The 9 best men's slippers for sweaty feet

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best men's slippers for sweaty feet
ByVanessa Spilios

If your feet are prone to overheating, finding slippers that will keep them cozy but dry can be a challenge. The best men's slippers for sweaty feet (or slippers for anyone with sweaty feet) are made of breathable materials like cotton and wool, or have design features like ventilation and open toes to keep skin cool. Whether you’re looking for a pair of cushioned slippers for lounging or house shoes that can also be worn outside, you have a variety of options to choose from that provide comfort and support, without causing your feet to sweat.

What to consider when shopping for the best men’s slippers for sweaty feet


You’ll generally want to look for natural materials like cotton, which is lightweight and breathable, or wool, which wicks moisture away from the body to leave skin dry. Wool also has the benefit of being temperature-regulating, so it’ll help keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Keep in mind that synthetic fibers like polyester feel soft to the touch, but tend to trap body heat, leading to perspiration. If you opt for a synthetic material, look for design features that help enhance ventilation.

Style features

Some of the best slippers for sweaty feet feature open backs that leave your heels free for additional breathability. You can also find slippers with an open-toe design that provides even more ventilation, or options that are perforated throughout. Just keep in mind that bootie-style slippers should be avoided if you have sweaty feet, as they’re designed to retain warmth.

As far as traction and support goes, keep in mind that soles made from leather or suede will provide a soft-feeling underfoot but won’t offer much grip or stability. For a firmer feel and more slip resistance, look for rubberized or hard soles — design features that’ll allow you to wear the slippers outdoors in the event you need to go to the mailbox or run an errand.

Last, slippers with memory foam or cork footbeds have shock-absorbing properties that provide lots of comfort, but if ergonomics are especially important to you, look for a pair with added arch support.

In terms of sizing, the only meaningful distinction with “men’s” slippers is the way sizing is measured — they typically run a 1.5 sizes bigger than “women’s” options. Below, you’ll find nine great options in a mix of men’s and unisex sizing, so you can choose whatever is the right fit for your feet. Fortunately, whichever pair you choose, you won’t need to sacrifice style for comfort.

Shop the best men's slippers for sweaty feet

In a hurry? These are the best men's slippers for sweaty feet:

  1. The cotton slippers: CIOR Memory Foam Slippers
  2. The wool slippers: DR.FEET Wool Slippers
  3. The garden clogs: Amoji Garden Clogs
  4. The plush slippers: UGG Scuff Slippers
  5. The adjustable slippers: DL Adjustable Open-Toe Slippers
  6. The closed-back slippers: ZIZOR Lightweight Slippers
  7. The house shoes: WALK-HERO Slippers
  8. The wool clogs: Haflinger GZH Clogs
  9. The plush sandals: UGG Fluff That Slippers


The cotton slippers

Made from a cotton blend with a lightweight waffle texture, these breathable slippers work to absorb moisture and keep feet from overheating. The soles are durable and nonslip, and the dual-layer insoles feature high-density memory foam plus bonus cushioning beneath the heel to cradle feet and relieve pressure. The slippers have a versatile style that is easy to slip on and off, and they’re machine-washable for easy care.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought 4 different but similar pairs of slippers and these were the best. I bought a second pair. They have the best foot cushion out of all of the ones I purchased, in my opinion. I like the texture a lot and they don't make your feet sweat.”

Material: cotton | Available sizes: men’s 3-4 — 13-14 /women’s 5-6 — 15-16 | Available colors: 35


The wool slippers

These comfy slippers are made from wool, which is sweat-wicking and naturally temperature-regulating, working to keep feet cool in summer and cozy in winter. They feature full-grain leather soles that offer some slip resistance, but they’re not best for extended wear outdoors. With regular wear, the slippers’ ergonomic contoured footbed will mold to your feet, providing customized comfort and stability, no matter if you slip them on to make your morning coffee, or spend the day on your feet.

Unlike some options on the list, they’re not machine-washable, but wool tends to resist odor.

One reviewer wrote: “My feet get sweaty in most slippers and these wool slippers really help with that. They are so light and comfortable and the sole is leather but non slippery.”

Material: wool | Available sizes: men’s 3-3.5 — 13-13.5 /women’s 5-5.5 — 15-15.5 | Available colors: 7


The garden clogs

These slip-ons from Amoji are designed to be worn with or without socks, with a perforated design that promotes airflow and breathability, whether you’re wearing them around the house or on an errand. The shoes are fashioned from lightweight but sturdy EVA foam, and according to reviewers, the upgraded ventilation keeps sweat at bay. The rubber soles add plenty of traction, and the open-back design makes them easy to put on. Due to their water-resistant and draining design, they can be wiped clean and will dry quickly, and they can also be worn in the water (without socks, of course).

