Amazon shoppers are calling these cheap things with near-perfect reviews their best finds of the year

These items are sure not to disappoint.

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As you probably know, Amazon has thousands and thousands of products available spanning every category — and what helps sort through them are the trustworthy reviews from real shoppers. If you’re looking for the products that people are raving about, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some of the most affordable products on Amazon with near-perfect reviews — and they’re things you’ll actually want to use. From a memory foam pillow for your bathtub to cooling bed sheets, the following items have garnered glowing reviews from thousands of shoppers, with many stating they’re the best purchases they’ve made all year.


These ceramic plant pots that will look great in your home

Plants are always an amazing addition for brightening up any space. These ceramic plant pots from Amazon make a great addition to any home and are suitable for most small- to medium-sized plants. One five-star reviewer wrote, “The price can not be beat for the quality of this item. Each pot has a drainage hole and freestanding drainage tray/bottom. The texture is smooth and easy to clean.”


This microfiber towel that dries your hair super fast

Dry your hair in half the time with this top-rated waffle microfiber towel. The fabric is created with soft and absorbent microfiber that dries your hair without heat damage from blow dryers and other hot tools. It comes in a pack of four for under-$20. A steal if you ask us. “Best hair towel. Super absorbent. I have long hair and this towel is long enough to cover my hair. Worth every penny,” one shopper said.


This four-piece casserole & bakeware dish set

For the hostess with the mostest, this casserole and bakeware dish set is about to become the most used item in your kitchen. The versatile glass dish can be used to bake, serve, refrigerate, freeze and reheat any dish. The set also features grip handles for easy transport of your food. One reviewer wrote, “Best ever. Non-stick as described. This is my 2nd set...”


This ultra-soft throw blanket that’ll complement any couch

This throw blanket is available in 22 colors and comes in two different sizes, making it large enough to throw over your sofa or use as a comforter in your guest room. It’s crafted from high-quality super-soft fleece and shouldn’t shed. “I bought this for a coworker for her birthday, yellow is her favorite color and it was perfect. It is big enough to cover her up, it’s soft and warm. She has had it for less than a day and she thinks it was the best gift she got. I’m glad I ordered this one for her!” one reviewer said.


A set of silicone pastry brushes that make baking a breeze

These pastry brushes come in a set of two. Each one is heat-resistant up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit and makes baking, BBQ’ing, or spreading oil easier than ever. One five-star reviewer wrote, “A typical basting brush sheds its bristles on your food as you use it... Not these. The bristles are silicone, and there is a silicone grid in the middle of this brush that holds onto extra sauce or butter for more basting coverage... This is hands down the best basting brush I have ever used.” You can grab them in one of four colors.


A waterproof flashlight with LED lights

This customer-favorite flashlight from Amazon has three powerful light modes and is totally indestructible. And according to the brand, it can withstand a drop from 10 feet. Snag one or two to keep in your basement or to bring on your next camping trip. “One of the best flashlights I have ever owned,” raved one reviewer. “I really like this flashlight and it is holding up well. The low light is plenty for walking at night.”


A digital meat thermometer that comes with a built-in timer

Dubbed an Amazon’s Choice, this digital meat thermometer is pre-programmed with temperatures for eight types of meat including beef, turkey, chicken, and even fish. It comes with a built-in timer with a count-down feature with a maximum time of 99 minutes. “This is the best meat thermometer I have ever used,” wrote one reviewer. “I use it at least once a week, and it still works. I even dropped it a couple times, and it didn’t break. I love the custom setting. That is what I use most often.”


This toothbrush holder that fits up to 4 brushes

Designed with four slots to hold toothbrushes for the whole family and an extra large slot for toothpaste, this toothbrush holder is a great solution for keeping your brushes off the dirty counter. It’s designed with rubber pads to ensure your toothbrushes will stay in place. And with a vented bottom, it won’t accumulate a ton of crud. One shopper wrote, “Without question, this is the best toothbrush holder ever! It's wonderful to have one that doesn't collect even one drop of water, thereby eliminating the yucky dark spots all other holders get. It's sleek, attractive, unbreakable, and substantial enough to be stable.” The best part? The fact that it’s under $10.


This double-sided meat hammer that’s great for home chefs

Calling all chefs: This meat tenderizer hammer is a kitchen essential. It comes with a sturdy grip that prevents it from slipping out of your hands and has a double-sided head. One reviewer wrote, “I searched and reviewed several meat tenderizers and this one seemed the best fit for me. It does the job great, it doesn't pulverize the meat but does tenderize it and the other side is great for getting those chicken breasts the same thickness." Whether you're thinning out chicken cutlets or tenderizing steaks, this tool can do it all.


