The 7 best undershirts for white dress shirts

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best undershirts for white dress shirts
ByClaire Epting

Wearing an undershirt can help extend the life of your white dress shirts, providing an extra barrier against sweat stains and saving you money in the long run. The best undershirts for white dress shirts fit close to the body and are made of breathable, lightweight fabrics that absorb or wick away moisture, such as cotton, rayon, or modal. They come in sleeveless and short-sleeved designs, in scoop-neck, V-neck, and crew-neck options.

What to consider when shopping for the best undershirts for white dress shirts


  • Cotton and cotton blends: Lightweight and soft, cotton has great absorbency and breathability. Some cotton options are blended with polyester, resulting in a fabric that wicks away moisture without trapping heat, while others feature a jersey-knit construction for an even softer, lived-in feel. Note that ribbed cotton will be stretchier and more formfitting — a style that works well under slim-cut button-downs — while non-ribbed styles will offer a looser feel throughout. Cotton undershirts also tend to be budget-friendly, frequently sold in cost-effective multipacks.
  • Bamboo rayon: Boasting excellent breathability and moisture-wicking properties, bamboo helps manage sweat and makes for a great cooling shirt. It’s often combined with spandex or elastane, giving it a stretchy, body-hugging quality. Bamboo undershirts tend to be on the more expensive side, but their cooling abilities may be worth it for some.
  • Modal: Durable and more absorbent than cotton, modal tends to have a silky, second-skin feel, especially when combined with a stretchy material like elastane or spandex. Like rayon, modal shirts have a higher price point than cotton or cotton blends, but they have a luxe feel that some people prefer.

Neck cut

A basic crew-neck top works well if you’re planning on wearing your dress shirt buttoned up with a tie. If you want the option of unbuttoning your dress shirt while keeping your undershirt hidden, though, a scoop neck or V-neck will be your best bet.

Sleeve length

Sleeveless tank-style undershirts are great for warmer weather, but those concerned about sweat might want to consider a short-sleeved undershirt, as the extra fabric creates an absorbent barrier between your underarms and your dress shirt. There’s even a sweat-resistant shirt on this list that has built in pads to absorb perspiration, so it won’t show up on your outer shirt.

With all that in mind, these are the best undershirts for white dress shirts, so you can clean up nice in the most comfortable way possible.

Shop the best undershirts for white dress shirts

In a hurry? These are the best undershirts for white dress shirts:

  1. The basic cotton tanks: Hanes Cotton Tank Undershirts (6-Pack)
  2. The ribbed cotton tanks: Fruit of the Loom Tank A-Shirts (6-Pack)
  3. The jersey-cotton V-necks: Gildan V-Neck T-Shirts (6-Pack)
  4. The bamboo tanks: David Archy Bamboo Tank Undershirts (3-Pack)
  5. The cotton crew-necks: Fruit of the Loom Eversoft Cotton Crew T-Shirts (6-Pack)
  6. The modal crew-neck: Calvin Klein Modal Crew Neck T-Shirt
  7. The V-neck with underarm sweat pads: T Thompson Sweatproof V-Neck Undershirt

1. The basic cotton-polyester tanks


  • 4.6-star overall rating on Amazon, 48,000+ reviews
  • Cotton-polyester blend is breathable and sweat-wicking
  • Scoop neck remains hidden with unbuttoned collars

Made from a cotton-polyester blend, this six-pack of sleeveless undershirts from Hanes boasts a lightweight, breathable feel while wicking away sweat. These tag-free shirts have over 37,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, with many shoppers raving about their softness, durability, and budget-friendly price. The scoop-neck design means it won’t show if you unbutton your shirt a bit, and the tank cut won’t add any unnecessary bulk at the upper arms.

According to a reviewer: “Nice light weight sleeveless undershirts. I purchased these hoping they would not be too thick as I use them for office under dress shirts and didn't want something too heavy/warm. Perfect for my use. After over a year of wear and wash, there are still no holes.”

  • Available sizes: Small — 3X-Large

2. The ribbed cotton tanks


  • 4.6-star overall rating on Amazon, 34,000+ reviews
  • Ribbed design is stretchy and formfitting under slim-fit shirts
  • Scoop neck remains hidden with unbuttoned collars

Made from 100% cotton, these six sleeveless undershirts feature a ribbed design that’s stretchy and formfitting — ideal if you’re looking for a non-bulky feel or are wearing a slim-fit button-down. Fruit of the Loom’s patented EverSoft material upgrades the comfort factor, and the scoop-neck construction means you can unbutton your collar while keeping the tank invisible. For such a budget-friendly price, these tag-free ribbed tees are great choice for those who want something lightweight and absorbent with a close fit.

