Amazon keeps on selling out of these dank things for your home

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ByRachel Bar-Gadda
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You may have arrived here because you’re on the hunt for some dope products to make those small but impactful changes around the house. A word to the wise: Amazon keeps on selling out of these dank things for your home — so when you spot that laptop stand that’ll transform your whole working situation from painful to comfortable, or those incredibly absorbent Swedish dishcloths that’ll change your cleaning game, or even a colorful set of ceramic-coated knives to help you conquer any cooking challenge, you’re going to want to act fast and check out that cart ASAP.


A roll-up dish drying rack made with stainless steel slats

An extremely well-reviewed and highly rated dish drying system designed for maximum airflow and storage that takes up barely any room? This roll-up dish drying rack ticks all those boxes and more due to its stainless steel slats that provide lots of air circulation and its ability to roll up for storage. Additionally, use it to dry produce or as a trivet for hot dishes while silicone feet on either end keep it securely in place over your sink.


These shower caddies that are practical yet elegant

Able to be easily mounted with strong self-adhesive that won’t damage walls, these shower caddies that come in a set of two lend your bathroom stylish-looking storage. Popular with over 26,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, the shelves are offered in four rustproof finishes (matte black, gold, polished silver, and rose gold) and can each hold up to 15 pounds.


A set of food storage containers for an enviably organized pantry

Get ready for the admiration-filled sound of slow claps when you reveal to your friends an organized pantry that utilizes these food storage containers. Every set includes six medium-sized, BPA-free clear plastic containers, each with its own airtight locking lid to preserve freshness. There are even customizable chalkboard labels to help quickly identify and grab ingredients.


This knife sharpener that keeps your tools in prime condition

If you’ve been experiencing dicey chopping situations due to dull knives (pun intended) because you thought you needed to hire a sharpening professional, think again. This knife sharpener clocks in under $25 and only requires you to move your knife lightly through the tungsten carbide blades three or four times for a completely sharp result. No batteries or electricity are needed while a simple suction cup base keeps it firmly and safely in place.


A pair of barbecue grill lights with handy magnetic bases

Effortlessly light up your evening grill session with these barbecue lights that mount quickly and securely due to their magnetic bases. The 4.7-star rated lights feature nine bright LED bulbs and operate with the help of three AAA batteries each. Twist and turn the adjustable gooseneck to get the light exactly where you need it and set the lights in the included portable storage case when not in use.


These plant-based Swedish dishcloths that are incredibly absorbent

There is almost no cleaning job you can’t tackle when you have these versatile Swedish dishcloths at hand. Made of plant-based cotton and cellulose, they can absorb up to 20 times their weight in liquid and are reusable up to 100 times, with one dishcloth replacing 15 rolls of paper towels. With a high 4.6-star rating earned over 51,000-plus reviews, there’s no doubt you’ll be turning to these for every single cleaning task.


A set of LED puck lights that are battery-operated

Mount these LED puck lights under cabinets, along stairways, or in closets to offer your space a touch more lighting without the need for expensive rewiring. They each use three AA batteries to operate and mount using the included self-adhesive or hardware. Turn them on with a simple tap or use the remote to set brightness levels and convenient timers that range from 15 minutes to two hours.


This double-sided meat tenderizer for delectable dinners

Choose either the flat side or spiked side of this meat tenderizer for the most delicious veal schnitzel or chicken paillard of your life. The hammer features a nonslip grip as well as a nonstick coating to keep things mess-free and can be tossed in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Alternatively, use it for crushing nuts, creating cookie crumbs, and even mashing garlic.


A handheld milk frother that delivers creamy foam in 15 seconds

There’s no need for fund-draining trips to the coffee shop when you have this handheld milk frother at your disposal. Designed with a strong motor, it can create frothy foam in under 15 seconds that’s great for both hot and cold drinks and it can be used with any form of dairy or non-dairy milk. The silicone handle makes it easy to grip and there’s even a handy stainless steel stand provided for elegant storage.


