52 gifts for dads who say they don't want anything

Gifts he’ll reach for on a regular basis.

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When the clock is ticking, it's tempting to default to the same standard present year after year. That said, a good gift is often a unique, practical gift — especially when you're strapped for ideas, and especially when you're trying to find gifts for people who don't want anything. In order to find a genius gift for the man who says they don't want anything, it helps to first think about his daily routine; then think about the ways in which it can be improved.

Does your dad work out often and try to stay active? Gift him a genius fitness product that streamlines his routine. Is he particularly into tech products? Get him a gadget that helps to make his go-to device even more accessible. Whatever it is that brings him joy, ensure that your gift is something that amplifies that, so he'll reach for it on a regular basis — and think of you every time he does.


This magnetic wristband that keeps nails & bits handy

This magnetic wristband is a ridiculously simple idea, but according to reviewers, it's a "life saver" when you're on a ladder or in the thick of a project. It keeps nails, screws, and small tools handy while you work, and it prevents them from getting lost.


A dash cam for entertainment or cautionary measures

You can gift this dash cam to the techie father, the traveling father, and the cautious father, and they’re all sure to love it. This camera easily adheres to the dashboard to record landscapes as well as accidents for insurance purposes; it also features a wide-angle lens, a built-in motion sensor, night vision, and loop recording.


Some adhesive cable organizers for a tangle-free workspace

If your dad is anything like my dad, he is forever untangling wires and grumbling under his breath about it. This 16-pack of cable clips adhere to any surface and effectively organize wires so they stay tangle-free and ready to use. Thanks to the flexible tabs, they hold chargers and cables in place, but they also allow for easy removal when you need them elsewhere.


An auto-adjusting socket that adapts to all fasteners

Whether he builds Ikea furniture or entire houses, the Moongo universal socket is a life-changing addition to his tool collection. The 54 individual steel springs automatically adjust to grip various-sized nuts, bolts, hooks, and other fasteners. It even comes with a power-drill adapter. "Bought this for my dad for Father's Day," one reviewer says. "He is a man that has every tool, yet he was impressed and said it really worked well."


This multi-tasking power strip with a genius design

If he appreciates smart designs and versatility, the TESSAN multi-plug outlet makes for a great, practical gift. It covers only one plug, but provides three new AC outlets, two new USB ports, and a stand for a charging phone or tablet. Last but not least, it even functions as a dusk-to-dawn night light.


A foldable Bluetooth keyboard for typing on a phone or tablet

For the dad who prefers physical keys over a touch-screen, there's the iClever keyboard. Its Bluetooth capability syncs up to virtually any phone or tablet in seconds — and its foldable, lightweight design means he can store it in his briefcase, glove compartment, or pocket. Since it's rechargeable, he doesn't even have to worry about batteries.


This 4-in-1 travel bottle for shakes, snacks & supplements

Whether he's a commuter or basically a tenant of his gym, the BlenderBottle shaker bottle ensures that he's got all his nourishment in one place. The interlocking bottom compartments hold snacks, protein powders, and supplements, while the main bottle area comes with a stainless-steel whisk ball that's strong enough to blend peanut butter and break up powders. It's even BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.


This portable Bluetooth speaker carved from a single piece of wood

Not all Bluetooth speakers are created equal. The Symphonized NXT pairs simply and quickly with any device that’s Bluetooth-capable, and delivers crystal clear sound from up to 33 feet away. Hand-carved from a single, solid piece of wood, its rich sound is akin to that from an acoustic instrument. Plays for six hours on a single charge and easily tucks into a bag or briefcase.


A brilliant outlet that smartifies any electronic

Rather than investing in smart bulbs or phone-controlled appliances, the Kasa mini plug acts as an affordable middle-man that smartifies virtually any electronic. Simply slip it between the plug and the outlet, and you'll be able to set schedules, turn off appliances and lights from your phone, and even control things with your voice using Alexa.