A clever way to add bacon flavoring to your cooking

If you’re looking to amp up your cooking, consider this bacon grease container that solves multiple problems. For one, it provides a convenient storage solution for bacon grease after cooking. For another, its built-in stainless steel mesh strainer allows it to be properly strained and separated, giving you delicious bacon grease to add to further meals.


This clip on gadget that will replace your colanders

Anything that makes cooking just a bit more convenient is a win, and this pot strainer certainly doesn’t disappoint. Made from flexible, dishwasher-safe silicone, this strainer clips on to pot rims of varying sizes to deliver a strainer you can use with just one hand. Simply tip your pot over the sink and voila.

  • Available colors: 4


These colorful knives that come in a set of 12

With over 11,000 five-star ratings, Amazon shoppers can’t get enough of this colorful knife set. It includes a chef's knife, bread knife, slicing knife, paring knife, and utility knife. Whether you're chopping vegetables or carving a turkey, this set has you covered. “I used them at a BBQ I made for some friends for my husband's birthday and people actually commented on the knives!” said one reviewer. “They loved how easily they cut the meat yet, they still look nice to put out for company.”


These plastic cutting boards that have easy-grip handles

This multi-purpose cutting plastic board is a top kitchen essential. It works great as a fruit or meat cutting board or as a fish cleaning board. The most important feature is the rubber grip handles for mess-free meal prep. "I've been using old cutting boards for years. Finally decided to get something new....chose these and am so glad I did! Easy to use and clean. Great value!” a five-star reviewer said. You can get them in one of five colors.


This handy drying rack that organizes your sink too

If you’re looking to add a little extra kitchen storage while also creating a place to dry clean dishes, look no further than this over-the-sink drying rack from trusted brand Kohler. It expands to fit multiple sink sizes and features an attached cup to store cleaning utensils, as well as a steel rack. There’s even a slot to hang a damp dish towel, too.


These reusable dish cloths that can be thrown in the wash

A reviewer favorite with more than 36,000 five-star reviews, this pack of dishcloths is the perfect sustainable solution for wiping down any surface without wasting money on rolls of paper towels. “These dishcloths are amazing. They are the perfect size for washing dishes. They are strong enough to scrub but gentle enough for fine glassware. One of the best purchases I have made recently,” one reviewer wrote. The dishcloths come in a pack of 10 and are available in 10 different colors.


A magnet that will remind you if the dishes are clean or dirty

You can stop guessing and asking repeatedly if the dishes are dirty, all thanks to this dishwasher magnet that will tell you. It can be applied to any type of dishwasher — even if it’s not stainless steel. Even better, it’s both peel-proof and waterproof. “My wife and I were always rewatching dishes because we didn’t realize the other one had done it. We tried other systems, but this is the simplest and best solution. It’s pretty clear as long as you remember to flip the magnet,” one reviewer wrote.


This wall-mounted pot & pan hanger

If you’re tired of disorganized utensils, give this pot and pan hanger a try. Perfect for storing kitchen gadgets and tools, this stainless steel organizer can mount to your wall. It features 15 hooks and includes all the necessary mounting hardware. A five-star reviewer stated, “One of my best purchases this year! I didn't use the plastic bits when I screwed this bar on the wall. And I currently have over 10 assorted size pots and pans hanging on it and it's not even drooping! Why didn’t I know about these sooner!”


This handy cold brew maker than can help you cut back on your coffee shop habit

Making delicious cold brew at home has never been easier thanks to this cold brew maker. It’s made from durable borosilicate glass and features a non-slip silicone base for extra convenience. Simply fill the stainless steel filter with grounds, pour your desired amount of water in, and let it chill in the frideg for 24 hours.


This back & neck massager that may improve your day

Few things sound better than being able to give your own back a massage. This selfie massager works to promote circulation and helps to relieve tight muscles fast. It can be used on almost every part of your body including feet, legs, neck, and back. One reviewer wrote, “One of the best purchases I’ve made in a while. I have been using it so often it makes me sore the next day but wow does that relief feel amazing while in use. Perfect for my neck, shoulder blade area, and even lower back.”


A pillow you can use in your bathtub

Taking a bath just got so much more relaxing with this bath pillow. The super soft pillow offers cloud-like support for your head, neck, shoulders, and back. It also features six nonslip suction cups that securely hold to any tub. One customer wrote, “My wife said it's the best Christmas present I've ever given her. Which is surprising to me considering everything else she's gotten. But she loves it!”


This dry body brush that you can also bring into the shower with you

This dry body brush makes exfoliating super easy. Beloved by thousands of Amazon shoppers, this exfoliator brush can promote circulation and help improve lymphatic drainage. It also works as a wet brush in the shower to scrub and clean pores. A reviewer raved, “This is the best back brush. The brush has a wide enough handle with silicone inserts so the brush will not slip in your hand whilst you are scrubbing.”