This bias lighting that improves your home viewing experience

Transform your TV viewing experience from “fine” to “Am I at home or at a private home cinema?” by installing this affordable bias lighting. It’s powered by your TV’s USB, can be cut to length, and uses self-adhesive to stick firmly to the back. The light works to create more contrast, making colors pop and lessening potential eye strain as well.


A cold brew coffee maker for a deliciously smooth cup

With some coarsely ground coffee, this cold brew coffee maker, and just eight to 24 hours, you can have a wonderfully strong yet smooth cup at your fingertips. The coffee maker is made of temperature-safe borosilicate glass and doubles as a carafe with a removable, fine mesh filter and leakproof lid. Use the funnel and provided scoop to measure and add your grounds, fill with water, secure the lid, and pop in the fridge overnight for a low-acid yet high-flavor brew.


This beautiful bamboo cutting board that doubles as a charcuterie board

Not only can you use this bamboo cutting board to slice, dice, and chop, but it can also serve to stylishly display your spread of cheeses and charcuterie. Solidly constructed from sustainably sourced bamboo, it features juice grooves around the perimeter to prevent messes. Hand wash it with a bit of soap and water to keep it in lasting shape for many cooking adventures and parties to come.


A bacon grease container to utilize delicious cooking fat

Amp up any meal exponentially with just the addition of some prized cooking fat, something which this clever bacon grease container helps make easy to accomplish. Made of stainless steel, simply pour leftover bacon grease through the included strainer to catch any large food particles. A handle and spout make it supremely easy to then pour these precious drippings into the pan for the next flavorful meal.


This food container lid organizer that helps to store leftovers fast

Forget time being wasted searching for that one specific lid to fit that one specific container. Get those leftovers put away in no time when using this food container lid organizer that has them neatly lined up and ready for action. It’s made with six removable dividers that can be adjusted to different widths and help lids stand upright. Handles on either side allow the organizer to be easily moved in and out of your newly tidied cabinets.


A narrow ice stick tray for cubes that’ll fit into water bottles

If your regular ice cubes don’t fit into your reusable water bottle, opt for this narrow ice stick tray that creates water bottle-sized cubes. Available in a set of three, each silicone tray provides you with 10 ice sticks that pop out easily and slide effortlessly into narrow water bottle mouths to help keep your drink chilled.


The popular pet hair remover that ingeniously employs static electricity

It’s all about the mechanics with this fan-favorite pet hair remover that has garnered over 140,000 reviews. Instead of sticky papers or battery-operated power, it cleverly uses static electricity generated by a simple back-and-forth motion to pick up all errant hair that’s been making an eyesore of your upholstery. And as another ingenious feature, the hair is collected into a small built-in receptacle that is easily emptied into the trash.


A laptop stand for an ergonomic workflow

With over 48,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, people have obviously turned to this simple yet game-changing laptop stand to create a healthy working posture. Available in lots of fun colors such as aquamarine, gold, and green, the stand works with laptops ranging from 10 to 15.6 inches and is sturdy being made of thick aluminum alloy. Most importantly, it lifts your laptop (and your gaze) up 6 inches to help save your upper body from that all-too-familiar neck and back discomfort.


This silicone stove gap cover that solves a niche but frustrating problem

Though a decidedly niche problem, this stove gap cover nonetheless solves the irritating issue of food splatter and messy drips falling into the space between the oven and the countertop, never to be cleaned. Made of heat-resistant silicone, it’s supremely easy to clean and can be cut to the appropriate size using a pair of scissors. The two-pack is available in black, white, and clear.


A kitchen scale to measure ingredients for a consistent result

Nail that chocolate chip cookie recipe every single time and consistently reproduce that favorite chicken curry when you have this kitchen scale in your cooking arsenal. It can measure up to 5 kilograms (11 pounds) in 1-gram increments and also provides alternate units ranging from ounces to milliliters. A tare function allows you to remove the weight of any bowl being used while two AAA batteries are conveniently included to power those precise measurements.


