49 cheap, super helpful products you'll wish you knew about sooner
The MIAODAM Adjustable Mask Extender and the Loncaster Universal Car Phone Holder
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I’ve got 99 problems… and Amazon can fix nearly all of them. The online marketplace is home to gadgets and tools that solve those common, everyday annoyances — and the best part? They usually come at a very reasonable price. I did a little shopping and found 49 cheap, super helpful products you’ll wish you knew about sooner. From storage solutions to beauty hacks, this list is jam packed with budget-friendly answers to your common dilemmas.

Read on to find solutions to daily frustrations like uncomfortable facial masks or a cluttered desk in your WFH space. These products come highly reviewed and rated by thousands of customers, so all you have to do is hit “add to cart” with confidence. Among the amazing finds on this list are odor-free dish cloths made of bamboo, oven rack protectors that keep you from burning yourself, and a super-fast wireless charger that costs less than $15. These products all have one thing in common: they make your life easier. And who wouldn't want that?

Don't kick yourself for just now discovering these products; it happens to the best of us. Whether you could really use clever cleaning supplies in your life, workout equipment that fits a tight space, or eco-friendly alternatives to products you spend way too much on, you'll find them on this list — and your wallet will thank me.


These mask extenders that relieve pressure on your ears

If you have a hard time keeping your mask from slipping down, these mask extenders will make your life a lot easier for a low price. Each extender in this five-pack is fully adjustable. It takes pressure off your ears to make you as comfortable as possible. They are lightweight, flexible, and can be sanitized between uses. These mask extenders have earned more than 16,000 reviews and come in pink, blue, and black.


This caffeine-infused eye cream for spa-like results

Coffee wakes up your mind, so why wouldn't it work for your skin? This affordable eye cream is infused with caffeine from organic coffee beans to help reduce puffiness under your eyes, while also brightening skin. One reviewer noted she was hesitant at first because the price was so reasonable, but was pleasantly surprised. "I was able to see a difference on the second morning after [applying] this at night. My dark circles seems to be lighter and brighter."


A set of monitor message boards to keep you organized

If you keep misplacing your to-do lists, add ordering one of these monitor message boards to your list of things to do. It attaches to the side with of your computer monitor, using self-adhesives, and creates the ideal spot for sticky notes and other reminders. It's sturdy, yet lightweight and even has a holder for your phone. It is designed so that you can run your charging cable through the holder to charge your phone while it rests next to your monitor. This set includes two boards, one for the right side and one for the left. It costs less than $10 and will help you stay more organized whether you're working at home or in the office.


A rotating surge protector that keeps cords from getting tangled

This surge protector rotates so you can utilize all the ports without cords getting all twisted. The wall plug can be adjusted 90 degrees left or right to mount the surge protector horizontally or vertically so that you can accommodate your devices and your outlet. It has six AC ports, two on each of the outward-facing sides, plus three USB ports to charge your devices. It has nearly 11,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating, in addition to a budget-friendly price tag.


The small, inexpensive desk vacuum for crumbs and dust

Vacuum dust and crumbs from desktops, tables, counters, floors, and even keyboards with this adorable ladybug mini vacuum that only costs $11. The battery-operated hand vacuum gets into corners and crevices, removing annoying grime that would otherwise be really difficult to remove. To clean out the filter, just push the side button. It comes in four cute styles.


A pair of absorbent $5 car coasters for condensation

Not only are these car coasters cute, they’re also designed to absorb any condensation that inevitably ends up pooling in your cupholder. They’re made of soft neoprene material and are available in three patterns: black flowers, cow print, and dog print. This $5 pack includes two coasters, each with anti-slip patterns on the back to lock them into place. There’s a convenient cut out on one side that makes them easy to remove so that you can ring out the coasters when they’re wet.


A loaf slicer for perfect cuts of bread each time

Avoid the usual mess of slicing fresh bread with this gift-worthy and reasonably priced bamboo bread slicer. The slicer comes with three different sized slicing slots so you can cut evenly sized pieces of bread every single time. Just below those slots is a crumb catcher that makes cleaning up a breeze. The bread slicing tray has textured non-slip feet that hold it in place so you can focus on cutting. It even has an adjustable back stop to secure the loaf and a built-in resting area for a knife. It folds down flat so it’s easy to store — not to mention that it’s made of beautiful, high-quality bamboo wood that is durable and smooth.


An affordable mini exercise bike for under your desk

Keep the blood flowing and your legs toned at work with this budget-saving under-desk exercise bike. Adjustable resistance keeps up with your workout goals. This cycle even features a large LCD screen to track your progress with every push of the pedal. It's fully assembled for use right away.


