The 6 best body powders for sweating

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best body powders for sweating
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If you’re looking to minimize unwanted moisture or chafing, the best body powders for sweating can help. That said, while they all aim to keep you feeling dry and fresh, some formulas are definitely better than others. The formula should be your biggest determinant for both effectiveness and safety, and many feature supporting ingredients that can help with other concerns like irritated or dry skin.

First, let’s talk about ingredient safety. Over the years, there’s been a lot of controversy as to whether talcum powder (also known as talc) is safe for use on the body and if accidentally inhaled into the lungs. Some studies report a link between talc and cancer, while others found no confirmed relationship — but despite the inconclusive results, the popularity of this ingredient has declined significantly in recent years. Now, most top-selling brands use talc-free ingredients that are just as absorbent, like cornstarch, baking soda, arrowroot, and clay. Just keep in mind that some people experience sensitivity to baking soda and cornstarch, so no matter which product you choose, it’s always a good idea to patch test before going all-in.

While all of these powders will help absorb sweat, some brands add additional ingredients that help with other things, too. For example, some nourish the skin with aloe vera, counteract unwanted odors with peppermint or eucalyptus oils, or soothe irritated, chafed areas with calamine.

Scroll on for six top-selling body powders that are backed by happy Amazon shoppers.

1. The fan-favorite one

With more than 15,000 Amazon reviews and an overall rating of 4.7 stars, this Gold Bond’s Ultimate Comfort body powder has won over many shoppers. This talc-free formula uses a base of cornstarch and baking soda, but it also contains plant oils and extracts (like lavender, rosemary, camomile, and aloe) to nourish and soothe skin. Since it comes in a 10-ounce shaker bottle for less than $10, it’s also one of the most affordable options.

One reviewer wrote: “I LOVE this product. If you are sweaty you can use it and it instantly dries you off, leaving a nice feel and a good smell. It has also helped with a rash that I keep developing on my body. It's also great to use after being at the beach; it will dry you off enabling you to put your clothes on easily and it will also get all the sand off of your feet so that you don't track it into your car.”

2. The deodorizing one

In addition to absorbing sweat, Dude Powder Menthol Chill body powder also contains ingredients to help control unwanted odors for up to 24 hours. Instead of talc, it’s made with cornstarch and baking soda. Plus, it uses eucalyptus and peppermint oil extracts to neutralize smells. It also creates a cooling, soothing sensation on the skin thanks to the added menthol. While you can use it all over the body, it’s safe enough (and primarily intended) for use around the genitals (though it’s a good idea to patch test first).

One reviewer wrote: “So this might be a bit TMI, but I tend to get a little bit of a sweaty buttcrack (lol). This powder is great, it helps absorb sweat and keeps me smelling fresh. Paired with Dude Wipes after a trip to the bathroom and I'm a fresh-smelling dude!”

3. The anti-chafing one

Whether you experience chafing between the thighs, under the arms, or along your bra line, this anti-friction powder is designed to help. Its talc-free formula contains two main ingredients: absorbent cornstarch for a silky-smooth texture so skin glides without chafing, and calamine powder to provide soothing relief when your skin is already irritated. It can also be used during activities that regularly cause chafing, like running or cycling. It’s also free of baking soda, which makes it a great option for those who are sensitive to the ingredient.

One reviewer wrote: “Your thighs will tenderly caress each other, whispering like swans at sunrise. [...] This stuff is fabulous for skirts/dresses/shorts etc. It rubs in easily and doesn't feel like it leaves a residue, but it gives you a nice smooth glide for several hours.”

4. The unscented one

It’s the priciest option on this list — especially considering the 2.5-ounce size — but according to reviewers with sensitive skin, it’s worth it. Ora’s Amazing Herbal body powder skips most common irritants (including fragrance, talc, corn, and grains) and instead uses kaolin clay, arrowroot, and baking soda to absorb sweat and refresh the skin. It’s also tested to ensure that it’s truly lead-free. If you like the formula but would prefer a light, natural scent though, it’s also available in three varieties made with essential oils.

One reviewer wrote: “I love this stuff. I ordered the unscented and it is what it claims to be. I'm sensitive to scents, so that was my #1 concern. I also want it for powdering some areas where.... uhmm... gravity has interfered a bit... and now there are areas that seem to be folding in on themselves and creating creases. This powder helps to keep things drier and less irritated.”

5. The spray-on one

Powders can create quite a mess — especially if you’re applying them anywhere but at home with a shaker lid. For mess-free, easy use, there’s Gold Bond No Mess body powder spray. While it contains talc-free powders made from corn starch, tapioca, and kaolin clay, its aerosol bottle allows for precise application without powdery fallout. In addition to absorbing sweat and refreshing the skin, it also cools irritation with menthol.

One reviewer wrote: “Convenient [...] I like this more than I thought I would! The sprayer is very good and applies a light layer of powder. It does feel cooling going on and there is not much scent to it. Avoids getting powder all over your hands and floor when applying. Handy for a gym bag too.”

6. The one that’s specifically for feet

While some Amazon reviewers have called it “life-changing” when used as a “whole-body odor solution,” Foot Sense’s natural foot powder is specifically designed for use on (you guessed it) the feet. Its talc-free base of arrowroot powder absorbs excess moisture and prevents chafing, but the real selling point is the fact that it neutralizes unwanted odors with zinc oxide, cinnamon leaf oil, lavender oil, and lemon oil. You can also sprinkle it directly into your shoes so they feel dry and smell fresh.

One reviewer wrote: “Game changer! I wear steel toed work boots every day at work and waterproof ones at that. Needless to say, my feet sweat A LOT! [...] It only took ONE day for the smell to be COMPLETELY gone! [...] What really blew my mind was that my feet no longer sweat as bad. Almost no sweat at all no matter the temperature or how much I walk.”

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