This electric sandwich maker that makes melty masterpieces

Create gourmet grilled cheeses and fancy panini lunches with this electric sandwich maker. Constructed of stainless steel and an even-cooking heating element, it’s extremely easy to use with a nonstick coating helping to release your sandwich effortlessly. Great for small spaces, the sandwich maker can be folded up to be stored vertically as well as taken on the go thanks to a built-in handle.


A pizza cutter wheel that fits comfortably in your hand

This ingenious pizza cutter wheel is designed with a handle that fits directly in the palm of your hand so that the vertical pressure you exert results in a clean cut — no hacking required. It comes with a protective cover for the sharp stainless steel blade so that it sits safely in your drawer and it can even be dismantled for easy cleaning in the dishwasher.


This vegetable slicer with 8 interchangeable blades

Prep any kind of vegetable in any kind of way with this vegetable slicer that comes with eight interchangeable stainless steel blades. Chop, slice, grate, and shred and do it directly over the included built-in BPA-free plastic container. An included food holder offers extra safety when dealing with smaller vegetables and the whole setup can be popped in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


A pot strainer that takes up less space than a colander

This clever strainer comes in less than half the size of your average colander, leaving you with loads more room in kitchen cabinets. Made of food-safe and heat-resistant silicone, it’s designed with clips on either side that attach directly to your pot or pan and allow you to strain the water while leaving the pasta or vegetables in place.


This silicone utensil rest that will keep your countertops spotless

Cook up your favorite sauces with no fear of leaving stains all over your countertop when you use this dishwasher-safe silicone utensil rest with a built-in drip tray. Available in lots of colors such as dark gray (pictured here), turquoise, or sage green, it has slots for holding up to four utensils simultaneously, even accommodating bulky tongs.


An oil & vinegar bottle set that comes with dual spouts

Not only does this oil and vinegar bottle set add to your kitchen’s aesthetic but it also offers serious pour control provided by the included dual spouts. The short spout offers a quick flow while the long one provides a slower, more controlled pour. Able to hold up to 17 ounces, the glass bottles are easily filled using the accompanying funnel and can be neatly stored in the included metal rack.


This silicone dish-drying mat with a multitude of uses

Though this silicone mat functions very well to dry dishes, with its waterproof material and raised ridges for increased airflow, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what it can do. Because it’s heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, it works just as well as a trivet for hot dishes or a place to set down your flat iron, and its nonslip texture also makes it a great option for safely storing nuts, bolts, or other tools during DIY projects.


A pepper grinder with adjustable grind settings

Season your stew and garnish your dish with your ideal amount and size of peppercorn using this well-designed pepper grinder. Arriving at your doorstep prefilled with pepper, an adjustable tab allows you to choose between five different grind settings from fine to coarse. The clear chamber lets you know when your supply is running low and it’s a cinch to refill by flipping over and simply removing the cap.


These reusable silicone straws that can be used for both hot & cold drinks

If nary a beverage touches your lips unless it’s through a straw, you will love these reusable silicone straws that can be used with both hot and cold drinks. Each pack comes with 20 straws in a range of colors with the ability to trim them to your desired length. The food-grade, BPA-free silicone is dishwasher-safe and there’s even a handy cleaning brush and carrying pouch included.


A set of four insulated travel tumblers that cost less than $30

This extremely affordable set of four travel tumblers is great for accommodating multiple beverages you need to take on the go. The vacuum-insulated design means that hot drinks stay warm for up to six hours and cold beverages remain chilled for up to 12. Able to hold up to 20 ounces each, the stylish, slim tumbler feels great in the hand and comes in over 10 colors that include trendy ombre shades.