One reviewer wrote: “Purchased these for quick trips outside to the garden. They are great. They are waterproof and very comfortable. Love that they breathe so feet don't sweat.”

Material: EVA | Available sizes: men’s 5 — 14/women’s 6—15 | Available colors: 11


The plush slippers

If you like a plush feeling, UGG’s cushioned slippers are lined in fluffy sheep’s wool, and since the material is naturally temperature-regulating, feet should remain relatively cool and dry. The suede uppers have sealed seams for water-resistant protection, and the insoles have a cork layer for comfort and shock absorption. The suede outsole is best suited to indoor wear, so this isn’t your best pick if you’re looking for something you can keep on when you head outside. Also note that this pick isn’t machine-washable.

One reviewer wrote: “For long time I've been on a search for a good pair of winter slippers. Wasted so much money on stuff that just doesn't last, because it's made out of synthetic materials. Got those around to month now - they feel incredible ! So comfy, and warm. My feet do not sweat as in some synthetic slippers, and they look so good.”

Material: suede and wool | Available sizes: men’s 7 — 18 | Available colors: 9


The closed-back slippers

If you want closed-back cushioned slippers, this pair is a great option that features breathable cotton uppers and a soft terry lining that doesn’t overdo it on the “coziness” front. Memory foam insoles offer cushy support, while the nonskid traction offers stability on a variety of surfaces. They can be cleaned in the washing machine and air dried for easy care.

One reviewer wrote: “These fit my 13 feet perfectly, snug for about 30 minutes, then just right. Most slippers are too hot and make my feet sweat, NO sweating at all with these which is a major win. I just bought a second pair as backup in case they might be unavailable in the future. Lastly, they are bargain-priced to boot.”

Material: cotton blend | Available sizes: men’s 8 — 13 | Available colors: 4


The house shoes

Some of the best house shoes for men, this pair features contoured arch support and deep heel cups that give them the feel of an ergonomic shoe, while the moisture-wicking velvet lining and open-back design provide breathability for comfortable wear. The outer soles are made from nonslip, waterproof rubber for extra traction and stability, allowing you to use these slippers at home or on the go. As these are less slipper-like, they’re best for people who don’t want a plush feel, and note that you won’t be able to machine wash them.

One reviewer wrote: “I have a hard time with slippers because my feet get sweaty quickly. Thus far, these fit the bill! Comfortable and not too warm. I usually wear a 12.5 and the size 12 worked best for me.”

Material: velvet and canvas | Available sizes: men’s 8 — 14 | Available colors: 12


The wool clogs

The 1-inch cork midsoles of Haflinger’s wool felt clogs provide shock absorption and arch support, so you can wear them comfortably for hours, whether indoors or out. The clogs have closed backs and leather trim, giving them more of a shoe-versus-slipper look, and their sturdy, grippy rubber soles provide safety and traction on a variety of surfaces.

One reviewer wrote: “I wear these mostly around the house and when going out to restaurants and such. They are great at keeping my feet warm during the winter, but not sweating. The cork sole is nice and resilient [...] Paired with a pair of wool socks, these are now my fall and winter goto shoes for around the house, ditched my slippers.”

Material: wool felt | Available sizes: 3 — 13/women’s 5 — 15 | Available colors: 2


The adjustable slippers

If you have a very narrow or wide foot, these terry house sandals from DL have a Velcro closure that can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of widths, while the open-toe design provides airflow for added breathability. A memory foam insole and anti-shock heel support the foot and relieve pressure, while the anti-skid and waterproof outsole allow the slippers to move seamlessly between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Several reviewers noted that they regularly wash these slippers in the washing machine and air dry them to keep them clean and odor-free. The material of the slippers isn’t listed, but reviewers have reported the ventilated design keeps feet cool and sweat-free.

One reviewer wrote: “Breathable, open, and extremely comfortable. I would definitely recommend for anyone who wants comfort without your feet being boiled.”

Material: not stated | Available sizes: men’s 7/8 — 13/14 | Available colors: 6


The plush sandals

Offering a combination of coziness and breathability, these open-toe house sandals from UGG feature a 7-millimeter-high pile of plush wool. The raised edges around the footbeds cradle feet, and adjustable straps help you find the right fit. The midsoles are made of lightweight EVA foam, while nonslip rubber soles give feet a stable base when walking indoors or out. Just note that these slippers can’t be washed in the machine.

One reviewer wrote: “They are comfortable, not too hot, and all around perfect [for] the house and walking to the mailbox.”

Material: wool blend | Available sizes: men’s 3 — 18 | Available colors: 3