Amazon's selling a ton of these things that make it easier to keep your house nice

These solutions are really easy to incorporate into your everyday life.

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These Amazon finds can’t wipe all of your countertops for you, but they can make it so you won’t have to wipe them as often. (And when you do, it’s a much quicker process.) It’s not just your kitchen counters either — Amazon is selling a ton of these products that make it easier to keep your house looking nice and put-together.

These products help out with all of the daily chores (and even decorating projects) around your home that honestly feel like a huge hassle. And once you start using them, you’ll wonder how you ever did without.


A cleaning kit that makes all of your screens crystal clear

This screen cleaner kit will instantly make your living room and even your home desk setup look more put together because every screen in your home will be shiny and smudge-free. You might not even notice just how dusty and fingerprint-covered your TV looks in your living room until you spritz on the gentle screen spray and use the soft, streak-free microfiber cloth.


A durable organizer that allows you to easily tidy up a cluttered closet

With this hanging organizer, you won’t have to pile extra sweaters and accessories on the top shelf of your closet, stuff them into a full drawer, or just toss them on the floor. Instead, this sturdy and breathable fabric organizer gives you nine differently sized shelves and mesh pockets to neatly tuck everything. You even get little rearrangeable drawers (a few with dividers) to hide tiny accessories that tend to look messy.


An outlet concealer & power strip that makes your wall more aesthetic

Not only will this outlet concealer make your outlets blend into your kitchen backsplash, but it will also take care of all of the cords on your countertop. It sticks right over your outlet, and it has a sleek white power strip attached with three outlets for your coffee maker, stand mixer, and air fryer. Of course, the 3-foot cord is long enough to tidy your bedside table or a living room outlet.


A classic set of soft, white sheets that won’t fade

If you ever wonder why hotel rooms tend to look so chic, it’s because the sheets are white. Get that look at home with this popular sheet set, which has over tk five-star reviews on Amazon. Beyond their classic, soft design, these sheets have deep pockets and won’t fade, which means your bed will look crisp and clean every single time you make it.


A 3-pack of motion sensor LED lights that make your stairs feel custom built

These battery-operated LED lights feel will instantly make your staircase feel more custom because they illuminate each step in a luxurious warm white glow. To make them feel even more expensive, these stick-on lights have built-in motion sensors that turn on when a person is within 10 feet, so you’ll never have to remember to turn off the stair lights.


A stick-on holder for a grime-free sponge

This sponge caddy makes cleaning day so much easier because you’ll always have a clean and dry sponge that’s ready to go. It comes with adhesive, so you can stick it in your cleaning closet or under your sink without tools. It’s large enough to fit your go-to cleaning sponges, and the removable drainage tray will keep your sponge grime-free.


These clear, stick-on bumpers that protect your cabinets & drawers

These door bumpers instantly make your home feel more expensive because they’ll make all of your kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and even drawers around your house so much quieter. They also double as protectors for your tables when you put them on the bottom of vases or trays.. You get 100 of these silicone stick-on pieces, so you can pop these transparent bumpers all over your house.


A mop holder to keep cleaning supplies tidy with zero effort

With this wall-mounted holder, you won’t have to tidy fallen brooms and cluttered mopping supplies in your closet every few days. The stainless steel design gives you sturdy spots for three cleaning tools with handles and four that can be hung on hooks. Despite being so cheap, this holder is seriously sturdy and holds up to 50 pounds. You can even skip the included screws and simply use the included adhesive to make this cleaning closet upgrade quicker.


A dishwasher-safe spoon holder that is quite chic

Pop this ceramic spoon rest on your countertop, and you can get away with wiping down your counters way less often. The chic textured design will catch all of the dripping sauce or stray food on your go-to spoon or spatula. After it catches all of the food that would have ended up on your counter, it can go right in the dishwasher.


These easy-to-use wood markers & wax sticks that fill in dents & scratches

This 13-piece wood repair kit makes fixing scratched pieces of furniture as easy as coloring in a coloring book. Available in six colors that range from light maple to black, these markers work on wooden furniture and floors. And if your pieces have bigger nicks, this popular set comes with wax sticks.


This hanging trash can to keep your countertop extra-clean

This little trash can with a lid will keep your countertop looking way tidier than it usually does during dinner prep because you can easily sweep butter wrappers and veggie scraps right into it. You simply hang it over a cabinet, so you can quickly tuck it away after dinner cleanup if you want to. It also comes with an adhesive hook if you want to permanently attach it to your kitchen island.


These rug grippers that keep your cozy (but slippery) rugs in place

These rug grippers mean you can stop readjusting your sliding rugs 10 times a day. You only have to stick them on the corners, so it won’t be a huge hassle to add these adhesive grippers each of your rugs. Plus, you can easily refresh the part that sticks to the floor with rubbing alcohol if they ever get a little loose.