An easy-to-use car phone mount for just $7

If you’re looking to keep your phone easily displayed in your car for GPS or music, set up with air vent phone mount that you can score on the cheap. It easily locks into place and secures your phone with a magnetic base. It works for tons of iPhone and Samsung models too.


A nonstick frying pan that comes in four colors

Give your pans a refresh with this brand-new nonstick skillet. From eggs to meats or making sauces, this frying pan can be used for all of your cooking needs. It’s available in four colors and five different sizes. “Great customer service and the pan is the best I've ever used. Just wish I bought it sooner. Cooking and cleaning with these bad boys is so much easier than my old pan,” one five-star reviewer wrote.


This spill-proof coffee mug that has double insulation

This stainless steel insulated mug keeps drinks hot for up to five hours and cold for up to 12 hours. Great for traveling or your commute to work, this size mug fits most cup holders and works under most single-serve coffee brewers. One reviewer said, “This is honestly the best cup I have had in years, there are NO accidents in this cup! Even if my kids knock it out the cup holder I’m at ease.”


A super chic faux-fur rug that will warm up your space

An area rug is the easiest way to warm up your room. This faux-fur accent rug looks like thousands of dollars. The super plush fabric comes in 11 different colors and sizes making it the perfect option to fit in spaces of any size. One five-star reviewer wrote, “Very pretty piece! Best faux fur I’ve ever owned! And my cat loves to nap on it!”


These affordable tablecloths that come in different shapes & sizes

With the holiday season around the corner, stocking up on tablecloths is a great idea — especially ones that don’t cost a fortune. It’s available in rectangle, square, and round sizes in an array of vibrant colors. One reviewer wrote, “Best tablecloth I've ever had! This is a beautiful tablecloth and the quality is amazing...”


This reversible quilted sofa cover that’ll help protect your couch

This sofa slipcover, beloved by over 30,000 shoppers, can help protect your couch from spills, tears, and stains. With a checkered design, this slipcover comes in a variety of different colors, so you should have no trouble finding one that complements your couch. A five-star reviewer said, “Best sofa cover! Got the chocolate brown to match my dark brown sofa. We have a big dog who enjoys snuggling up on the sofa with us. This sofa cover is great: it is thick, heavy duty, stays in place well, and washes well.”


This toilet bowl brush with a curved design

Reviewers love this toilet bowl brush for its flexibility, angled brush head, and durable grip handle. It comes with a matching holder and can easily fit into tight bathroom spaces. One five-star shopper wrote, “This is the best! Why haven't I found this a long time ago! As soon as I received this, I immediately threw my others away! Finally, a company has heard people asking for a brush that definitely cleans under the edge of a toilet! It does a thorough cleaning and I am sold on this product.”


This bidet toilet seat attachment that is beloved by thousands of shoppers

Sometimes, installing a bidet on your toilet can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars. This easy-to-install bidet is much less expensive, and thousands of Amazon shoppers love it. With a 4.5 star rating, one reviewer wrote, “I received it the same morning and just installed it after working a 9-hour work day in 20 minutes, I have absolutely no experience with plumbing and I didn’t get frustrated once. It works great too!”


A set of multi-purpose sponges for heavy-duty scrubbing

Pots and pans are no longer tough to clean thanks to these multi-purpose scrub sponges. What sets these sponges apart from the others is the scourer and microfiber cloth combo that scrub clean even the toughest of marks. The best part? You can throw them in the washing machine instead of replacing them. A reviewer wrote that they’re “literally, the best sponges I’ve ever bought!” They continued, “I have had these [for] over two years and they are still in great condition. I absolutely love how they are machine-washable and durable. Wish I found them years sooner!”


These cult-favorite memory foam pillows

Swap out your worn-in bed pillows with these premium memory foam pillows. They instantly became a best-seller on Amazon and have over 12,000 five-star ratings. The special fabric is designed to give you the luscious feel of a down pillow and the firm support of memory foam. One shopper wrote, “I'm extremely picky when it comes to pillows and this is the best pillow ever. I have neck and back issues too and you can adjust [the] filling to fit your needs. Just all around best pillow ever. I'll actually buy more so I'll have them for the future!”


This pack of storage bags that making transitioning your closet easy

Whether you’re in the middle of packing for a move or are looking for a great way to store away your summer clothing, this pack of storage bags is a must-have. The breathable fabric helps protect your clothes from dust and moisture, while the clear window allows you to easily see what’s stored inside. One person wrote, “These totes are the best I have purchased so far! They are spacious and fit nicely in the closet. The window lets you see what is stored without opening it. Going to order more.”


A set of mesh packing cubes to organize your luggage like a pro

If you love to travel but tend to be a a little disorganized with your packing, you need these packing cubes. They come in a set of four varying sized flexible mesh cubes with a transparent lid, so you can sort like items with like and have a clear view of what you brough with you. It even includes a laundry bag so you can separate out dirty clothes.