A big set of sturdy, heat-resistant cooking utensils that match

Whether serving up pancakes, burgers, or spaghetti, Dad will have all the tools for the job with this complete, 11-piece set of cooking utensils. Crafted from sturdy stainless steel, the handles and cooking surfaces are topped with silicone that won’t scratch cookware and resists heat up to 480 degrees. Toss in the dishwasher for cleaning.


A flavor-boosting meat injector made from stainless steel

"Used on our Turkey and many thick steaks for delicious results," says one of many thrilled reviewers. Unlike cheaper options, the JY COOKMENT meat syringe is made from durable, food-grade stainless steel and sanitary silicone, so you can quickly and easily infuse your meat with flavor. This set comes with three interchangeable tips and two cleaning brushes.


This magnetic clip so his glasses are always within reach

If he utters the phrase "Where did I put my glasses?" roughly a dozen times a day, the ReadeREST makes for a perfect practical gift that's also pretty life-changing. Using high-strength neodymium magnets, these clips attach to any shirt without damage; they then provide a sturdy, secure place for dad to hang his reading glasses, so they're always within reach.


A softening beard oil for sensitive skin & noses

Since it's made using argan and jojoba oils, Viking Revolution beard oil softens hair, encourages growth, and moisturizes skin — all while remaining non-greasy. Most importantly, it's made without fragrances or common irritants, so those with sensitive faces (or noses) say, "the all-natural, organic, unscented product fit the bill."


This trigger-point foam roller that "feels like a deep tissue massage"

The TriggerPoint GRID foam roller is designed for athletes who need a portable, effective way to stimulate pressure points and stretch out tight muscles after a workout. That said, those with sore backs or physical therapists have also sung its praises, saying that it "feels like a deep-tissue massage" thanks to the multi-density foam and textured-grid design.


This laptop bag with external charging & theft-prevention

For the traveler or commuter, there's the MATEIN laptop backpack — and it's definitely not your average bag. This pick features a locking zipper to prevent theft, an external USB port for convenient charging on the go, and a spacious, secure compartment for his computer (in addition to several other zippered and mesh pockets). Reviewers also love it because it's roomy, comfortable, and available in 10 colors.


This dual-LED light that he can wear around his neck

While the LuminoLite is marketed as a convenient, hands-free reading lamp, it's also ideal for camping, crafting, nighttime walks, and fix-it projects. That's because its flexible gooseneck arms wrap around your neck to direct illumination in whichever direction you face — and its dual LEDs are rechargeable and feature three brightness levels each.


An affordable fitness watch with all the best features

Even though it costs a fraction of the price, this smart watch has virtually all the same features as the name-brand options. It's waterproof, Bluetooth-enabled, and has Alexa built in to allow its wearer to set reminders, check the weather, control music, etc. It also has those other fitness watch essentials: tracking steps, heart rate, sleep quality, calories, and distance — and it syncs all of the aforementioned to a smart phone while alerting you to texts and calls.


This handy LED grill light for expert grill mastering long after the sun goes down

Thanks to its flexible clamp, this clever grill light attaches to round or squared handles of any open grilltop and can be directed where needed. It provides adjustable brightness up to 100 lumens to illuminate what’s cookin’ so Dad can get it done just right (and with perfect grill marks) when the barbecue party extends into the night.


The most practical gift to ever exist

There's arguably nothing more practical than a high-quality, comfortable shirt — except maybe two of them. Amazon Essentials crew T-shirts come in six sizes and 15 colors, from classic black to bright orange. They're highly-rated due to their loose, comfortable fit and 100-percent cotton construction. According to reviewers, "This is an outrageously low price for a good shirt that keeps its form, feels durable after washing, and looks great." Even the dad who wants nothing is sure to appreciate this one.