The portable ab roller for strengthening your core

This ab roller kit has everything you need for a killer core workout at home, sans the gym membership fee. It comes with one ab wheel and a knee pad to support your lower body. It is completely noiseless so you can get your workout on even when everyone in your home is sleeping in. Plus it's compact enough to take with you while you travel, so you never miss a day of strengthening. It come sin blue, black, or green.


A modern toilet paper holder with additional storage

This stylish and functional toilet paper holder includes a convenient shelf for additional storage. The dual roll holder makes it easy to always stay fully stocked for your guests. It’s made of rustproof stainless steel and has modern details like its matte black color. It can be attached to a variety of wall surfaces including cement, wood, tile, and drywall. Store wipes, tissues, soap, and even a phone stand on the shelf to make your bathroom more functional and comfortable. The versatility of this shelf paired with its killer price tag makes this a must-have storage solution on a budget.


The adhesive cable clips that protect wires and keep rooms tidy

You can keep your technology cords organized and tidy with these cable clips that cost about 9 cents per clip. This pack of 60 features strong adhesives that mount the cord clips to your desk or walls. Use them to keep your phone charger in place or to conceal cords at your workspace. They can help protect your cords from shorting out, as well, by carefully holding them between the plastic clips, without pinching or twisting them.


This repair glue that extends the life of your shoes

If your shoes have seen better days, but you’re not quite ready to say goodbye, this shoe repair adhesive is a cheap alternative to buying a brand new pair. You can use it on leather, vinyl, rubber, or canvas shoes to bond and repair shoes permanently. The waterproof formula is perfect for sealing small holes or adding more traction to the bottom of your shoes. Reviewers note that a little goes a long way and that it can be used for more than just shoes. “This is a long lasting solution to fixing worn shoes -- it is also a GREAT sealant/glue for a lot of other household needs,” noted one reviewer.


A soap dispenser with a space for your sponge

This soap dispenser and sponge holder with 18,000 reviews make doing the dishes so much easier. Pour soap into the bottom of the dispenser and place your sponge in the compartment on top. Then simply press down to add soap to your sponge when you need it. It comes in three colors and holds about 13 ounces of soap at a time, which reduces how frequently you have to refill it. For $10, you'll want one for the bathrooms too.


The cheap fix for curling or slipping rugs

If you're tired of the corner of your rugs curling up, but can't find a solution that protects your floors — look no further. Just stick these rug grippers to any carpet corner without fear of it permanently damaging your floors. At just 1.8 millimeters thick, these strips are discreet and just as easy to apply as they are to remove. They’re also reusable and won’t leave any residue on your rug.


These oven rack protectors that keep you from getting burned

These silicone oven rack covers are a cheap and easy way to avoid burning your skin on scalding hot oven racks. How many times have you accidentally bumped into those racks when you're taking food out of the oven? Yup, that hurts. These silicone protectors create a safe barrier in ovens up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. Just install them when the oven is off, so they're hugging your oven rack. They are 14-inches long but can be trimmed to fit your oven dimensions. They're waterproof and dishwasher-safe, so they're a snap to clean.


A roll-up dish rack that frees up counter space

This roll-up dish drying rack has a built-in utensil caddy so you can dry all of your dishes at once while staying under budget. It fits across your sink, making clean-up after dinner simple, plus it doesn't take up any counter space the way most traditional racks do. It is designed to promote extra airflow, drying utensils and dishes faster and more effectively. Once they're dry, roll up the mat into a narrow cylinder so it's easy to store. The non-slip rack is durable, resistant to rust, and heat. It fits most standard sinks, but you may want to measure to be sure.


These LED strips that look like expensive custom lighting

Custom lighting usually comes with a hefty cost, but these LED light strips offer an affordable alternative that lights up dark corners of your home like closets, pantries, and hallways. They run on four AAA batteries (that are not included) and turn on when motion is detected. Set the timer between 30 seconds and 10 minutes to control how long the lights stay on. If you use them consistently for one hour a day, they’ll last up to 10 years. They have an adhesive back, which means you can install these lights yourself, without the additional cost of a professional.


