack, desk, or pants pocket.


These pan scrapers that clean stuck-on food

Clean stubborn, cooked-on foods with these pot and pan scrapers. The durable scrapers are curved to fit into tight corners, and the thumb indentations give your fingers a tight grip. Each set comes with four scrapers that are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.