  • Available Sizes: XS — XXL


A rechargeable diffuser that fits in your palm

Help him reap the relaxing benefits of aromatherapy wherever life takes him. This classy, wood-grain diffuser is highly portable because it's rechargeable and doesn't require any water. Instead, the quiet fan diffuses essential oils into the air from a reusable felt pad, and since it fits in the palm of his hand, it can be used in a car, office, hotel room, or airport.


These magnetic tabs that keep his collar stiff & neat

Wurkin Stiffs collar stays are invisible once they're tucked into a shirt collar. These durable, magnetic tabs keep his collar stiff, neat, and wrinkle-free all day. This set comes with three different pairs, and reviewers say, "I really don't know how I got by without them."


An easy-to-fly drone that fully-grown men love

“This drone really surprised us! Got as a gift for my nephew however his dad wouldn't share the whole first day,” one reviewer wrote. It seems this mini drone is loved by all ages, thanks to its easy controls, HD camera, hovering capabilities, and quick charging times.


These freezer sticks that chill warm beer from the inside-out

The next time he forgets to refrigerate a six-pack, these LETIT.BEER sticks will fix the issue in minutes. They're coated in stainless steel, but filled with a proprietary gel that absorbs cold from the freezer and chills the bottle from the inside out. Reviewers say their "beers stayed ice cold to the very last drop," and they love that it comes with a free bottle opener.


These compression socks to prevent achy, tired feet

According to buyers, these are some of the most versatile socks on the market. They're made from comfortable, breathable fabric, but the best part comes in the form of graduated compression technology, which offers improved support, boosted circulation, and lessened inflammation. Whether he's traveling, running, or doing physical labor all day, his feet and legs will feel infinitely less achy and swollen.

  • Available Sizes: XS — XXL


A heated beard brush that tames, smoothes, & straightens wild whiskers

Sometimes a beard left au naturel is a little more wilderness-adjacent than one might prefer. Enter this unique beard straightener — it has ceramic bristles that heat up in 30 seconds to three temperature modes. Anti-scald technology ensures things don’t get too hot for comfort, whether in use on beards or hair. Over 2,500 fans rate it 4.4 stars.


This 2-in-1 caddy for his favorite arm chair

This brilliant invention turns almost any armrest into a shelf and a caddy simultaneously. Its detachable tray holds cups, snacks, and books, while the four pockets are great for remotes, glasses, phones, and tablets. Since it's made from faux-leather and wood, it's both stylish and easy to wipe clean.


These go-to gloves for every gardening job

Thanks to the breathable bamboo fabric and protective rubber coating, these Pine Tree Tools working gloves add a helpful layer between your hands and thorns while keeping them free from sweat. With easy-grip palms and a form-fitting design, they're great for routine yard work and gardening tasks.

  • Available Sizes: S — XXL


A stool that's the same size as a travel umbrella

When folded up, the ALPS Mountaineering tri-leg stool is roughly the same size and weight as a travel umbrella. That said, its powder-coated steel frame and polyester seat can support up to 250 pounds when extended. For that reason, it's extremely convenient to carry and store, but provides a comfortable seat when he reaches his destination — whether that's a sporting event, concert, or the top of a mountain.


These special earplugs so he can hear clearly without damaging his eardrums

Whether he's a musician, motorcyclist, lover of concerts, or user of loud machinery, Eargasm earplugs protect his hearing with their special sound filters. Instead of muffling noises, these high-fidelity plugs decrease the overall volume, so he can still hear music or surroundings clearly, but won't damage his eardrums. Each set comes with two comfort-fitting pairs and a storage case.


These magnets that turn any light switch into a key rack

Replace the screws in any switch-plate with these Savvy Home magnets, and your light switch instantly becomes a key rack. They install in less than a minute and can hold up to 3 pounds each. Best of all, you'll always know where your keys are, and it's a great reminder to switch off the lights as you're walking out the door.