The waterproof speaker that lets you listen to music & podcasts in the shower

There’s no need to pause your favorite podcast or song just to take a shower — this IP67 waterproof Bluetooth speaker attaches via the included suction cup to your shower wall and provides you with dynamic sound packed into a small footprint. Choose from six on-trend colors like teal or cashmere pink, with the speaker providing up to 12 hours of audio on one charge.


A set of drawer dividers to organize small items

Those smaller items have a way of wreaking havoc on drawers, what with wandering sock mates, strewn underwear, and crushed bras taking up way more room than they need to. That’s where these well-reviewed drawer dividers made of non-woven fabric come in. The set includes four bins which are specially designed with slots for socks, underwear, ties, bras, and scarves, for an organized and aesthetically pleasing drawer game.


This patterned anti-fatigue mat made with memory foam cushioning

If just the idea of washing that pile of dishes makes your back go out, you need this anti-fatigue mat stat. It’s made with nearly half an inch of memory foam cushioning and features a nonslip top and bottom that’s easily wiped down with a damp cloth. The tile-like pattern comes in multiple color options to match your kitchen look, and the mat is also available in solid black and gray.


A pack of silicone twist ties made with strong & secure magnets

Instead of searching for those randomly scattered wire ties left over from bread bags, opt for these ingenious silicone magnetic twist ties as a serious upgrade for anything that needs bundling. Every pack comes with 20 ties in multiple colors with the flexible silicone able to wrap around your cables or cords as many times as needed to then be secured by the strong, encased magnets on either end.


This tablet stand for watching, browsing, & reading from your device

Since we have become one with our devices, you can see why the simple addition of this tablet stand has the ability to make such an improvement in your day-to-day life. Able to accommodate phones, tablets, or e-readers that measure up to 11 inches, the stand’s aluminum alloy hinge is fully adjustable allowing for multiple viewing angles, plus it can be folded up to easily pop in your bag.


A pair of silicone oven mitts that let you handle hot food directly

You’ll be amazed at how these silicone oven mitts with a near-perfect 4.8-star rating free you up in the kitchen. Because they offer heat protection up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, you can handle hot dishes without fear and even hot food like boiling potatoes directly with no utensils required. The cotton quilted lining makes them comfortable on skin and the extra-long design means that forearms will be as equally protected as hands. Choose from more than 10 colors.


These nonstick liners that keep your oven sparkling clean

Cleaning your oven floor of baked-on messes is exactly no one’s idea of a fun afternoon, especially if there are strong chemicals involved. Enter these oven liners that sit at the bottom ready to catch drips and splatter. Made of nonstick Teflon, they can be cut to your desired dimensions and cleaned up quickly with soap and water or via the dishwasher.


A pack of velvet hangers to give your closet a clean & chic look

Besides being extremely economical, these velvet hangers also help to give your closet a consistent look. Every pack comes with 20 hangers that are available in multiple colors with their velvet lining working to keep clothing securely on the hanger (and not on the closet floor). They can each hold up to 10 pounds, making them great for anything from camisoles to coats, and there’s even an accessory bar for smaller items.


This steamer that effectively removes wrinkles from all types of fabric

It doesn’t have to take much time or effort to smooth out the wrinkles in your garment of choice thanks to this well-reviewed clothing steamer. Though lightweight and portable, it has a capacity large enough to provide continuous steam for up to 15 minutes. Use it on all kinds of materials from chiffon to wool to linen to silk for a refreshed and put-together look.


A 2-tier turntable to easily find & retrieve pantry items

There’s a solution to chaotic cabinets with impossible-to-reach condiments or spices and it comes in the form of this two-tier turntable. Made of brushed stainless steel, the turntable rotates 360 degrees to display everything stored and provides the ability to easily grab what you need. Additionally, use it to store cleaning products or beauty supplies with items staying safely in place thanks to a raised lip.