  • Available colors: 10


This shoe organizer that fits under your bed

This under-bed shoe storage is at the top of our list when it comes to organizing hacks. It neatly fits up to 32 pairs of shoes with ease and can be folded when it’s not being used. The zippers make accessing your shoes smooth and easy. One shopper raved, “This is the best storage for shoes!! and for an awesome price, you get 2?!?! You can fit so many pairs of shoes in these little slots.”


A coffee mug you can brew your joe in

Not only can you take this travel coffee mug on the go, you can actually make your coffee directly in it. It features vacuum-layered insulation to keep your beverages hot and a stainless steel filter to brew your pour-over in the cup. Just add hot water, let it steep, and remove the filter before sipping.

  • Available colors: 4


This bamboo folding tray table that’s perfect for breakfast in bed

This serving tray table is totally multi-functional for working or eating dinner from bed. It has foldable legs and two hollowed-out handles for easy carrying. It’s even made from durable natural bamboo and is easy to clean. “Best thing I’ve bought!” wrote one reviewer. “So convenient. I don’t spill things (as often) and it’s great for writing in bed."


A deliciously scented candle that can help you de-stress

This scented candle makes for an amazing affordable gift. It’s available in over 20 different scents such as spiced vanilla, espresso bean, ocean breeze, and wild lemongrass. The soy-blend wax is made from a nontoxic, paraben-free formula. One person wrote, “This candle smells so powerful, I can smell it even when it’s not lit. I have the 1 wick version and it’s strong enough to cover our entire open space living room, kitchen, and dining. I have the jasmine and sandalwood one and I will definitely purchase it again. Best candle I’ve ever had.”


This sofa armrest that comes with a rotating phone holder

Eating dinner or working from the couch has never been more comfortable thanks to this sofa armrest tray. It easily clips onto any couch and features a 360-degree rotating phone holder to free your hands. One shopper wrote, “This little thing is such a huge help when I have company over and they need to put their drinks somewhere. I love the phone stand also. I bought one for both couches and my kids fight over them.”


This best-selling coat rack that will declutter your hallway

Dubbed a number-one best-seller on Amazon, this adjustable coat rack stand is perfect for storing your jackets, hats, and scarves. It takes up minimal space in entryways and will prevent your hall closets from being stuffed with outerwear. One five-star reviewer wrote, “I love that I can change the height if need be to make it a tabletops hat rack. Great buy.”


A set of soap dishes that look pretty on your counter

You can’t beat the price tag on this set of soap dishes. Great for displaying and storing your hand soap, these dishes extend the life of your bar, thanks to the slotted design that drains excess water for easy drying. “It's truly a great design. It’s two pieces. The top piece has slots so the water can drain off the soap into the second piece, which is [a] small tub. It's just great! The soap dries out perfectly,” a reviewer said.


This set of reusable grocery bags that are eco-friendly

These reusable tote bags make living an eco-friendly life just a bit easier. Made with sustainability in mind, you can replace single-use plastic bags with these large and durable bags for your next supermarket trip. Store them in your trunk or glove compartment for easy access. “If you want excellent reusable bags, look no further. This is it. The bottom is hard and wide, able to hold a lot. When you sit the bag down it stands. Take my word these bags are the best,” one reviewer wrote.


This memory foam support pillow that is perfect for your office chair

If you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk or driving a car, this lumbar pillow will help support your back in an effort to help ease achiness. It’s made with memory foam and has adjustable straps to securely attach the cushion to any chair. One five-star reviewer wrote, “The moment you lean your back against this I get instant relief and I can spend hours doing desk work in total comfort and support.”


These cooling bed sheets that will keep you cozy

This cooling sheet set is made from breathable, cool, and super silk-soft microfiber fabric. It includes two pillowcases and a flat and fitted sheet. It also comes in an array of colors and stripe prints. A reviewer noted, “These are the softest sheets I have ever owned! I’m not a morning person and now it’s even harder to get out of bed! And guess what? They really don’t wrinkle! Will definitely be purchasing more in different sizes!”


A convenient gadget that delivers juicy burgers

Instead of flattening your burgers on the grill and squeezing out their juice, use this burger press to create perfect round patties with ease. It works with 1/4 and 1/3 pound burgers and will create perfect ridged marks thanks to the casting of the aluminum mold. Than handle makes it easy to exert the exact amount of pressure needed.


This clever gadget that makes cooking cleanup easier

If you love cooking, especially with oil or sauce, but hate cleaning, this splatter screen is for you. It has an easy-to-grip handle and sits conveniently over pans to keep heat and flavor in while keeping hot, splashing grease from splattering on you or your countertops. Plus, it’s even dishwasher safe.