The 6 best under-desk heaters

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BySteven Rowe

Whether it’s the result of chilly weather or a too-cold office, you might find yourself looking for a reliable way to warm up at your desk. The best under-desk heaters are compact and generate enough warmth for your work area without wasting energy heating up space you aren’t using. They also have safety features, like built-in protection against overheating and tipping over, and come in designs that’ll blend into your workspace.

First, consider how much wattage you’ll need to heat your desk. According to Consumer Reports, most personal space heaters have an output between 200 and 900 watts. A high-wattage heater will have a larger heating capacity and can cover more space, but if you’re bringing it to work, a low-watt option can help you avoid tripping the office circuit breaker.

Each of the heaters below comes equipped with safety features like a cool-touch exterior and automatic shutoff, and they’re quiet so you won’t be disturbed while working. Most under-desk options are ceramic heaters, a type of convection heater with heated internal plates that pass warmth onto the surrounding air. If you want to warm up even faster, some convection heaters use forced air to help circulate the heat. And while every heater below will help you get warm, if your feet get extra frigid, you might want an ergonomic foot warmer that will provide targeted heat to your toes.

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for, here are some of the best under-desk heaters that you can use around your workspace when it gets cold.


The one that heats your entire cubicle

Designed with contoured air outlets, this personal heater helps circulate warm air around your desk area rather than creating a hot spot right next to the heater. The heater has a dial for low speed (450 watts), high speed (900 watts), and fan-only. Measuring 12.45 inches tall by 6 inches wide, this forced air heater can be placed anywhere and features a cool-touch exterior, four-hour auto-shutoff, and tip-over protection.

One reviewer wrote: “I have this under my desk and it really does heat up my cubicle evenly. It gently raises the ambient temperature so that my entire body is comfortably warm with no hot-spots and my desk doesn't feel like it was kept overnight in a freezer. It also only keeps my personal space warm so I don't have co-workers complaining about the temperature.”


The tried-and-true one

This is the portable heater I personally use in my bedroom and thanks to its compact size, it’d work well under a desk, too. It’s a powerful option with an output of 750 watts on low and 1,500 watts on high. It has a cool-to-the-touch carrying handle and exterior, and it provides 360 degrees of heat. The forced air heater has a programmable digital thermostat and an auto-shutoff timer, and it comes with a remote control. And thanks to its tip-over protection, we didn’t even have an issue when my dog accidentally pulled on the power cord and knocked the heater over. It measures 11.5 inches tall by 8 inches wide.

One reviewer wrote: “It provides ample heat, both on low and high, and I love that I can control the temperature as well [...] It's right under my desk and soft enough for me to hold a phone conversation and doesn't distort the music coming from my computer.”


The energy-efficient one

If you’re concerned about increasing the electric bill at the office, this low-wattage heater is a great option because it runs at just 200 watts. Plus, it’s very compact; it only takes up a 4-by-4-inch footprint and is roughly 6 inches tall. This ceramic heater features cool-touch housing and overheat protection, though there’s only one heat setting and no auto-shutoff timer or tip-over protection.

One reviewer wrote: “It is small but doesn't draw much power which is one thing I was looking for. I needed it to keep my legs warm under my desk and it just does the job without making things too hot.”


The ultra-compact one

This compact space heater is the most unimposing option on the list at 6 inches tall and 3.2 inches deep. Despite its small size, the ceramic heater has an output of 500 watts, and it heats up quickly — but there’s only one heat setting. It has a tip-over safety feature but there’s no auto-shutoff timer. This option is lightweight and fits on or under your desk. Plus, there are four colors to choose from.

One reviewer wrote: “It fits discreetly under my cubicle, is very quiet (sounds like a computer fan on high), and outputs just enough heat to keep me warm. I couldn't ask for more.”


The foot warmer

If you’re looking for a heater that focuses on your feet, consider this electric foot warmer. Measuring 18 by 12 inches, it fits nicely under a desk and provides heat straight to your feet. It has two temperatures settings: low (60 watts) and high (90 watts). Plus, it’s adjustable between three positions so you can find the most comfortable angle. This model doesn’t have an auto-shutoff timer or tip-over protection, though its large, flat design makes it less likely to fall over.

One reviewer wrote: “I really love this and have used it for two years at work now. I get really cold feet in the office and this saves me! The highest setting is a bit too warm to use without socks, but very nice in the winter with some fluffy socks on under the desk.”


The heater that blends into the decor

If you’re looking for a heater that doesn’t look like, well, a heater, this may be a good option for you. This stylish space heater features a unique, vase-like design that comes fully assembled right out of the box. The ceramic heater can oscillate to cover more space, and it has two power settings for 900 or 1,500 watts. It also features timed auto-shutoff, an automatic thermostat, overheat protection, and cool-touch housing, but there’s no tip-over protection. Measuring 16 inches tall and 10 inches wide, this heater takes up very little space, and for some work areas, it can blend right into the decor.

One reviewer wrote: “I am in the reception area of my office, the wall of windows and door are just a few feet from my desk. At -2 degrees with the wind blowing, it is miserably cold when the door is opened. However, this little heater fits under my desk and keeps [me] toasty warm!”