According to a reviewer: “I don’t like my t-shirts very loose so these are perfect as they fit close to my body. These shirts also come down below the belt area which makes them easy to tuck in. These t-shirts are a great value as well. I will be purchasing more.”

  • Available sizes: Small — 5X-Large

3. The jersey-cotton V-necks


  • 4.5-star overall rating on Amazon, 110,000+ reviews
  • V-neck stays hidden with unbuttoned collars
  • Short sleeves create sweat barrier
  • Jersey-knit cotton has a soft, lived-in feel

Designed with V-necks, this pack of six shirts from Gildan is great for people who want the option of unbuttoning their dress shirt a little, without revealing the layer underneath. Each tag-free shirt is made from 100% cotton jersey fabric that lays soft and flat against your skin, and the sleeves provide an extra layer of sweat absorption. Over 78,000 reviewers have given these V-neck undershirts a perfect five-star rating on Amazon, with many praising their ability to absorb sweat.

According to a reviewer: “These were perfect shirts for work. I am a drummer for wedding bands and I bought these shirts to wear under my dress clothes. They fit comfortably under my dress shirt and absorb my sweat like I need it too. This is a quality cotton shirt for a great price!”

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large

4. The bamboo tanks


  • 4.6-star overall rating on Amazon, 2,900+ reviews
  • Temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking bamboo keeps you cool
  • Scoop neck remains hidden with unbuttoned collars
  • Soft, silky texture

Available in a three-pack, these sleeveless undershirts are made from a stretchy, temperature-regulating bamboo-spandex blend — that means less chance of overheating. The fabric also has a unique silky texture that stays smooth underneath your dress shirt, and the tag-free design helps ensure comfort. Although this set is on the pricier side, if you’re looking for cooling undershirts, this is a great pick.

According to a reviewer: “Fantastic undershirt! [...] This is a very smooth fabric that has some weight to it and stays cool to the touch. Absolutely perfect under a dress shirt, to work out in, poolside or just lounging.”

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large

5. The cotton crew-necks


  • 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon, 83,000+ reviews
  • Short sleeves create sweat barrier
  • Regular, tall, and big sizes available

If you plan to keep your dress shirt buttoned up, this six-pack of cotton crew-neck tees is a great deal that’s earned an impressive 4.7-star overall rating. Made with Fruit of the Loom’s signature EverSoft cotton fabric, the tag-free shirts feature short sleeves that create a barrier against sweat, but they’re designed to not bunch up under your dress shirt. Plus, they’re available in regular, big, and tall sizes, so you can find a perfect fit.

According to a reviewer: “I wear dress shirts seven days a week and this undershirt is by far my favorite. I love them so much I’ve purchased these undershirts two separate times. They are soft but durable. I love the length. They stay tucked in. Great undershirt.”

  • Available sizes: Small — 5X-Large (regular, tall, and big sizes available)

6. The modal crew-neck


  • 4.3-star overall rating on Amazon, 1,100+ reviews
  • Stretchy, body-hugging fit
  • Short sleeves create sweat barrier

One reviewer wrote that these crew-neck Calvin Klein undershirts are “a step up from a regular undershirt both in wicking ability and comfort,” which just might make it worth the higher price. Made from silky soft modal, this shirt is absorbent and blended with elastane for an ultra-stretchy and thin fit that’s virtually undetectable under your dress shirt. Because of the higher neckline, this tag-free shirt is best worn under fully buttoned shirts.

According to a reviewer: “It is clingy and thin, with flat seams, which is perfect for an undershirt. The modal material is extremely soft and stretchy, forming to the body without feeling tight at all. It breathes, so it vanishes under a button-down in both how it feels and how it looks (no chunky lines).”

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large

7. The V-neck with underarm sweat pads


  • 4.6-star overall rating on Amazon, 2,100+ reviews
  • Built-in underarm sweat pads
  • Cooling bamboo rayon material

If you’re looking to manage moisture, this V-neck with built-in, absorbent underarm pads is one of the best undershirts for sweat. Made from cooling bamboo rayon and stretchy spandex, this undershirt works to keep you dry and prevent sweat stains on your dress shirt. The tag-free shirt has a tailored fit, and even though the pads are absorbent, many reviewers noted that they don’t feel bulky under clothes. This V-neck tee may have a higher price point than the other options, but it may be worth it for those who want to make staying dry a priority.

According to a reviewer: “Alright, if you’ve been agonizing over the cost of these, let me just tell you it’s worth it! I am [cheap] when it comes to clothes, but if you sweat a lot (and I do mean A LOT) this shirt works and it’s money well spent! Seriously 12 hour days and high stress situations and not a stitch of sweat shows through! I normally have pit stains showing through in less than an hour.”

  • Available sizes: Small — 3X-Large