This charcoal soap packed with essential oils to treat a host of skin issues

Let those old-school green bars ride off into the sunset. This set of 2 activated charcoal soap bars is loaded with bamboo charcoal (naturally), along with organic tea tree oil, peppermint and eucalyptus oils. Not only does it smell great, it helps combats issues like athlete’s foot, acne, blackheads, eczema, and psoriasis. It soothes dry, itchy skin and is suitable for feet, hands, and body.


A burger press that stuffs the patties with cheese — or anything else

For a barbecue enthusiast, a burger press is a great tool to have because it makes uniform, easy-to-cook patties — but this one takes it a step further. The Cuisinart press stuffs the patties with cheese, crumbled bacon, onions, or any of dad's favorite ingredients, so every bite is bursting with flavor. It even has a smaller insert to make sliders.


This all-in-one kit so he can brew his own beer

The Craft A Brew kit comes with everything he'll need to start brewing his own craft beer at home. Choose from 11 different options, including American pale ale, hard cider, oak aged IPA, or chocolate milk stout. Each kit is hand-crafted using quality ingredients and safe materials, and reviewers say the result "tasted great."


These cut-resistant gloves for cooking & DIY projects

These cut-resistant gloves can safeguard hands from potential run-ins with sharp objects, whether that’s from chopping food or doing DIY projects. The gloves have a protective nitrile coating along with a textured surface for extra grip. Plus, reviewers have attested they’re lightweight and breathable. Shop them in five sizes.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large


This wallet made from durable carbon fiber

This slim wallet is made from ultra-durable, anti-scratch carbon fiber with an aluminum lining. It can hold up to 12 cards and comes with a handy clip to attach to pockets. The wallet is also made with RFID blocking technology to help prevent credit card theft.


An 18-in-one tool that's the size of a credit card

The Wallet Ninja is the same size as a standard credit card, but this heat-treated steel tool gives you 18 different essentials in one. It can measure objects, tighten screws and bolts, open beers and cans, cut boxes, fix eyeglasses, and even hold your phone upright. "I bought it for my Dad for Father's Day, and he thought it was really cool," one reviewer says. "It was an easy gift, especially for a hard to buy for person." Ah, perfect for those people who don't want anything.


This value set of jars for organizing his favorite herbs & spices

Dads who love to cook will appreciate this 24-piece spice jar set. Each jar can hold up to four ounces of his favorite herbs or spices, and the set comes with two kinds of waterproof labels, including blank and pre-printed options, to keep things organized. As a plus, it comes with a silicone funnel to make filling up the jars simple.


A sleek accessories gift set to add polish to any look

It’ll be easy for him to add a touch of polish to a look with this tie and belt gift set. The burgundy bow tie is made out of silk while the belt is made from leather. Both come wrapped in an attractive canvas string bag, which he can also use to store his new accessories.


This powerful car vacuum that plugs into the DC port

If his car is his prized possession, help him keep it that way with this car vacuum. This handheld unit plugs into the DC port and uses a high-powered motor and HEPA filter to suck up dust, crumbs, and dirt. It also has a built-in LED light, brush nozzle, extension hose for deep side-door pockets, and pipette for tight spaces.


A dispenser that makes fresh whipped cream

Encourage the novice baker or impress the master one with this whipped cream dispenser. When coupled with a nitrous oxide cartridge, it can transform liquid into thick, fluffy cream — perfect for bringing baked goods to the next level. It is made of durable aluminum and comes with three plastic and three stainless steel nozzles to fill pastries or dress up other desserts.


This roll-up water bottle available in 5 colors

Thanks to the Valourgo, he no longer has to lug around a full-sized water bottle once its empty. When in use, the BPA-free design holds a full 22 ounces of liquid, but when he's done, it rolls up for easy storage in a backpack or briefcase. There's even a patented screw cap which prevents leaks and makes for comfortable sipping.


A barware set for crafting expert cocktails at home

This barware set is the perfect gift for a dad who dabbles in mixology. It includes all the essential bar tools he’ll need — a shaker, strainer, jigger, mixing spoon, ice tongs, bottle opener, and two liquor pourers. It also includes recipe cards so he can expand his repertoire beyond his go-to drink order. A bamboo stand is thrown in the mix, which not only contrasts nicely against the stainless steel tools, but also function as a storage to keep everything neat and tidy.


