The 5 best humidifiers for dry noses

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ByMasha Vapnitchnaia

Dry air can lead to a runny nose, headaches, and other sinus issues, but the right humidifier can help keep you comfortable. To help soothe your sinuses, the best humidifiers for dry noses add moisture to the air while being easy to clean and quiet, so you can use them as much as needed. When shopping for a humidifier, specs such as tank size will help you narrow down the right one for your home — and some even have extras such as Wi-Fi compatibility, a diffuser function, and filtration for keeping odors at bay. But the first big decision is the mist temp: cool or warm.

Though a cool-mist humidifier may be better for easing cold and sinus issues, warm mist can help prevent accumulated bacteria from being dispersed. Both options will add moisture to the air, but a cool-mist humidifier is recommended for safety if you have children or pets. Either way, to help maintain optimal humidity (which is between 30 and 60%, depending on the season), you might want a humidifier with a built-in humidistat that will automatically adjust mist output.

Next, you’ll want to choose a humidifier that’s the right size for your room. A too-small humidifier won’t release enough moisture, while an overly large option can create too much humidity and lead to mold and dust mites. A humidifier’s coverage is measured in square feet, so opt for one that’s roughly the same size as your room.

And because it’s important to clean your humidifier regularly — especially if you plan on using it daily to help prevent a dry nose — each option below is low maintenance and has tanks that are detachable or top-fill style so they’re easy to carry, rinse, and refill. What’s more, each humidifier on the list is ultrasonic, so they’re quiet and energy-efficient. In addition, all options below have auto shut-off functions should the water get too low.

Whether you’re looking for a whisper-quiet humidifier for your bedroom or a desktop option for your office, read on for the best humidifier for dry noses.


The fan favorite

  • Coverage: Up to 250 square feet
  • Type: Cool mist

This ultrasonic humidifier has earned a noteworthy 60,000 positive ratings from Amazon shoppers. The BPA-free cool-mist humidifier has two mist settings to choose from and a 360-degree rotating nozzle so you can direct the flow of mist — but there is no built-in humidistat. The easy-to-fill tank holds 1.5 liters of water, providing up to 25 hours of continuous use. The tank is removable, making it easy to clean with the included brush, and the machine has an auto shut-off function if the water runs out. Though the brand doesn’t provide a decibel level, it promises whisper-quiet operation, and the humidifier also has an optional night light.

One reviewer wrote: “I have severe sinus issues. After using this for a few nights l wake up breathing easier. No getting up to blow my nose or need to constantly drink water all night. It is very quiet actually soothing. Easy to clean and fill.”


The editor’s choice

  • Coverage: Up to 753 square feet
  • Type: Cool and warm mist

With a choice of either warm or cool mist, a built-in humidistat, and a remote control, this ultrasonic humidifier offers lots of handy features for a great price. “I’ve had this humidifier for a few months and run it constantly to prevent my chronic sinus headaches when the air is dry,” says Mic editor Cristina Sanza. “The built-in humidistat and auto-mode are so helpful; I just refill the tank and let the humidifier do its thing. It’s pretty easy to clean and I also appreciate its sleek, modern look.”

The 6-liter tank can last up to 50 hours before needing a refill, and it’s removable for easy cleaning with the included brush. You can choose the level of humidity you’d like or set it to automatically adjust. There’s also a timer for between one and 12 hours, and auto-shutoff kicks in when the water is low. Plus, the humidifier has a rotating 360-degree nozzle and an aroma box for adding soothing essential oils. It operates at less than 45 decibels on the warm mist setting and at a whisper-quiet 35 decibels on the cool one, and the display can be dimmed. The humidifier comes with aroma pads and absorption pads, and refills are available for both.

One reviewer wrote: “We used to get bloody noses in the winter from the dry air and this has eliminated that problem completely. It is nice to have the different settings for humidity level as well as cold versus warm mist. It lasts through the night which for us is about 9-10 hrs with some water left over in the tank.”


The one with a built-in purification system

  • Coverage: Up to 500 square feet
  • Type: Cool and warm mist

In addition to providing moisture, this ultrasonic humidifier has a ceramic filter that purifies water and removes odors using active carbon and mineral pellets. The filter doesn’t need to be replaced — you can just rinse it clean and reuse it. There are both warm and cool mist options, three mist levels, and an auto mode that detects and maintains the optimal humidity level. The humidifier operates at under 30 decibels, which is quieter than a library, and it has a timer that can be set for up to 10 hours. There’s also a sleep mode that deactivates lights and sounds so you won’t be disturbed at night.

The 5.5-liter tank will last for up to 40 hours of use, and, as with all options on this list, this humidifier will shut off automatically when water levels get too low. It comes with a convenient remote control and has a built-in diffuser for essential oils. The detachable tank is easy to refill, but you’ll need to get your own cleaning brush.

One reviewer wrote: “I've tried several different room humidifiers and this one lives up to its advertising. Finally, I don't wake up with a stuffy nose and a feeling of having a sock in my mouth. We have hot air heat and our home is very dry.”


The portable one

  • Coverage: Personal/desktop
  • Type: Cool mist

This personal humidifier is super quiet (at less than 30 decibels) and has a 0.5-liter tank that can give you up to 12 hours of continuous use. The ultrasonic cool-mist humidifier also has an intermittent spray option that runs for up to 18 hours, and it shuts off automatically when it’s out of water. It’s USB-powered and rechargeable, with an optional night light. The humidifier uses cotton filter sticks that last around two weeks, and refills are available on Amazon.

While this humidifier doesn’t have extra features such as a humidistat or remote control (and no cleaning brush is included), it’s a great option to use at your desk or while traveling, and the top is easy to unscrew so you can clean and refill the water tank. Choose from five colors, including gray, white, and dark blue.

One reviewer wrote: “This is exactly what I wanted, quiet, easy to use and automatically shuts off when water is done so no worries, my nose feels so much better after one week of use, it's awesome for dry winter heat.”


The smart one

  • Coverage: Up to 505 square feet
  • Type: Cool mist

You can adjust the settings of this cool-mist humidifier using the brand’s VeSync app, which allows you to create a schedule, change the humidity level, and set a timer using your smartphone. The BPA-free ultrasonic humidifier has a 360-degree rotating nozzle and a removable, easy-to-fill 6-liter tank that will give you up to 60 hours of use. The humidifier has low- and high-mist settings, and there’s a built-in humidistat and an auto mode. In addition to the app, the humidifier is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant and can be set using voice commands.

This humidifier has an optional night light and auto shut-off, and it emits only 28 decibels of sound on sleep mode. Plus, the display can be fully turned off when you go to bed. There’s also a tray for essential oils. You can choose from blue and gray, and a cleaning brush is included.

One reviewer wrote: “I needed a humidifier for my bedroom because I kept waking up with nose bleeds. I wanted one that would be easy to clean and be quiet so as to not disturb my husband. This is exceptionally [quiet], I even have to double check that it's turned on! I love that I'm able to set a schedule thru the app so it turns on right before I head to bed and turns off as I'm waking up.”