This wireless doorbell kit with over 50 chimes to choose from

Make the moment the door rings infinitely more entertaining when you choose from over 50 chimes offered as part of this wireless doorbell kit. Included in the kit are an outdoor transmitter as well as a receiver that works within a 1,000-foot range. Mount the transmitter easily using the provided self-adhesive or screws and simply plug in the receiver wherever is most convenient.


A silicone utensil set that comes with 9 essential tools

There’s no cooking job you can’t face when you have this comprehensive silicone utensil set at hand. It comes with nine crucial tools in varying sizes including three silicone whisks, three tongs, and three spatulas. Heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, the dishwasher-safe silicone offers lots of grip and, as an added bonus, will never scratch your precious cookware.


These baking mats that eliminate the need for oil or butter

Skip the butter or olive oil when you cook or bake using these reusable baking mats. Their nonstick silicone surface means food will release with ease as well as wash up in a flash no matter how burnt the potential mess is. Two half sheets as well as two quarter sheets are included, with each featuring small macaron stencils for patisserie creations.


A butter dish with an innovative flip-top lid

Keep your butter cleanly contained and ready for use with this butter dish that features a protective flip-top lid. Made of BPA-free plastic, the dish can hold up to two sticks or 8 ounces of butter and even includes its very own matching spreader that sits in a built-in cradle. Choose from lots of fun colors to suit your style such as classic white, retro orange, or tropical aqua.


This produce keeper that extends the life of fruit & veg

This helpful produce keeper will stretch the life of precious fruit and vegetables, truly squeezing every cent out of your grocery purchases. It features an interior basket set within a slightly larger container and a lid with a compartment for a carbon filter which works to absorb ethylene gas, thereby preventing premature spoiling. It’s available in multiple sizes and shapes to suit your needs.


A set of food storage containers with over 74,000 5-star ratings

These versatile food storage containers have so much going for them which helps to explain their over 74,000 five-star ratings. Made of BPA-free clear plastic, they come in a stackable set of five and include lids that lock on either side for a leakproof seal. Use them in the refrigerator, freezer, and microwave with the side latches popping up to reveal vents suited to splatter-free reheating. Best of all, these containers are resistant to stains and odors over time.


This set of mesh laundry bags that protect delicate clothing in the wash

If you’re tired of washing all your delicates by hand, there is another way (thank goodness). These mesh laundry bags that come in a set of five allow you to keep that fine material from getting damaged, while still allowing water to permeate for a thorough clean. Made of sturdy polyester material, the bags range from medium to extra-large and can also be used in the dryer.


A pack of refrigerator liners to keep your shelves spic & span

Cleaning your fridge shelves probably doesn’t happen often, and for good reason — it’s a true pain. These nonslip refrigerator liners, however, offer an alternative. Coming in a pack of eight in red, blue, and green, they can be cut to size and provide you with a protective surface that is easily washed with water. Plus, the EVA foam material prevents spoilage of produce by providing an absorbent and breathable surface.


These silicone bowl lids that’ll have you bidding farewell to plastic wrap

For those searching for eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic, look no further than these silicone bowl lids. Coming in a set of five in varying sizes, they’re completely reusable and adhere securely to smooth-rimmed metal, glass, or plastic bowls. Use them in the refrigerator and microwave and remove the lid easily with the help of a large handle on top.


A set of stainless steel knives that are color-coded

Easily know what knife was used to cut the raw chicken with this 4.7-star rated set of six stainless steel knives that come in different colors. Included in the set are a chef’s knife, a serrated bread knife, a paring knife, and more, each one with its own accompanying blade guard for safe storage. As beautiful as these knives are to look at, don’t underestimate the sharpness and efficient slicing and dicing they provide.


The over-the-sink colander that saves major countertop space

Wash produce and dry dishes quickly and easily with this over-the-sink colander that frees up precious countertop space. It expands from 14 to 19 inches to fit the dimensions of your sink and features large drainage holes for fast drying. Durable and heat-resistant up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, the colander, which comes in 12 colors, can be conveniently washed in the top rack of the dishwasher.