The unbreakable mug that keeps his beer cold (or coffee hot)

Crafted of shatter-proof stainless steel and measuring a generous 16.9 fluid ounces, this beer mug is double-insulated to keep your dad’s beer icy and fizzy, and prevent annoying sweating on the exterior. That said, it works just as well to regulate the temperature of hot drinks — thanks to the comfortable handle and airtight lid, it makes an ideal travel mug for coffee or tea.


An inflatable lounger he can set up anywhere

It's hard to believe that this comfortable lounger is the size of a couch when inflated but shrinks down into a tiny backpack once you let the air out. It's also extremely durable and doesn't require any pumps for inflation, so you can take it to sporting events, the beach, or campsites. Get it in eight different colors and patterns, each with a convenient side pocket and head rest.


This spiky mat to lessen pain, stress & sleep issues

This acupressure mat and pillow set incorporates the benefits of acupuncture into a tool that's easy to use at home. Due to its thousands of tiny spikes, it stimulates pressure points all along the neck and back, which not only aims to release tension but may also prompt a rush of endorphins. As a result, reviewers say it's extremely effective in lessening back pain, stress, headaches, and sleep issues.


A grooming tool for barber-quality beards

This clear beard shaper helps him achieve barber-quality results while grooming his beard, goatee, mustache, jaw, and neck. Its curved and straight edges act as guides to get a neat, symmetrical shave on each side, and the transparent design is both nonslip and easy to use.


This projector that turns a blank wall into a 14-foot screen

Whether he loves football games or hosting games nights, this mini projector turns any blank wall into a screen and any room into a home theater. It projects a clear, bright image up to 14 feet large, and it can connect to laptops, phones, DVD players, Xboxes, or Firesticks. It even has hi-fi stereo sound and is portable enough for use outdoors.


This stylish & minimal tie set at an unbeatable price

No need to reinvent the wheel: A classic-yet-stylish tie is always a useful gift, especially for the dad who dresses up for the office or just likes to look dapper on the daily. It doesn’t get much more classic than this satin tie set, which boasts a modern slim width (it measures around three inches) and an overall minimal aesthetic. The polka dots add a fun touch, and it also comes in six other patterns. An accompanying pocket square completes the set.


This solar-powered lantern that's inflatable & waterproof

Whether it's used indoors or out, the LuminAID lantern is great for activities, gatherings, and emergencies. Its collapsible design takes up minimal space when flat, but quickly inflates to create a full-sized lantern that can hang from trees or sit on tables. Best of all, it's rechargeable or solar-powered for up to 18 hours of illumination, and even floats on water and has a flickering candlelight mode.


A set of ultra-portable travel hangers

These travel hangers are a thoughtful and functional gift for the itinerant dad. Lightweight and portable, they’re designed with a hanging hook and a sturdy loop with two snap closures that slides through clothing labels, doing away with the bulk of a full hanger. Each hanger can support up to five pounds of weight, so they’re plenty durable.


This whiskey decanter that comes with matching glasses

If he appreciates a good whiskey — or bourbon, or cognac — this five-piece glass set is sure to impress. Made of hefty, durable, high-quality crystal, this set comprises a decanter and four double old-fashioned glasses with a striking, classic diamond design that works as decor on his desk or bar cart. Unlike other glass sets of this quality, these pieces are dishwasher-safe, so he won’t have to fuss with hand-washing every time he uses them (which is guaranteed to be often).


These durable brushes that turn your drill into a cleaning machine

Slap these Drillbrush attachments onto nearly any cordless electric drill, and you've got a powerful cleaning machine that goes anywhere with you. The three varying shapes and durable bristles work to remove grill build-up, buff away rust stains, and polish fixtures and car parts without scratching them.