A compact laptop stand so you can work anywhere

Just because you have a job that can be done from anywhere, doesn't mean it's necessarily comfortable to work from anywhere. Don't bother spending money on an expensive portable desk or ergonomic pillow because this laptop stand creates a sturdy office space in your bed, at the airport, or even while riding in a car. It has durable legs with triangular supports and anti-slip grips that can hold up to 44 pounds and accommodate laptops between 10 and 15.6-inches. It can be adjusted to six heights and offers a forward-inclined angle and open back design that allows proper ventilation to keep your device from overheating. It folds down to a small and lightweight size that can easily be stored in your purse, backpack, or suitcase.


This cooling towel that stays chilled for a long time

Cool down quickly after an intense workout with this reusable cooling towel. To use it, simply soak the cloth in cold water and squeeze out the excess liquid before placing it around your neck or head for a cool sensation. It's made of dry-soft mesh that is smooth, comfortable, and easy to fold and store. Use it over and over, activating the cool simply by re-wetting it as needed. It's perfect for golfers, trips to theme parks, or long days on the beach. One reviewer noted, "I walk outside a lot, and often in non-shaded areas. This, draped over my head and spread to my shoulders, makes a huge difference in my level of comfort in hot, humid days."


A wireless charging pad with a cult following

Wireless charging pads still seem like a thing of the future, therefore you might assume that they're pricey. Think again. This thin wireless charging pad is a deal and has built a cult following, with more than 45,000 reviews. Just set your smart device anywhere on the charging pad and choose from three charging settings: 5w standard mode, 7.5w fast mode for iPhones, or 10w fast mode for Samsung devices. It is super thin at just 5mm and is made with processed aluminum, which evenly disperses heat to avoid any damage. Additionally, it eliminates the need for annoying cords or the hassle of having to carry the correct charger for your phone. Bring on the future — it's affordable!


These pet grooming gloves to keep shedding at bay

These grooming gloves gently and efficiently get rid of your pet's extra hair. The five-finger design slips on easily, and the silicone grooming tips massage your pet while collecting hair and making it easy to discard. They're made from elastic spandex fabric and feature adjustable velcro wrist straps to fit anyone.


A water bottle sleeve that holds your phone and cards

This adjustable water bottle sleeve has room for your keys, cards, and cash, too. It stretches around water bottles that are 18 to 40 ounces and has a silicone phone holder that secures any device. An included carabiner that wraps around your water bottle and secures using adjustable velcro is perfect for holding your keys, mask, or even headphones.


These beverage stones cool drinks without watering them down

Bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "on the rocks" with these beverage chilling stones that are perfect for cooling down drinks without watering them down. The set of nine is made from natural soapstone and comes in a velvet bag for storing them in the freezer between uses. Drop them in wine, whiskey, vodka, or your beverage of choice for a quick cool down. Let the stone sit in your drink for a few minutes and they will bring the temperature down between 8 and 15 degrees, without drowning the quality of the drink.


These magnetic shoe laces so you never have to tie laces again

These magnetic laces are made of elastic rope and have a curved magnetic buckle that snaps shut for security. You’ll never have to tie your shoes again and will be able to slip them on and off easily between wears. They’re perfect for small kids still learning to tie their shoes or anyone who may have difficulty bending over. These laces come in one size and 33 colors and patterns. At this price, you can buy a bunch to swap out colors and change up your look.


An electric blender for making froth and mixing drinks

Not only is this electric whisk great for frothing cappuccinos and lattes at home, it also comes in handy when you are mixing powder into your drinks. It’s ideal for instant coffee, matcha powder, or protein powder. It's made of stainless steal and runs on AAA batteries. Rinse it under hot water and spin it to dry between uses. It comes with a travel bag and a wall mount so you an easily store your drink mixer at home or on the go. One reviewer urged readers not to be fooled by its compact size. “I was doubtful it would have much power to mix my bulletproof coffees and protein shakes but it is really amazing! It mixed my coffee, butter, mct oil, stevia and heavy cream as well as the bullet and in a shorter time. Clean up was a breeze and I love the wall storage bracket!!”


A floor lamp that projects a soothing sunset into your space

How much do you think it would cost to fit the sun in your room? Thanks to Amazon, less than $30. This modern LED floor lamp projects a soft sunset into your wall, making the whole space feel warm and inviting. You can rotate the lamp 90 degrees to adjust the lighting angle and produce different lights or scenes. It’s powered by a USB cord and uses LEDs that will last for 35,000 hours. It’s also available in a rainbow or bright sunlight pattern, and offers an inexpensive way to make a huge impact in any room.


The set of mesh laundry bags to preserve expensive delicates

Preserve your more expensive delicates with these mesh laundry bags. This set of five comes with one extra large bag, two large bags, and two medium bags, which are perfect for washing bras, underwear, lingerie, or hosiery. They’re made of breathable polyester and have a smooth zipper to secure and extend the life of your more fragile fabrics.