The trendy storage baskets that make organizing easier than ever

These storage baskets are neutral enough to fit right in with decor all over your home with their cotton rope design. They’re topped off with functional handles, and they’re the perfect spot to toss every single piece of clutter, including toys, shoes, blankets, towels, or even random odds and ends.


A lightweight squeegee that makes glass surfaces look freshly cleaned at all times

It’s easy to make your home look extra-clean at all times with this silicone squeegee because it leaves your windows or even glass shower doors streak-free. The flexible blade will make every piece of glass or mirror in your home look like you just washed them. You can also pop it on top of an extension pole if you have taller windows.


This unique outlet extender to tidy up a wall of cords

You won’t have to clean up messy cords all the time if you add this seriously compact surge protector and outlet extender to your outlet. It gives you spots for five classic plugs, three USBs, and even a USB-C to keep everything tidy against the wall. Plus, the unique three-sided design means that the plugs won’t be constantly overlapping each other.


This in-drawer knife block that’s made of stylish bamboo

This in-drawer knife block won’t add another thing to your countertop, and the bamboo design will look seriously expensive in your kitchen drawer. It gives you two levels of storage and built-in slots to safely tuck 16 different knives. Plus, there’s a slot in the middle to hold that bulky knife sharpener that might not otherwise have a spot in your kitchen.


This magnetic beech wood soap holder that prevents soap scum

This magnetic soap holder will keep your bar soap dry between showers, and the geometric beech wood design will look so chic in your shower. Even though this wooden holder will look built-in, you actually just stick it on your bathroom with included adhesive. Simply press the included magnet to your soap, and you can easily hang it on this wooden hanger.


A set of 3 minimalist floating shelves that give mementos a place

These floating shelves are more stylish and trendy than others on the market. You also won’t be tempted to clutter up these geometric shelves with decor pieces because their paulownia wood bases are just big enough for one or two pieces. And while the metal honeycomb shape might look delicate and minimalist, but it can actually hold up to 13 pounds.


A 50-pack of melamine sponges that erase grease stains & more

Dirt, spills, and even tough greasy grime are no match for these melamine sponges. The pieces in this pack of 50 work on all kinds of surfaces from steel to leather to effectively erase even years of buildup — which makes these an absolute lifesaver in the kitchen. All you need for these trimmable sponges to buff away residue is a little bit of water.


A broom & dustpan set that keeps your broom extra-clean

You might not dread sweeping if you grab this broom and dustpan, because it cleans off the gross broom bristles for you. It comes with an extendable pole that can make the handle go from 38.9 to over 54 inches, which also makes this household chore more comfortable to do. When you’re finished, the deep dustpan turns into a little basket that you can carry to the trash can.


These motion-sensor night lights that you can dim

These motion-sensor night lights instantly make your home so much nicer at night because they emit a warm white light and adjustable brightness settings. With the motion-sensor option, they work when someone is within 12 feet, or you can keep them on all of the time as extra lighting around your home.


A drill attachment set to make scrubbing cleaning projects easier

These cleaning attachments stick right onto your drill to make all of that tile, floor, sink, and even grout scrubbing (AKA — the most annoying chores), a lot easier. They come in three helpful shapes, and each one is covered in nylon bristles that are durable enough for serious cleaning projects.


This pan organizer for a kitchen cabinet that actually stays tidy

With this pan organizer, you won’t have to reorganize a cluttered kitchen cabinet every time you need to grab a certain piece of cookware. Prop it up or lay it on its side to neatly stack four to five of your pans next to each other. The open wire design makes it easy to see all of them, and you can even mount it in your cabinet to support extra-heavy pans.


A rubber broom for pet hair that doubles as a squeegee

This broom is actually designed to take care of stray pet fur or spills in the kitchen. It has a bunch of rubber bristles to grab all of the pet hair that your vacuum seems to leave behind and a squeegee on the front to gather up drink spills, so they’re easier to wipe up.


This adjustable rack that will tidy up the shoes by your front door

With this three-tiered shoe rack, you won’t have to clean up a pile of shoes in your closet or by the front door all the time. So, go ahead and toss your shoes on one of these breathable and adjustable shelves when you get home — they will instantly look tidy.


This decorative vent grate upgrade that won’t require tools to install

This vent grate will instantly make your floors look nicer (even if you haven’t swept in a bit) because they look so custom. The durable steel-plated design has a metallic finish (in four different colors) that will easily blend right in — no matter what color your floor is. Plus, you won’t have to pull out any tools for this floor upgrade, just buy the size that fits the hole in your floor.