A personal blender with a convenient to-go cup

This personal-size blender is perfect for quick smoothies on the go. Mix all your smoothie fixings in the convenient, BPA-free sports bottle. It attaches to a small blender motor to mix everything up and then it’s ready to grab and go, thanks to a 14-ounce personal to-go cup with a lid that is conveniently dishwasher-safe. The blender has sharp, stainless steel blades that crush ice, plus it’s available in five colors and has nearly 17,000 reviews.


A nonstick brownie pan with dividers for crispy edges

Skip the bakery and whip up a batch of brownies in which every piece is a delightful pick with crispy edges with this nonstick brownie pan. It’s made of high-carbon steel which distributes and transfers heat quickly and evenly so you have delicious brownies that are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. It also includes a metal divider that makes uniform-sized brownies and allows you to customize each brownie with sprinkles, nuts, or candies. It makes 18 brownies at a time, but can be used to bake cakes, bread, and more. It’s safe to put in the freezer and the dishwasher to make cleaning much easier.


These silicone face scrubbers for deep cleaning

No need to drop serious money on a professional facial when you can get an effective and gentle clean with this pack of two silicone face scrubbers. It gives your skin a deep clean, helping to remove blackheads and dead skin for glowing skin. The brush itself has two different bristle types: tiny bristles on the top for removing oils and coarse bristles on the bottom to increase blood flow and massage your face. Hold it in your hand by sliding your fingers into the attached straps on the back of the scrubber. This pack of two costs the same as your favorite latte and has more than 37,000 reviews.


An adjustable phone stand for hands-free viewing

Whether you need a phone stand to rest your device in between using it or would love nothing more than a hands-free viewing experience when streaming movies or shows, this is a sturdy and reliable option with a cult following. It holds Apple, Android, and Google phones and keeps them in place — horizontally or vertically — with a silicone cushioned base. It can be adjusted in a 270 degree rotation and its lightweight and compact design makes it perfect for traveling or working on the go. It has earned more than 29,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating, plus it's available in seven colors including navy, purple, and rose gold.


A nonslip phone mount that can handle virtually any smartphone

This universal car phone mount has a simple slip-resistant silicone design that stays in place on your dash — even over bumps and rough terrain. Simply mount with the included sticky pads. Horizontal positioning is ideal for GPS. Choose from four color options to match your car interior.


A space-saving wall charger for two devices

Get double the power in half the space with his dual port wall charger. It plugs into one outlet and offers two USB ports. It’s built with a tough casing and compact, foldable plug that makes it perfect for travel. For $13, buy a couple to keep around the house or in your suitcase so you’re never without a charge. It’s available in black and white.


The car tissue holder located in a genius spot

Stop keeping your tissues and napkins in your glove compartment and upgrade to this convenient car tissue holder. This $15 find attaches to the sun visor or seat back in your car to hold and dispense tissues when you need them most. It’s made with leather and is available in three colors to match or complement your car’s interior. One reviewer noted another use for the holder, “Yes, it's originally used for easy access for tissues. However, standard disposable masks fit perfectly! Perfect for forgetting a mask! Highly Recommend!”


This voice-controlled smart plug

Everyone loves the convenience of having a smart home, and this Amazon smart plug offers just by syncing up with Alexa so that you can use voice commands to turn lights and appliances on and off. You can also connect to the Alexa app and create money-saving schedules for your devices and lighting.


A UV-cleaning toothbrush holder that kills bacteria

Protect your toothbrush, and yourself by extension, from harmful bacteria with this affordable toothbrush holders. Not only does it conceal the brush head to keep it clean while traveling or sitting in your bathroom, but it is also equipped with a UV light that sanitizes the head between uses. It fits on most toothbrushes, including electric ones, and runs on a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged via a USB cable. It takes four hours to fully charge the cover and it will run 30 cleaning cycles before it needs another charge. It takes six minutes to run one cycle and then will automatically turn off to preserve the battery.


A luxurious face serum with snail mucus for dry skin

Rejuvenate your skin at home, without spending a ton of money at the spa with this snail mucin serum. It is made with filtered snail secretion, which sounds weird but is actually packed with nutrients that moisturize, repair, and soothe irritated or dry skin. No snails were hurt in the making of the serum, so you can feel guilt free about the ingredients and the price. The lightweight formula can help with redness or dullness of skin, while also improving its overall texture.