An over-the-door pantry organizer that’s adjustable

This pantry organizer gives you a ton of extra storage, but the slim design won’t feel too bulky on your pantry door. It comes with five durable wire shelves, and you can even move them around to fit big bags of chips or even to fit with your pantry shelves when you close the door. You can also use the adjustable design to change how low this organizer sits on your door.


A stainless steel polish that means you have to wipe down your fridge less often

With this streak-free stainless steel cleaner, you won’t find new smudges and fingerprints on your fridge or oven every single day. The lavender-scented spray actually polishes all of your stainless steel surfaces with coconut oil every time you clean them, so you won’t have to clean them as often.


A best-selling caulk & sealant to take of yellowing & mildew

You won’t have to peel off grimy caulk and redo it all of the time if you apply this silicone caulk and sealant around your home because the formula won’t yellow or crack. The waterproof design also stays mildew-free — even if you use it in your tub or on your windows. This is a big go-to for Amazon shoppers, which is why this best-selling caulk has over 10,000 five-star reviews.


A washable ceiling fan duster with an extendable pole

Instead of trying to use a way-too-short duster or a microfiber cloth and step stool on your ceiling fan, this extendable circular duster makes it so much easier to take care of a grimy fan. The uniquely-shaped microfiber duster has a pole that extends from 27 to 47 inches, so you can reach high ceilings with ease. And when you’re done, you can put it in the wash, so you won’t have to clean off all of the gross dust by hand.


This suction cup organizer for dry & tidy sink storage

Not only will this sink caddy keep your sponge and dish brush dry, but it also gives them a tidy spot in the sink — so they aren’t just wet and scattered on your countertop. The stainless steel wire design won’t collect a bunch of grimy water and leftover food at the bottom. Plus, the suction cups on the back mean you can quickly remove it whenever you need to clean the sink.


A spill-proof mat to keep your pet’s bowls in place & floors mess-free

This spill-proof mat has built-in spots for your cat or dog’s bowls, and it has a compact oval shape, so it won’t take up too much space on your floor. The dishwasher-safe silicone design keeps their bowls securely in place, and the raised edges keep your floors safe from spilled water or pieces of food. Best of all, your pup won’t be able to push the spill-proof tray around while they eat.


These washable drain cleaning tools for a less grimy process

These drain cleaners are so easy to use that you won’t ignore your pipes every time they start to drain a bit slower than usual. They have a little handle on top, so your hands won’t have to touch the grimy drain (or what they pull up). These flexible and washable tools also come in a pack, so you can tuck a few of them under each of your sinks.


An automatic & customizable soap dispenser that holds a ton

Instead of realizing that your bathroom or kitchen soap bottle is empty right before guests come over, use this automatic soap dispenser because you can control how much soap comes out. It has a 17-ounce container (which is a ton of soap), and it’s touchless, which makes it a more hygienic option.


These plant watering bulbs that work for 2 weeks at a time

These colorful plant bulbs are the easiest way to keep your home looking well-cared for because they’ll take care of all of the plant watering chores. Their glass design holds just enough water to take keep all of your houseplant babies watered for up to two weeks, so you can focus on other chores.


An airtight pet food container that you can roll right into the closet

Keeping all of your pet’s food tidy in your closet is super easy with this rolling food storage container. These two airtight containers are perfect for keeping their food and treats neatly stacked on top of each other. Of course, you also get a scoop with measurements built in, so you can quickly grab the right amount of food.


This mini faux plant trio with an easy-to-style design

You’ll definitely have enough room to add some greenery into your space with these faux plants because they have a miniature design that’s so easy to decorate with. Each one has a matching pot with a neutral concrete-like finish that works with everything. And though they look so real, these plants are definitely fake, which means you don’t have to deal with messy dirt or watering.


This stylish bamboo hamper with a divider & lid

This hamper has a lot more to it than a classic bamboo construction that makes it work in any room. First of all, the washable liner inside has a divider that allows you to separate your laundry as it gets dirty. Additionally, this piece has a key feature, a lid, which hides soiled garments from view.


This grippy little mat that catches cat litter

This cat litter mat proves that your cat’s litter box setup doesn’t have to be a gross space in your home. It looks like a cozy rug, but it actually catches and hides all of the litter that tends to fly across the room. So, instead of cleaning the floor every single day, simply shake this mat back into the box or vacuum up the litter from this chic little rug.


These solar ground lights that give you custom-looking outdoor lighting

These outdoor solar-powered lights look custom because their flat design looks like they’re built into your lawn. Secretly, these chic outdoor lights have stakes on the bottom, so you can simply slide them into the grass or even the mulch in your garden. Of course, this set is also waterproof and weatherproof, and they even turn on automatically.