The cast iron griddle you can use to cook anything

Talk about versatile: this pre-seasoned cast iron griddle holds heat for longer and can be used in the oven, on the stove, or even over a campfire to stir fry, bake, sauté, and fry. Unlike other pans, this griddle is easy to clean since it’s seasoned to keep food from sticking and releases crumbs easily. It measures 10.5 inches and has slightly raised edges to keep oil, batter and other ingredients neatly contained. This one is a crowd favorite with more than 24,000 reviews.


A wireless key finder for stress-free mornings

Stop tearing the house apart on busy mornings to search for your keys (and other items) and use this affordable wireless tracker instead. Add the small receivers to your key ring or adhere them to the inside of your glasses case, wallet, phone, and any other item that you tend to misplace. When you need to find them, use the remote and listen for the beeping noise to locate your lost item. It works up to 98 feet, even through walls and furniture. One fan reported, "This is a life saver."


These odor-free bamboo dishcloths

Ditch your usual smelly dishcloths and upgrade to these bamboo cloths that are more absorbent than cotton and resistant the odors that form from mildew. This six-pack comes with three different colors, each with durable stitching on the edges. One fan noted, “These are just what I was looking for. They’re the perfect size to put on a tray or keep on the kitchen counter. Very absorbent and come in pretty colors.”


An organizer that keeps lids in one place

This lid organizer keeps all your food container lids neatly in place so that you'll never waste time searching for the right lid again. The organizer has five adjustable dividers to hold round and square lids in place. It’s made of BPA-free plastic and comes in four sizes: small, medium, large, and large with tall dividers. It fits nicely in a cabinet or pantry to beef up your storage without going over budget.


A drawer organizer that creates more usable utensil space

This kitchen drawer organizer from Joseph Joseph creates more useable storage in your utensil drawer and holds a variety of silverware thanks to its unique stackable design. It also has room for cooking tools like whisks, serving spoons, and spatulas. The adjustable drawer has nine slots and is made from sustainable bamboo. One reviewer noted, "I love that this saves space! My utensils now only take half the drawer instead of the whole thing."


A colorful lighting solution for midnight bathroom runs

Add light to your bathroom with this toilet night light, which easily attaches to your toilet and comes with an economical price tag. The light is bright enough to avoid turning on overhead lights, which can wake up others, but provides just enough light to guide your path during midnight bathroom breaks. It's fancy too — with a motion-activated sensor that turns on when you get close and a choice of 16 colors and five brightness levels. Each set comes with two night lights.


The smartphone screen magnifier for better movie nights

This screen magnifier makes watching movies on your phone so much more practical and fun. It works like a projector screen to play movies from your phone at a magnified level onto another screen. It’s compatible with an iPhone, Android, or Nintendo Switch and is lightweight and portable. You can even use it for gaming — just add a Bluetooth keyboard.


A set of economical, fast-drying microfiber towels

These microfiber towels are so soft and absorbent that they can absorb up to seven times their own weight in water. This pack comes with two oversized towels measuring 30 by 60 inches, perfect for showers, sweaty workouts, and beach days. The machine-washable towels are available in 16 colors and patterns, as well as single towels sold individually. They’ve earned more than 9,500 reviews.


This popcorn popper that collapses for storage

Make your own movie theater popcorn at home with this thrifty popcorn popper. The BPA-free silicone container and accompanying lid are heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe, and the bowl collapses down to less than 3 inches to make storing it simple. This highly rated popcorn maker can make up to 15 cups of popcorn in under four minutes and is available in eight colors.


These reusable snack bags with leak-proof tops

Make the environmentally friendly switch from plastic bags to these reusable storage bags made from food-grade PEVA material. They have leakproof tops, are safe to store in the freezer, and can be hand washed and reused. The pack of 10 bags come with everything you'll need: two gallon, four sandwich, and four snack bags.


A detangling brush for salon-worthy hair

Getting rid of stubborn knots in your hair doesn’t have to be painful — this detangling brush is ideal for all hair types, including natural, curly, straight, or wavy hair. It has flexible bristles that gently glide through your hair without causing unnecessary breakage and can be used on wet or dry hair. The brush comes in five colors.


A clip-on pasta strainer to drain pots with one hand

Sometimes you're making dinner in a whirlwind and having a free hand would really help. Amazon has the solution: this clip-on pasta strainer that snaps onto the side of your pot so you can drain with just one hand. The flexible strainer fits any pot or bowl, even lipped bowls. It easily snaps on and is compact enough to store easily. It comes in five colors and can be tossed in the dishwasher between uses.